The Veil

We have been swindled.  We have been conned.  Duped.  Fooled.  But worse, we have been programmed.  We have been brainwashed.  It runs so deep we don’t even realize it.  It’s been going on for more than 6000 years.  We say, “That’s just the way things are.”  But we never ask, “Why?”  And even worse, we are discouraged from asking why.  And those that do are slandered and branded “Conspiracy Theorists” – A term invented by the CIA to discredit people trying to disseminate the truth by attacking their character rather than their argument.

Everything you know is a lie.  You live in an illusion.  But since you were born into that illusion, you think the illusion is reality.

“Reality erosion is the most serious mental disability of our time — the inability to distinguish between what is real and what is imagined.” – Global Sovereignty Handbook 2004, Johnny Liberty, Pg. 23

What you call the “Law” is not law.  There is only One Law: Natural Law.  Man-made laws, by nature, cannot be considered Laws, as they are not inherent in Nature.  What you call “Laws” are actually Policies, Codes, Ordinances, Terms and Conditions.  They are what is known as a “Legal System.”  The word “Legal” is defined in Encyclopedia Britannica as “The undoing of God’s (Natural) Law.”  And that is exactly what the Legal System does.  It replaces Rights with Privileges, it replaces Freedom with consent through Terror, Duress and Coercion (TDC).  It turns everything upside down, flips everything inside out.  It is intentionally massive and complex and complicated to keep you dazed and confused.

Before the Law was called Law, it was called Magic.  Originally, this magic was based on Natural Law.  And naturally, if you know the Laws of Nature, but the majority of the population does not, that gives you an awful lot of control over that population.  Especially if you control their beliefs.  And how better to do that than to create a Religion?

There is a reason we call the act of writing “spelling.”  To write, especially in poetic form, is to cast a spell, that is, to put someone under “hypnosis.”  As Mark Passio points in his Seminar on Natural Law, the word “hypnosis” stems from the latin “hyp” meaning “suppression” and the Greek “gnosis” meaning “Knowledge.”  Thus, the etymological meaning of the word “hypnosis” is “the suppression of knowledge.”  Rather ironic considering writing is the primary form of communication with the intent of spreading knowledge.  Naturally, Magic can be used for good or for bad.  It can be used to educate or to indoctrinate.  It can be used to explain the truth as easily as it can tell a lie.  It can be used to create freedom, or it can be used to create slavery.

So, if writing casts a spell, does writing in cursive cast a curse?  That, actually, is exactly why it is called “cursive.”  But notice that, despite the original Religious Texts being written in cursive, they are not called cursive.  They are called Script.  That is why we call them Scriptures.  Script has a broader meaning than cursive, however.  While cursive is a very specific style, Script is unique to each individual.  Historically, before the age of typewriters, computers and printers, what was written as Script was considered Law.  The one’s who wrote them were called “Scribes.”  And so, originally, the first documents written in script form were the Religious stories and Codes.

The first thing you need to do if you want to organize the ignorant masses to work for the benefit of you and a few others at the top of a pyramid is to invent a Religion in which there is a hierarchy of Gods, or of God and the Angels, or Demons, in order to indoctrinate the masses with the idea that hierarchy is natural.  And it must be done through the invention of Religion, because it cannot be found anywhere in Nature.  By inventing a Religion to teach the people that hierarchy exists amongst the gods, you indoctrinate the people into believing that hierarchy is natural, and thus, they will naturally subscribe to a hierarchical structure for Society.

And when the people begin to rebel against you for the slavery you’ve tricked them into, you invent money.  A tool that gives them the illusion of freedom.  By allowing them to make money in exchange for their time, they are capable of spending that money on whatever they want, whenever they want, giving them the illusion that they have the freedom of choice.  They feel compensated for their work, so they no longer feel like a slave.  However, that freedom of choice only extends as far as their paycheck allows.  And naturally, most people make a very small paycheck.

But best of all, for those in power, with 90% of the money in the hands of the 1%, that 1% controls what the vast majority of the people spend their time working on.  They determine what idea’s get funded, what gets paid for, and who gets the credit for it.  They determine the narrative and they control the perception of the masses.

It is no secret that virtually every Religion throughout history has sought to control as much territory as possible, and many of them sought to rule the entire world.  They all claim to pay homage to the One True God, or the True gods, and they all claim to wage Holy Wars to expand the Empire of their Lord.  But the real truth behind them all is that they see themselves as the gods of Civilization and seek to control it for their benefit using mythological stories and allegorical metaphors, based on truth but laced with lies, to entrance the masses into compliance.

The Vatican Church was certainly the most outlandish in its actions towards this end.  They compiled various books, only certain ones that taught from a certain perspective, and even heavily edited those into what we now call the Bible all the way back the 300’s CE during the Council of Nicea under the rule of Constantine.  This Bible was formulated, not just to indoctrinate the masses into a certain Religion, but also to act as the Trust Indenture Agreement of what would become the Divine Global Estate of the Vatican Church, what I often refer to as the Kingdom of Earth.  Christ’s New Covenant would thus become the Gateway between the Kingdom of Earth and the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

In 1213, King Henry IV and Pope Innocent III signed a Treaty after sending many letter’s back and forth detailing the terms of the agreement.  In this Treaty, King Henry gifted the entire Kingdom of England to the Vatican Church in exchange for forgiveness so that he may rest his soul in Heaven.  In exchange, the Pope allowed King Henry to continue to rule over England as a Fiefdom.  It has been this way ever since.

Later on, in the Papal Bulls of 1455, Pope Benedict XIV claims dominion over all the Land, the Sea’s, all creatures and, of course, all the people citing Genesis 1:26 as its source of authority.  Since no one ever rebutted this claim within the 7 year Statute of Limitations, this claim stands as a legal truth to this day.  But it wasn’t until the Treaty of Paris that this claim actually had worldwide power.  And it wasn’t until FDR’s New Deal in 1933 that amended the Trading With the Enemy Act to include all Citizens as “Enemies of the State” that every person in the world was subject to this One World Government that I now call the OWO – Old World Order.

The OWO now consists of what is called the Trilateral Commission or the Trinity of Globalist Control.  The Vatican is the Central Government of the OWO, the Crown of England (which is separate from the rest of England) is the Financial Center of the OWO, and Washington D.C. is the Military Industrial Complex of the OWO.

Since then, there has been talk of the New World Order, and everything we have seen happen in the world since the beginning of 2020 has been towards the fulfillment of this New World Order.  This is the final move on the chess board to checkmate humanity.  The New World Order is the UN and its International Agencies, all of which have been set up by and for the same people operating the OWO, in order to create a New Order of Public Tyranny.  The Old Order was Private Tyranny, ruling from the shadows.  In the New World Order, they don’t plan on hiding anymore.  They plan on being worshipped as gods.

However, remember when I told you that Christ’s New Covenant is the Gateway between the Kingdom of Earth and the Kingdom of Heaven?  I mean that quite literally.  The Kingdom of Heaven has always been right here right now, but it’s existence has been veiled from us by hundreds of jurisdictions and thousands of laws in one gigantic legal system.  This legal process has been so well hidden that not a single person has gone through this legal process since its creation, that is, until a couple months ago.

My friend Peter has been researching this legal system for more than 60 years and finally discovered that Christ’s New Covenant is not just a spiritual process that the Religion pretends is some metaphorical ritual.  It is actually a legal process in Trust Law.  Remember, the Bible is the Trust Indenture Agreement of the Vatican’s Divine Global Estate – the Kingdom of Earth.  In this Trust Indenture Agreement, Christ’s New Covenant is described as “Accept, surrender and merge.”  These are all terms in Trust Law.

What we’ve been missing all this time is that the Bible can be read in two different languages.  The common language, and the legal language of Trust Law.  Read in the common language, the Bible is the Broad Gate and the Wide Path to Destruction.  Read in the language of Trust Law, the Bible is the Narrow Gate and Straight Path to Salvation.

The priests would have you believe that Christ’s New Covenant means you are to “accept” that you are a human being born into Original Sin, that you are a sinner requiring forgiveness in order to come back under the Grace of God and enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.  Then you are to “surrender” in Faith to the “Lord” Jesus Christ.  And you are to “submerge” yourself under water in order to simulate “merging” with the Holy Spirit.

Here are the legal definitions of these terms:

Accept:  To perfect title to a gift, usually by conveying the asset into a Trust.

Surrender:  To surrender to the enemy combatant in time of war.

Lord:  Landlord.  The one who owns the land.

Submerge:  To merge the lesser estate into the greater estate.

Read in the language of Trust Law, Christ’s New Covenant means you have to “accept” your Certificate of Live Birth (CoLB) which created a Trust Fund in your Name, conveying your vessel (body) to the Vatican Church through your government administrations.  By perfecting Title to this Trust, you thus accept the gift that is the trust and become the true Owner of the Trust.  Then you must “surrender” to the Military Industrial Complex through the U.S. President in the name of Jesus Christ or the Surrender will not be accepted. This then makes you a non-combatant giving your Internationally Protected Person Status (Diplomatic Immunity in every legal jurisdiction), which thereby “merges” your Trust with the Divine Trust of the Vatican’s Divine Global Estate, making you an Heir to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  This final part removes you completely from all mans legal jurisdictions, putting you square back in the Original Jurisdiction of Natural Law, making you an International Sovereign – a King/Queen of your own personal Statehood.

As an Heir to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth you receive all the promises spoken of in the Bible – Freedom from Slavery, Freedom of Tyranny, Freedom from Poverty, Freedom from everything.  You become, in the eyes of all Legal Authorities in the world, subject ONLY to the Original Jurisdiction of Natural Law.  Since you are surrendering to the Belligerent Occupation of Planet Earth, you are taking yourself outside of the War Zone, making yourself a Non-combatant, so that you can go back to living Free in Peace without recourse from the Occupants.

Once you go through this legal process, you are then Free to join the Alternative Society presented on this website.  However, since you have to go through this legal process, it is absolutely imperative that you read the book “Occupation of Planet Earth – A Liberation Manual,” by Peter.  When you are ready to go through the process, go to his website:


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