A Global Society Without Borders

Are borders really necessary for a globally connected civilization as advanced as we are now?  We are already so connected that borders, if they do anything at all, merely pose problems to what would otherwise be solutions.  We are all one human race, deeply interconnected by technological advancements that allow us to even transcend the limitations of language.  Borders are no better an existence in this world than are things such as racism, sexism, or other forms of division-based inequalities.

The problem that borders pose is that of freedom of travel.  As human beings, we all have the intrinsic right to travel as we please.  Yet in our divided world, you need to prove your citizenship and show patriotism to your nation to buy a passport to gain even a restricted amount of travel.

Originally, the passport was invented to give people of a conquered nation the right come and go through the borders as “Enemies of the State.”  It was invented to control the enemies from the nations that were conquered.  It wasn’t meant for its own Citizens.  But today, every Citizen is considered an Enemy of the State, and must purchase the right to travel beyond borders.

Today, in the U.S., the Trading With The Enemy Act literally makes every U.S. Citizen an “enemy” in the eyes of the U.S. Government.  But it doesn’t affect just the U.S.  This same tactic was pulled on every other country that is under the Trinity of Globalist Control.

This is why we are required to buy licenses for everything.  A license is basically you paying the Government to use the Rights they stole from you.  Just like Passports, Licenses used to be something that only the subjects of conquered nations had to purchase to practice their rights as human beings, and this could be avoided by swearing an oath of loyalty to the new Emperor.  But today, everyone is always treated as an enemy combatant strictly for the financial gain of the State.  The sad thing is, most people are not aware of this history, and see this treatment as completely normal and acceptable.

It’s one thing to be required to prove your competence by obtaining certification through studying and testing, but what good does charging a fee to start a business do for the people?  They call it a “license” to make it sound all important and fancy, but there is really no difference between a business license and a dog license.  They are just ways for the Government to take more of your money to expand their organization’s specialization in the industry of governing.

The way our current Governments operate is for the sole intention of expanding and increasing their level of power and authority.  The way they work and the philosophy they operate under dictates this as the end result of the business of governing.  The sole purpose is control, and thus power and authority, regardless of the means to the end.  The longer any of these governments exist, the less freedom their people have over time, until eventually the society meets its inevitable doom due to its unsustainable methods.

The Metatocracy creates a Global Alternative Society that has no borders, aside from, perhaps the Ether Field of the Earth.  It accomplishes this by establishing Networks of Organizations and Councils instead of setting up borders and boundaries.

True, there are Districts and Regions throughout the Alternative Society consisting of the already existing borders and boundaries, but these are strictly for organizational and administrative purposes, not for the purpose of marking territory.  These borders shouldn’t limit the freedom of our right to travel or to make residence wherever we see fit.

There should be no such thing as immigration between our nations.  We are all one people on one planet.  Sure, different places will maintain different cultures, but people ought to be able to freely travel and experience the different cultures and choose for themselves which they harmonize with the most to settle upon.

Society is not made of borders, or bricks, or asphalt, or metal, or wood.  Society is made of people.  Borders and boundaries should not dictate which society you belong to in this day and age.  Nor should they dictate which jurisdiction of law, or in our case, Holosphere, you belong to.  Rather, Societies should be based on Networks – Networks of people.  This is exactly how the Metatocracy works.  This is exactly what our Alternative Society will be.  A Society of People, by People, for People.

By holding them in Trust, we are not claiming the so-called “territory” of other Nations as our own.  Instead, we are completely transcending the whole notion by simply “managing” properties outside of the concept of ownership.  In so doing, our properties are not subject to their jurisdictions giving us the freedom to keep them as Private Property, or use it as Public Property in Metagaiaes.

Furthermore, we are managing these properties for the benefit of both our Alternative Society as well as the Nations within which we operate.  Although we end up taking Tax Payers away from their Nations as our growth expands, in return we ultimately end up sending vast sums of money into their economies which help offset the National Debt to the IRS that these taxpayers would have otherwise been covering.  In addition, we will provide them with lots of high quality products and services.  It’s a win-win-win for everyone!

Unfortunately, in the meantime, we will still have to deal with the borders of other Nations.  This represents a huge hurdle to overcome.  Fortunately, the same person that discovered Christ’s New Covenant so that we can become Private People and International Sovereigns has also created Certificates of Identification that officially declare our Internationally Protected Person Status.  These ID’s work the same as any Passport and can be used to replace all forms of legal identification.

Everything that Governments do in the name of “National Security” is rather bogus if you really think about it.  For example, if I want to prevent someone from stealing something out of my vehicle, locking the vehicle is not going to help.  Locks only keep out honest people, and honest people won’t be trying to steal from me in the first place.  If someone really wants to steal from my vehicle, they will just break a window.  Likewise, travel restriction laws are not actually helping prevent “terrorists” from crossing borders, they are only preventing honest people from freely.  Terrorists will still find a way to travel through airports with fake documentation or through other means.

Borders are a fantasy. Their only true value is for organizational and administrative purposes.  Borders should not be limiting our freedoms. Our Alternative Society will release our Members from these shackles.

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