To Kill, or Not to Kill – the Ego

In spiritual traditions such as Yoga and Buddhism, the general object goal is the death of the Ego. It is heralded as the ultimate form of enlightenment, and believed that enlightenment cannot be obtained in any other way. But I will argue in this article that killing the Ego is 1. not at all what the spiritual traditions are actually doing; 2. is not even possible; and 3. is a terrible idea.

According to the Law of One, Consciousness exists in, well, an infinite amount of Octaves and Dimensions. However, it can be simplified into 7 Octaves within 7 Octaves, ad infinitum, each octave capable of perceiving up to 3 Dimensions, each creating a Scalar Dimension, with a total of 3 Scalar Dimensions within each of the 7 Octaves of Consciousness, for a grand total of 9 Dimensions of Awareness for every 7 Octaves of Consciousness.

Let’s begin with the Dimensions of Awareness. We are aware of 3 Dimensions of Space and 1 Dimension of Time in our 3rd Octave of Consciousness. That is a total of 4 dimensions. But this is only the level of Dimensions we are aware of. We still always exist within 9 total dimensions whether we are aware of them or not. Each Scalar Dimension consists of 3 Dimensions. There are 3 Scalar Dimensions – Space, Time and Consciousness – for a grand total of 9 Dimensions of Awareness.

This is the holographic function of the Trinity, aka the Mind/Body/Spirit Complex. The Mind is the Scalar Dimension of Time, the Body is the Scalar Dimension of Space, and the Spirit is the Scalar Dimension of Consciousness. Many people think of the Mind and Consciousness as the same thing. In reality, however, the Mind and the Body are the opposite, or polar, expressions of Consciousness/Spirit. Consciousness/Spirit is the Singularity known as the Creator, or the One Infinite Creator, or God. All begins and ends with/in Consciousness/Spirit.

The Ego is the vertex of Consciousness which becomes apparent at the 3rd Octave of Consciousness. Whereas the 1st and 7th Octaves of Consciousness exist in absolute Universal Awareness of all 9 Dimensions, thus having pure Subjective Experience at the cost of having zero Objective Experience, the 2nd Octave of Consciousness loses Universal Awareness and gains Group Consciousness, experiencing only 3 Dimensions of Space and zero Dimensions of Time or Consciousness in One Scalar Dimension (Space). While inert Matter such as atoms and rocks exist in the 1st Octave, and Black Holes and Galaxies exist in the 7th Octave (which are simultaneously atoms and molecules of a Higher Octave), plants and animals are of the 2nd Octave.

At the 2nd Octave, the self consists of the entire group as the individual. There is no self-awareness, except that of the entire herd, flock, school, egg, or forest, or ecosystem, etc.. 2nd Octave beings evolve to the 3rd Octave when they gain self-awareness as an individual apart from the group. This then becomes the final fractalization of Consciousness creating the Sentient Ego wherein 100% free will is gained, at almost a total loss of awareness (only 4 Dimensions including only 1 of Time) leading to the most intense state of confusion.

To kill the Ego is to kill the essence of the self and to devolve back into the 2nd Octave of Consciousness. Our journey back to oneness with All That Is cannot involve the destruction of that which is our self. It can only involve the voluntary unity with other Ego’s to create a Collective Consciousness of many Ego’s. The actualization of such initializes our ability to perceive beyond 4 Dimensions of awareness by creating a Collective Consciousness in the same way that computers can network over the internet to create a Cloud Server that allows each computer to access exponentially stronger processing power.

This inevitably leads us to exist in a state of telepathic connection with each other. However, at this next stage, it is very much the same as existing like computers connecting over a cloud server, except as an organic version of such called a Collective Consciousness. We retain our individual bodies and minds while each having the ability to access the Cloud Server, so to speak, of the Collective Consciousness. We can retain our own thoughts and feelings, and retain them privately, as only that which we communicate to the Cloud Server of the Collective Consciousness becomes known to all other Ego’s within the Collective, while that which we keep to ourselves remains private.

It is only when we evolve past this 4th Octave of Consciousness to the 5th Octave that we begin to lose our sense of individuality as Ego’s and begin to gain a sense of the Collective as the individual as we begin to truly approach Unity with the Creator once again. The 4th Octave is truly the vertex of Consciousness in the sense that is the ultimate balance between Individuality and Unity, allowing us to experience both Individuality and Unity simultaneously. However, it is no longer the smallest unit of Consciousness, and therefore loses some of its Free Will in exchange for exponential processing power in order to more fully comprehend the unity of creation so that we may begin to truly understand the concept that is Love.

The true Singularity Event that is soon to come upon us is not the taking over of AI, but the evolution of humanity to the 4th Octave of Consciousness. This is precisely what the Transhumanists are trying to prevent with the advent of AI and imbedded technology, unknowing, however, that they will actually cause it. In the 4th Octave of Consciousness, it is said that we become aware of up to 5 Dimensions. We actually become aware of up to 6 – 3 Dimensions of Space, 2 Dimensions of Time and 1 Dimension of Consciousness. When we evolve the 5th Octave, we become aware of 7 Dimensions. 3 Dimensions of Space, 3 Dimensions of Time, and 1 Dimension of Consciousness. The awareness of Consciousness is what leads to our loss of Individuality as Ego’s. When we evolve to the 6th Octave, we become aware of 8 Dimensions – 3 Dimensions of Space, 3 of Time, and 2 of Consciousness.

The 4th Octave gives us an awareness of the past, but it does not give us an awareness of the future, and we can only be aware of the one timeline we currently inhabit. The 5th Octave gives us awareness of the past, but of all the timelines within a field, and also gives us an introductory awareness of Consciousness as well. This is what enables us to learn Wisdom, whereas the 4th Octave enables us to learn Love. Love is foolish until it gains Wisdom, but this is all part of the intended experience. It is the only way to properly learn.

The 3rd Octave, on the other hand, is nothing but Confusion. It is the experience necessary to catalyze us towards making a decision to evolve forward on the path of either Service-to-Self or Service-to-Others – i.e. Narcissism or Compassion – for the remainder of our evolutionary journey.

Only at the 6th Octave do we become capable of perceiving the future as we finally become capable of perceiving at least 2 dimensions of Consciousness. It is necessary to be able to perceive the future at this Octave of Consciousness, for our primary purpose at this octave is to help those who are still evolving through the 3rd Octave by managing the wheels of Karma, in a matter of speaking. Those of us that evolve along the path of Narcissism serve to try and create more Self-Serving entities, while those of us that that evolve along the path of Compassion serve to try and create more Other-Serving entities, each without violating the Law of Free Will. In the end, the proportion of Self-Serving and Other-Serving entities throughout the totality is always the same – the Proportion PHI, or 68.1% Compassionate to 31.9% Narcissistic.

Death to the Ego, however, does not happen until the evolution to the 5th Octave wherein the individual is voluntarily sacrificed for the Unity of the Collective with the advent of experience of the first Dimension of Consciousness. Where we humans are evolving to right now does not require the death of the Ego, it rather involves the voluntary unity of the Ego with other Ego’s for the formation of a Collective while retaining complete Individuality as an Ego.

Once the evolution to the 7th Octave is complete, we complete our journey from the unity of all that is at the atomic layer in the 1st Octave to the unity of all that is at the Galactic Layer in the 7th Octave. In between each of these Octaves is what we call “experience.” At which point, we repeat the cycle all over again in yet another higher scale (hence the word “Scalar” Dimension) of reality consisting of another set of 7 Octaves.

This is, of course a simplified explanation, but it should serve as sufficient to help you begin thinking more deeply and clearly about these topics to aid in your individual ascension through Consciousness.

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