The Truth About Religion

First and foremost, religion was created for 3 Primary purposes and then served a secondary purpose after its original inception. The very first organized religions were invented by what the Sumerians called the “Annunaki” about 6000 years ago, and various versions of it were given to the Sumerians, the Mayans, the Aztecs, and the Egyptians.  You can verify this information yourself by reading Zechariah Sitchins translations of the Sumerian Clay Tablets.  Michael Tellinger wrote a masterpiece on this history that he called “Slave Species of god” which helps put everything into proper perspective.   

Some people claim that Zechariah Sitchin made up all the translations and invented the stories in his books because, as they rightfully claim, the Sumerian language is entirely disconnected from all other languages.  It comes from no other language and leads to no other language (it believed to be the language of the Annunaki themselves).  So these people claim that it is not actually possible to translate the Sumerian language.  Those who make this claim, however, obviously never heard about the Rosetta Stone.  The Rosetta Stone is a rectangular stone which contains the same script in 4 different languages on its 4 sides.  I don’t remember the 4th language, but 3 of the languages were Akkadian, Sumerian and Egyptian.  This stone is what helped Zechariah Sitchin to translate the Sumerian Clay tablets into English.

The reasons for the invention of religion are as follows:

1. To indoctrinate the masses, from a young age – when minds are the most easily impressionable and brainwashable – into the idea that the gods existed in a system of Hierarchical Rule in order to indoctrinate the masses that hierarchy was natural. Religion was the only way to indoctrinate the masses with this concept since the hierarchy cannot be found anywhere throughout nature.

2. To instill the fear of the unknown into the masses with the idea that unless they conform to the religion they will suffer in the afterlife. This must be done through a religion since there is no evidence to support the existence places such as Heaven or Hell (termed differently in the Sumerian religion, of course) in the afterlife. Prior to this, people believed in such things as the Astral Planes and Reincarnation. Unless the people are in constant fear, they are not controllable. To believe in such things as reincarnation grants a person power over their own lives, there is no reason to fear the after life, and so the person is not controllable.

3. To invent the concept of “good vs. evil.” Anyone that does not believe in the religion is considered “evil,” and must be eradicated from the world lest they infect their people with their ways and corrupt their society. This was the original “divide and conquer” strategy that has taken many forms since then, and is now being played out as those who are vaccinated vs those who are unvaccinated. We are led to believe that so-called “evil” people are somehow not human which allows our human hearts to allow ourselves to commit acts of violence against them without having to deal with the feelings of guilt and remorse.

However, in ancient Sumeria, the time would come when the people would realize that they had been enslaved, and would thus rise up against their priest class rulers and demand their freedom. So, the priests got together and used their knowledge and wisdom of occult mysticism (which they would never let the people understand, as unlike their religion, the occult mysticism of The Mystery Schools is far closer to the truth) to invent the concept of money.

When the Sumerian Priests first invented the first ever form of money, they printed them on clay tablets and called them, what we would translate into our language as, Bills of Exchange. A fiat currency just like we have today that was not backed by Gold, but instead was back by the very thing it was invented to represent, “the labor of the people.”

This invention allowed the people to have the “illusion” of freedom in that they could spend their wages on anything… so long as they could afford it, and of course, most people could barely afford to survive. Yet, nonetheless, the people have, ever since, believed in this illusion of freedom, and have mistaken it as the real thing.  In reality, it is just another control mechanism used to limit our freedom and keep us under control.

After the blueprint was created by the Sumerian Empire, the Annunaki moved forward to create other religious cultures, including Maya, Azteca, and Egypt.  However, there was new religion just taking root about 3600 years ago from a different source. This would be Judaism.

Unlike the other religions, which were invented by the Annunaki in order to create a type of government that would allow us to rule over and enslave ourselves for them, the Hebrew were given knowledge and wisdom from Yahweh, a 6th Density Collective Consciousness who wished to teach us of the Law of One so that we may begin to live to help others rather than just ourselves.  Unfortunately, the Hebrew people, being particularly oriented towards self-service, were open to influence from the Collective Consciousness of Orion, which the Gnostics later referred to as “Yaldobaoth.”  Inasmuch, the original messages received from Yahweh were perverted and corrupted by the Orion’s and became what is today called Judaism.  (Source: “The Law of One – The RA Material” by RA, an Humble Messenger of the Law of One.)

Eventually, the Hebrew would infiltrate the Egyptian land and culture and attempt to rule over and enslave them.  This was their first attempt ever at such a feat and was absolutely their most foolish and naïve attempt.  They lost the war and ended up enslaved themselves.  They would later blame this on having fallen for the polytheistic ways of Egypt and attempt to go back to their more original concepts of religion which were the hybridized version of Yahweh and Yaldobaoth’s messages.  This is also where they first became introduced to the concept of money, which they would then carry with them forevermore.  Then comes the story of Moses and the Hebrew escape from the lands of Egypt.

From this point forward, the Hebrew would go on to decimate every city they came across, killing every man, woman and child, until they finally reached their so-called “Promised Land.”  This promise, of course, came from Yaldobaoth, not Yahweh, but they believe it to be Yahweh.  Unfortunately, Yahweh, having failed to properly teach the Hebrew the Law of One, gave up after the burning bush incident with Moses.  The being Moses spoke to on the Mount of Sinai was not Yahweh, but Yaldobaoth, who then led them on the path of decimation to Israel, and still leads them to this day.

When they got to so-called Israel, they encountered the Palestinians.  They have been at war with them and attempting to rule over and enslave them ever since.  But Israel was not enough for them.  They have also been attempting, and have since largely succeeded in, infiltrating every other nation on the globe towards the end of creating a One World Government under what they term the New World Order.  Thanks to Yaldobaoth, as well as their own self-serving culture, they believe they are superior to every other human on the planet and that they are deserving of ruling over and enslaving all others.

After King Solomon, the tribes of Israel split where 10 of the tribes belonged to the North and 3, consisting of the Levites, Judah and David, belonged to the South.  Since those in the South retained the Levites, they were able to continue with their original religion.  However, the North not having the Levites had to create their own Priest Class, and thus had to reinvent the religion ever so slightly.  In doing so, King Rehoboam created a polytheistic version of Judaism.  As a result of this, according to the bible, the Assyrians came and enslaved them and brought them through the Middle East, leaving Israel to be reclaimed by the South.  This, however, was the beginning of how the Israelites would begin to infiltrate the rest of the world.

After some escaped their enslavement to the Assyrians, they headed over to what is now Great Britain and Ireland.  Having joined the Celts, they updated their religion to include the local cultures beliefs and changed their name from Jewish to Druid.  However, they kept the same practice of controlling the arts, entertainment, politics, law and judicial system for all the local tribes.  (Source:,

Then, cerca 100 A.D. the Romans would invade Great Britain and decimate the Celtic and Druid cultures.  As it were, the Druid’s who survived, thus infiltrated the Roman Culture, which was Catholic.  They would eventually succeed in updating their religion again with the beliefs of the local culture and invented what we today call Christianity by fusing together the old ways of Judaism, the old ways of Druid Paganism and the new ways of Catholicism.

They thus learned from the Romans the idea of conquest and would then continue to use the Catholic Church and the newly created Christian Religions to move forward with their new goal of Global conquest.  With the help of the Knights Templar, which would eventually become the Free Masons, and under the rule of the Vatican Church, the new “Christians” and their old Jewish Leaders, would thus infiltrate nearly every nation in Western Europe, committing genocide every step of the way in what were falsely called “Holy Wars.”

Eventually, it became obvious that such methods were inferior to more occult methods of infiltration.  This is when they began taking over the banking system of nations and creating a debt based system to systematically enslave nations through the use of Currency.  They would begin by taking control of their gold backed banking systems, and infiltrate their governments.  They would then cause their government to nearly go bankrupt for various different reasons as a result of their “advice.”  This is when they would introduce the concept of Fiat Currency to the nation, which of course, in their time of desperation, seemed lucrative and attractive.  Then, of course, they would move forward to bankrupt the nation again, only this time, in such a way that forced the nation and their government to relinquish ownership of all property over to the banks.

Fast forward to a few hundred years ago, they made the discovery of the America’s.   They would call this, amongst themselves, “New Israel” the new “Promised Lands.”  It was to become their base of Global Operations to help springboard them into the conquest of the world to create a One World Government.  And it has done just that.  The United States of America has been controlled by the Jews ever since.  The Military of the US would become the Military Industrial Complex of the Zionist controlled Vatican (central government of the world), and would be used to bring in all other countries who refused their Central Banking System by means of warfare, always, of course, in the name of “spreading Democracy.”  Of course, it is anything but Democracy, but that is an article for another time.

Today, these very same Zionists created and control the UN, the IMF, the Federal Reserve and all other Central Banking Systems, Hollywood, Bollywood, the Free Masons and other Secret Societies, and the Jesuits who today control the Vatican, which is now attempting to shift control over the UN for the fulfillment of the New World Order with a new One World Religion which is the fusing of Christianity with Judaism and Muslim.

All religions have always been a lie with but one overarching purpose – control and enslavement.  But it is not without purpose.  The purpose has always been for us to learn through slavery the true meaning of Sovereignty, and to learn through a self-serving society the importance of serving others.  Only by experiencing both possibilities do we become capable of the free will choice between self-service and service-to-others.

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