The Principle of Polarity

In the last article we dealt specifically with the Parallel realities of the Plane of Causes and the Plane of Effects as Polar Functions of Consciousness.  Here we will dive further into the Principle of Polarity and how it relates to Vibration, Gender, Rhythm and Sex.

Vibration is the root function of polarity throughout all of existence.  Everything that exists vibrates, because everything that exists is both a polarized expression of Consciousness, as well as is made of further polarized expressions of itself.

The primordial vibration of all life is the vibration between the Centripetal in flow of Consciousness as it charges into the nucleus of a field, which then discharges as the Centrifugal out flow of Consciousness back into the field.

The Centripetal in flow of Consciousness we call Dielectricity, and it is often mistaken as Gravity.  The Centrifugal out flow of Consciousness we call Magnetism.  Dielectricity directly relates to the emotions of Consciousness, while magnetism directly relates to the thoughts of Consciousness.  In other words, thoughts are the discharge of emotion.

These two polar opposite forces working together are called Electromagnetism.  But each of these two forces are, themselves, made of yet another polarity.

Dielectricity has a Positive and a Negative, while Magnetism has a North and South.  Each of these can be thought of as vibrations, rhythms or genders.

Positive is the flow of Dielectricity into a source, while Negative is the flow of Dielectricity away from a source.  The same is true Electricity, such as a battery having a Positive and Negative node, or your house having Positive and Negative wires.

The Positive relates to the Male Gender, which is why it is said to flow back into its source.  The male gender is that which penetrates and charges.  The female gender is that which discharges and radiates.

The South pole is gendered male because that is where the magnetic flow pulls back in to the center of the torus, while the North pole is gendered female because that is where it flows out of the nucleus.

Life only exists because of the relationships of all opposite expressions of what are, ultimately, the expressions of Consciousness, the only Singularity without opposite.  The Process of Creation that is based upon the relationships of all pairs of opposing expressions is called Sex.

Sex is the act, the expression, the relationship of all opposing pairs of expressions that makes life possible, that manifests it into existence, that gives us the ability to experience anything at all.  Without Sex, without the relationship between the Gender’s, without the Vibrating, Undulating Rhythm of all Polarities, nothing would exist.  Sex, itself, is the process of creation through the relationship between opposing expressions of Consciousness.

Sex exists because polarity exists.  Polarity exists because the Singularity can only experience itself and express itself by multiplying itself.

I say multiplying and not dividing because the Singularity cannot be divided from itself, it cannot separate itself from itself. But through Fractalization, a type of bifurcation occurs in which it can multiply itself within itself without dividing itself from itself.

Polarity is the function of Fractalization.  Fractalization is the function multiplication.  Multiplication, also known as reproduction, is the result of sex.

Everything that exists is a reproduction of the Singularity of Consciousness expressing itself in one of two opposing polarities, which continues the act of sex amongst each other, which continues the act of reproduction, which continues the multiplication of Consciousness within itself, which continues the ongoing process of Creation that we experience as reality.

With that in mind, it must be noted that there is extreme importance in the acceptance of and expression of our genders as human beings.  There are only two genders, male and female.

It is extremely rare, but sometimes a person may be born without gender.  I have met one such person when I was in boot camp for the Air Force at the base in San Antonio Texas.  He was being kept there as a guinea pig, most unfortunately, so the military could study his unique DNA.  Remarkably, he had an XXY chromosome making him both/neither male and/nor female.

Aside from such rarities, however, you are either male or female, and your overarching goal as a human being is to discover your Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine energies.

We are meant to balance each other out through our polarities.  We are not meant to be balanced and whole within ourselves, but rather through our relationships with others.

An electron is meant to be negative.  A proton is meant to positive.  They are meant to balance each other out through their relationship with one another.  The same is true of us human beings.  We are meant to be male and female, and we are meant to balance each other through our relationships.

The idea, or notion, that some of us are meant to associate as non-binary, or as trans-sexual is part of the transhumanism agenda to dehumanize us.  By using our traumas against us, they are trying to explain that our traumas are the result of our gender identity.  That we have an identity crisis because we associate with being the opposite gender, and they are trying to teach our kids this at a young age, before they really have the capacity to understand the truth for themselves.

There are many who are now adults who regret having made the choice in their youth to take hormones or undergo surgery to change their gender.  They are just now beginning to understand that their gender was never the problem, nor their association to it or disassociation from it.  The real problem was the trauma in their life around that, which they were taught to blame on their gender, rather than on their reality.

If you were born female, you were meant to embody the negative Divine Feminine energy.  If you were born male, you meant to learn how to embody the positive Divine Masculine energy.  Whatever your trauma is regarding your reality, it does not have anything to do with your gender, I assure you.

If you had narcissistic parents growing up, that is your trauma, that is what you need to heal.  If you were sexual abused as a child, that is your trauma, that is what you need to heal.  If you were neglected, or physically abused, or emotionally abused, that is your trauma, that is what you need to heal.  Not your gender.

Homosexuality is yet another thing.  I will not deny that every human being has the right to choose what they are attracted to, but I will say this: A male who sleeps with other men cannot fully embody their Divine Masculinity, because a positive cannot balance out a positive.  Likewise, a female who sleeps with other females cannot fully embody her Divine Femininity because a negative cannot balance out a negative.

Only a positive and a negative can balance each other out.  That said, people are typically attracted to the exact opposite charge from which they operate.  A man will only be attracted to a woman who is just as feminine as he is masculine.  Likewise, an emasculated male will be attracted to a masculinized female.

Regarding homosexuality, a masculine gay male will be attracted to a feminine gay male and vice versa, and a feminine gay female will be attracted to a masculine gay female and vice versa.  How, or why, they are attracted to the same gender as themselves is beyond my understanding, however, because I have never been attracted to my own gender.

Either way, the importance of stepping into one’s Divine Masculine and Feminine energies cannot be stressed enough.  Life only evolves forward and continues to create through the sexual relationships of its Divine Polarities.  That goes the same for us human beings as it does for the atoms that make up the cells in our bodies.

In other words, we cannot even hope to evolve to higher states of consciousness if we do not accept and embody the Divinity of the Gender we are born with.  Furthermore, we need to see sex for what it really is, a Divinely beautiful and spiritual process of creation.  Not just the creation of a child either, but the creation of our very reality.

What we experience in the Plane of Effects is created by what we do in the Plane of Causes.  The Divine act of Sexuality can be used to emotionally charge and empower our Mind in the Plane of Causes in order to more powerfully and masterfully create our experiences in the Plane of Effects.  This is a process known as Sexual Transmutation.

Think of it this way, the orgasm is the most powerful emotion you can possibly feel.  It is even more powerful when experienced mutually with a partner with whom you share a deep divine love with.  Whatever you are thinking about while having that orgasm, emotionally charges that thought with so much power it cannot be ignored by the Unified Consciousness.  If that is true, imagine how much more powerful it is, when you are your love partner both experience an orgasm at the same time during an act of mutual intimacy and affection while having the same thought to manifest the same circumstance or goal?

This is the very reason that many tribal communities have orgies.  Soon, you will learn about the power of the Principle of Synergy, also known as the Mastermind Principle.  The more minds that work together in unison, the more exponentially powerful the act of creation becomes.  If the amount of energy doubles with the addition of every single person, imagine how much more powerful an act of creation will be when an orgy of many people orgasm near simultaneously while thinking the same thoughts to manifest the same goals.

This is the ultimate power of creation in a nutshell.  It is not meant to be seen as dirty, or horrific to hold orgies.  Orgies, when done properly, are the most powerful act of creation and can be used for good just as easily as they can be used for evil.  If such orgies are being used by the Evil Cabals to enact their dark agenda, then one of the best ways in which we can counteract their dark agenda is by using the same power of the orgy to manifest our agenda of Light.

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