Two Philosophies On Love

“If you begin to look at the belief systems of Christ Consciousness and Lucifer Consciousness, it seems that while one is dedicated to the service of self, the other is dedicated to the service of others. And so we have two major schools of thought and behaviour; the Spirituality of Lucifer and Christ. We have looked closely at both. We have unknowingly chosen in the past, the spirituality of Lucifer because we have supported the corporate pyramid model and followed other’s word of god. Yet in either case, we strive for a better life and a better world.” – The Divine Province – Birthing a New Earth, by James McBride and Ed Rychkun, page 704.

“There are only three types of people in this world.  Narcissists, Compassionate’s, and those who are confused – those who don’t yet know whether they would rather be a Narcissist or Compassionate.  There are only those who know they are God, those who know that everyone and everything is God, and those that don’t yet know God.” – Author

I have briefly mentioned the polar opposite paths of Narcissism and Compassion a few times throughout this blog.  For the past 6000+ years of history we have been playing with both ideas, but once the evolution is complete only one of these paths can dominate this world.

Narcissism is when someone loves only themselves.  Compassion is when someone chooses to love others above their self, knowing that others are simply different versions of their self within the Collective Unified Whole.  Before we continue, I will have to explain a bit about Love.

I’ve already covered that the primordial act of Love is Attention, but it goes much deeper than that.  Love is inherently based on Desire.  Desire is the cause of Love.  Desire is an emotion, but Love is not.  Love is a committed act of Service towards the fulfillment of the Desire backing it.  To Love is to Serve, whether that be to serve oneself, or to serve others.

It just so happens to be that the most important element of any Society, no matter how great or small, is Service.  There are always things that need to be done in Society, problems that need to be solved, improvements that need to be made.  All of these things require the Service of the people making up that Society.

How that service is rendered depends on the philosophy to which the people subscribe.  Which is exactly why Part 01 of this series is all about philosophy.  If we don’t have a coherent philosophy that backs and enables the concept that we are the Creator Creating Itself, then we don’t have a foundation upon which to make the claim of Freedom, Equality and Sovereignty for all, let alone establish a system based upon those qualities.

Spiritual Advancement is the path to godhood.  Enlightenment is the becoming of the god that you are.  To be Spiritual is to know that one is One with God.  To be Sovereign is realize one’s Equality with God, which is consequently to realize one’s Free-Will.

The unfortunate beliefs of Religions like Christianity, where God is separate from Creation, make it easy for many people to fall prey to feelings of unworthiness, or simply powerlessness.  These kinds of negative emotions cause people to continue living in a Hell of their own creation, despite what their Religion teaches them.

If you’re one of these people, it’s not your fault.  The teachings of Christ and Mohammed and Moses all ranked very high on the Map of Consciousness during their time.  But shortly after the death of these people, the teachings became more and more perverted over time, losing value in vibration.  See David Hawkin’s book Power vs. Force for the real data.

The Trinity of Society is People, Commerce, and Service.  Society is made of Organizations for the sake of Commerce.  Organizations are made of People for the sake of Service.  Service is acted out by the People for the sake of Society.  And thus you have a closed loop system.  But it is important to remember that People are the Original Cause – the Singularity – of the Society.  It is not the Organizations and the Governments that should be Sovereign and Rule Society, but the People – ALL the People.

The goal of the Narcissist is to serve themselves by using Organizations and People for their own profit.  The goal of the Compassionate is to serve others either within or through Organizations for the benefit of others.

While the human race has been around for God only knows how long, our written history only goes back 6000 years.  So, for at least the past 6000 years we have lived in a world controlled and organized primarily by Narcissists.

Since our written history begins with the Sumerian Empire, that is where this story begins.  The writings left behind by the Sumerian Empire detail the creation of Religion, the creation of the Pyramid Power Structure as based upon Religion, and the creation of Money and man-made law for the sake of empowering the Pyramid Power Structure.

Narcissists have had the greatest advantage at evolution these past 6000 years because they represented the most educated people at the highest echelons of Society, and they have made a grave point of occulting Natural Law from the people, starting with the invention of Religion and the first schools which served only to teach the Religion of the Society.

However, while the Narcissists have controlled this planet for eons, they have not been able to influence the masses to follow in their footsteps.  The grand majority of people on this planet, despite being under the constant influence of Narcissism, as it is laced right into the organizational structure of society, have chosen to remain primarily Compassionate.

This means that, despite being under the influence and control of the Narcissists for so long, we are still evolving to the 4th Octave on the path of Compassion.  Compassion will soon dominate this planet, and there is nothing the Narcissists can do about it!  COVID-19 and the New World Order is their final attempt to keep as many people from evolving as possible.  They know they lost the war.  They know they will not inherit this planet.  And they are trying to make sure as many other people as possible will also not inherit this planet.

The Narcissistic Royal Elite have invented 3 things, each one serving the purpose of hiding one of the 3 Natural Birthrights all human beings have.  The invention of Religion hid our Sovereignty by separating God from Creation and God from the Self.  The invention of the Pyramid Power Structure as the Organizational Structure for Commerce and Government hid our Equality by replacing it with a system fundamentally based on Automatic Inequality, aka Slavery.  The invention of Money hid our Freedom by putting the majority of the money in the hands of the Royals and Elites, who then used that money to control how the people of society spend their time.  And ever since these three inventions, we have all been slaves, in one way or another throughout the times, to those at the top of the Pyramid, or at the very least, to money itself.

This had to be done in a very particular order to get the people to accept it.  First, Religion had to be invented.  It is all too easy to convince an uneducated populace, never taught to read or write, of your own particular truth.  Just teach them that God is separate from creation and the self, and then teach that God is the ultimate Authority Figure, and that God set a Hierarchy of organization in the heavens to govern Creation.  With that, you have everything you need to convince the people that the Automatic Inequality of the Pyramid Power Authoritarian Structure is natural, because it is based on God itself.  It doesn’t matter that this is false.  It only matters whether or not the people believe it.

Once all this is in place, it’s all too easy to convince the people that Money is necessary in order to organize the trade of goods and services throughout Society, and that certain positions are worth various amounts of money.  The higher the position, the higher the pay.  The one on top always walks away with the most money, and all money flows through that person giving them the control and say over who does what and when and for how much.

Now, all of sudden, the people can’t do whatever they want whenever they want because they must now be able to afford to do things.  This is control.  This is the end of Freedom.  People are no longer free to start a business that solves a certain problem in society unless the bank or some other rich person is willing to invest in the idea.  This allows them to control who gets to create and profit from the idea, or whether or not the idea is ever even created.

If you’re not a student of history, then you are probably wondering why I skipped Barter and Trade.  I didn’t.  Barter and Trade were invented AFTER money.  This proved many problems and so money was later reimplemented along with the Gold Standard.  This created a higher complexity of order and led to a better Economy, but soon, the Narcissists realized they could implement even more control and acquire even greater riches by ousting the Gold Standard and replacing it with Fiat Currency.  Fiat Currency is backed by nothing of value except the faith of the people and the decree of law.  It’s just a control mechanism.  It doesn’t need to be real, it only needs to be believed to be real by the masses.

Fortunately for us, the greed of the Narcissists has actually created a way out for us.  By implementing Fiat Currency and the Fractional Reserve Banking System, they have literally brought us just one step away from using money to create absolute Freedom rather than absolute Control, which itself is only one step away from ending the use of money altogether.  But we will cover this in the article on Holobank.

What we need to know now is that Religion, the Pyramid Power Structure, and Money were all invented by the Narcissists to control the people and serve themselves.  What we need to know now is that only by creating a New Society based on an entirely different philosophy can we hope to create a world of true Freedom, Equality and Sovereignty for all.

The solution to Religion has already been discussed.  It is the Reconciliation of Science and Spirituality.  The solution to the Pyramid Power Structure is discussed in the various articles on the Metatocracy.

For now, what I want you know is what the difference between a Society based on Narcissism and Society based on Compassion look like at the 4th Octave.  Because, at the 4th Octave, such a Society will only consist entirely of either Narcissists, or Compassionates.

Polar Opposite Societies

So, let’s put an example to this.  Let’s imagine two different Societies on two different planets.  One Society is the Service-to-Self Society based on Narcissism, and the other one is a Service-to-Others Society based on Compassion.  We will call the Service-to-Self planet Selfworld, and the Service-to-Others planet Otherworld for simplicity.

Selfworld uses Money and the Pyramid Power Structure while Otherworld does not use money in any form and uses a Social Organization system that is Holographically Organized in harmony with nature.

Selfworld looks exactly like the world we have now.  People drive cars that require petroleum based fuels and pollute their environment.  Their electricity is also produced using petroleum based fuels and you can only use as much as you can afford to buy.  Their businesses do not recycle because it doesn’t generate a profit and they quickly run low on resources after a while.  In Selfworld, people are always waging war against each other to fight for control over the dwindling resources of their planet.  There is constant crime, violence, war, slavery and abominations of every kind.

In Selfworld, you have to serve society in some capacity in order to earn money to spend in society.  Without which, you would be homeless and destitute.  Most people earn a bare minimum to afford a basic survival while those who earn a lot of money lavish themselves in many luxuries at the expense of others.  Since everything is so scarce in this world, people are always trying to hoard whatever they get their hands on out of fear of other people taking what they believe they have earned.  Furthermore, while some parts of the world are civilized, other parts of the world are completely sacrificed, the people are starving, destitute, homeless, sick and dying because everything they have is taken from them and given to the civilized areas simply because they are considered an inferior race of humans.

Then there is Otherworld.  In Otherworld money doesn’t exist, so that isn’t the object for which people serve.  People here only serve for the sake of making the world a better and better place to live.  Here, businesses are very efficient, they recycle everything they use in order to perpetuate the abundance of resources they have, and they can afford to do so because they don’t have money as an obstacle.  On this planet, electricity is free as it is produced with renewable resources such as sunlight, wind, waves, and other means.  They have flying vehicles that drive themselves which either produce their own electricity for travel or tap into the wireless free electricity that surrounds the planet.

There is no such thing as slavery as it is not needed.  There is abundance of leisure time because everything runs so efficiently that most people don’t need to work most of the time.  There is never war or famine because there is always an abundance of resources because everyone respects the resources and recycles them.  There is little, if any, crime and violence is an anomaly because everyone is fundamentally happier being more focused on serving for the greater good of all in ways in which they are passionate about.

In Otherworld, people understand that any service they provide to the world also becomes a service they provide to themselves.  By making the world a better place for all, they make the world a better place for themselves too.  On this planet, everyone freely partakes of the products and services provided by others as indirect compensation for the products and services they provide to the world, and everyone is always taken care of.  But in Selfworld, everyone is only trying to make life better for themselves, and they do so by taking from others leaving the world in a state of scarcity that otherwise wouldn’t exist.

In Selfworld, there are those with more power, authority and wealth than others because they believe in a system of Automatic Inequality – the Pyramid Structure of Rulership.  In Otherworld, everyone has the same amount of power, authority and wealth because they believe in a system of Automatic Equality – a Social Structure that is in harmony with nature.  There are no rulers in Otherworld, everyone is Sovereign.  But in Selfworld, everyone is subservient to someone else except for the god at the top of the Pyramid which everyone idolizes and hopes to become someday.

In Selfworld, everyone has to give 110% of themselves, not just to maintain a semblance of survival, but in the hope of moving up the Pyramid of Society.  In Otherworld, people only have to give a minimum of 51% of themselves, instead only working on whatever latest passion they have.  In Otherworld, people can give less and acquire more because everyone is giving to each other.  In Selfworld, everyone has to give more to get more because everyone is taking from each other.

Otherworld becomes more beautiful every day because people are free to create art without having to worry about survival.  Otherworld always has a clean atmosphere, lush organic crops, and everyone has a long lifespan because there is no stress and they never squandered technological advancements that make us healthier.

But in Selfworld, everyone gets sick very easily because they inject chemicals into their foods as a cheap alternative to organic growing, and their medical system would rather keep people sick because healthy people don’t profit the medical field.  As a result, lifespans are low, and stress is always high.

In Selfworld, everyone is always competing with each other, trying to best each other.  They see accomplishment as the overcoming of other people as they all fight for the same position, the higher pay, the status of more power and authority.  But in Otherworld, competition is replaced with cooperation.  Competition isn’t necessary in Otherworld because it does not accomplish anything worthwhile.  It only divides and generates such things as insecurity and animosity which are selfish behaviors.  Cooperation builds trust, lightens the burden of each individual and provides for greater intelligence and creativity through the sharing of information.

I’m sure there are more examples I can come up with, but I think you get the point.  The Service-to-Others Path of Compassion is far superior to the Service-to-Self Path of Narcissism and it’s time for us to begin creating Alternative Societies based on the Philosophy of Compassion.

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