Co-Creating the Future

This world is what it is because of the efforts of billions of people.  But most of that effort has been under the direct control of one or another of the richest people on earth, strictly because it was financed by them.  Billions of people have been going around creating a world in which they don’t even wish to participate because they can see no other way to survive.  But that is now changing.

Metagaiaes is a Global Alternative Meta-Society in which anyone in this world may join and begin to co-create the future of this world based on their own vision, their own passions, rather than the passion and vision of someone else.  That doesn’t mean you aren’t free to participate in someone else’s vision or passion, it just means you are finally free to create as you see fit.

Society by Consent, NOT by Conquest

Throughout the entirety of human history not a single Nation, Country, State, Empire, etc. was founded based on consent.  If you’re an American, you might be thinking that the U.S. Constitution and Government are based on Consent, but you would be wrong.  The U.S. land was taken from the natives via acts of war.  Originally, the U.S. government was set up as a Republic, but only for those that signed the Constitution.  It was quickly turned into a Socialist Democracy which is nothing other than Communism with the ability to vote for your Slave Master.  The people of the U.S. were conquered via Consent, which is what is called a “Paper Occupation” in the Wartime Powers Act.

Every society to have ever existed on this planet has been one of conquest and therefore one of slavery.  We have never had a True Republic, we have never had True Freedom, or Sovereignty, and we have never experienced True Equality.  It’s time for us to change that.

Networks – Not Borders

Today’s societies are established using imaginary lines drawn on maps called Borders and Boundaries to mark out a claim to “territory.”  That is no longer necessary.  When it comes to the idea of Global Societies, Borders and Boundaries no longer make any sense, except for organizing administrative responsibilities.  Society is not made out Borders or Boundaries.  Society does not consist of Territory, or land, or buildings.  Society is Networks of People, pure and simple.

It begins with the Private Family and then reaches out to the extended family.  From there, we enter into Networks of people such as Organizations, Clubs, Churches, and/or Businesses.  These networks span the globe and indirectly connect everyone to each other.  And this is all we need to establish our very own Global Society.

What Metagaiaes needs, right now, is Entrepreneurs to begin creating and growing their businesses in our Alternative Global Society, rather than domiciling them in the Nation of the Territorial Boundary.  We also need existing businesses and organizations to re-organize into the Metatocracy and re-domicile in Metagaiaes.  Using Trusts and Private Equity Law, this allows us to operate our businesses on their land, in their territory, without being subject to their jurisdiction of law.  This allows us to operate right along side them without having to bend to their will and follow their mandates for masks, vaccines, etc.

This allows us to operate in Freedom, Equality and Sovereignty amongst each other and ourselves without being forced to comply with their demands or face the inability to survive.  This allows us to affect many more people than ourselves by employing them in our businesses and teaching how to operate in Freedom, Equality and Sovereignty using the Metatocracy, giving the people a clear alternative to choose from that they can not only see, but experience for themselves.

If you’re an Entrepreneur or a Business person who is interested, simply contact me at  If you need more information, get my latest book, The New Age Order – Part 03 – The Solution, to learn more.

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