Secured Party Creditor

Below you will be able to download word documents and/or PDF’s of the various documents you will need to become a Secured Party Creditor.

It is preferable that you print out a copy and re-type all the documents, changing all the personal information over to your own.  This way, you will have read and had the opportunity to understand every word and sentence within these documents.  These documents explain almost everything you need to know about what it means to be a Secured Party Creditor, where you stand in Law, where you stand in Court, where you stand with so-called “authorities,” and what you own and have full control over and rights to.  It also explains, in full detail, the nature of the relationship between you and your Corporate Strawman.

If you do not completely read and understand the entire contents of these documents, you will only be doing yourself a disfavor.  “Ignorance of the Law is no excuse,” and “Contract makes the Law.”  These contracts spell out the law, as far as anyone needs to be concerned, regarding your place in the world.  It is your sole responsibility to understand these documents to the best of your ability so that you may properly and respectfully assert your rights as documented therein.

Instructions are included throughout the documents.  Any personal information that needs to be edited by you is written in blue.  Instructions are written in red.  If you choose to re-type the documents, as suggested, leave out the red instructions, and make sure everything is in black ink when finished.  If you choose to simply edit the word documents to save time, just change all the blue words to your own and delete all the red text when you are done.  Then change the color of the entire document back to black ink.  But please make sure you at least read all the documents in full detail.

If you happen to find any typo’s that need to be edited or instructions that need to be added, please let me know immediately so I can update the documents for future members.

For now, I offer monthly webinars to Members who have questions they would like answered, as well as access to a Slack channel where all members can discuss everything they want amongst each other.  I too, will participate there as my time permits.  Soon, I will be able to provide scheduled Private Consultations paid for by the hour.

It is suggested you do your own personal education on this subject.  Of all of the resources I have studied, the following are some of the best that I would recommend to all Members:

The Redemption Manual 5.0

Sovereignty Consciousness by Taansen Fairmont

Once you are finished re-creating these documents as your own, you need to sign them all at a notary with witnesses.  In many cases, depending on where you go, the notary can provide the witnesses.  They do not need to be anyone in particular.  It is just another person witnessing the fact that you did, in fact, in person, sign these documents as yourself, in your right mind.  DO NOT sign your documents before going to the Notary.  You must sign the documents in front of the Notary.  

Once all the documents are notarized you will need to make at least 2 copies, maybe 3.  Never lose the original.  Make sure you keep it safe and secure in a waterproof safe.  Carry copies around such as in your vehicle or when you travel as these are what you will use to notify any so-called “authorities” of your status and their obligation to you should they violate your rights. 

Finally, it is time to file your UCC-1 Financing Statement to place a lien on your Corporate Trust.  The easiest state to file in is Washington.  However, if you do not live there, and/or were not born there, then you must also file a UCC Informational Filing in the state of your birth and residence.

You will use all the property listed in Schedule A as the property to which your lien claims ownership of.  You will reference each of these documents in your UCC-1 Financing Statement.  

  1. Open up web page to the Secretary of State – UCC section, select ‘Electronic Filing, select
  2. Fill in all necessary fields-see detailed instructions below.
  3. Pre-type your ‘Collateral Text Paragraph’ before beginning the ‘electronic
    filing sequence. Save ‘Collateral Text’ and place on lower tool bar.
  4. When you get to the collateral box, just do a ‘copy and paste ! ‘
    Note: in the Washington State electronic filing process, when the ‘form’ i s filled in
    and you press ‘ submit, ‘ it usually puts up an information window stating that it
    doesn’ t recognize the ‘foreign symbols’ ; ( @ $ & ( ) ! # – Periods, commas, etc.).
    In this case, you will have to go back and ‘DELETE then RE-TYPE ALL
    SYMBOLS ! ‘ Then hit ‘ submit. ‘
  5. PRINT YOUR ON-LINE RECEIPT (“Acknowledgement Copy of Initial Financing
    Statement”) at the conclusion of your transaction.
  6. Save an electronic (soft) copy of your RECEIPT and a blank copy of a UCC
    FINANCING STATEMENT to a floppy disk or your hard drive in case you want to
    use them in the DOCUMENTING YOUR FILING section below.

Sample Collateral Text to use (Edit the bold):

This is the entry of collateral on behalf of the Creditor/Principal ; Benjamin Freedom Franklin and of the Debtor; BENJAMIN FREEDOM FRANKLIN in the Commercial Chamber under necessity and the following property is hereby registered in the same: All Certificates of Birth Document #007-0101 1 as herein liened and claimed at a sum certain $ 1 00,000,000.00, Maryland Driver License #MD08974-A, UCC Contract Trust Account Number 101 -88-1776; Exemption Identification Number 101881776, AutoTRIS & CUSIP Number; 101881776; Commercial Security Agreement Item No. BFF-052507-CSA-101881776-SA, Hold Harmless and Indemnity Agreement Item No. BFF-052507-HHIA; Irrevocable Limited Power of Attorney; Irrevocable Power of “Attorney In Fact”; Affidavit of United States Non-Citizenship; Affidavit of Resolution, Revocation, and Termination of Franchise; Affidavit of Tax-Exempt Foreign Status; Affidavit No Jurisdiction Implied or Assumed; Rescission of Power of Attorney and Signature of Suretyship Nunc Pro Tunc Ab Initio; Truth Affidavit In The Nature of Supplemental Rules for Administrative and Maritimie Claims Rules C(6) Trademark/Copyright; Certificate of Service; Legal Notice and Demand. Said registration is to secure the rights, title(s) and interest in and of the Root of Title and Birth Certificate # 007-10101 as received by the Maryland DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND WELFARE (Division of Vital Statistics), DNA, Blood, Retina Scans, fingerprints (of record owner) and all Debentures, Indentures, Accounts, and all the Pledges represented by same included but not limited to the pignus, hypotheca, hereditments, res, the energy and all products derived there-from, nunc pro tunc, but not limited to all capitalized names: BENJAMIN FREEDOM FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN F. FRANKLIN, B.F. FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, or Benjamin F. Franklin or any derivatives thereof as used in commerce, and all contracts, agreements, and signatures and/or endorsements, facsimiles, printed, typed or photocopied of owner’ s name predicated on the ‘Straw-man, ‘ Ens legis/Trust described as the debtor and all property is accepted for value and is Exempt from levy. Record owner is not the guarantor or surety to any other account by explicit reservation. Adjustment of this filing is from Public Policy HJR- 1 92 and UCC 1 – 1 04 and 1 0- 1 04. All proceeds, products, accounts, baggage and fixtures and the Orders there from are to be released to the Secured Party as the authorized representative of the debtor. Debtor is a commercial transmitting utility and is a trust.

Undo the bold after editing and before copying and pasting into your UCC application.  Once that is done, then you need to do your informational filings.  If you ever need to update your UCC-1 Filing, you file a UCC-3 Addendum.

Now that all that is finally done, you can go through your Chargeback Process.

Word Docs:

PDF Documents:

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