Mathematics of Consciousness

I hate to say it, for those of you who are mathematically challenged, but mathematics is the second most important language we need to know.  Emotion is the number one most important language, but that is another discussion for another time.

There are a few fundamental principles of mathematics that one needs to know in order to understand the nature of reality and the reality of nature.  Like the Holographic Principle, and the Natural Law of Chaos, these mathematical principles are also Natural Law.  They are part of the simplest possible parameters to creating an infinitely diverse landscape.

One of these Principles has already been mentioned.  It is the Natural Law of Doubling.  This Principle can be seen all throughout nature, such as Cell Mitosis, population statistics, the rate of technological development (Moore’s Law), financial calculations (the rule of 72), economic bubbles and such.  This principle is just as it sounds, you begin with any number and begin doubling from there.

However, there is another important principle to understand, which is the Digital Root.  The Digital Root is when you take any multi-digit number and add together all the digits until you reduce the result to a single digit number.  That number is the Digital Root of the multi-digit number. For example: 1234 = 1+2+3+4=10, 1+0=1.

Another principle is the Master Number.  Master Numbers are any multi-digit numbers made of the same digit repeating.  For example, 11, 222, 3,333, 44,444, etc.

In Numerology, predictions are made, or personalities are read by the meanings of the Digital Roots and Master Numbers in one’s birth date, name, or other means.  The meanings of the Digital Roots and Master Numbers in Numerology are based on their associated words in mathematical languages, such as Hebrew and Aramaic.

On the other hand, in Numeronomy – the study of the relationship between numbers – Digital Roots and Master Numbers determine the properties of Natural Laws via the meaning contrived from their relationship with each other.  If you take the meanings of the numbers contrived from their relationship with each other in Numeronomy, Numerology might just be an awful lot more accurate.

Numeronomy and Numerology share a relationship that is similar to Astrology and Astronomy.  Where one looks at the mystical nature of the meaning of things, the other looks at the practical nature of the meaning of things.

Numerology, like Astrology, looks at the mystical meaning of things, whereas Numeronomy and Astronomy look at the practical meaning of things.  What we are looking at here is Numeronomy, also known as Vortex Mathematics, as coined by Marco Rodin.

Involving only the Digital Roots, there are 3 distinct relationships involving the Law of Doubling in Numeronomy explaining 3 distinct Natural Laws, which I call the Primordial Laws of Creation.  Notice there is the Trinity again.

The first relationship begins with any of the following numbers, for once started, the pattern will repeat indefinitely: 1, 2, 4, 8, 7, and 5.  Doubling from 1, we get the following sequence: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64…  Now, if we take each multi-digit number and add the digits together to reduce them to their Digital Root, we get the following sequence:  1, 2, 4, 8, 7, 5, 1…  You can follow this pattern on the image provided at the beginning of this Article.

Notice the pattern goes back to 1.  In Digital Root form, this pattern repeats forever.  1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096 = 1, 2, 4, 8, 7, 5, 1, 2, 4, 8, 7, 5, 1.

Check it yourself:

4+0+9+6=19; 1+9=10; 1+0=1

2+0+4+8=14; 1+4=5



2+5+6=13; 1+3=4

1+2+8=11; 1+1=2

And see, there is a Master Number hidden in the process of finding the Digital Root of 128!

A Master Number takes precedence over a Digital Root.  While the Digital Root still plays into the properties of the thing, a Master Number sets the primary properties.  The Master Numbers meaning is always contrived from the Digital Roots meaning, and thus becomes a compounded meaning as a Master Number.

For example, because 128 adds up to 11, 11 becomes the primary property of the frequency 128.  However, because 11 adds up to 2, the number 2 gives the frequency 128 a secondary property.  And because the Master Number 11 is based on the number 1, the property of the Master Number 11 is derived from expanding upon the properties of the number 1.

So, the frequency 128 has a total meaning and feeling associated with the number 1, compounded to 11, with a secondary property of 2, and tertiary properties of the sequence “1, 2, 8.”

What does that mean?  I have no idea.  But I know what it feels like when I feel the frequency as an emotion (whichever emotion it might be).  The point is, it has a meaning, and if we understand the numbers and their relationships, we can understand the meaning.  And this is important for our future development – of language, of technology, of education…

This first pattern of the Law of Doubling repeats every 7th step.  This is the reason the number 7 abounds all throughout Nature.  7 seas.  7 continents.  7 wonders.  7 Chakras.  7 Density Layers, or Octaves of Consciousness.  Cells divide 7 times before becoming a Tissue Layer.  So on and on.

I call this first pattern the Principle of 7.  This particular pattern governs the nature of growth and evolution.  It accounts for such things as Cell Division as well as population growth, maturity growth, education growth, spiritual evolution, Holographic Design Structures, and so on.  It also just happens to relate to the spiral nature of DNA and the Torus nature of the electromagnetic field (as you can see it creating such a pattern in the diagram at the beginning of this article).

The second pattern involves the numbers 3 and 6, which do not appear in the previous pattern.  3 always doubles to 6 and 6 always doubles back into 3.  3*2=6; and 6*2=12; 1+2=3; then 12*2=24; 2+4=6; then 24*2=48; 4+8=12; and yeah, 1+2=3 again.  So you see, no matter how far you go, 3 always becomes 6 and 6 always becomes 3.  They just keep ping ponging back and forth.

Therefore, this pattern is the Principle of Polarity, or the Natural Law of Polarity.  Remember that the Trinity is the Polarity of the Singularity.  Here, we see the Polarity functioning right in the heart of the relationships between numbers, or Numeronomy.  So, what is the Singularity?

The Singularity is the Law of Doubling on the last remaining Digital Root, 9.  9 always doubles back into itself.  9*2=18; 1+8=9; 18*2=36; 3+6=9; 36*2=72; 7+2=9.  You get the point.

9 is also interesting in that any number multiplied by 9 has the Digital Root of 9.  156*9=1,404; 1+4+0+4=9.  212*9=1908; 1+9+0+8=18; 1+8=9.  17.357*9=156.213; 1+5+6+2+1+3=18; 1+8=9.

I’m pretty sure I made a pretty clear point there.  9 is the Singularity.  As it always doubles back into itself, you can think of it as Gravity.  However, as we will come to learn soon, Gravity doesn’t exist separately from Electromagnetism.  It is, in fact, the Dielectric component of Electromagnetism.  A point that has been missed by our scientific community for a long time.

Now, I still haven’t seen anyone else make that claim, so this is an original opinion of mine.  It’s not something I read somewhere, it’s just what makes sense to me after all the R&D I’ve done, and I believe it will make sense to you, too, by the time you are half way through this blog.

In any case, so 9 represents the Void.  The Void represents Singularity.  9 represents the Nature Law of Dielectricity, commonly mistaken for Gravity.  The Polarity, then represents the Magnetic component of Electromagnetism.  Just like Dielectricity and Magnetism are polar opposites of each other, so too does Magnetism have opposing poles (unlike Dielectricity).

So, the Law of Doubling on the number 9 then is the Principle of the Void, Dielectricity, the Singularity.  All of which are different perspectives on the same thing.

The Law of Doubling on the numbers 3 and 6 is the Principle of Polarity, or Magnetism, or Electricity.

The Law of Doubling on the numbers 1, 2, 4, 8, 7, 5, 1… is the Principle of 7, governing the growth and evolution of everything.  The Principle of PHI, the Golden Ratio is contrived through the Principle of 7. I don’t remember how, but you can look it up on YouTube.  Randy Powell goes real deep into Vortex Mathematics and does a great job of explaining it all.

9 is also the Principle of Harmony.  In particular, musical harmony.  The only musical scale in which Whole Numbers represent the frequencies of every single note, except perhaps some of the lowest notes, is the musical scale of A=432hz.  We’ll swing back around to this in a second.

The Principle of Harmony is also the Principle of Synchronicity, which is the reason we tune into and synchronize with our surroundings and each other.  It is because of the constant motion of Dielectricity always folding into itself – the number 9 doubling back into itself – that everything always synchronizes.

Now back to the 432hz musical scale; the reason only this musical scale is in Whole Numbers is because every note is a difference of 9hz, or a doubled or halved version of 9.  Every note is divisible by 9, and every note has a Digital Root of 9.  This is the ONLY musical scale that accomplishes ANY of this.

The modern day musical scale of A=440hz is full of strange decimals, most of which do not have a digital root of 9, and all of which are slightly out of tune with Nature.  All frequencies and all geometries that exist throughout nature exist in the Digital Root of 9, because 9 is the only Digital Root that always doubles back into itself, thus creating perfect Harmony.

Harmony can be achieved with any musical scale, but perfect Harmony can only be achieved with Natures Scale called the Factor of 9’s.  This scale has been known to all the ancient societies that have existed throughout our history.  With few exceptions, all music throughout time immemorial was written in the musical scale of A=432hz.  Until, that is, only a few hundred years ago.  The following picture shows the Geometries associated with some of the notes in the musical scale of A=432hz.

Regardless of the official story and despite any conspiracy theories, we will never know what the true intentions of this change were.  That is, whether or not the ones implementing the change knew the ramifications of that decision.  After all, listening to music, which constitutes a good half, at least, of our attention each day, that is slightly out of tune with Nature, can ONLY result in us becoming out of tune with Nature.

It’s called “Entrainment,” and is the direct result of the Principle of Synchronicity.  Listening to frequencies, or feeling vibrations, or focusing on certain breathing patterns, or using binaural beats, or rapid light flashes, are all different ways to Entrain the Brain, meaning to affect its current state of Frequency and Coherence.

Under entirely natural circumstances, we are usually entraining to the frequencies of the Earth’s electromagnetic field, the sound of the wind and the birds and the crickets, the circadian rhythm, the seasons, etc.

However, our music today is slightly out of tune with all these natural songs, and yet we surround ourselves with such music every single day, which causes us to become more and more out of tune with nature every day.  You can say, “Oh, that’s hocus pocus,” all you want.  But the evidence and data support it.

If you were wise, you would either begin to listen only to music that is written in A=432hz, or you will begin to edit all your music to change them into that musical scale.  Although, prepare for it to sound radically different.  It will take on a whole different feel.

The reason perfect Harmony can only be achieved in the Factor of 9’s is because only a number that doubles back into itself can create perfect Geometry.  Numbers that are not a Factor of 9 do not create perfect Geometry, although they can sometimes create warbled geometries.

The reason Factors of 9 create perfect Geometry is because there are 360 degrees to a circle, which is a Factor of 9.  The following set of images I pulled from short video on Facebook will help drive the point home.

As you can see, all perfect Geometries contain a Factor of 9 in the total number of degrees associated with all the angles.  And the same is true of 3D geometries contained within a Sphere rather than a Circle.

As you can see from the above image showing some of the Geometries created by some of the notes in the musical scale of A=432hz, frequencies of ANY nature that are Factors of 9 produce Geometries that are Whole and Complete.  This is what it means to have perfect Harmony and create perfect Geometry.

And the frequencies produced don’t necessarily need to be sound, although that is how we’ve been studying this up until this point.  But the frequencies can be any kind of vibration – sound, light, physical, electromagnetic, electrical, temperature and pressure variances, etc.

You will soon come to find out that everything in Nature is Vibrational and produces frequencies because at the very heart of everything is the Electrical Polarity of the 3 and 6 bound within the Singularity of the 9 and operating within the guidelines of the Principle of 7.  Literally everything can be transformed back into electricity and from there, can be transformed into anything else.  And this is the missing element of Alchemy (fire, water, air, earth, electricity).  But we will cover this more later on.

All you need to know right now is that every Natural thing will produce frequencies that are Factors of 9 and will exist within and create geometries based on those frequencies.

For example, this is why the Moon has a Diameter of almost exactly 2,160 Miles.  2+1+6+0=9.  The Earth is spinning on its axis at about 81,000 Miles per hour.  8+1=9.  The exact amounts are long decimals, but the exact amount also always adds up to 9 (of course it’s also always changing slightly over time).

However, it must be stated here that these measurements can only be accurate to Numeronomy in terms of Miles and Seconds, Minutes, Hours and Degrees.  The Metric System is simplistic and useful in that respect, but it is not accurate to Natures mathematic system, which is the same as what all our Ancient Civilizations used, such as Egypt and Mesopotamia, which was the 12:60 based mathematics from which we derive the 360 degrees of a circle.  Inches, feet, miles, seconds, minutes and hours all happen to be based on this same Ancient Mathematical System, and that is why they accurately depict calculations to show the Factor of 9’s.  The Metric System can’t always do that.

Nature can only produce frequencies and geometries in Factors of 9.  The fact that we produce many frequencies that are not in Factors of 9 is one of the reasons our weather is so terrible, cancer is on the rise, and multiple species are going extinct rapidly.  And I don’t mean just music.  We produce microwaves, radio waves, television waves, cell phone waves, wi-fi internet waves, etc. and NONE of them are produced in a Factor of 9, which is a very large part of the reason for so much mental and physical health problems in our world.

Remember, we are all beings of Consciousness, and the Principle of Synchronicity causes us all to entrain to all the frequencies in our immediate environment.

Nature operates only in frequencies and geometries that are Factors of 9.  As a part of Nature, we need to make sure that everything we do from here on out also produces frequencies and geometries in Factors of 9.  Natural frequencies promote health and healing.  Unnatural, or dissonant frequencies, promote disease and decay.

In fact, today, we are beginning to understand exactly which frequencies promote disease and which frequencies promote health.  That’s how far we’ve advanced in this science so far.

Now, the one thing we haven’t covered yet is the Zero.  1 through 9 constitute only 9 of the 10 digital roots.  0 is the final digital root.  Now we know that 9 is the Singularity – the Void at the center of the field.  3 and 6 are the Polarity of the Singularity giving the field a North and South pole via the operation of Compression and Decompression of the volume within the field.  We will cover this Compression and Decompression later on.

The Principle of 7, then, is the flow of the volume within the field that is created as a result of the Polarity of the Singularity, which generates, in the simplest possible terms, a figure eight flow.

The 0, then, is the field itself.  0 is the container, 1 – 9 are the contents.  And now you understand the absolute basics of Numeronomy and how this plays into the Natural Laws of Creation.

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