The Law of Attraction

As mentioned in the last Article, the Law of Attraction is holographically embedded into the Process of Creation.  Each of the 7 steps of the Process of Creation exist within each of the 5 steps of the Law of Attraction, and vice versa.  Each are used in tandem with the other.  The Law of Attraction and the Process of Creation are, again, opposite expressions of the same thing – Consciousness.

When you are properly using the Process of Creation, you are also using the Law of Attraction.  And when you are properly using the Law of Attraction, you are also using the Process of Creation.  The two work together to create your reality.

Here are the 5 steps of the Law of Attraction:

  1. Emotions
  2. Thoughts
  3. Beliefs
  4. Actions
  5. Manifestations

It’s really simple.  The emotions you feel discharge as the thoughts you think, which program the beliefs you have, which dictate the actions you take, which attract people, places, things and circumstances to you, which always serve to reinforce the emotions that initiated the process.

Which means, no matter what, you will always be right.  The only question is, which kind of right do you want to be?  The kind of right that leads to Peace, Serenity, Happiness, Contentment, Satisfaction, Bliss, Love, Compassion and Enlightenment?  Or the kind of right that leads to frustration, anger, confusion, discontentment, dissatisfaction, anxiety, hatred, narcissism and darkness?

Unlike the Process of Creation, this is not a process you can control.  The process is automatic.  Most people continue to create the same thing over and over again because they keep trying to control their manifestations, or their actions, or their beliefs, or their thoughts, but they never stop to change the emotion that initiates the whole process to begin with.  They think that by changing the other things, they will change their emotions.  But in reality, you have to change your emotions in order to change the cycle you are creating.

You have no control over the process, but you have complete and total control over your emotions.  In fact, it is the ONLY thing you have ANY control over.  Emotions are Dielectric Pressure.  Dielectricity is the part of Electromagnetism, or Light, that Charges Ether into the Nucleus of the Field.  Whatever charges into the Nucleus of the Field, discharges throughout the Field as Magnetism, or Thoughts.

So, Emotion is the Dielectric Compression of Consciousness and Thought is the Magnetic Decompression of Consciousness.  The rate of change between the two is what generates the Frequencies of Electromagnetism.  Thoughts and Feelings together comprise the Intentions of Consciousness as expressed by the Mind, which together generate the physical form of the intention.

Again, you cannot control your thoughts.  Thoughts are automatically discharged by Emotion.  The only thing you CAN control is what you Charge your Electromagnetic Field with – your emotions.  Think of thoughts as existing as radio stations out there and think of emotions as the tuning dial of your body/antennae.  By changing your emotion you can tune into different thoughts.

Thoughts that happen frequently program beliefs.  Beliefs are the programs in your Subconscious Mind that manage your habitual behaviours and 95% of your behaviours are habitual – dictated by your subconscious mind.  These behaviours are what create your reality around you by attracting you to certain people, places, things and circumstances, or attracting them to you.

Each of the 5 steps of the Law of Attraction, as well as the 7 steps of the Process of Creation can be found within the Symbology of the Flower of Life Pattern – the heart of Sacred Geometry; the foundation of the Mystery School Teachings of Natural Law.

The Flower of Life Pattern is simply a series of circles, or spheres, drawn in such a way, where each next circle is drawn through the centers of its surrounding circles.

Circle with CenterWhen you draw the first circle, you get the Field and its Nucleus – the point at the center of the field.  This is the beginning of Creation, and represents the first step in the Process of Creation – Realization.

downloadWhen you draw the second circle, you get the Vesica Pisces Symbol, representing the second step of the process of creation – Reflection.  It also represents cell division and other natural processes in creation.

Tripod-of-Life_Holy-Trinity.svgWhen you draw the third circle, you get the Trinity Symbol which represents the third step in the Process of Creation – Imagination.  It also represents the Trinity, which is the Polarity (Vesica Pisces) of the Singularity.  Everything can be explained by and understood by the Trinity.  All one needs to know is what the Polarity of the Singularity is, and you understand the entire process.

The fourth, fifth and sixth circles don’t draw any specific symbols, but they still represent the fourth, fifth and sixth steps in the Process of Creation.  The seventh circle creates the first Symbol of the Law of Attraction – The Seed of Life.


This completes the first cycle of the Process of Creation.  However, this cycle continues to repeat.  As you keep drawing more circles into the Flower of Life Pattern, you continue to get four more Symbols.
The Seed of Life grows to become the Egg of Life.  The Egg of Life grows to become the Tree of Life (above).  The Tree of Life blooms the Flower of Life.  And finally, the Flower of Life sprouts the Fruit of Life (see below).
These five Symbols of Life represent the 5-step process of the Law of Attraction.
  1. Seed of Life = Emotion
  2. Egg of Life = Thought
  3. Tree of Life = Belief
  4. Flower of Life = Action
  5. Fruit of Life = Manifestation
The Fruit of Life holds within itself all the Sacred Geometries found all throughout the physical created realm of Nature.  If you draw a line from the center of each circle in the Fruit of Life to the center of all other circles, you get what is called Metatron’s Cube.
Metatron’s Cube contains all of the Platonic Solids (above), as well as the Vector Equilibrium and the Tesseract, all together, the 7 Whole and Complete Geometries which represent the 7 whole and complete notes in the Musical Scale of Consciousness. These geometries coincide with very precise frequencies throughout infinite scales and work within and throughout the Fields of Consciousness to create the reality that we perceive. This is the real language of life. Not numbers or words, but geometry, in particular, Sacred Geometry. The Flower of Life pattern and its resulting Symbology’s and Geometries are the very organizational structure of Consciousness itself.  It is how Consciousness relates to itself, creates itself, and organizes itself.

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