The Principle of Karma

Some people believe in Karma and some do not.  But the news is, Karma exists whether you like it or not.  Karma is nothing other the Principle of Cause and Effect.  You reap what you sow.

If you are sowing seeds of misery, poverty, dis-ease, etc. with your emotions, then that is exactly what you will get in return.  Likewise, if you are sowing seeds of happiness, abundance, health, etc. with your emotions, then that is exactly what you will get in return.

But the principle of Karma goes much deeper than the Principle of Attraction.  Remember the Principle of Anarchism, or Free Will?  Everyone and everything has a will of its own, whether or not it recognizes it yet.  To violate another’s Mind/Body/Spirit Complex, which includes their Free Will, is to incur a negative Karmic Debt.  In our legal justice systems, we also include property on this, but as we learn in another article, no individual can own any property other than their own Mind/Body/Spirit Complex.  So, Consciousness will only deal with violations of a beings Mind/Body/Spirit Complex.  This does, of course, include the Earth as a being, as well as the Collective Consciousness of Humankind.

Karma is not so simple as do good and good will come to you, do bad and bad will come to you.  The Golden Rule of Natural Law – “Do unto others as you would have done unto you” – is not the most efficient way of viewing Karma.  The simpler version of “Do no harm” is a bit better.

In reality, it does not matter so much whether you think are being or doing so-called “good” or so-called “bad.”  There is only one thing that is considered “bad” in Natural Law and that is the violation of a beings Mind/Body/Spirit Complex.  Anything that causes any form, no matter how mild, of physical, emotional or psychological harm will initiate a cycle of Karma. Eventually, you will have to experience the same violation against yourself as you have caused to any other.  And since Nature is indirect and transient in its exchanges, the violation will seldom come from the same or a related person to the one you harmed, it may not even come back to you in the same lifetime.

Because of this, many people think that when they have been violated, they must get revenge by seeking justice.  For many, this initiates a downward spiral of violation after violation. In reality, the violation that just happened was justice.  It just didn’t come from the person you previously violated, and it may have been so long that you have no memory of the violation you committed anymore.  But it only happened because you did the same thing to someone else once before.

This is true of most things, all the personal things, in any case.  But there is also another layer to Karma that people seldom consider, which is Collective Karma.  The human race as a whole is a singular entity of Consciousness made of many different human beings, just as a human being is a single entity made of many different cells.  The same is true for all groups of people in between these two, grouped by Culture, by language, by nation, and/or by religion.

Right now, for example, the whole world is being gripped by Medical Tyranny and Genocide because of the Collective Karma of the human race.  Many of us, throughout many different lifetimes, have all participated in such acts as warfare.  These wars have always been waged by the Masters over the Slaves.  So, right now, at the precipice of Human Evolution from the 3rd Octave of Consciousness to the 4th, we are collectively experiencing a World Wide PsychoBiological War and Genocide by the Masters over the Slaves as a final test for those human beings who are ready to evolve.

Some area’s of the world, some groups of human beings, have it worse than others.  Not for no good reason.  It’s not just some random chance that Australia is the getting hit the hardest with the Police State Tyranny, nor is it any random chance that Austria is following in their wake along with a few other countries.  It is also not a random chance that it came out of China, just as it’s not a random chance that the United States is still fighting against this tyranny within the walls of its own government.

The particular situations of each particular Nation are the result of thousands upon thousands of years of individual and collective decisions within those nations.  Many of the things you may experience come from this Collective Karma, as they are things that affect multitudes of people, not just you.  But even then, you may just be spared, for the most part, from Collective Karma if you have balanced out your Karmic Debt, ended all you Karmic Cycles and entered into the State of Grace.

The State of Grace is a State in which opportunities to harm do not arise or go unnoticed simply because you have no Karmic Debt to discharge, therefore you do not energetically attract acts of violation against yourself.  The State of Grace is the end of Karma.  Karma is a zero sum game.  There is no such thing as Karmic Credit.  But there is a such thing as Grace.

There is only one way to break a Karmic cycle.  The cycle serves a very important purpose.  It is to teach you the importance of not violating anyone others.  The only way to end the cycle is through Forgiveness. Forgiveness is the only way to discharge your Karmic Debt. When you forgive your violator, you are inherently forgiving yourself for acting out the violation that initiated the cycle in the first place, thereby canceling out the cycle.  Of course, you can only truly forgive yourself, and thus others, once you understand the lessons the cycle was meant to teach you.

So, why do the “evil” wealthy elite who are causing all these “bad” things to happen so experience such Karmic Violations?

Because they understand these principles.  That’s why.  They know what they are doing and they are being very careful to follow all the rules to make sure they are not Karmically attached.  They do this by first making it voluntary.  Then they get their closest slaves, who unfortunately don’t know any better, to commit the violations for them.  Fact of the matter is, no one can actually force another to “do” anything.  The choice is always the one who does it.  In this way, the “evil” elite avoid the Karma by having their slaves commit the violations for them, using their own free will.

If someone tells you to kill someone, and you kill them, you are the one who committed murder and initiated a karmic cycle.  The one who told you to do it didn’t kill anyone, and no matter who much they threaten you if you refuse, it is still your choice how you act, in the end.

Every “bad” thing that you think has ever happened to you, or will happen to you is not actually a bad thing.  It’s an opportunity, first and foremost to learn, and secondly to grow.  Every Karmic Cycle allows us to learn more about the unity of all, and the ending of each Karmic Cycle brings us ever closer to that unity.

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