Transcendental Meditation Can Replace Military and Police

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has discovered that Transcendental Meditation is the secret key ingredient to creating peace, order, harmony and coherence throughout the world.  As a result of his discovery, it has been coined the “Maharishi Effect,” or what Maharishi, himself, calls “Super-radiance.”  It has been scientifically proven over the course of hundreds of different experiments that when at least 1% of a given population practices Transcendental Meditation at the same time in a given area, crime rates, violence rates, accident rates, sickness rates, and so on, all drop significantly during the course of the experiment, only to rise right back up once the experiment stops.

Furthermore, when using a group of highly advanced Yogic Flyers, the same effect can be reached with only the square root of 1% of a given population.  Enough experiments have been done at this point to acquire these numbers as a matter of fact.  This is congruent with the Law of Squares of the Mastermind Principle.  1% of a given population, creates enough critical mass through the Law of Squares to overcome the ignorance of the population to create coherence throughout the Collective Consciousness of the population which automatically effects the Individual Consciousness of each person within the population.

As you will recall from “The Philosophy” blog, this is all based on Harmonic Resonance, just like everything else in Nature.  All Ether Fields of the same scale within another Ether Field affect each other through their vibrational resonances, which propagate throughout the outer Field affecting all the inner Fields via the Law of Synchronicity, or Harmonic Resonance.

Nature abhors dissonance, everything is always trying to tune into something else around it.  Naturally, every human mind will tune into that which they already most harmonize with.  When at least 1% of a given population practices Transcendental Meditation, the Coherent Resonance given off by the different sources at the same time causes secondary emissions of photoelectric energy which exponentially increases the volume, or amplitude, of the wave across the entire ecosystem, or planet.  Maharishi calls this effect Super-radiance

People will automatically tune into whatever frequencies have the highest amplitude, as the highest amplitude has the most potential energy to cause other Fields to vibrate to the same Frequency.  Again, this is called the Law of Synchronicity, and is known in Science as Sympathetic Harmonic Resonance.  Such as when you pluck a string on a violin, the strings of other violins in the same room will begin to vibrate to the same frequency.  Or such as the Metronome Experiment.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi claims “a group for a government” to be the panacea solution to every problem in the world.  What he means by “a group for a government” is a group of Transcendental Meditators.  He says that every town or city should have in their government a group of Transcendental Meditators that equal 1% of the population of the State, and that every State should have a group that equals 1% of the population of the Nation, and that every Nation should have a group that equals 1% of the population of the world.

Maharishi has shown that each Nation of Transcendental Meditators effects all other nations throughout the world, that each State or Province effects all other States and Provinces within the Nation, and that every town affects every other town within the State or Province.  Although it has yet to be accomplished, it has already been proven that with enough Transcendental Meditators around the world, we can achieve Global Coherence and world Peace, Harmony and Order, all in alignment with Natural Law.

Transcendental Meditation is a practice that creates coherency in the Mind/Body/Spirit Complex of the individual that allows the individual to infinitely connect to the infinite intelligence of the Creator.  As such, it brings the individual in alignment with Natural Law, and automatically effects the world around them through their individual field of Consciousness (Universe/Multiverse) which is infinitely connected to the Unified Field of Consciousness (Holoverse), thus affecting the individual field of Consciousness of other people around them.

There is extensive evidence to support this as scientific fact.  If you are interested in reading it, look for the Press Publication: Scientific Research on Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme, Collected Papers, Volumes 1-6 (over 5000 pages).

As a result of this discovery, I have decided to incorporate Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Siddhi Programme into the Holographic Administration of Metagaiaes.  First of all, everyone should be practicing Transcendental Meditation.  But naturally it cannot be required of everyone, it has to be a free choice.  However, that said, Transcendental Meditation should be considered one of the highest responsibilities of anyone in a position of Eldership on one of the Councils.

Furthermore, an entire department within the Councils – the Angel Chakra Department – will be devoted entirely to Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Siddhi Programme.

This will not only help maintain Peace and Harmony throughout the Society but will also help prevent the need for physical defense, such as from a Military, as well as prevent the need for a Police Force.  They would, in fact, be our replacement of a Military or Police Force.  They will be True Peace Keepers.  Better even than the Jedi of Star Wars.  By encouraging so many people to practice Transcendental Meditation as their minimum service to Society to gain Free Access in our Economy, we will revolutionize the world by directly affecting the Collective Consciousness of Humanity.

That said, these same people should also be trained in Self Defense in case the need does arise.  They can be stationed at various places where, like a Police Force, they follow a route and work to protect a given territory.  However, the main operation of protection is to practice Transcendental Meditation, only using force when necessary, if at all, to end violence.  And rather than being trained in weapons of mass destruction, they will be trained in weapons of mass creation – Transcendental Meditation.  Of course, they should never need to use force, because their very presence as TM Siddhi’s should be enough vibration in that area to prevent violence.

In the off chance that a foreign military actually wages war against our Alternative Society, I’m willing to bet our training in TM and Self Defense such as Tai Chi and Kung Fu can be taken to such a high level that even guns and bombs would be ineffective against our Peace Keepers.  The lower part of me would like to say that training in the use of various weapons and war machines would be wise as a preventative and cautionary measure, however, the higher part of me innerstands that trying to prevent a problem is often what causes the problem.

Our goal is to wage peace, not war.  If we start training people in the use of weapons and war machines, then other Nations will begin to see us as a potential threat.  It will only cause a foreign Nation to wage war against us.  Self Defense without weapons and Transcendental Meditation are more than enough to help mitigate and prevent any potential threats, as is proven already by the TM-Siddhi Programme.

Furthermore, as time goes on and the Alternative Society grows, and so too do the number of people practicing the TM-Siddhi Programme, violence and crime will inevitably disappear entirely, even in our foreign Nations.

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