Chaos – Anarchism in the Universe

[Updated 12/20/2020]

There are many books you can read nowadays on Chaos Theory.  One of the books I read many years ago was Chaos – Making a New Science by James Glieck.  In the Prologue of this book, James stresses that the Ultra Specialization of the various fields of science was its greatest downfall, and that the advent of Chaos Theory is the one thing that can reunify the fields of science, as it involves and affects all of them.  Chaos Theory, itself, is based upon the discoveries of many different scientists from various fields, such as Mitchell Feigenbaum, Lorenz and Jules Henri Poincaré.

In short, and to be as simple as possible, Chaos Theory is the study of process as opposed to state, and says that any closed system made of three or more variables will introduce Turbulence into the system which generates Local Chaos that results in Global Coherence.

You can almost think of it as the Fourth Law of Thermodynamics, or perhaps as the very definition of Thermodynamics.  And that’s exactly what Chaos Theory essentially is – the study of Dynamic Systems.  It just so happens that EVERY Natural system is a Dynamic System.

Turbulence is any deviation from the approximations of a determined vector.  Turbulence is the very reason the Weather is not predictable beyond a few days.  Determinism is the reason we can predict the next time we will see Haley’s Comet, but Turbulence is the reason we cannot predict where it will be 10 Million years from now.

Turbulence is Entropy.  Entropy simply means “working towards a state of more chaos.”  Chaos, and thus Turbulence, is the result of Free-Will on behalf of each individual part of the Whole.  In other words, the Natural Law that is Chaos, is the Natural Law that is Free-Will.  Much the same as how the Holographic Principle is the Natural Law of Equality and Self- Sovereignty.

Free-Will is the reason for Chaos throughout the Universe which results in local randomness, always confined to a smaller closed system.  All the local randomness throughout the larger closed system, however, always ends up reaching a state of Coherence based upon the randomness of the smaller locations within it.

For example, different parts of the brain process different information and serve different purposes.  Yet, overall, when the entire brain is in a state of Coherence – meaning that despite each part of the brain doing its own thing they all work together in unison towards the overall goals of the whole Nervous System – it functions at optimum capacity.

Coherence simply means that all the frequencies within the closed system form together overall to generate a whole, complete and structured geometry.  Of course, as dynamic systems, that geometry is always changing every moment, typically repeating the same sequences over and over, but never in exactly the same way twice.

In motion, Coherence is the ongoing maintenance of Homeostasis within the closed system, which is always governed by the random actions and interactions of its various parts.

Balance is a state, and life, or reality, just doesn’t exist as a state.  It exists as a process.  Thus, nothing can ever truly be in a state of balance.  Rather, everything can only be in a state of either seeking balance or not.

And if one is not seeking balance they are inherently becoming more and more unbalanced by Natural Entropy – the Free-Will of others around them.  In other words, if you are not doing activities to hold yourself together, the stress of the chaos around you will slowly tear you apart.  This is why Meditation is practiced every day throughout the Eastern Hemisphere as a continuous process.  This is why you eat food everyday, and stay hydrated.  But even then, eventually your current lifeform will cease to function and return to dust.  And that, too, is part of the balance.

Since everything is Holographic, these Natural Laws exist throughout every scale and affect everything.  Thankfully, that also means Consciousness exists throughout every scale and affects everything.

You will come to find as you continue reading this blog that there is only One Consciousness that we all share.  And this Consciousness is what makes up everything in existence.  And that, therefore, planets, stars, galaxies, cells, atoms, and quantum particles all have a mind of their own, just like you do.  And we are all on the same journey of evolution through Consciousness.

This is a good thing because that means that despite Natural Entropy, our Celestial Brothers and Sisters (Planets and Stars) who are far more evolved than we are in Consciousness as they’ve been around much longer, are constantly meditating to maintain Homeostasis within their Sphere of Influence.  And this is what provides a nurturing environment for us younger creatures to evolve within.

Determinism is the philosophical belief that everything is entirely predetermined based upon the Natural Law of Cause and Effect as set in motion by the first act, be it the Creation of the Universe, or the Big Bang, or what have you.  The opposite philosophy is pure Freedom.

In truth, neither are an absolute.  Rather, it is instead a mixture of the two.  Determinism, or the Natural Law of Cause and Effect, as well as Freedom, or the Natural Law of Free-Will/Chaos, are like two sides of the same coin, always operating in tandem with each other to create the end result.

Free-Will can only go so far as to deviate from the approximations of Cause and Effect, creating slow change over time.  But the longer the time table, the greater the change from an otherwise perfectly determined timeline.

Free-Will is the definition of Anarchism.  Chaos and Free-will are synonyms.  So Chaos is Natural Anarchism, or Anarchism in Nature.  The Ruling Elite would have us believe that it is the responsibility of the Government to “create Order out of Chaos.”  But the reality is, “Chaos is the Order of Nature.”  We do not need to control the chaos to create order, we just need to let it be, and continuously seek our balance within it.  That is the only way to create Global Coherence.  By focusing on control and order, we are denying ourselves Coherence.

A True Anarchistic Society is Holographically Organized like Nature.  With a Holographically Organized Social Administration System, we can achieve the same kind of Global Coherence achieved by Nature in our Human Societies.  Such a Society can only work if all the Members of said Society willingly and freely choose to participate in the administration of Society.  That is what it means to be a Sovereign.  No such Society has ever actually existed before on this planet.  But it is entirely possible now.

Previously, we have had the excuse of not being technologically advanced enough for communications to happen quickly enough for such a process to be practical.  But we no longer have that excuse.  With the technology we have today, we can make decisions in an Anarchistic Holographic Administration far faster than we can with all the red tape of today’s bureaucracies.  And the decisions made will represent the True Will of the People.

Not only that, but Holographic Anarchism creates a Holographic Mastermind which through the Natural Law of the Mastermind Principle, increases the overall intelligence and creativity of the Collective Mind created by the Masses working in unison.  That is, the system is designed insomuch that every individual, unique input harmonizes with the whole insomuch to increase the intelligence and creativity of the whole by increasing the intelligence and creativity of each individual as a continuous process.  Just working within the system is a constant self-directed education lifestyle in which we are all teachers and students to each other.

According to Merriam Webster, the Definition of Anarchism is “a political theory holding all forms of governmental authority to be unnecessary and undesirable and advocating a society based on voluntary cooperation and free association of individuals and groups.”

There is an organizational system and an administration to Nature.  There is also a law, called Natural Law.  But there is no Government which wields Power and Authority over Nature.  Nature is inherently Anarchistic, and so should we be.

Anarchism means that everyone is Free, Equal and Sovereign, but also therefore responsible for both managing themselves by themselves, as well as managing the whole (business, community, society) as a Collective (Master Mind, Holographic Master Mind).

Sovereignty doesn’t come without Responsibility.  Freedom doesn’t come without Respect.  Equality requires both Freedom and Sovereignty.  Both Freedom and Sovereignty, although they are Natural Birthrights, must be earned (you can’t accept them until you realize/understand them).

The very first service a person must fulfill in life to earn Freedom and Sovereignty is self-education.  And one should never stop educating.  Only through education does one find their true passion and purpose in this life.

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