The Truth About Emotions

Most people go through life allowing every circumstance to dictate their emotions.  They honestly believe that because things make them feel a certain way, that the only way to feel certain emotions is for certain circumstances to happen.  Most people do not realize the true power that inheres within them.

Most people live in poverty, misery, depression, anger, or some other type of overall negative emotional mindset.  They keep saying to themselves, “If I could just change my circumstances my emotions will change,” or “I can feel better once my circumstances improve.”  But this is completely and totally backwards thinking.

I know that doesn’t make sense to most people, so allow me to explain.

It seems like common sense that our circumstances make us feel certain emotions, and well, that is because they do.  But the Law of Attraction is a 5 step system, inherent in nature, that ends with Circumstance and begins with Emotion.  While our circumstances do “affect” the emotions we feel, they only serve to reinforce the emotion that started the cycle that created the circumstance in the first place, which was likely felt the last time you were in a similar circumstance.  On the other hand, emotions are what “effects” every other step in the Law of Attraction causing the ultimate Circumstance the pattern ends in, which again, always serves to reinforce the emotion that started the process in the first place.

Here are the 5 steps of the Law of Attraction:

  1. Emotion
  2. Thought
  3. Belief
  4. Action
  5. Circumstance

This is a closed loop process where the end becomes a new beginning.  Many people think they have to change their circumstances to change their emotions, but most people fail to understand how those circumstances are created in the first place.

Some people realize that our circumstances are created by our actions, so they try to change their actions to change their circumstances to change to their emotions.  But that doesn’t work because they have no more control over their actions than they do over their circumstances.

Some people realize that our beliefs are what control our actions, and so they try to change their beliefs to change their actions to change their circumstances to change their emotions.  But that doesn’t work, because we don’t have anymore control over our beliefs than we have over our circumstances.

Some people realize that our beliefs are programmed by our thoughts, so they try to change what they think to change what they believe to change their actions to change their circumstances to hopefully change their emotions.  But that doesn’t work, because we actually don’t have any control over what we think either.  Sure, we can always create forced thoughts that are not the automatic discharge of emotion, but those thoughts are functionally inert, powerless.  They have no ability to program/reprogram beliefs and habits.  So, they cannot affect any change in the cycle.

Only thoughts that are directly discharged from your emotions have the power to program or reprogram your beliefs and habits.  And remember, our circumstances always make us feel the same emotion that initiated the cycle in the first place.  So, until you finally decide to stop allowing your circumstances to dictate your emotions and realize that your emotions are what dictate your circumstances, your emotional state cannot change – because it is locked within a cycle.

All cycles in life, in nature, are designed to perpetuate themselves if left unchecked.  If you never disrupt the cycle at the first step, the other steps must therefore continue the process unhindered.  Steps 2 – 5 “affect” step 1, but only step 1 is a “cause” which can “effect” the rest of the cycle.  Change the cause, you change the effect.  The original cause to every circumstance is not so much your thoughts, or beliefs, or actions, but ultimately, your emotions.

The only way to change your circumstances is to change your emotions.  If you find yourself chronically depressed, angry, poor, miserable, etc. that is not because your circumstances work against you; it’s not because you have bad luck; it’s not because life sucks, or you suck.  It’s because you have locked yourself into a cycle of repeating emotions that has become a habit.  You have programmed yourself to feel certain emotions most of the time, and you are now simply allowing those cycles to continue repeating unchecked.

As children, we innately experiment with our emotions and how they control our circumstances or manipulate others.  As adults, we fall into programmed cycles forgetting about how we used to experiment all the time when we were younger.  It’s not easy to control your emotions outside of the circumstantial affect, but it is the only way.  Emotions are the only thing anyone has any control over.  You don’t even have full control over your thoughts.  But you always have control over your emotions, and you have 100% control over just this one thing.

Once you realize that your emotions are what create your reality, you can stop acting backwards trying to change your circumstances, and just start to change your emotions.  Then, and only then, you will begin to see your circumstances change.

But then there is the whole level of the collective co-creation of our world as a whole. Covid-19 and all the restrictions are the co-creation of the masses choosing a certain emotional state (fear) and using it to program their reality with more limitations in the name of the “greater good.”

We have to understand, ultimately, that while we more awakened beings may not be contributing to the co-creation of that reality, we still live in the same world and are affected by it. That is why it is all the more important for us to manage our emotions from within, so that we can co-create an alternate reality within this same playing field to also affect the rest of the masses with.

Both of these realities will eventually split off into separate timelines, but for now, they can and do affect each other. However, the more we tune into the negative timeline and emotional react to it, the more we empower it and co-create it. On the other hand, the more we manage ourselves to not emotionally react to it, and the more we intentionally manage our emotions to co-create an alternate reality, the more we empower that alternate reality to take root and manifest in this world so it can become an option for others amongst the masses to choose from.

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