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Are you an activist?  Do you own a Charity, Foundation or Non-Profit Organization for humanitarian causes?  Whatever your project needs are, so long as they are humanitarian in nature, there is a way for you to invest your funds where it can grow faster than you can use it.

Money doesn’t grow on tree’s.  It is created out of thin air.  The banking industry is known to be one of the most corrupt industries ever created by mankind.  However, it only takes a small handful of Compassionate people in the industry to make available to as many enlightened people as possible the ability to invest their money where it can double much faster than any other known investment platform.  These types of programs are by Private Invitation ONLY.  If you are reading this, then you must be somehow connected to me in my personal network.  So, this is your Private Invitation to participate in the most lucrative investment programs available to mankind.

The formula for the these Programs was given to the bankers by the Ascended Master Lord Saint Germain in Europe in the 1700s. He knew then that it would be their test… either they would misuse the formula and reap the bad karma; or they would do the right thing and be rewarded. That test is still going on today, and most of them failed the test. But we are now connected with the few who are of the Light… the few who are using the proceeds for good. The few “Unsurpassed Relationships” who are paying out generously, who are keeping their promises, and who are helping humanity and the Earth.

We are associated with several of the finest program administrators in the world. One of our favorites has very impressive credentials. Actually it is a team of people, a consulting group. Their extensive accomplishments in business and government, awards, titles, positions, degrees, humanitarian projects, and other recognitions that give them unsurpassed reputation. Their knowledge of international law, their connections in worldwide banking, and their mastery of the process of trading make it go more smoothly and predictably than other providers. Many consultants in this field boast that their program source “is right next to the trader or commitment holder”. This has become broker jargon. Well, in our case, our consulting group is above the trader. The trader takes instructions from them.

This is the only investment opportunity in the world known to have Zero Risk. Although certain banking methods must be utilized to transact the investment, the funds will always remain under your direct control.  You can never lose your initial investment, you can recall it at any point in time.  But understand that recalling your funds before the program has started or finished will disable you from ever being able to invest in this platform ever again.

“As my journey continued, I found my mission was evolving. At each stop along the way, I was discovering tools, opportunities, and investment products available to ultrawealthy people that the average person never hears about. And ironically, some of the best ones have very little risk, or they have limited risk with what they call asymmetric risk / reward – – which means the investors get a big upside potential for very little downside exposure. And that’s what the ‘smart money’ lives for.”
– – Tony Robbins, pages 25-25, “Money – Master the Game” (#1 New York Times Bestseller)

These programs just keep getting better and better.  They are always changing week to week, and each program always lasts for 40 weeks, but they always generate a profit that doubles your money faster than any other known investment platforms, including Forex and Real Estate. Ideally, the investor will have a positive worldview that supports humanitarian projects, charities, and causes in tune with natural law.

This opportunity is extremely rare and valuable. We never ask for any up-front fees and we don’t “sell” anything. You simply place your capital in a bank account designated by the bank instruments trader under your own name.

High level profits are paid into your account weekly or monthly. In ALL cases, your capital is never placed at risk. The risk is truly zero.

These programs are real, they are honest, they are performing, and they are the best.

The absolute rock bottom minimum required investment for the above-mentioned programs is $1M USD or EUR. Then at $100M+, we have other programs, even better. The investor must come with cash. However, if the investor has non-cash assets, we can monetize them to issue credit for entry into trade. But our monetization people require a minimum value of $150M before they will look at it.

The trader’s profits and my commissions are made on the back end out of the gross profits, so all the high yield profits to the investor are net to you, and 100% yours to keep and do with as you wish. So, you never “pay” for anything… and thus we aren’t “selling” anything.

For more information feel free to check out this Industry Overview.

If you are interested in using these investments to help fund your Humanitarian Projects, then contact me at to get started.

Required Legal Disclaimer:  

Admittance to these programs is by invitation only.  They are not open to the public.  This is not an offering of securities.  Kamiron Freeman is not United States Securities Dealer, Broker, US Investment Adviser, Financial Planning Firm, Accounting Firm, or Law Firm and does not offer legal, tax, investment, or accounting recommendations. Nothing contained herein should be construed as legal, tax, investment, or accounting advice. We do not sell investments.  We do not and will not provide personalized investment advice.  We only offer research in wealth-enhancement ideas and financial education and publish opinionated information about finance and trading in which we believe our subscribers may be interested.

This message is for informational purposes only and is neither a solicitation of investment nor an offer to sell and/or buy securities. The Reader hereby acknowledges and confirms that neither the Author nor his/its associates, nor any other person acting on behalf of the Author have made any statement or offer in any way whatsoever that can be construed to be a “solicitation.”  Admission to Private Investment Opportunities is by invitation only.


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