Economic Slavery

Both Capitalism and Socialism are economic strategies for Occult Slavery.
What do I mean by Occult Slavery? I mean that the people become enslaved without knowing they have become enslaved.
All Capitalists will defend Capitalism as the only economic strategy for Freedom. But just because they call it the Free Market, does not mean there is any Freedom.
All Socialists will defend Socialism as the only economic strategy for maintain the Greatest Good of All. But public ownership always results in Government ownership.
And yet, both are Caste Systems where some people are poor and some people wealthy. In both systems there are homeless, destitute, starving people.
Capitalism and Socialism are both failures as economic strategies to produce either the most amount of Freedom, or the Greatest Good of All. You don’t even need to look very far through history to figure that out.
In one form or another, Capitalism or Socialism have always been the only two economic strategies ever employed by any human society throughout the entire written history of humanity. It all began with the invention of money just over 6000 years ago by the Priests of the Sumerian Empire.
The Sumerian Empire was the first Capitalist Empire. At the bottom of their caste were the slaves who didn’t make money. Aside from that, their economy was basically the same as what we have today throughout the world. After this, history goes on a very long journey through barter and trade, metals, precious metals, and eventually makes it’s way back to Fiat Currency.
But not once throughout history has any form of economical strategy produced a society without a Caste System. There have always been slaves, and there have always been occult slaves – slaves who do not know that they are slaves.
It is all the people who earn money in exchange for their time that are the occult slaves. They trade their time for money, most of them, in exchange for doing something they would never willingly choose to do if they didn’t need to earn money. Most of these people are only paid just enough to barely survive, and that’s only if they are pooling resources with other poor income earners. Most of these people are just one small mistake or incident from homelessness for the whole family.
The question, throughout all human history has always been, how can we create an economic strategy that actually does produce the most Freedom and the Greatest Good of All.
The answer, however, is – there is none. The concept of Ownership and the concept of Trade are the concepts of Slavery. As long as these concepts underpin the operations of our societies, we will never have Freedom, and we will never see a Society that serves the Greatest Good of All.
The concepts of Ownership and Trade were invented by Religions in order to enslave humanity. The ideas of Capitalism and Socialism are just opposite strategies to inflict on the people to keep them divided and more easy to conquer.
There is an alternative to Ownership, Trade and Economics, however.
The Alternative to Ownership is Management. The Trust Fund and Trust Estate are legal contracts between Private Individuals for the Management of Assets and Property without Ownership.
The Alternative to Trade is Free Access. All of Nature operates based on Free Access. Nothing in Nature trades with anything else. Everything gives of itself freely, and takes for itself freely. And in so doing, Nature always maintains an abundance of everything for everyone.
The Alternative to Economics is The Venus Projects idea of the Resource Based Economy. Instead of accounting for money that has been traded, we account for resources, what we have, where they are, and where they are needed. I liken this to how fungal mycelium works to ensure that all the plants in the forest get the nutrients they need when they need it.
Metagaiaes brings all of these solutions together so that we can finally create a Society which actually operates to effect the most Freedom and the Greatest Good of All without violating the inalienable rights of all human beings to Free-Will, Privacy, Equality and Sovereignty.

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