The Freeman Association is a Private Membership Association (PMA). A Private Membership Association is a type of business entity one can use to legally avoid paying income taxes. As Judge Learned Hand once said, legal tax avoidance is like choosing to cross the river at a free bridge rather than a toll bridge. Just as some bridges are free to cross, so too are there business entities which have no IRS filing requirements.

I teach on the subject of Natural Law and that subsequently leads to me teaching about the subjects of Sovereignty, legal tax avoidance, and other related subjects. Nearly all of my content is free and always will be. Anything I’ve written in a book you can purchase, I’ve also written on my blog which you can read for free. And while I’ve now decided to begin charging Membership Fee’s in exchange for certain benefits, which include invitations to weekly Q&A Webinars, all such webinars will be available for free after the recording.

Personally, I don’t believe myself to be an authoritative source of information, but I also understand that I am a classic case of Dunnin Kreuger Syndrome. In my case, ever since I came to the realization that there is an infinite amount to learn, the more I learn the larger that infinity becomes and the dumber I feel. As a result of feeling perpetually dumb, I always feel I am underqualified to do anything. This is, of course, in stark contrast to how I used to be as a teenager and young adult. Yet, despite that, once people start asking me questions, I sometimes astonish myself with what I know. I rather do enjoy the teaching part of learning, perhaps more so now that learning has become a dreadful pear into the deep dark abyss of infinity.

I shall never escape learning, but if I enjoy teaching and people see me as qualified to teach then I suppose I should consider myself worthy to make at least some money in doing so. Right now, I’m trying to figure out how to set up a subscription service. As a PMA, my clients would have to sign a contract and pay a monthly subscription fee to become “Members.” So, first I have to draw up the contract. Then I have to figure out how to set up the websites to go through a subscription process to digitally sign the contract and become a Member, and then set up a payment processing system for the monthly subscriptions and other purchases.

Please bear with me while I figure these things out. If you are interested and would like to be notified as soon as everything is up and running, fill out the form below to subscribe to a mailing list that will literally be used ONLY for that purpose.



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