Update on Emotions Regarding the Law of Attraction

This article will contradict some previous articles I’ve written on this subject.  In the event of any contradiction, this article takes precedence, in my opinion.  As always, I reserve the right to update my beliefs as I learn more information.

Emotions are the root cause of all creation.  Emotions are the primordial force of creation.  Emotions are the primordial force of Consciousness.

Before the first creation was the first action.  Before the first action was the first belief.  Before the first belief was the first dominant thoughtform.  Before the first thought was the first emotion.

Emotion is the beginning of all creation.

No creation happens without an imagination, and imagination doesn’t happen without an emotion carrying through a curiosity.

Emotion is the most important part of reality.

It is what makes life real and worthwhile.

Not all emotions are pleasant.  But I now understand and believe that it is 100% important to allow oneself to experience what we commonly think of as negative emotions as much as the positive ones.

First of all, we cannot truly appreciate the good emotions without the negative ones.  Secondly, all emotions are creative forces, not just the positive ones.

Finally, emotions alone, do not create reality.

Let me say that again.

Emotions are not the only thing that goes into creating reality.  It is just the first thing.

So, let me say another very important thing:

It doesn’t matter what emotion you feel in reaction to anything.

What is really important is how you channel that emotion to create something in reality.

Negative emotions don’t necessarily mean negative thoughts.  Getting angry about something doesn’t necessarily mean you desire violence or aggression.  Everyone is different, and everyone is strong with some negative emotions and weak to other negative emotions.  That is, some negative emotions cause negative thoughts that lead to negative actions while other negative emotions lead to positive thoughts that lead to positive actions.

For example, someone feeling sad for another person might think about what they can do to help that person, which will lead them to thus help the person in need.  Another person might feel angry for that person, that they are suffering such, and that might motivate them to think about a solution to implement, which will eventually lead to such a solution.  As another example, someone might feel sad for themselves and begin an alcohol addiction while another person might feel sad for themselves and feel motivated to resolve the issue to overcome the sadness.  One person might get angry at a friend and want to hurt them, another might get angry at a friend and wish to help them understand what they did wrong.

You cannot blame the emotion for what it creates in your life, you can only blame yourself for how to you react to and channel the emotion.  The emotion tells you how something made you feel.  But it is you who gets to choose what to do about that.

Emotions are energy.  They are the primordial source of energy that we use to power ourselves and our lives.  But energy can be used to power hospitals as easily as it can be used to power bombs.

You are a being of Consciousness.  Emotion is your greatest source of energy.  Thought is your greatest tool for tuning (yes, tuning) that energy into beliefs that you can use to manage your habitual actions.  And when your Actions, especially your habitual actions, are in alignment with what you Consciously want, and how you actually, honestly feel, as well as being in alignment and harmony with Natural Law, then the creation of your intention is inevitable.

Good and positive emotions are not the only emotions that need to go into the creation of any particular thing, whether it be a business, an intimate relationship, a partnership, a property, a project, etc.  Both Shadow and Light are needed to create.  Consciousness creates everything in polarizations.  All emotions are necessary for every creation.

The real trick is not to control how we feel.  It’s to control how we respond to how we feel.  To not suppress our emotions, to allow ourselves to express every emotion we feel, but to do so constructively, not destructively.  There’s no such thing as constructive and destructive emotions, only constructive and destructive reactions to emotions.

We need to control what we think about in response to our emotions.  This is a direct contradiction of things I have previously said.  I no longer believe it is possible to control our emotions, nor do I believe it is necessary.  I believe we are supposed to feel exactly what we feel when we feel it, and we are supposed to use those emotions as energy to fuel our creations, to fuel our desires, to fuel our progress through our lives.

The emotions we feel are a direct relationship to our personality and character according to the positions of the stars at the time of our conception, birth, first breath, and first time doing anything in our life.  These alignments and the timing of our first times are what give us the personality and character we become over time.  But everything after that is entirely under our control.

Only we can control how we respond to our emotions, beginning with what we think about in direct response to them.  If we think the right thoughts in response to our emotions, we can program the right beliefs so we can take the right actions while feeling the right emotions to empower those actions/words and thus provoke manifestation of the right circumstances, opportunities, milestones, etc.

In general, life happens in the moment, before we have time to think.  We generally find ourselves responding before we have even acknowledged our choice in how to respond.  This is what I mean by “habitual action.”

We will not notice immediate change.  We need to begin catching ourselves when we make decisions or take habitual actions that no longer serve us, or respond to emotions in ways that no longer serve us.  We need to slowly and consciously change the way we think about those situations and emotions over time to reprogram our beliefs regarding them so we can update our actions to be in alignment with what is best for us.

I apologize to everyone who has taken to heart my previous belief that we need to control our emotions.  And I sincerely hope everyone else updates their knowledge to now understand the importance of not controlling how we emotionally react to things, but rather only control how we respond to our emotions.

It is of utmost important that we allow ourselves to feel what we feel.  Emotions come through us, not from us.  We do not choose them, we are just a conduit for them.  How we use them, what we create with them, that is up to us.


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