Metatocracy – The Holographic Mastermind

[Updated 12/4/2021]

Before we begin this article we need to clear up some confusion between Socialist/Communist “Collectivism” and the Collective Unity of Holographic Administration as being described here.

In Collectivism, the Collective is seen as more important than the Individual.  The Individual must therefore be subservient to the Collective.

In Individualism, also known as Capitalism or Democracy, the Individual is seen as more important than the Collective.  The Collective must therefore be subservient to the Individual.

Neither of these can realistically function well on their own, yet they both still claim to be superior to each other.

In Holographic Administration, the Collective and the Individual are seen as Equal.  They willingly serve each other for mutual benefit, and neither is subservient to the other.

In Biology, Collectivism and Individualism are what are known as Parasitic Relationships.  Holographic Administration, on the other hand, would be known as Mutualistic Relationships.

Now that we understand the basic idea of the Organizational Structure and why it’s so important that we use it, it is time to explain how it allows everyone within a Business or Society to operate as a Holographic Mastermind.   Surely you haven’t already forgotten the Mastermind Principle introduced in Manifestation is a Co-Creative Effort.  The Mastermind Principle is defined as “When two or more people work together in a spirit of harmony, a Collective Mind is generated wherein the intelligence of the Collective becomes exponentially larger than the sum of its Members, in sequence, by the Law of Squares.”

What this means is that 3 people working in a spirit of harmony possess a total intelligence quotient of 22, or 4; 4 people = 23, or 8; 5 people = 24, or 16; 6 people = 25, or 32; and 7 people = 26, or 64; etc.  This is also known as the Law of Doubling.

Now that’s incredible!  It only takes 7 people to generate an intelligence quotient of 64 units, while 1 person acting on their own can only produce 1 unit of intelligence.  So, what happens if you take 7 Masterminds of 7 people each and have them work together where the central Member of each are also the Members of the Central Mastermind plus the Central Core Member for a total of 43 people?  How many units of intelligence does that produce?

It’s much larger than you might be expecting.  Each Mastermind is producing 64 units of intelligence, but when 7 Masterminds work together as a Holographic Mastermind, you don’t just multiply 64×7 to get 448.  No, instead, you go through the Law of Squares again.  Which means you start with 64 for the first Mastermind.  Then double that to 128 with the second Mastermind.  But then the third Mastermind begets 1282 = 16,384.  That’s from only 3 Masterminds working together!  By the time you get to 7 Masterminds working together, you get 4,398,049,511,104 units of intelligence!

Whoa…  That’s a lot of intelligence.  And you are producing that much intelligence from only 43 people.  The intelligence of mankind operating as a Holographic Mastermind works in the same exact same way as crystals and superconductors producing infinite free energy through secondary emissions.

Of course, this depends on how well everyone is working together and cooperating with each other.  It depends on how much friction there is in the system.  The more friction, the less efficiency, the less overall intelligence is being produced.  But let’s say that the system was only operating at 50% efficiency.  You are still producing well over 2 Trillion units of intelligence from only 43 people.  So, even when it is not working very well compared to its potential, it is still far superior to the division-based Pyramid Structure where a Mastermind only exists at the top and everyone else is pitted against each other in competition rather than working together in cooperation as equals.

When people compete, rather than cooperate, they are only capable of using their own singular intelligence in competition with others.  But when we all cooperate with each other, we can create phenomenally and exponentially more intelligence throughout the whole.  Now that we understand the sheer power of the Holographic Mastermind, it is time to explain how the Holographic Mastermind of the Metatocracy functions.

Recall that the image at the beginning of this Article is a simplified version of the Organizational System.  Each circle doesn’t necessarily represent a person, but a role.  There could be more or less people within each Holosphere.  Also, keep in mind that this is actually a 2-Dimensional version of a 3-Dimensional model.  Each circle is not actually a circle, it is a Sphere – a Holosphere, short for Holographic Sphere of Influence.  Just like every Planet, Star and Black Hole has its own Ether Field (Sphere of Influence), so does each person in the Metatocracy have their own Holosphere.

The Central Holosphere of each Mastermind is called the Heart.  Much like the Heart Chakra is the Central Processor of the Human Mind, the Heart is the Central Processor – the Central Administrator – of the Mastermind.  The other six Roles of the Mastermind are also derived from the Chakra System.

So, you have:

  1. The Crown Chakra, or Advisor;
  2. The Third Eye Chakra, or Strategist;
  3. The Throat Chakra, or the Operator;
  4. The Heart Chakra, or the Heart;
  5. The Solar Plexus Chakra, or the Mediator;
  6. The Sacral Chakra, or the Treasurer; and
  7. The Root Chakra, or the Angel.

Most of these Roles are self-explanatory, but let’s give them a little bit of detail here:

The Advisor not only advises the Heart, but also advises every member of the Mastermind.  It is the Advisor’s Role to be the most educated in terms of psychology, culture and teamwork as most of the advice this Role may be giving concerns how to help everyone cooperate with each other within the Mastermind despite their various differences.  Another important factor of this role is to help people with their emotions.  We are all human, and sometimes we all have to deal with things that make us so emotional it’s difficult to focus on our work.  You can also think of the Advisor, therefore, as a kind of Self-help Counselor and a therapist.  The Advisor’s role is to help everyone with their Self-Improvement, to help them get through hard times, and to advise the Heart in their Administrative role.  The Advisor must have detailed knowledge of the scope of work involved within their Mastermind in order to be able to advise other Team Members how to improve their results.

When it comes to the Central Mastermind of a Business, or the Masterminds of the Councils, the Advisor may take on slightly different roles.  For example, in a business they might be a legal advisor, or on the councils they might act in a research and development capacity to advise the other Masterminds.

The Strategist needs to be the most educated in terms of goal planning, milestone setting, trouble shooting, and overall strategic development as their Role involves all these tasks.  A Mastermind may create its own goals or be given goals to achieve by an Outer Holosphere.  It is the Strategist’s Role to develop the Strategies their Mastermind will use for attaining these goals as efficiently as possible and with the highest quality results, taking into consideration the strengths and weaknesses of their Mastermind Members.

The Operator is the Communication and Operations Manager.  Just like a telephone operator, their first role is to get important intra-Mastermind communications where they need to go and to record any such communications for Business Records.  Their second role is to act as the moderator of Mastermind Meetings, controlling the flow of the meetings and filing the minutes of the meetings.  The Operator’s third role is essentially as that of Operations Manager along with the Strategist, Heart and Advisor.  This means they must ensure that all the other Members have everything they need, to do what they need to do, to fulfill the goals and strategies and reach milestones on time.  The Operator must also help out when and as needed, also along with the Strategist and Advisor.

Again, the Heart is the central administrator of the Mastermind.  Certain decisions can only be made by the Heart Chakra.  But ultimately, the Heart’s primary responsibility in inter-Holosphere communication (communication between Holosphere’s).  They are a kind of liaison between the various Holospheres of an Organization.  Any time one Holosphere needs to communicate with another Holosphere, they must always communicate Heart to Heart.  The Heart Chakra may be central to its Inner Mastermind, but it is also an orbiting Member of its Outer Mastermind, in which it participates in other functions.

The Mediator’s Role is to act as, well, a mediator to help resolve disputes between people before they become crimes.  Furthermore, Members of Metagaiaes as International Sovereigns, must have their own judicial system for due process of law amongst Private People.  As such, the Mediators take on the role of our Judicial System.  When a Crime has been committed (meaning a victim or their property have by harmed in some way), the Mediator to both parties within the Holosphere becomes the Judge, or Arbitrator, in the dispute.  Depending on the nature of the Crime, it may be handled by Arbitration, or it may require a Trial by Jury.

The Treasurer is the Resource Manager, the one who keeps track of and maintains the inventory of various Resources.  This also means managing the Schedule of all the other Members of the Mastermind.  Human Resources departments and managers do not exist, however, because all the Members of every Mastermind choose together who gets planted (hired), transplanted (transferred), harvested (promoted) and uprooted (fired) from their own Mastermind.  No more managers making decisions that everyone else must live and work with.  The people can finally choose who to work with through a group effort instead.  In fact, almost every decision is made via various Meetings, rather than by Manager dictation.

Everyone except the Heart is an Angel in every Mastermind, regardless of whether or not they are another Chakra Role.  The Angel is responsible for the actual work that needs to be done within any particular Holosphere.  The Heart may not be an Angel in its Inner Mastermind because it is an Angel in its Outer Mastermind to which it is an orbiting member.  In this way, everyone is an Angel, and everyone takes on multiple roles throughout multiple Masterminds.  This may seem confusing at first, but it is unavoidable, as that is what it means to operate Holographically as multidimensional beings.  You begin to innerstand it better as you become familiar with the idea through repetition.

As you may have noticed, the roles of the Chakras described here are derived from the roles played by the Chakras of the Mind/Body/Spirit Complex, which in turn are derived from the Octave of Consciousness they represent.  As above, so below; As within, so without.  As the Chakras operate the Mind of an Organism, so the Chakras operate the Masterminds of an Organization.

Everyone operates within three layers of Holospheres simultaneously.  For example, a Star that orbits a Galactic Core operates within the Galaxy it orbits, within the Solar System it is central to, and within its own personal Holosphere, or Garden.  When referring to everyone’s own personal Holosphere we call it their “Garden,” and when referring to one’s Chakra Role, we call it their “Field.”

Both a person’s Garden and their Field are their Eminent Domain.  No one is allowed to tell anyone how to fulfill their respective responsibilities once trained, but everyone is expected to produce adequate results, not because their manager might fire them, but because their peers can.  However, that also inherently makes it everyone’s responsibility to help each other succeed in our respective roles.  This is the quintessential setup for instigating peaceful cooperation.  These are also absolute essentials to ensuring that corruption never becomes possible within any Organization or throughout Society as a whole.

Now let’s take a look at some of the actual procedures of the Holographic Mastermind.

Because this is not a top-down approach to Social Organization, nor a bottom-up approach, the power and authority of this system does not accumulate in any one place more than in any other place, which means no person ends up having any more power or authority than any other person.  Specifically, that means that no one has the right to give anyone else an “order” or “command.”  It also means no one can make any decisions that affect the lives or work of others without the people taking a vote on the decision first.

It’s basically Freedom of Speech on steroids.  The current “Powers That Be” would never allow such a thing because it would mean they would have absolutely no control whatsoever.  No one would have any control.  Instead, the control is kept where it is meant to be, in the Majority Will of the People.  And as shown, with the Holographic Mastermind, the Majority Will of the people will be thousands of times more creative and intelligent than any one person or small group alone.

Everyone’s basic responsibilities which they are expected to automatically fulfill as needed are called “Accountabilities.”  Anything that needs to be done outside of these Accountabilities are called “Actions” or “Projects.”  Since no one has the right to command another, instead we use what are called Action and Project Request Forms.  When an Action or Project is required, a Form detailing the Action or Project is given to the Holosphere(s) capable of completing the task, and someone needs to take “Responsibility” for it by signing off on it.

Each Member also creates Progress Reports at the end of each Action or Project, at the occurrence of any Obstacles, and weekly to document that week’s progress.  These Progress Reports are handed in during weekly Mastermind Meetings where Progress and Obstacles are discussed, and solutions are brainstormed.

Aside from weekly Mastermind Meetings, there are Election Meetings, Administrative Meetings and Heart to Heart Meetings.

Heart to Heart Meetings are simple, informal meetings between Members, such as someone meeting with their Advisor Chakra for help improving their results.  They can also be formal Meetings between Heart Chakras from different Masterminds.  All communications between Masterminds travels via the Heart Chakras.  This is known as Heart to Heart Communication.

Election Meetings are held anytime a new Chakra needs to be elected, or anytime a Member is being Planted (hired), Transplanted (transferred), Harvested (promoted) or Uprooted (fired).  Members get to choose by vote who works with them in their Mastermind. This applies to a new Plant, a Transplant, or a Harvest; and they may also vote to Uproot Members for reasons such as disruptive behavior, harassment, failure to obtain consistent results, failure to improve, etc.  Election meetings are also held whenever voting on Council Members to represent their organization on the Councils.

It is likely that the Elders will be the ones who make the most proposals for people to consider and vote upon.  It is certain that Elders will have far more influence upon their Members than other Members of Society.  After all, people are elected into these positions for the reputations they have built in their relationships with others, not for how much money they are willing to accept from Lobbyists.

As is already quite scientifically proven, the Leaders of groups, such as Managers and Coaches, have a tremendous impact upon those within their Sphere of Influence.  A bad leader can turn a good team into a terrible team almost overnight just as easily as a good leader can turn a bad team into an excellent team almost overnight.  Leaders are supposed to be people we look up to – people we aspire to be more like.  These are the types of people that will be voted into these positions in Metagaiaes.

Finally, Administrative Meetings are held anytime someone proposes an idea to add, delete or change a policy or process, either in their Organization or for Society.  Anyone may make a Proposal.  Once a Proposal is submitted it goes to vote.  Anyone that votes against it may raise an Objection.  If the Proposal gets rejected after all votes are tallied, the Proposer may review all the Objections and either debate with them to try and change their mind, and/or amend their Proposal to satiate their objections and resubmit it for another round of voting.

There has to be a limit to how many times a person may repeat the voting process for the same or similar Proposal, however.  Otherwise, there would always be too many proposals to vote on and nothing else would get done.  Therefore, if a Proposal gets rejected after the 3rd voting round, it is considered “Invalid” for 10 years, and any other similar Proposals will be automatically rejected until the time period has lapsed.  If a Proposal simply remains undecided after the 3rd round of voting, then it is only considered Invalid for 5 years.

This is really arbitrary and can be edited later, but that’s just how I’ve set it up for now.  Nothing written here is ever written in stone.  Everything is set to be edited, changed and evolved over time by the people.

In these ways, everyone participates in both the local and global administration of the whole society.  That is the only way to maintain absolute Freedom, Equality and Sovereignty amongst all people.  However, in order to remain in alignment with Natural Law, it is imperative we don’t simply use a Majority Vote, but rather a Vote of Overwhelming Majority to guide the growth and evolution of our businesses and society: just as nature uses the Law of Overwhelming Majority – the Golden Ratio, the proportion PHI.

In essence, what I am stating here is that 51% is not enough of a Majority to make a decision.  There is no Coherence.  In Nature, a Magnetic Field cannot manifest around a substance until it has achieved Harmonic Coherence.  This means that the Overwhelming Majority of the polar fields of the atoms within the substance are pointing in the same direction and vibrating at the same harmonic frequencies.  The minimum requirement for a substance to become “magnetized” is 61.8% coherence.

The same is true for people in society.  Coherence cannot be achieved until an Overwhelming Majority is in agreement.  An Overwhelming Majority is a percentage based on the Golden Ratio 1:1.618.  Thus, there must be a Majority Agreement of 61.8% or greater to say there is enough Coherence to implement the decision.  Anything less than that and it can still be swayed one way or the other quite easily.  But with 61.8% or greater, you know you have stability in the decision, just like you achieve stability in the Magnetic Field.

Overwhelming Majority must be reached in order to determine the acceptance or rejection of a Proposal or an Election.  If an Overwhelming Majority is not reached, then it can only be considered as “undecided.”

In a system like this, there is no possibility of corruption.  People that are more evolved within the Metatocracy cannot get together with other highly evolved people and conspire against the masses because it is the masses that make the decisions and the more highly evolved people that implement the decisions made by the masses.  The more highly evolved people can only be responsible for enacting the will of the people within their Holosphere, they cannot make their own decisions.  They can, however, make Proposals, just like everyone else, and let the process do its job.

Should these principles ever be violated, that will be the beginning of the destruction of our Metatocracy and the beginning of the creation of yet another Dictatorship or Fascist Regime.  Under no circumstances, whatsoever, should these principles ever be violated.  This is the cornerstone of our Freedom, Equality and Sovereignty.  This is why one cannot become a member of Metagaiaes without recognizing and agreeing with our 3 Core Principles, which are as follows:

  1. The Law of One – There is only one being.  Separation is an illusion of physical reality.  All is energy, and all energy is one infinitely connected being called Consciousness, or God, or Creator, or Spirit, etc.
  2. Service to Others – We recognize that when everyone serves the needs of others before the self, we create an abundance of everything for everyone.  But when everyone serves the self before others, we create artificial scarcity.
  3. Anarchism – We recognize and respect the Freedom, Equality and Sovereignty of all others.  We individually rule ourselves and participate as equals in the Administration of our Society.

People that criticize these Core Principles are simply not ready to evolve to Transcendental Consciousness. Some people simply aren’t ready to see the Creator in everything, to see the Creator in themselves. Some people simply aren’t ready for Freedom, Equality or Sovereignty.  They believe that some people ought to have the right to wield authority over others.  For the Compassionate, this represents confusion.  They do not innerstand their own Sovereignty.  It is easy for the Compassionate to be confused when they grow up at the bottom of a system based on Narcissistic Principles.  However, for the Narcissist, this represents Pride and Ego, in that they believe they are the ones who ought to wield that power.

These Narcissistic types feel entitled to control others.  They egotistically believe that they are smarter than the masses – that the masses need a wise leader to guide them.  The truth, however, is the opposite.  It is our leaders who need to be guided by the masses, for it is the masses that represent the wholeness of the system, be it a business or a whole society.  Let us not forget how much intelligence is produced by the Holographic Mastermind.  A single person can NEVER have more intelligence than a Collective, even when the Collective is not functioning very well.

In today’s political world, countries wherein the people can vote are only allowed to vote on one thing – who gets elected into office.  In local politics the people can take part in the vote on some issues, but at the State/Province and National levels of Politics, people are only allowed to vote on who gets elected.

How many times have the people voted for a certain person to be elected based on what the Politician said they would do, and then after that Politician was elected, he or she ended up doing something else entirely while completely ignoring all their promises?  In a system like this, the only thing people can do is vote for a lie.  The nominees are all selected by the same small minority of people who have an agenda and choose these nominees because of their willingness to fulfill that agenda.  These politicians then lie to sway the vote of the people.  It matters not who gets elected, for they all redact on their promises to fulfill the agenda of the minority who nominated them in the first place.

In the event that an honest Politician nominates themselves, they will be slandered and suppressed in every possible way, perhaps even blackmailed with the full force that all the money of this small minority can buy in order to keep people from voting for them.  They are ingenious in their ways of corrupt control.

“All this was inspired by the principle – which is quite true in itself – that in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods.  It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.  Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation.  For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire in the art of lying.” – Adolf Hitler

Let that sink in for a moment.  In other words, you and all other people are willing to believe a colossal lie simply because you would never tell such a colossal lie yourself, and therefore would rather believe that no one else would either.  And even when confronted with the truth, you would rather believe that the lie did not take place or that there is simply some misunderstanding because you are unwilling to believe that anyone could tell such a colossal lie.  When you finally bring yourself to realize that you have been lied to and fooled, you are simply unwilling to admit it because you fear the embarrassment. This is why the big lie always leaves “traces of itself behind,” even after “being nailed down.”

COVID-19 is the perfect example.  It’s painstakingly obvious by now how big of a lie this whole thing has been.  It’s not a pandemic, because pandemics kill more than .004% of populations, and attack more than just the sick and elderly.  A Mask that can’t stop dust isn’t going to stop a virus.  A Vaccine with side effects that are more dangerous than the actual virus obviously isn’t the solution to the problem.  And still, a large majority of people around the world continue to believe this to be true, while a larger majority knows it’s false by now, but is too embarrassed to admit it.  Unless we give them an Alternative choice, they will be stuck where they are.

When the only thing we can vote on in our societies is who gets elected, we the People have no power.  We give all that power to the one we elect and hope for the best in that he or she will stay true to the promises they gave when we voted for them. Throughout all the history of all democratic nations, the only people that have ever stayed true were assassinated. Everyone else conspired against you immediately after being elected.

Why do we continue to sabotage ourselves and our neighbors by participating in such a system?  Why do we continue to give our power away and hope for the best when throughout all our history it has never once worked out to the advantage of the people?  How many times do we need to travel down the same road before we realize it’s not taking us to the destination we desire?  If you know the system is broken, then it is time to stop participating in it.

The system is certainly broken.  It was created broken, and it will never be fixed because, like Einstein once said, “You cannot solve a problem with the same line of thinking that caused the problem in the first place.”  Having other people make decisions for us is the problem.  Therefore, having other people make decisions for us is not the solution.  We have to become the solution.  We have to work together collectively to make the decisions.

People can only operate according to how the system is designed.  The truth is, people don’t work the system, the system works the people.  Changing people within the system doesn’t solve anything.  We have to change the system itself.

Of course, we can’t just change the currently existing systems without fighting against them, and fighting against the system only gives it more power.  As Buckminster Fuller once said, “You don’t change something by fighting the existing reality.  If you wish to change something, you have to create a new system that renders the old one obsolete.”  That something, when it comes to our Social Structures is the Metatocracy – our very own Social Administration for our very own Society – Metagaiaes.

In the Metatocracy, we don’t just vote on who gets elected into what positions, we also vote on every issue that affects us, and only on the issues that affect us.  In other words, issues that affect only a certain Galaxy are voted on by only the Members of that Galaxy.  Issues that affect the entire Realm are voted on by every Member of Metagaiaes.

Does that mean it will take a long time to make a decision on Global Issues?  Yes, but it also ensures that the decisions made will truly represent the will of the People and not the will of a minority of Politicians or Wealthy Elite.  And it doesn’t really have to take that long.  We have the ability to create communication technology today that will help us make Global Decisions like these within weeks or months.  Compare that to the years it takes for our current Governments to finally implement a decision after all their Red Tape deliberations.

There is no room for corruption in such a system.  There is also no room for lies, because those who implement decisions cannot make decisions.  They can only implement the decisions made by the People.

This is how nature works.  It has never worked in any other way.  If we wish to create a Society that operates in harmony with nature, we have to operate according to Natural Laws and the Organizational Structure of Nature itself.  Just like it is our own Mind that creates the reality we observe around us, it is each individual person that creates the business and society around them.  Shouldn’t that principle of Nature be observed in our Social Administration?

A Society based on the Metatocracy would never have a revolution where people took to the streets to protest because they will always have a voice regarding the issues at hand.  There will be no one to protest against besides themselves.  You cannot protest against the Majority of a Population.  What you want may not always be the same as the Majority of the World, but more often than not, it will be.  You may not always get what you want, but at least you will always have a voice in what occurs.  At least you will be able to exert your own power, rather than give it away to someone you have never met hoping that he or she will actually represent you.  And if you don’t like the way things are, you can always create your own Organization with your own rules, attract like-minded people to help you, and then let them evolve your Organization in tandem with you.

Everyone will always have a place in Metagaiaes, and if you can’t find one, you can create one.

The Metatocracy not only inherently gives Freedom, Equality and Sovereignty to all its Members, but it requires it of them.  Freedom, Equality and Sovereignty are difficult things to master for us humans, perhaps the three most difficult.  Freedom requires responsibility, Equality requires respect, and Sovereignty requires discipline.  Furthermore, these three are a closed loop system.  Sovereignty requires Freedom, Freedom requires Equality, and Equality requires Sovereignty.  All three of these require all of us to know the Laws of Nature and the Principles of Equity (which are based on the Laws of Nature), as well as the collectively agreed upon, and highly simplified interpretations of Natural Law for the operations of Society in our Social Contract.  They require that we take responsibility for ourselves, our families and our communities.

Surely, no easy feat.  We have been so conditioned, for so long, by our Societies class structure, political structure, business structure, and educational systems as slaves to a system that does not represent us or care about our wellbeing.  We have been conditioned to believe we need masters, to follow orders against our will, and to believe what we are told simply because a person of authority said so.  We are taught not to question.  We are distracted with fear at every turn by media, advertising and propaganda.  We are taught that we are not born equal and that Freedom and Sovereignty are reserved for the few, but they are not.  They are natural birthrights!

One of the most beautiful things about the Metatocracy is that it is a training ground for understanding one’s Freedom, Equality and Sovereignty.  Just simply being a part of it and operating in accordance to it will decondition one’s mind from the authoritarian hierarchical models of slavery.  It helps one to see one’s self-worth, increases one’s self-esteem, connects one with the world around them, and teaches one how to cooperate in ways that have a massive impact on the organization and society.  One can take their time acclimating to the new system before taking the leap to become a Member simply by working for one of our Organizations.

If you liked what you read here, learn more in my new book The New Age Order – Part 03 – The Solution.

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