The Principle of Karma

Some people believe in Karma and some do not.  But the news is, Karma exists whether you like it or not.  Karma is nothing other the Principle of Cause and Effect.  You reap what you sow.

If you are sowing seeds of misery, poverty, dis-ease, etc. with your emotions, then that is exactly what you will get in return.  Likewise, if you are sowing seeds of happiness, abundance, health, etc. with your emotions, then that is exactly what you will get in return.

But the principle of Karma goes much deeper than the Principle of Attraction.  Remember the Principle of Anarchism, or Free Will?  Everyone and everything has a will of its own, whether or not it recognizes it yet.  To violate another’s Free Will is to incur a negative Karmic Debt.

Karma is not so simple as do good and good will come to you, do bad and bad will come to you.  The Golden Rule of Natural Law – “Do unto others as you would have done unto you” – is not the most efficient way of viewing Karma.  The simpler version of “Do no harm” is a bit better.

In reality, it does not matter so much whether you think are being or doing so-called “good” or so-called “bad.”  There is only one thing that is considered “bad” in Natural Law and that is the violation of Free Will.

Every time you violate the Free Will, or Sovereignty, of another, you will eventually have to experience the same violation against your Free Will.

For many, this initiates a downward spiral of violation after violation.  In ignorance of this principle, most people retaliate with vengeance against those that violate their Free Will and thus continue to remain within the cycle, constantly having their own Sovereignty violated and constantly repeating the same violation over and over again.

There is only one way to break such a cycle.  The cycle serves a very important purpose.  It is to teach you the importance of not violating anyone’s Free Will.  The only way to end the cycle is through Forgiveness.

Forgiveness is the only way to discharge your Karmic Debt.  Let’s use money as an example to understand this:

Every time you violate someone’s Free Will you incur a debt, the amount of which depending on the severity of the experience of the one whose Free Will you violated.  The more emotional pain they feel as a result, the more debt you incur.

When that comes back around to you and someone violates your Free Will, that is your opportunity to claim their debt to pay off your debt.  If you do not, that debt goes to the bank of Consciousness, waiting for someone else to claim it later on.

However, if you choose to Forgive your violator, you claim their debt as yours, and it goes towards paying off your Karmic Debt, held in the bank of Consciousness.  This does not mean they do not still incur a debt in the bank of Consciousness, however.  They still have their own account that is now negative in value, while your account is now closer to a sum zero.

Karma is zero sum game, however.  There is no such thing as gaining a Karmic Credit.  Doing good things does not increase the value of your Karmic Account.  Violations create a negative value, and forgiveness of the same violations against you help to bring that value back to a zero sum.

Once you reach a zero sum in your account and learn to maintain that by no longer violating the rights of others, you no longer need to experience the violation of your Free Will.  This is called attaining the “State of Grace.”

This is exactly the reason the people you think are evil in this world do not experience the Karmic Consequences of their evil schemes.  Because believe it or not, they are masters of this principle, and they play the game very carefully to ensure that their victims are using their own Free Will to become their victims of their own volition.  They are not actually violating anyone’s Free Will.

That said, however, they are using many ignorant people, who are not so aware of this principle, to violate the Free Will of others for them.  And this is why the lives of so many seem to suck, while the Evil Elites live in luxury.

Learn this principle so you, too, can enter into the State of Grace and live in your ideal form of luxury.

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