Earn Passive Income with OnPassive

With all the technology we have today, earning money shouldn’t be so difficult.  Well, one man, Ash Mufareh, has figured out how to make it easier than ever.  Ash envisioned a Artificial Intelligence that does 100% of online marketing and sales for you to force your business into success.  Furthermore, it also sells itself for you so you can earn an affiliate income MLM style.  At only $97 to become a Founder, this is a no brainer.

Of course, it hasn’t launched yet, so all we can do right now is become a Founder and help other people become Founders.  This gives us a head start once it launches, and also gives us access to all the proprietary information so we are in a better position when it launches.

Here is how it will work once it launches.  You will make income in 2 ways if you actually use the products.  Otherwise, you can always make money passively doing nothing, simply allowing the product to sell itself.

  1. First and foremost, the products offered by OnPassive will help you succeed in whatever business your currently run or are planning on starting.  OnPassive’s AI will do 100% of the marketing for you, including website building, click funnels, email marketing and sales campaigns, even recruiting.  All you need is to give the information it needs to work with.
  2. Secondly, OnPassive will sell itself, its own products and services, and will continually add more customers under you.  The more customers you have in your downline, the more profit you make off of being an OnPassive GoFounder.  Of course, you can always sell OnPassive yourself to directly add more people to your downline.  But even if you do nothing, you will make a passive income through this.

It really doesn’t get any easier than this.  With only 3 people in your downline, you will not only no longer have to pay monthly fee’s, but will actually make a $6 monthly profit.  Over time, with the maximum number of people in your downline, you could easily make over $2 Million a month in profit, just off of OnPassive commissions, let alone your own business.  If it can make itself that successful, imagine what it can do with your business.

In a few short years, you could easily be making more than $4 Million a month.  What would you do with that kind of money?

For more information, email Kamiron Freeman at Kamiron.Freeman@protonmail.com

Or, if you are ready to register the Click Here.

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