The Law of One

Before we can truly Be God, we have to understand what God is, and how God operates.  The Laws of Nature depend on the time and place.  However, these first few principles of Natural Law explained throughout this blog, are the only Laws of Nature that remain the same absolutely everywhere throughout the infinite and eternal chasm of existence.  This is because these principles come before Creation and allow for Creation to happen.  They are, themselves, the Primordial Laws of Creation from which spring fourth the infinite Laws of Nature.

The Law of One is called the Law of One for two reasons.  Firstly, there is only One Law of Nature, all others are Distortions of this Law, and are thus principles for how the Distortions are to operate.  Secondly, there is only One Thing.  The Law of One is the one and only Law of Nature and it literally means that All Things are One Thing.

We call this One Thing many things – God, Allah, Yahweh, Brahma, the Universe, Spirit, Life, Nature, Consciousness, Ether, Creator, Divinity, etc.

All things are Distortions, called Fractals, of this One Thing.  As such, all things are different limited variations of expressions of the One Thing.  All other Laws of Nature are Distortions, called Principles, of the Law of One.

The Law of One has been and can be called many other things, which all mean the same thing.  It can be called the Law of Unity, or the Law of Continuity.  It can be called the Law of Singularity, or the Law of Infinity.

An infinite thing can only be One Whole Thing.  One Whole Thing is a Single Unified Thing.  A Single Unified Infinite Whole Thing is ever Continuous.

An Infinite Thing cannot be separated from nor divided against itself.  It can only remain One Whole Continuous Thing.  All observed divisions and separations are not actually divisions or separations, they only seem to be.  They are actually Fractal Distortions of the One Whole Unified Infinite Continuous Thing.

Take the Mind/Body/Spirit Complex, for example.  Most people see these as 3 separate parts.  But they are not separate parts, they are distinct aspects.

A sphere, for example, contains 3 distinct aspects: The Center; the Perimeter; and the Volume.  If these were parts, they could stand alone by themselves.  But if you take away one of these, you take away the whole Sphere.

Without the Center, there is no Perimeter, and therefore no Volume.  Without the Perimeter, there is no Volume, and therefore, no Center.  Without the Volume, there is no Center, and therefore no Perimeter.

All three aspects are necessary for the singularity that is the Sphere.  The Mind, Body and Spirit are the same.

Furthermore, there is only One Mind, One Body, and One Spirit.  Just as the myriad cells in my body make up the One Body that I call “my body,” so too, all other “bodies” make up the One Infinite Body.  The same is true of the Mind.  This will begin to make more sense as you read this blog.

Fractals are Distortions of a Continuous Thing that create infinite varying scales within which the same patterns are aperiodically repeated, meaning they repeat over and over again, but never in exactly the same way twice.  As such, rather than creating circles, which endlessly repeat, they create spirals which endlessly curl into themselves, and expand from themselves.

Mathematically, there are only two logarithmic spirals that endlessly curl into and out of themselves without ever reaching a point in which they touch themselves, the center, or create an outer perimeter.  These are the Digital Spiral and the Golden Spiral.

The Digital Spiral stems from the logarithm known as the Law of Doubling, or the Law of Squares, which will be explained in the next Article.  The Law of Doubling/Squares is what determines the relationships of the Digital Roots to each other, which is what determines the Three Primordial Laws of Creation.

The Golden Spiral stems from the Proportion PHI (~1:1.618), also known as the Golden Ratio, which is the result of the Wave Interference Pattern of the Electromagnetic Force of Consciousness that generates the Geometry that gives rise to the appearance of Form throughout the Universe of Objective Experience.

The entire physical landscape around us throughout the whole universe is a series of Fractal Distortions all patterned according to the Golden Spiral, but all created according to the Digital Spiral.  The Golden Spiral is encoded within the Digital Spiral.

The Single Unified Infinite Whole Thing, which I will from now on simply refer to as Consciousness, is the Cause.  There is only one Cause, but there are infinite effects.

The Mind (Electromagnetic Field/Perimeter) and Body (Electromagnetic Nucleus – Matter/Center) are the effects of the Cause which is Consciousness (Spirit – Ether/Volume).  Most people, when they refer to their self, are referring to their limited temporal Mind and Body which are but limited, temporal effects of Consciousness.

I suppose you could say there are two selves: 1) the limited, temporal Mind/Body/Spirit Complex that we experience a finite life of Objective Experience with, and 2) the Infinite, Eternal Mind/Body/Spirit Complex that we experience the infinite life of Subjective Experience with.

These selves are not separate.  They are like the Brahman and Atman of the Hindu Philosophies.  They are like the God and Christ of Judeo-Christian philosophy.  They are one in the same.  They are repetitions of each other.  All is made in the image of the Creator.

The real Self is the Infinite and Eternal Singular Cause, which is Consciousness.  Everything else, is but the effects of the Cause.  The Mind and the Body themselves are effects of Consciousness, or Spirit.  Your limited, temporal Mind and Body, as the Effects of the Cause, are the Creator Creating Itself.  The same is true of every other form at every other scale.

All things are Conscious.  All things are Consciousness.  The Mind and the Body are made of Consciousness.  All things that exist are made of and exist within Consciousness.  Consciousness is the container and that which is contained.  The container contains itself.  The Creator Creates Itself.  There is only One Infinite and Eternal Whole.

The Creator Creates Itself in infinitely varied limited and temporal forms for the sole purpose of Objectively Experiencing a limited and temporal aspect of Itself.

As an Infinite Whole, Consciousness itself is incapable of Objective Experience.  It is only capable of Pure, Unadulterated Subjective Experience, like that of a Black Hole, in which all attention is infinitely turned inward back towards the Source.

Infinite Subjective Experience is Absolute Zero Objective Experience.  Consciousness can never be satisfied forever in either one or the other state, and so it must always move back and forth between the two, where each one becomes the cause of the other, while both remain effects of the One Cause.

Absolute Objective Experience contains the most limited form of experience, giving the illusion of separation, allowing the limited temporal selves to relate to one another in their limited temporal distortions of the Infinite Unity of Consciousness.  Infinite Subjective Experience is the least limited form of experience, allowing one to recognize and experience the Infinite Unity of the One Whole Thing as Self.

The transition between these two states of Consciousness is the constantly ongoing Evolution/Creation of Reality which will be explained in a later Article.  Suffice it to say that we are, right now, going through an evolutionary transition from the state of Absolute Objective Experience as Individual Self-Aware Egoic Minds into the slightly Subjective but still very Objective Experience of the Individual awareness of the Collective Mind of the entire Species.

As we continue this journey through the evolution of Consciousness, we will eventually return to the Infinite Subjective Awareness of the One Whole Infinite Consciousness.

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