Internationally Protected Person Status

This might be a hard pill to swallow, but the legal system has been intentionally designed over the past couple thousand years to turn you into prisoners and slaves without you even knowing it.  Maybe you know about how FDR’s New Deal updated the Trading With The Enemy Act to include all US Citizens as “Enemies of the State.”  Maybe you know this also allowed for the establishment of the Federal Reserve Bank, the Internal Revenue Service, the International Monetary Fund and the United Nations.  In other words, in one fell swoop the Ruling Elite created a Public One World Government unto which everyone is a tax slave.  But did you know there was already a more secretive One World Government behind the scenes called the Trinity of Globalist Control?

The Trinity of Globalist Control consists of the Vatican Church as the Central Government of the world; the Bank of London in London, England, aka the Crown of London, as the Central Bank of the world; and Washington D.C. and the United States Military as the Vatican’s Global Military Arm, led by the President of the United States.  As the Central Government of the world, almost all Governments in the world are subject to the Vatican, most of them held subject through debts in their Central Banking System, others through brute force.

What is the jurisdiction of law the Vatican falls under?  Canon Law.  What is Canon Law?  It is the Bible as the Trust Indenture Agreement of the Vatican Church’s Global Divine Trust, created in 1213 with the Holy Alliance Treaty between King John and Pope Innocent III.  This Trust was further reinforced by the Papal Bulls of 1455 which declared that the Vatican has “dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.” – Genesis 1:26

This Trust was again further reinforced with the Treaty of Paris in 1783, which essentially reversed the Declaration of Independence while pretending not to, which led to the signing of the united states Constitution – all of which were written by the Vatican.  All of this was then topped off with the Great Depression which enabled FDR’s New Deal.  And today, we face the UN’s Agenda 2030 Sustainability Acts, which in the US appear as the movement for the Green New Deal.

This is what is called the totalitarian tiptoe, my friends.  They have been slowly stepping closer and closer to, not only global domination over the land and people, but domination over your very mind.  I can only assume, however, that if you are reading this, you are self-educated and perfectly capable of thinking for yourself.

In which case, you should know that because Natural Law dictates Free-Will, they cannot enslave us without consent, even if through trickery, and they cannot trick us into consent without providing us with a way out once we become wise.  They would have negative karmic consequences to face if they didn’t follow these very specific rules.  They can only get away with enslaving people by following very strict rules to adhere to Natural Law.

Remember now, that the jurisdiction of the Vatican Church is Canon Law, which is the Bible, which a Trust Indenture Agreement.  That’s right!  Before it is a religious book that tells us how life is supposed to work, it is a legal contract that tells us how the Vatican Church’s Trust Estate is meant to operate.  When you read the Bible in the language of Trust Law, it becomes the Narrow Gate and the Straight Path to Salvation.  Salvation from slavery, salvation from tyranny, salvation from subjugation, salvation from refugeeship, salvation from their legal systems.  However, when you read the Bible in the common language, it becomes the Wide Gate and Broad Path to Destruction.

The Bible is a double edged sword. Read one way, it teaches of a religion that has highly self-limiting beliefs that stunt one’s spiritual growth.  Read another way, it shows one how the legal system of the Vatican Trust operates.

One of the “codes” in the Bible is what is known as Christ’s New Covenant.  Read according to the common language you are lead to believe that Christ’s New Covenant means you have to “Accept” that you, yourself, are born a sinner, requiring the forgiveness of God to enter back into the Kingdom of Heaven.  That you must “Surrender” in faith to your “Lord” Jesus Christ, and “Submerge” yourself under water in order to bathe yourself in the Holy Spirit and receive God’s forgiveness.  Let us now take a look at what these words mean in Trust Law, or Private Equity Law.

Accept: To perfect title to a gift.  Namely, by transferring the asset into a Trust.

Surrender: To surrender, in times of war (emergency), to a Belligerent Occupant, thus gaining their protection.

Lord: A landlord.  The one who owns the land.  In the case of the Bible, the Trustor, or Grantor of the Trust.

Submerge: To merge the lesser estate into the greater estate.

Your name in ALL CAPS is a Trust in your name, waiting to be perfected.  Until it is perfected, it is treated as a slave by the one who owns it, which is currently the Government, meaning ultimately, the Vatican.  This Trust, by the way, is considered a “Debtor” by law.  Debtor is the legal term for “sinner.”  However, when you Accept this Trust and perfect title to it, you turn it into a Private Business Trust and bring it under your full power.  But remember, it is still a Debtor, or sinner, by law and is liable to legal enforcement.  Therefore, you then need to Surrender to the Belligerent Occupant, the Vatican Church.  However, you surrender via their Military Branch, the US President.  This makes you a non-combatant in their war and removes you from the Trading With The Enemy Act thus giving you Internationally Protected Person Status.  Surrendering also causes the submerging to happen, wherein your Trust merges with the Vatican’s Divine Global Estate upgrading your status as a Beneficiary without Rights to that of an Heir, or a Beneficiary as the True Owner of the Estate.

Once you complete that process, you are an International Sovereign.  You are no longer subject to any man-made jurisdictions of law.  You are the king or queen of your own nation.  You exist only in the Original Jurisdiction of Natural Law.

If want to learn more information, you will need to read the book “Occupation of Planet Earth – A Liberation Manual,” by Peter.

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