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Trust Agreement for Metagaiaes

Trust Indenture Agreement for Metagaiaes

An Irrevocable Natural Law Divine Private Trust Estate


We, as Sovereign Fractals of the One Consciousness on Earth, in Order to create a Global Society out of Networks of People using the Metatocracy as our Social Structure and based on the Philosophy of Compassion, to establish True Peace amongst all People, to promote the general Equality of all People around the world and the general well-being of our Sacred Planet, and to secure the blessings of True Liberty and Freedom for all Sovereign Member’s within the sole jurisdiction of the Kingdom of Heaven, and under the One Infinite Creator’s Natural Laws for the general right of all towards the pursuit of Happiness, do ordain and establish this Trust Agreement for Metagaiaes.

Article 1:


  • In order to not be confused with Admiralty/Maritime Law Jurisdiction, many of the typical terms used in Business and Government have been replaced with other terms.  There are also terms that relate to the Metatocracy that do not relate to the Pyramid Structure, and thus these terms need to be innerstood in order to innerstand this Trust Agreement.  All Terms defined in this Article and throughout this document shall appear with the first letter capitalized.

Communication:  According to UCC 9-102(a)(18), “Communicate” is defined as “any of the following: (A) To send a written or other tangible record.  (B) To transmit a record by any means agreed upon by the person sending and receiving the record.  (C) In case of transmission of a record to or by a filing office, to transmit a record by any means prescribed by filing-office rule.”  Not all of the below Communications need to be used by every Organization.  Also, each Organization may also further designate more Communications in their Trust Agreement.

Action Plan:  An Action Plan is a written plan of action regarding the goals and future milestones of a Mastermind, Holosphere, or Organization (See “Organization”).

Action Request Forms:  Action Request Forms are Communications for single actions.

Asset Request Forms:  Used for requesting assets to a Masterminds Capital Account for various business expenses.

Election Request Form:  Used to request an Election any time a Position or Role needs to be filled.

Member Invitation Form:  A form used to invite Members from a different Mastermind into your Mastermind temporarily to help share the workload.

Notice of Forced Uprooting:  This Notice is used to officially document the Uprooting of a Member of an Organization which must state the terms of such Uprooting as determined in the Member Peer Review. (See “Uprooted”).

Notice of Graceful Uprooting:  Used when resigning from a Universe on good terms.

Notice of Harvest:  This Notice is used to officially document the Harvest of a Member and thereby update their Member Subscription status to include their new Position and Role (See “Harvest”).

Notice of Recommendation for Harvest Letter:  The Notice of Recommendation for Harvest Letter is used when recommending a Member for Harvest. (See “Harvest”).

Notice of Transplant:  This Notice is used to officially document the Transplanting of a Member from one Holosphere to another on the same layer and thereby update their Member Subscription status to include their new Position and Role (See “Transplant”).

Planting Request Form:  The form used to acquire permission from the Elder Council of an Organization to Plant a new Employee in a Holosphere/Mastermind.

Progress Reports:  Progress Reports are Communications that outline progress made at the end of each day, at the completion of each Action, or Project, and at the occurrence of any obstacles, problems, delays, etc.  Different Organizations and different Masterminds may have different formats for their Progress Reports requiring different information depending on what is necessary for the Mastermind and Organization.

Project Request Forms:  Project Request Forms are Communications for complex actions, i.e. entire projects which, in themselves, contain multiple sequential actions that require completion.

Subscription Form:  The “Subscription Form” is the Contract between the Organization and the Employee.  The Subscription Form defines the Organization, the outer Holosphere the Member serves within and their associated Chakra/Role, and the inner Holosphere that a Member is the Heart of. Subscription Forms mark the Employee as an undersigned of the Organizations Trust Agreement and grant a Member a Holocard/HoloCheck book in exchange for their service.

Transplant Request Form:  This form is used when a Member requests transfer from one Holosphere to another on the same layer (See “Transplant”).

Expressed Irrevocable Natural Law Private Divine Sovereign Trust: “Expressed” means not implied but written and concrete.  “Irrevocable” means it cannot be changed/abolished outside of the procedures set forth herein, or until the time limit of 25 years has been reached without this Agreement being renewed.  “Natural Law” means that the Trust is subject only to Natural Law, the Original Jurisdiction of the Creator.  “Divine” gives the Trust the creative powers of the One Infinite Creator, such as the power to create its own Currency.  Sovereign means that every Member retains Sovereignty over themselves but not others.  Only Divine and Sovereign Trusts may create money as per the historical use of Trusts.  “Private” means that the Trust pertains ONLY to Private Equity Law (the extension of Natural Law in human society) and not to any Public or Statutory jurisdictions, such as Admiralty/Maritime Law, Internal Revenue Code or United States Code.  Metagaiaes is an Expressed Irrevocable Natural Law Private Divine Trust while each Council and each Organization are Expressed Irrevocable Natural Law Private Sovereign Trusts.  Each Council and Organization exists within the Holosphere of this International Trust Agreement.  This Trust shall be referred to as the “Divine Trust” within all Councils and Organizations Trust Agreements.

Beneficiary:  Person(s) for whom a Trust is created.  The Beneficiary is the whole point of a Trust.  Without someone to Benefit from the Trust, there is no Trust.  In Metagaiaes, all Members that are not “Logos,” or “Elders,” are the Beneficiaries.

Trustor:  The one who creates a Trust, or the Grantor/Settler for the creation of a Trust. In Metagaiaes, the current Universal Core of any Organization/Council is the Trustor of that Organization or Council.

Trust:  A Trust is a Contract whereby one person (Trustor) creates a trust to have property or assets managed by another person (Trustee), for the benefit of a third person (Beneficiary).  In this way, there is management and benefit without ownership.

Trustee:  In its broadest sense, is a synonym for anyone in a position of trust and so can refer to any person who holds property, assets, or a position of trust or responsibility for the benefit of another.  In Metagaiaes, all Members that are “Logos,” or “Elders,” are the Trustees in their Organizations, which is to say all Members on any Council are Trustee’s.

Person:  For the sake of this Document, “Person” is defined as a Flesh-and-Blood Sentient, Living Being, such as a Human Being.  An Organization shall not be referred to as a person in this document to prevent confusion, although it is an “Entity” in its own right by virtue of the fact that an Organization is a Collective Consciousness of the individual people involved.

Jurisdiction:  In the Kingdom of Earth, this word is defined as: “the official power to make legal decisions and judgments.”  There are ultimately two primary “Jurisdictions” on Earth: The Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of Earth.  Within the Kingdom of Earth are many jurisdictions, such as Admiralty/Maritime Law, Statutory Law, Common Law, Commercial Law, Canon Law, etc.  The Kingdom of Heaven exists only the Jurisdiction of Natural Law and by extension, Private Equity Law.  In Metagaiaes a Jurisdiction is a “Holosphere.”

Kingdom of Earth:  The Kingdom of Earth is the jurisdiction of the Trinity of Globalist Control which consists of the Vatican Church ruled by the Pontiff; the Crown of London as the Financial Center managed by the 13 Royal Families of the original blood lines of the Tribes of Israel; and Washington D.C. as the Military Industrial Complex led by the U.S. President as the Commander in Chief.  This jurisdiction is over-arched by the King James Bible as Canon Law, within which exist Admiralty/Maritime Law, Commercial Law, Common Law and all Public Statutory Jurisdictions.  This Kingdom of Earth is held together by the Bible (Christ’s New Covenant), the Holy Alliance Treaty of 1213, the Papal Bulls of 1455 and 1493, the Treaty of Paris, FDR’s New Deal, and soon to be the Green New Deal and the New World Order via the UN’s Agenda 21/2030 campaigns.   All Governments not explicitly residing in the Kingdom of Heaven reside in the Kingdom of Earth and are subject, ultimately, to the Pontiff of the Vatican Crown Empire as decreed by the Papal Bulls of 1455 and 1493.  Also, the Pontiff’s laws are obligatory on everyone within the Kingdom of Earth as per Benedict XIV., De Syn. Dioec, lib, ix., c. vii., n. 4. Prati, 1844 (Syllabus, prop 28, 29, 44)[Elements of Ecclesiastical Law Vol. 1 53-54].  Both the Kingdom of Earth and the Kingdom of Heaven are parallel Realms on Earth.

Kingdom of Heaven:  The Natural jurisdiction of the One Infinite Creator, governed by Natural Law.  The Kingdom of Heaven is the entire natural Universe, including all the Earth.  Both the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of Earth are parallel Realms on Earth.

Meta-Society:  A Society based in the Kingdom of Heaven that exists within, throughout and around another Society that exists within the Kingdom of Earth, yet is still not subject to its jurisdiction by maintaining legal separation through Natural Law and Private Equity.

Metagaiaes:  Meta = Beyond.  Gaia = Earth.  Es = pluralized.  Metagaiaes = Beyond the Earth’s.  Beyond Earth = Heaven.  Metagaiaes = The Heaven’s.  Metagaiaes is a Global Technologically Advanced Alternative Society to the UN’s Agenda 21/2030 Slave System that operates solely in the Jurisdiction of Natural Law, with the Metatocracy as its Administrative Structure, which is based on the Organizational Structure of Nature as seen throughout the entire Macro Universe thereby granting all its Members Freedom, Equality and Sovereignty.  Hence, The Heaven’s.  Hence, Metagaiaes.

Holosphere:  Short for “Holographic Sphere of Influence.”  Based upon the Ether Fields that surround all naturally occurring celestial bodies in the Universe.  As the Metatocracy is based upon the Structure of the Universe, as that is the simplest format of the Organizational Structure of Nature, each Member is likened unto a Celestial Body (e.g. Universal Core, Galactic Core, Star, Planet, etc.) each maintaining a Sphere of Influence like unto the Ether Field.  The Galactic Core’s Ether Field surrounds an entire Galaxy and includes all the Stars within it.  Likewise, a Stars Ether Field surrounds the entire Solar System and includes all Planets within it.  Each Member always remains within their own Holosphere where they maintain Sovereignty over their own actions, while maintaining responsibility to the requirements of their outer Holosphere.

Elder Council:  The Board of Trustees of an Organization.

Elder:  Refers to all Trustors and Trustees, also called Logos.

Logos:  Literally, a Logos is a “Word of God,” or literally, a field of complex vibratory patterns of geometric harmony that generate a Hologram with a black hole at its center, such as a Universe or a Galaxy, and governing such creations via Natural Laws as established by One Infinite Creator.  The term “Logos” throughout this and any documents that refer to this Trust Agreement as the Administrative operating system of their Organization, refers to the Elder Members, whether individually or plurally.

Sub-Logos:  Refers to all Beneficiaries.

Holoverse/Realm:  Metagaiaes is a Realm, or Holoverse, within the Kingdom of Heaven.  All Holospheres and their associated Hearts listed below exist within the “Realm,” or “Holoverse,” of Metagaiaes.  The Realm of Metagaiaes is the International Holosphere of the entire Global Society.

Holoverse Council/Council of Light:  The Administrative Organization of the Realm consisting of the RC, CC’s, and UC’s.

Realm Core (RC):  The Central Heart and Trustor of the Realm.

Cosmos:  A Cosmos within a Holoverse.  A Region within the Realm, essentially based on the pre-existing borders of Nations, although some Nations are so large they may have to be sub-divided into smaller Regions.

Cosmological Council:  The Administrative Organization of the Region consisting of the CC, the MC’s of the Multiverse Councils within their Region, and the GCC’s that operate within their Region.

Cosmological Cores (CC):  The Central Heart and Trustor of a Cosmological Council.

Multiverse:  A District within a Region, as marked by the pre-existing borders of States/Provinces.

Multiverse Council:  The Administrative Organization of a District consisting of the MC, GC’s of Organizations that operate within their District, Stars of Solar System size Organizations that operate within their District, and Lone Stars that operate primarily within their District.

Multiverse Core (MC):  The Central Heart and Trustor of a Multiverse Council.

Universe:  A Universe is literally a Holographically Organized system of Fractally Self-Replicating Ether Fields that form a Hologram we call Reality.  The Holosphere of the Universal Core.  This term is used to denote a large International Organization with the maximum of 6 layers of Holospheres.

Universal Core (UC):  Literally, the black hole at the center of a Universe.  This Term is used to denote the Central Heart and Trustor of a Universe sized Organization.

Galaxy Cluster:  Literally, a cluster of galaxies held in orbit by a central black hole. The Holosphere of the GCC.  This Term is used to denote the Department Manager Holospheres of a large international Organization, or otherwise a Regional size Organization with 5 layers of Holospheres.

Galactic Cluster Core (GCC):  Literally, the black hole at the center of galaxy clusters.  The GCC is the Heart of the Galactic Cluster Holosphere and Trustee of a Universe size Organization, or the Central Heart and Trustor of a Regional size Organization.

Galaxy:  Literally, a system of Solar Systems in orbit around a central black hole.  The Holosphere of the GC.  This term may denote either a layer of management in a larger Organization, or otherwise a local Organization that operates primarily within one District.

Galactic Core (GC):  Literally, the black hole at the center of a galaxy.  The GC is the Heart of the Galaxy Holosphere and a Trustee of a larger Organization, or the Central Heart and Trustor of a smaller local Organization.

Solar System:  Literally, a system with a central Star and several orbiting Planets.  The Holosphere of the Star.  This term may denote either a layer of management within a larger Organization, or otherwise a small Organization.

Star:  Literally, a Plasma ball of energy that produces Life giving Light.  The Star is the Heart of a Solar System Holosphere and a Trustee in a larger organization, or the Central Heart and Trustor of a small local Organization.

Lone Star:  An Independent Contractor who is thus Trustor and Beneficiary of their own Organization.

Planetary System:  Literally, a Life Supporting Planet and its orbiting Satellites.  The Holosphere of a Planet.  This term denotes the Supervisory layer of an Organization.

Planet:  Literally, a vast, spherical Field upon which ecosystems may grow and thrive.  A Planet is the Heart of a Planetary System and orbits around a Star.  Planets are not Trustee’s as they have no position on the Councils.  Planets are Beneficiaries.

Garden:  Literally, a small plot of land upon which individuals grow crops.  The Holosphere of a Satellite, the innermost Holosphere of any Organization; also, the Personal Sovereign Holosphere of each individual Member of any Organization.

Satellite:  Literally, a small body that orbits around a Planet.  A Satellite is the Heart of a Garden Holosphere, and orbits around a Planet.  Satellites are the innermost position of any Organization in which they exist.

Field:  The Domain of Duties and Responsibilities within a Mastermind granted to a Chakra.

Heart:  A Heart is the body at the center of a Holosphere.  Almost all Hearts are also orbiting members of another, outer Holosphere, and thus, every Member of a Universe takes on more than one Position and Role within a Universe.

Outer Holosphere/Mastermind:  The Holosphere in which a Member orbits.

Inner Holosphere/Mastermind:  The Holosphere to which a Member is the Heart.

Position:  The position of a Member/Employee is denoted by their Celestial Body.  When speaking of Holospheres, we are referring to positions.  When speaking of positions we are referring to Holospheres.  The terms “Mastermind” and “Holosphere” are thus interchangeable terms.

Role:  The Role of a Member/Employee is denoted by their Chakra.  When speaking of Masterminds, we are referring to Chakras.  When speaking of Chakras, we are referring to Masterminds.  The terms “Mastermind” and “Holosphere” are thus interchangeable terms.

Mastermind: “When three or more minds come together in a spirit of harmony to focus on a shared goal, the intellect of the whole group is exponentially larger than the sum of its individual members by principle of the Law of Squares.”  (See “Law of Doubling/Squares”)

Holographic Mastermind:  A Holographic Mastermind is an Organization of Masterminds all working together in their separate functions for the overall goals of the Organization of which they are a part.

Chakra:  Literally, the Void at the center of an Ether Field.  The Mind functions via the Ether Fields and their Chakra.  Every complete Mind/Body/Spirit Complex has a total of seven (7) Primary Chakra’s.  A Chakra is a mental processor in our Mind/Body/Spirit Complex which governs certain aspects of Awareness and Cognition depending upon which Octave of Consciousness it relates to.  As such, a “Chakra” is a Role within a Mastermind.

Member:  For all intents and purposes regarding this document, “Member” replaces the terms “Employee” and “Citizen,” which are terms that refer to “Slaves.”  Membership is a Free-Will Choice noted by the signing of one’s name.  As a Member, one has proven that have read this entire Agreement as well as all other Agreements under this that they are subjecting themselves to, and that they have agreed and consent to all terms of all Agreements.

Harvest:  This term replaces the term “Promotion,” and relates to the evolution of Members throughout the Metatocracy.

Planted:  This term replaces the term “Hired.”  When a new Member/Employee is successfully Subscribed to an Organization, they are said to be “Planted.”

Transplant:  This term replaces the term “Transfer.”  When a Member of one Mastermind in an Organization transfers to another Mastermind on the same layer of Holosphere within the Organization, this called a Transplant.

Uprooted:  This term replaces the terms “fired,” “quit” and “resigned.”  When a Member resigns on good terms they are considered “Gracefully Uprooted.”  When a member is impeached and their Membership is unsubscribed, they are said to be “Forcibly Uprooted.”

Subscription:  Replaces the word “Registration.”  “Citizens” must register, “Sovereigns” subscribe.  To subscribe literally means to sign your name to a document, marking yourself as an undersigned, or Subscriber, making you party to the contract or agreement and obligating yourself to its terms and conditions.  To “Register” is to sign away your rights in exchange for privileges that you pay for.  As such, there is no “charge” for Subscribing to Metagaiaes.

Sovereign:  For all intents and purposes of this document, Sovereign means to not be ruled by others, to be fully capable of managing one’s own affairs, to be self-sufficient and self-managing, and to maintain proper Morals and Ethics at all times and in all places.  Sovereign’s are responsible Members of Society.  To be Sovereign is to voluntarily serve others.

Surrogate:  A “Surrogate” is a substitute who votes in your place when you cannot attend an Election or Administrative Meeting.

Metatocracy: (Short) A Holographically Organized Anarchistic Social Administration.  (Long) A Holographic System of Organization that allows us to manage people, resources, productivity and information without violating anyone’s rights to Freedom, Equality and Sovereignty.

Holographically Organized:  Organized in a Holographic fashion where the whole exists in every part making every part equal unto each other, as well as unto the whole.  In human society, this means every Holosphere is organized into the self-same Mastermind Complex as would otherwise only exist at the top of a Hierarchical Pyramid, thereby turning every Organization and Society as a Whole, into a Holographic Mastermind, otherwise known as a Collective Consciousness, that operates in Harmony with itself, each other, and Nature, enabling us to make the quantum leap to evolve beyond the Singularity Event.

Anarchism: a political theory holding all forms of governmental authority to be unnecessary and undesirable and advocating a society based on voluntary cooperation and free association of individuals and groups – Merriam Webster.

Overwhelming Majority:  Based on the Natural Law and Mathematical Principle PHI, also known as the Golden Ratio 1:1.618 which governs the growth and evolution of all natural systems.  An Overwhelming Majority is, therefore, a minimum of 61.8% of a given total.  All Votes for all Decisions must reach a minimum of 61.8% “Yea,” or “Nay,” in order for a “Definite Decision” to be reached.  Otherwise, the vote must be considered “Undecided,” and no action is to be taken.

New Age Order:  Some people see the term “New Age” as a kind of new religion of sorts, and unfortunately, some people also treat it like some sort of new religion, where instead of truly seeking self-improvement and spiritual enlightenment (which is not, itself, a New Age practice, but an Age Old practice), they simply exhibit pious self-righteousness and believe themselves to be “already perfect.”  However, the term “New Age” is not a religion, or a philosophy, but rather a New Order for Civilization that we are entering into now that we are shifting from one Celestial Age to another, and especially now that we are heading back towards the Golden Age of the Yuga Cycle bringing us back into the Age of Enlightenment.  Humanity, along with the whole planet and solar system, are evolving beyond the 3rd Density Layer of Consciousness into the 4th Density Layer.  As such, the old 3rd Density ways of Order in Civilization will simply no longer suffice.  They must go with the 3rd Density and be replaced by the New Order of the New Age – the New Age Order.  The New Age Order is the Compassionate version of Civilization in the 4th Density Layer as directly compared to the New World Order version of Civilization which is the Narcissistic version.

New World Order:  The New World Order achieved its first success, launching it into manifestation, on March 9th 1933, with the implementation of FDR’s New Deal which allowed for the Federal Reserve Act to be ratified, instituted the IRS and the IMF, as well as the UN, stole the Sovereignty of every American by updating the Trading With the Enemy Act to include all US Citizens as “Enemies of the State,” and infinitely suspended the Constitution and Bill of Rights under the Emergency Powers Act, thereby highlighting the path through which every other Nation would be conquered by the Trinity of Globalist Control.  Since then, the Trinity has conquered all but 4 Nations prior to 9/11.  Since the War on Terror began to bring in the rest, for each one they gained, they lost another.  Then in 2018, Christ’s New Covenant was discovered to be the Legal Process to undo the NWO’s Adhesion Contracts and redeem one’s Sovereignty.  In 2019, it was put into practice for the first time, and worked.  In retaliation, the NWO unleashed the fake pandemic COVID-19 a full year ahead of schedule.  They spent the last 4 generations brainwashing children in their Public Education Systems and gaining full control of the Mass Media and internet Social Media all for the sole purpose of being able to implement their New World Order, which is described in detail in the UN’s Agenda 21/2030 Sustainability Acts.  Their Order is the Narcissistic version of 4th Density Civilization which is intense Hierarchical Slavery achieved through intense trickery, deceit and fear tactics.

Realm Policy:  The policies described in this Trust Agreement.  Also called International Policy, or Divine Policy.

Cosmological Policy:  The policies created and updated by the Cosmological Councils via the process set forth in this Trust Agreement.  The policies of a Cosmos must not directly negate any policy of this Trust, and those that do are rendered null and void.

Multiverse Policy:  The policies created and updated by the Multiverse Councils via the process set forth in this Trust Agreement.  The policies of a Multiverse must not directly negate any policy of this Trust or the Cosmological Council they exist within, and those that do are rendered null and void.

Organization Policy:  The policies created and updated by the Members of an Organization within Metagaiaes.  The policies of an Organization must not directly negate any policy of this Trust or the Multiverse and/or Cosmological Councils they exist within, and those that do are rendered null and void.

Mastermind Policy:  The policies created and updated by the Members of a Mastermind that Administrate a single Holosphere within an Organization.  The policies of a Mastermind must not directly negate any policy of its Organization or of this Trust, and those that do are considered null and void.

Article 2:


  1. This Trust Agreement defines the Organizational Structure of the Metatocracy, as well as the rules and processes of the Holographic Mastermind for the Social Administration of Metagaiaes as a Global Technologically Advanced Meta-Society.
  2. This Trust Agreement acts as the International Policies by which all Councils and Organizations under this Agreement consent to.
  3. An important purpose of this Trust Agreement is to guide our transition from a Service Based Free-Access Economy to a Resource Based Free-Access Economy beginning with the establishment of Holobank with the Holobank Act.
  4. Let it be known that it is not the intention of this Agreement to dehumanize anyone. These are not necessarily meant to be strict policies, but guidelines of appropriate behavior.  In any circumstance where following these policies exactly as written would dehumanize a person, then do not follow them exactly.  The intentions of these policies is to create Equality, Freedom and Sovereignty amongst all our Members.

Article 3:


  1. Law of Doubling/Squares:  The Law of Doubling works by starting with a single unit and doubling each unit in sequence.  For example, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, etc.  The Law of Square’s works by starting with two units and exponentially compounding those two original units in sequence with the addition of each single unit thereafter.  For example, 3 units of input = 22 = 4 units of output;  4 units of input = 23 = 8 units of output; etc.  The Law of Doubling is a naturally existing Universal Constant that governs the growth and evolution of life throughout the universe, e.g. cell mitosis.  The Law of Squares is a naturally existing Universal Constant that governs the generation of energy in systems, e.g. planetary systems, or crystal superconductors.  The Law of Squares is what makes the Holographic Mastermind so much more intelligent and creative than any individual, as energy and information are synonymous.
    1. Digital Root: The Digital Root of any number is found by adding together all the digits until they reduce to a single digit.  For example, the Digital Root of 1,576 is 1+5+7+6=19, and 1+9=10, and 1+0=1.  The Digital Root of 1,576 is 1.
    2. Principle of 7: The Law of Doubling/Squares creates a pattern in its Digital Roots that repeats every seven (7) steps.  This pattern is “1, 2, 4, 8, 7, 5, 1.”  This is why there are 7 circles in the Seed of Life, 7 days of creation, 7 primary Chakras to the Mind/Body/Spirit Complex, 7 Continents, 7 Sea’s, and 7 wonders of the world, etc.  7 is one of the most common numbers found throughout all of nature because of the Law of Doubling/Squares.  The Principle of 7 is the reason for the 7 Chakra Roles of the Mastermind.
    3. Polarity Principle: The Law of Doubling begets another pattern aside from the above pattern that creates the Polarity found throughout all of nature.  In Digital Roots, 3 always doubles to 6 and 6 always doubles to 3 (e.g. 6 doubled is 12 → 1+2=3; 12 doubled is 24 → 2+4=6).  This pattern of doubling between these two Digital Roots generates the polarity of all Ether Fields and is responsible for the nature of Duality throughout our experiences.
    4. Singularity/Principle of Harmony: The Law of Doubling begets another pattern aside from the above two patterns that creates the Harmonic Musical Scale of A=432hz.  When you double 9, or any multiple of 9, the result is always 9 in its Digital Roots.  Every number that is a multiple of 9 is a natural frequency, most of which exist within the Harmonic Musical Scale of A=432hz.  Every number that is a multiple of 9 always adds up to the Digital Root of 9.  That is to say, 9 always becomes itself, or folds back into itself, or expands back into itself.  For this reason, the Digital Root 9 is said to represent the Singularity – the central void of a field – much like the Digital Roots 3 and 6 are said to represent Polarity and the other six Digital Roots are said to represent growth and evolution, as well as the Torus Field.
    5. Overwhelming Majority: Based on the Natural Law and Mathematical Principle PHI, also known as the Golden Ratio 1:1.618 which governs the growth and evolution of all natural systems.  An Overwhelming Majority is, therefore, a minimum of 61.8% of a given total.  All Votes for all Decisions must reach a minimum of 61.8% “Yea,” or “Nay,” in order for a “Definite Decision” to be reached.  Otherwise, the vote must be considered “Undecided,” and no action is to be taken.
  2. The Holographic Principle: The Holographic Principle is a Universal Constant.  It states that “The Whole exists in every part.”  Every Fractal Self-Replication of the Infinite Whole contains the Infinite Whole within itself.  This is the Principle behind the Law of One and is what grants Sovereignty and Equality to all Members of this Social Agreement.
    1. Fractal Self-Replication: A Fractal Self-Replication is not the same as a division.  An Infinite Whole cannot be divided, but it can be Fractalized, wherein every Fractal is a Self-Replication of the Whole that represents the Whole.  A Fractal, therefore, is an undivided portion of the whole that contains the whole within itself.
  3. The Unity of Trinity: Trinity is always the Polarity of the Singularity.  Every single thing always has two opposing expressions, and all things are expressions of the One Thing that is Consciousness.  Consciousness is the Ultimate Singularity.  The first two Polar Expressions of Consciousness are Emotion and Thought/Attention and Intention/Love and Light.
  4. The Law of Abundance: Nature produces an abundance of everything, from every plant to every animal to even the resources within every planet. When treated with respect, the abundance of all resources on Earth can be kept for an eternity to provide a luxury of abundance for every man, woman and child.  In recognition of this Natural Law, Metagaiaes will create a “Free Access” economy for its Members starting with Holobank.
  5. The Process of Creation: The Process of Creation is the process by which anything in nature is created, including the creations of mankind.  There are 7 steps to the Process of Creation due to the Principle of 7.
    1. Realization: Every creation begins with a Realization, be it an original idea, or the fusion of different ideas.
    2. Reflection: Once Realized, an idea needs to be reflected upon to completely innerstand how it works. This involves Research and Development.
    3. Imagination: Imagination is the process whereby an idea is reflected upon and Affirmed.
    4. Affirmation: Affirmation means to repeat the successful use of an idea in one’s imagination regularly to build up belief for it in the Subconscious Mind.
    5. Reinforcement: Reinforcement means to recognize doubts and fears as they enter the Conscious Mind and to replace them with reprogramming thought patterns.
    6. Action: Actions are how an idea is actually manifested into reality.  The stronger the Subconscious beliefs, the more powerful the Actions.
    7. Rest: Rest is taking time off for recovery while allowing this process to continue Subconsciously before going back to Consciously working on this process.
  6. The Law of Attraction: The Law of Attraction is a 5 step process that we are always using whether we are aware of it or not. The five steps of this process are symbolized by the five symbols of the Flower of Life Pattern.
    1. Emotion: The discharge of emotion starts a cycle. Always recharges as thought after its own kind.
    2. Thought: The recharging of an emotion.  The intentional reaction to the attention of emotion.
    3. Belief: Subconscious Programs that are programmed via the repetition of the same thoughts over and over.
    4. Action: 95% of our actions/reactions are habitual, dictated by our Beliefs.
    5. Manifestation: Our actions determine other peoples reactions and therefore determine how our circumstances personally affect us.  Our manifested experiences will always serve to reinforce the beliefs, thoughts and emotions that served to cause them.
  7. The Law of One: The Law of One states that “There is only One, the One Infinite Creator; All is God; God is All,” and that all entities within Creation are Fractal Self-Replications of the One Infinite Creator via the Holographic Principle. It is also called the Law of One because it is literally the one and only Law in existence.  All other so-called “laws” are properties, distortions, effects, principles, or otherwise of the Law of One.  In other words, the Law of One is the fundamental basis of all Universal Natural Laws.  The First Three Distortions of the Law of One comprise the basic foundation of all the Sovereign Rights of all Fractal Self-Replications of the One Infinite Creator in the Kingdom of Heaven.  In Metagaiaes, the “Law of One” is the only Law, all else is policy by principle of the Natural Laws/distortions/properties of reality such as described herein.
    1. Distortion: A Distortion of the Law of One is anything that moves away from the undistorted, infinite and eternal Unity of Consciousness.  This can be either what we consider “good” (distortion towards Love) or “bad” (distortion towards Fear).  There are three fundamental Distortions of this Unity and many secondary and tertiary distortions.  Those relevant to a human society are as follows.
      1. The First Distortion: Free Will.  The created universe that we experience is the Creator’s exploration of Itself through the First Distortion.  All Sentient, Living Beings that have gained Self-Awareness are Sovereign Fractal Self-Replications of the One Infinite Consciousness, thereby having the same total Free Will possessed by the One Infinite Consciousness, albeit being expressed through a limited range of perception and awareness.  Due to the limited range of perception, or limitation of awareness, this Distortion is also referred to as the Principle of Confusion.  Free Will means we all have the Freedom to make our own choices in how we act in regard to the other Distortions, which includes the Freedom to make mistakes and the Freedom to learn therefrom, or to not learn therefrom.  Free Will does NOT mean we have the right to violate the Free Will of others, such as by stealing from, or harming others.  So long as a Member of Metagaiaes is not violating the Free Will of another Member in their expressions of the other Distortions, they are not in violation of the Law of One.  For the purpose of this document the Principle of Free Will shall be defined as, “The ability to choose freely for oneself, by oneself, what to do, when to do it and how to do it so long as they do not violate the Free Will Rights of others.”
      2. The Second Distortion: Love, also known as the Creative Principle.  Love, as the primordial motivational force of Creation, is the ability and the right for every Fractal of the One Consciousness to Create as they see fit.  Love is the Original Cause behind any, and all creations.  The Principle of Love shall be defined as, “The Free Will Right of others to create based upon their passions as long as they do not violate the First Distortion.”  This could be the creation of anything, be it art or science.  It can also be thought of as “service” in any form.  All services are acts of Creation.  All people have the right to create and serve as they see fit.
      3. The Third Distortion: Light, also known as the Principle of Evolution.  Electromagnetism, or Light always moves in a spiral fashion as determined by its frequency, whose spiral moves in a straight line.  Thus, the Principle of Evolution is defined as “the nonlinear tending toward the linear.”  As all physical matter is made of Electromagnetism, or Light, everything in the Universe moves in a spiral fashion that also moves in a straight line (imagine a cork screw where the spiral continues in a straight line).  Everything in the Universe revolves around something else, held in orbit via the dielectric and magnetic effects of electromagnetism, or Light, while the whole Universe moves forward, or upward in a straight line as is evident by the “seeming” continuous expansion of Space.  The spiral nature means that all cycles are repeated, while the straight-line nature means that all cycles evolve and never repeat in exactly the same way.  Everything is always evolving.  There will always be more lessons to learn and more discoveries to make.  Creation is a constant flow of evolution.  For the purpose of this document the Principle of Light shall be defined as, “The personal responsibility of each individual to educate themselves and continuously evolve through acts of self-improvement.”
      4. The Fourth Distortion: The Principle of Responsibility.  Service is the only necessity in life and is the absolute responsibility of all Sovereigns.  Without service, society does not function.  It is the duty/responsibility/honor of all to serve in the capacity to which they feel most compelled, for that is the greatest service which they could provide to their community, their self, and ultimately the Creator.
      5. The Fifth Distortion: The Principle of Karma/Grace. Violations only come about as natural justice for previous acts of violations, remembered or not remembered.  The only possible way to end the cycle of such violations is through Forgiveness leading to the Principle of Grace.  When one completely cancels out their Karmic Debt by forgiving all those who violate them, thus forgiving themselves for all past violations, both remembered and not remembered, one attains the State of Grace, wherein they no longer need to experience such violations to continue learning.
      6. The Sixth Distortion: The Principle of Harmony.  Harmony is the Law of Synchronicity and thus the Organizational Structure of Nature, after which the Metatocracy is based.  This distortion relates directly to the use of the Metatocracy as a way to structure society for the highest level of uniqueness amongst all individuals existing in Harmony with both Nature and each other.
      7. The Seventh Distortion: The Principle of Anarchism.  Also known as the Principle of Sovereignty.  Anarchism means that all people are equal with each other, and all individuals are equal with the Collective and vice versa.  As such, all people are meant to rule/govern themselves and to participate in the Administration of Society.  Elected officials cannot make decisions for the People, they can only enact decisions by by the People, yet all People may give proposals for decisions to be debated and voted upon.
  8. Holosphere: The Sphere of Influence of each Member in Metagaiaes is based upon the Sphere of Influence (Ether Fields) of Celestial Bodies in the macro Universe.  The Holosphere of each Member is their Jurisdiction.  Holospheres cannot penetrate Holospheres, meaning that no person can wield power or authority over any other person.  However, every Holosphere exists within other Holospheres and is responsible for fulfilling various duties and responsibilities towards the achievement of certain goals and milestones of their Outer Holospheres, but each individual is responsible for deciding how and when to fulfill such duties as long as such decisions are within reasonable boundaries.
    1. Garden: A Garden is the personal Holosphere of each individual.  Members other than Satellites will have a Holosphere that contains the Holospheres of others, but everyone maintains Personal Sovereignty over their Garden.  You’re Eminent Domain.
    2. Field: The Domain of Duties and Responsibilities within a Mastermind granted to a Chakra.
  9. High Treason: All Members of Metagaiaes are Sovereign, so a crime against any Member of Metagaiaes is either a crime of High Treason or is otherwise a Petty Violation.  The definition of High Treason, for all intents and purposes of this document, is “An action, inaction, or series thereof that results in the violation of a contract or the Sovereign Rights of another Member of Metagaiaes, or their Dependents, or Theft, or any act of violence that results in Damage Beyond Repair.”  The most severe punishment a Member can receive in consequence to a crime of High Treason is to have ones Membership in Metagaiaes Uprooted, effectively banishing the Member from all of Metagaiaes, whereupon all their assets held in their Holobank account(s) shall be forfeited and transferred to the Violated party(s).
    1. Damage Beyond Repair: Damage Beyond Repair is the violation of a contract or the Sovereign Rights of another Member of Metagaiaes, or Theft or any act of violence that results in the loss, or damage of Private Property, or to the flesh-and-blood body of a Member, or their Dependents that results in a significant amount of Damage, whether physical or monetary that is difficult or impossible to fully recover from; e.g. Murder, Assault that results in permanent, or semi-permanent damage, Rape, Spying/Espionage, extreme acts of Vandalism, complete failure to satisfy the terms of a contract, theft of something considered to be invaluable, etc. Any violation not resulting in Damage Beyond Repair is a “Petty Violation.”  See “Petty Violation.”
  10. Honor: Google Dictionary defines “Honor” as “ high respect; esteem,” and “verb. 1. to regard with great respect; and 2. to fulfill (an obligation) or keep (an agreement).”  The following definitions from Dictionary.com also apply to this document: “n. honesty, fairness, or integrity in one’s beliefs and actions;” “n. a source of credit or distinction;” “n. the privilege of being associated with or receiving a favor from a respected person, group, organization, etc.;” “v. to hold in honor or high respect; revere;” “v. to treat with honor;” “v. to show a courteous regard for;” “commerce. to accept or pay (a draft, check, etc.);” “v. to accept as valid and conform to the request or demands of (an official document).”  Ancient Maxim: “Where there is no honor, there can be no peace.”
    1. Dishonor: To refuse a draft; failure to fulfill an obligation.  The breach of a Contract.  The violations of Sovereign Rights.  In the Kingdom of Earth, Dishonor is considered an Act of War.  In the Kingdom of Heaven, Dishonor may either be a Petty Violation, or a Crime of High Treason, depending.
  11. Petty Violation: A violation of a contract or of the Sovereign Rights of another Member of Metagaiaes, or Theft, or any act of violence not resulting in Damage Beyond Repair.

Article 4:


  1. Freedom – All people have the absolute Freedom to express themselves as they see fit as long as they do not violate the First Distortion of the Law of One.
    1. Speech – Everyone has the Right to Free Speech, as long as they do not violate the Rights of others to Free Speech.
    2. Religion – Everyone has the Right to practice whatever Religion they see fit.
    3. Gathering – Everyone has the right to gather in groups for any purpose, as long as they do not violate the rights of others to gather.
    4. Press – Everyone has the Right to publicize any information they want, as long as they do not violate the rights of others to do the same.
    5. Creation/Service – Everyone has the Right to serve or create as they see fit, as long as they do no harm to anyone or anything in the process.
    6. Proposals: Everyone has the Right to Propose the addition, deletion or editing of any Code in this Agreement or any Agreement under this Agreement.
  2. Equality – All are Equal unto each other. All are Equal unto the Collective.
  3. Equity – All shall be treated fairly and justly under Private Equity. No person shall be held to answer for a Claim except through Private Equity Law involving the use of Affidavits.  Only one person may charge another with a Crime.  If there is no Victim, there is no Crime.  If a Claim cannot be settled through Private Equity, and the Claim in question regards a Crime of High Treason, only then must it brought into a Public Court for a Trial by Jury.  Petty Crimes do not justify the use of a Public Court.  No person can be brought to Public Trial without an indictment from a shared Mediator Chakra.  No person can be found guilty of the same crime twice.  No person may be compelled to witness against themselves, nor be deprived of Freedom, Equality and Sovereignty without Due Process of Law.  No person may be subject unto Cruel and Unusual Punishment.  Where Justice cannot prevail, Forgiveness always will.
  4. Privacy – Everyone has the Right to Private Personhood and Private Property.
    1. Search and Seizure: All Private Property is the Eminent Domain of the Private Person who holds it. Private Property cannot be subjected to unreasonable and unwarranted Search and Seizure.  One person’s Privacy doesn’t end where another person’s Suspicion begins.  Before one may search another’s Private Property to look for their allegedly stolen personal property, they must show probable cause through due process, and may only specify exactly where to search, and what to search for.
    2. Information: All Private Information is the product of the Private Person who owns it. This information must be given on a regular basis to conduct business.  All Private Information is meant to be kept private, not to be shared with others and certainly not to be sold to others.  Any Member of Metagaiaes caught sharing or selling the Private Information of any other Member of Metagaiaes shall be deemed to have committed a Crime of High Treason.  Just because a person shares some of their Private Information with you doesn’t mean you have the right to share that information with others.
  5. Protection – Right to bear arms upon Certification of Safe Use. The only way to prevent crime from happening is to allow everyone to protect themselves should the need arise.
  6. Sovereignty – Everyone has the right and obligation to govern themselves, and thus the right and obligation to participate in the Administration of Society.

Article 5:


  1. Basics: The Metatocracy is based upon the Organizational System of Nature as is most easily seen in the organizational structure of the macro Universe for the administration of an evolving Global Society based on Networks People, rather than borders or territorial boundaries (which are still used for Organizational purposes).  As the Structure of this Society is based on the structure of the known Universe, Organizations are referred to as “Universes,” “Galaxy Clusters,” “Galaxies,” or “Solar Systems” based upon their size, or altogether as “Organizations.”  Businesses are considered the “Local Communities” in Metagaiaes, replacing towns/cities.  Local Districts consisting of States/Provinces are referred to as “Multiverses,” and National Districts are referred to as “Cosmos;” all of which exist within the “Realm” that is the Whole Planet Administrated by the Private People.  The Positions within these Holospheres are referred to according to their associated “Celestial Body,” as defined herein.
  2. All Organizations, Multiverses and Cosmos within the Realm of Metagaiaes shall be Holographically Organized pursuant to this Article and Article 6 to maintain Unity throughout Metagaiaes and Sovereignty amongst all people.  Not all Holospheres and their Celestial Bodies mentioned here may be necessary in every Organization.  Each Organization should only use as many layers as are necessary for their daily operations with the Satellite Layer always being the innermost layer.
  3. Structure of the Holospheres:  The following is the basic structure of all the Holospheres within the Holoverse that is Metagaiaes from the outside in.
    1. Realm/Holoverse: The Meta-Society of the Private People who exist solely in Original Jurisdiction make up the Administration of the Realm that is the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth within which exist all other Holospheres.  The International layer of Global Administration, accessible only by becoming an Heir.
      1. Realm Core (RC): The Heart of the Realm, the Central Administrator of the Meta-Society of Private People.
      2. Council of Light: The Global Council for the Administration of the Realm consisting of the RC, CC’s and International UC’s.
    2. Cosmos: A Region based on the pre-existing borders of Nations.
      1. Cosmological Core (CC): The Heart of a Cosmos, the central Administrator of a Region.
      2. Cosmological Council: The National layer Council for the Administration of Regions consisting of the CC, the MC’s, and GCC’s.
    3. Multiverse: A District based on the pre-existing border of States and Provinces.
      1. Multiverse Core (MC): The Heart of a Multiverse, the central Administrator of a District.
      2. Multiverse Council: The Local layer Council for the Administration of Districts consisting of the MC, GC’s, Stars, and Lone Stars.
    4. Universe: An International Organization that operates in more than one Cosmos.
      1. Universal Core (UC): The Heart of a Universe, the central Administrator of an International Organization, be it a for-profit business, a non-profit foundation, a Religious Organization, or a Cultural Organization.
    5. Galactic Cluster: A Cosmos within which an International Universe operates, or a Cosmos sized Organization (operates primarily within only one Cosmos, but in multiple Multiverses).
      1. Galactic Cluster Core (GCC): The Heart of a Galactic Cluster, the central Administrator of a Cosmos that an International Universe operates within, or the Heart of a Cosmos sized Organization.
    6. Galaxy: A Department within a Cosmos of a Universe or Galactic Cluster size Organization, or a Multiverse sized Organization (operates primarily within only one Multiverse).
      1. Galactic Core (GC): The Heart of a Galaxy, the central Administrator of a Department within a Cosmos of a Universe, within a Galaxy Cluster Organization, or the Heart of a Multiverse sized Organization.
    7. Solar System: A Mastermind within a Galaxy where production and service begin, or a small business within only one Multiverse.
      1. Star: The Heart of a Solar System, such as a Manager within an Organization, or the Heart of a Solar System sized Organization.
    8. Planetary System: A Holosphere within the Solar System where production and service take place, may also be a supervisory layer.
      1. Planet: The Heart of a Planetary System, depending on the Organization, could be like Supervisors, or could be Service Providers.
    9. Garden: The innermost Holosphere of all Organizations where Production and Service take place. Every member’s individual Holosphere is called their Garden.  A persons Garden is their Eminent Domain.  No one has higher authority of ones Garden than one’s self.
      1. Satellite: The Heart of a Garden, a Service Provider.  The innermost position within any Organization.
    10.  Elder Council: The Board of Trustees for the Administration of an Organization consisting of the UC, GCC’s and/or GC’s.  If an Organization is no larger than a Solar System, then the Board of Trustees may include some of the Planets.  If an Organization is no larger than a Galaxy, the Trustees may include some of the Stars.
    11. Lone Star (LS): An Independent Contractor without affiliation to any Organization.  Lone Stars shall select a single Multiverse to domicile in, but are not restricted to working within that one Multiverse.
    12. All Organizations must maintain compliance with the policies of whatever Councils they operate within. Organizations may domicile themselves in in any Multiverse and/or Cosmos, but their domicile must be where the majority of their business is conducted.
    13. Organizations must be allowed to bleed outside of their given Holospheres. For example, a Galaxy who operates primarily in one Multiverse with less than 20% of its business coming from another Multiverse only has to serve on the Multiverse Council in which the majority of its business takes place.  But if it does a significant amount of business throughout multiple Multiverses, then it must consider upgrading to the Cosmological Council of that Region.
  4. Twins:  When two Members are Planted, Transplanted or Harvested into the same position by a Tie Vote pursuant to Section 7.6 they are called “Twins.”  Twins shall act as one upon the same Duties and Responsibilities so long as they are Twins, except when fulfilling a Member Invitation Request, in which case, one of the Twins shall take precedence in being the first to be shared pursuant to Section 6.3.  Twins can end the Tie by Transplanting or Harvesting to a different Mastermind with the restriction of Section 10.8.
  5. Logos and Sub-Logos:  All Elder Members (LS, GC, GCC, UC, MC, CC, and RC and sometimes Stars and Planets) are known as Logos as they act in the capacity of the Trustors and Trustees and make up the various Councils.  All other Members are known as Sub-Logos as they act in the capacity of the Beneficiaries (minimum Administrative participation – i.e. Beneficiaries don’t have to do all the paperwork).
  6. Holospheres as Masterminds:  Each Holosphere is organized into a Mastermind wherein each Member becomes one or more Chakra’s.  A Chakra is a Role within the Mastermind which has various duties and responsibilities assigned to it as defined in Article 6.  Typically, when referring to the Positions of the Celestial Bodies, we are talking about the Holosphere, when we are referring to the Chakra’s, we are talking about the Mastermind.  As such, “Holosphere” and “Mastermind” are interchangeable terms.
  7. Position’s and Chakra’s: The Central Chakra of each Holosphere is concurrently known as the “Heart” and is the “Position” of a Member as referred to by the Celestial Body central to that Holosphere.  For example, a Star is the Heart of a Solar System.  Therefore, Star is the “Position” of the Central Member of a Solar System, while a “Chakra” is the Role a Member takes on within a Mastermind.  Chakra’s are defined in Article 6.
  8. Inner/Outer Holospheres:  Every Member exists within two (2) Holospheres, or Masterminds:  the Inner Holosphere and the Outer Holosphere.  For example, a Star is the Heart of a Solar System, their Inner Holosphere, but is also an orbiting Member of a Galaxy, their Outer Holosphere, and has responsibilities in both Holosphere’s according to their Position, the needs of the Masterminds, and their Chakra’s defined Roles.
  9. Sovereignty within the Holospheres: Holospheres are impenetrable boundaries of Sovereign Influence.  While a Member may be accountable to certain Actions, Projects and Accountabilities to its Outer Holosphere, each Holosphere is Sovereign unto itself, maintaining Authority over itself to make its own decisions.  Therefore, there are two layers of Sovereignty – the Collective Sovereignty of the Holosphere/Mastermind, and the Individual Sovereignty of each person’s Garden.  Each person maintains its own personal Garden and Field (See Section 6.1(h) for definition of “Field”) and is authorized to make their own decisions about the Actions, Projects and Accountabilities such an Individual takes on.  To control or attempt to control any Member except as provided in Article 8, or to control or attempt to control the Actions, Projects and Accountabilities taken on or assigned to any Member is to “Trespass upon their Garden, or Field” and could be punishable as a “Petty Violation.”  Also, the group of Members of a Mastermind are Collectively responsible for deciding amongst themselves how best to handle the Actions, Projects and Accountabilities their Mastermind takes on and any Member not a part of such Mastermind who controls or attempts to control any Member of such Mastermind, except as provided in Article 8, or to control or attempt to control any Actions, Projects and Accountabilities taken on or assigned to such Mastermind is “Trespassing upon the Mastermind,” also a crime punishable as a “Petty Violation.”  If either of these “Trespasses” amount to “Damage Beyond Repair” to a Member, Mastermind, or the Organization, such a crime shall be considered a crime of “High Treason.”

Article 6:


  1. Chakra Role Descriptions:  The following are the Chakra’s and a description of their Roles. The intention of these Chakra’s is to provide the means of creating a Mastermind out of every Holosphere rather than just a small group of people at the top of a Pyramid, in order to create a Holographic Mastermind out of the whole Organization/Society for the purpose of exponentially increasing the intelligence, creativity and productivity of the whole.  These roles can be applied to currently existing positions (e.g. CEO, CFO, COO, Lawyer, etc.) as well as create new positions where they do not currently exist.
    1. Crown Chakra/Advisor. The Crown Chakra represents the 7th Octave of Consciousness, which relates to the aspect of awareness that deals with our direct connection to the Divine Consciousness of the One Infinite Creator, what we often refer to as the Unified Field of Consciousness.  As such, the Advisor Chakra’s Role is as Advisor to the Heart Chakra in the general management of the affairs of the Mastermind, especially as regards how the Hearts decisions may directly or indirectly affect the Members of the Mastermind, especially as regards the Members’ personal and cultural values.  The Advisor also acts as the personal Advisor to each Member of their Mastermind towards helping them complete their Actions, Projects and Accountabilities, as well as their general sense of Self-Improvement.  Crown Chakra’s need to be well trained in Psychology, Sociology and various Religious and Cultural Faiths and Traditions.
    2. Third Eye Chakra/Strategist. The Third Eye Chakra represents the 6th Octave of Consciousness, which relates to the aspect of awareness that deals with Vision (past and future) and Intuition.  As such, the Strategist Chakra is responsible for updating the Goals and Milestones of a Mastermind and outlining Action Plans as to how to achieve those Goals and Milestones.  The Third Eye Chakra needs to be well trained in Strategy and Logic, Systems Development and Organization, and Social Engineering.
    3. Throat Chakra/Operator. The Throat Chakra represents the 5th Octave of Consciousness, which relates to the aspect of awareness that deals with Communication and Wisdom.  As such, the Operator is responsible for managing all Communications related to the progress of Actions, Projects and Accountabilities within the Mastermind between the Members of the Mastermind, and is responsible for presiding over Mastermind Meetings, as well as filing the minutes thereof and ensuring every Member receives a copy of such minutes.  The Operator Chakra has exclusive control over the flow of Meetings.  The Throat Chakra needs to be well trained in Alpha-numeric and Chronological filing/organization, to keep an accurate log of all inter-organizational communications.
    4. Heart Chakra/Heart. The Heart Chakra represents the 4th Octave of Consciousness, which relates to the aspect of awareness that deals with Love.  The Heart Chakra is the central Chakra of an organism, and as such, is the central processor of the Mind/Body/Spirit Complex.  As such, the Heart is the Central Processor of the Mastermind.  All Communications regarding Actions, Projects and Accountabilities that flow into, or out of the Mastermind, flow through the Heart Chakra.  The Heart Chakra is therefore responsible for making sure all Communications that flow through their Mastermind go to the correct person, whether it be the Operator Chakra of their Mastermind, or the Heart Chakra of another Mastermind.  As the central processor of the Holosphere, the Heart has exclusive control over the output of the Holosphere, meaning they have the exclusive right to initiate or halt any activity within their Holosphere at any time for any reason.  However, their Authority ends where the Accountability and Responsibility of their Orbitals begins.  That is, the Heart can tell its Orbitals when to start and stop, but not what to do or how to do it.  What to do is always covered by Accountabilities and Responsibilities, and how to do it is always determined by each individual.
    5. Solar Plexus Chakra/Mediator. The Solar Plexus Chakra represents the 3rd Octave of Consciousness, which relates to the aspect of awareness that deals with Community and Law.  As such, the Mediator Chakra acts as the mediator between Members in dispute, serving to keep the peace.  Any dispute that cannot be solved privately between the Members must be solved publicly in Court.  The Solar Plexus Chakra then must be well trained in all the Holosphere’s Policies they operate within (i.e. the Organization they work for, the Multiverse Council that Organization is part of, the Cosmological Council that Multiverse is a part of, and of course, this Divine Trust).  They must also be well trained in Private Equity Law and Natural Law.
    6. Sacral Chakra/Treasurer. The Sacral Chakra represents the 2nd Octave of Consciousness, which deals with the aspect of awareness that deals with Energy Resources.  As such, the Treasury Chakra is responsible for managing all the resources needed by the Mastermind, including, but not limited to, materials, supplies, tools, inventory, monetary assets and Members.  Therefore, the Treasury Chakra is responsible for handling all communications involving resources, including, but not limited to, the Inventory Log, Inventory Request Forms, account ledgers, Transplant Request Forms, Harvest Notifications, Uprooting Notifications and Member schedules, as well as all onboarding paperwork for new Members.  The Sacral Chakra needs to be well trained in Accounting, time management, inventory control, as well as alpha-numeric and chronological filing/organization to keep an accurate log of the above communications.
    7. Root Chakra/Angel. The Root Chakra represents the 1st Octave of Consciousness, which relates the aspect of awareness that deals with survival and production.  As such, the Angels are responsible for the actual production of services within the Mastermind according to their Position and the needs of the Mastermind.  All Members of a Mastermind, except the Heart, are Angels, even if they are another Chakra Role.
    8. Field: The Domain of authority granted to a Chakra within a Mastermind is called a “Field.”  This authority extends only to the administration of certain Accountabilities, which are to be clearly defined in writing by each Mastermind. All Chakra’s maintain exclusive Sovereignty over their own Field.
  2. Chakra Determination:  The Heart of a Holosphere is always the Heart Chakra of their Inner Mastermind.  All other Chakra’s are to be determined according to the following by vote in accordance with the Election Procedures in Section 7.5 with the following restrictions.
    1. Heart Chakra’s may not be any other Chakra in their Inner Mastermind because they are other Chakra’s in their Outer Mastermind.
  3. Mastermind Member Sharing:  Occasionally, one Mastermind might have more work to accomplish than another Mastermind on the same layer of Holosphere.  When this happens, the overburdened Mastermind may extend an invitation to the Members of another Mastermind that is currently under-burdened to share the workload efficiently.  So long as the invitation is extended to an under-burdened Mastermind, the Members of the Mastermind must have reasonable cause to decline the invitation.
    1. When a Mastermind receiving an invitation contains Twins, one of the Twins shall take precedence in being shared before any other Members.
    2. The invitation may be revoked at any time and shall automatically close when the overburdened Mastermind is no longer overburdened, or when the under-burdened Mastermind needs its Members back.
    3. Use the Member Invitation Form in accordance with the Communication Procedures outlined in Article 8 to invite Members into your Mastermind to share the workload.

Article 7:


  1. General:  The Operator Chakra is responsible for scheduling any Meetings for their Mastermind.  The Operator Chakra is also responsible for presiding over any Meetings in alignment with the following rules and any relevant Policies of their Mastermind, Organization, or Council.
  2. Definitions: For the purpose of this Article, the following terms are defined:
    1. Proposal: A Proposal is an Official Public Statement to add/delete/change a public Policy, or to add/delete/change a certain person from a certain position (e.g. an Elder, a Chakra Role, the Harvesting or Uprooting of a Member, etc.).
    2. Objection: When voting against a Proposal, you must also include your reason for objecting the Proposal, in order to give the Proposer the opportunity to clarify, debate or amend their Proposal for the next meeting.
    3. Obstacle: Any problem or issue encountered on the course to a goal that was unexpected and thus requires troubleshooting to resolve.
  3. Attendance:  All Mastermind Members and anyone else invited to participate in the Mastermind shall participate in such meetings unless they have filed a waiver with the minutes of the meeting before, during or after the meeting.  If a meeting requires a vote and the Member is not planning on participating, they must choose a Surrogate to vote for them, or their vote will be forfeited.
  4. Overwhelming Majority:  Decisions are based on the Overwhelming Majority of the vote.  The Overwhelming Majority is calculated only based on the total of those that vote.  Those that don’t vote forfeit their count.  If you want your voice to be heard and have power, you have to participate.
  5. Mastermind Meetings:  Mastermind Meetings are held weekly for sharing Progress Reports, brainstorming solutions, determining goals and milestones and voting on New Plants, Transplants, Harvests and Uproots, as well as any other important matters a Mastermind may need to cover.
    1. Aspects of Mastermind Meetings:
      1. Discuss Progress Reports. Troubleshoot Obstacles.  Brainstorm solutions.  Discuss Strategies.  Write down any changes to anyone’s Accountabilities and Responsibilities in the Meeting Minutes.  Write down any changes to the Action Plans, Strategies or Milestones.
      2. Make Proposals to add/delete/change a Mastermind Policy. Debate.  Vote.
      3. Interview potential new Plants, Transplants and Harvests. Discuss who would is the best candidate.  Vote.
      4. Propose, discuss and vote upon the Chakra Positions within the Mastermind.
      5. Make a Proposal to Forcibly Uproot someone for Just Cause, such as disruptive behavior, sexual harassment, failure to improve, etc. Discuss.  Vote.
  6. Administrative Meetings:  Administrative Meetings are scheduled as needed for discussing changes/amendments to the Policies of the Organization, Multiverse, Cosmos and Realm.  Any Member may make a “Proposal” as a “Proposer” to amend any such Policy in accordance with Article 7 as long as they are within the Holosphere of a Policy to be amended and such Policy affects them.  Any person may make only one (1) Proposal at a time.  Administrative Meetings may vote on any number of different Proposals per Meeting.  Discussions, Debates and Votes take place on the MetaNet – an online Social Media network that is a mirror image of the Holographic Organization of our Holoverse.
    1. Process of Administrative Meetings:
      1. Proposal: The Proposer makes their Proposal in writing on MetaNet for all applicable Members to review, discuss and debate. A time period of at least ten (10) days must be given before any Administrative Meetings are scheduled to vote on it to ensure that all Members have time to review the Proposal and debate on the issue before voting.
      2. Voting: Using the same MetaNet, every person in the affected Holospheres puts in their vote for an immediate count and record. All Proposals, Debates and Votes will be stored as Public Record.
      3. Repeat, Accept, Reject, Undecided: If the Proposal is Undecided, the Proposer may review the written Objections and amend their Proposal to satisfy the Objections or Debate with the Objectors to try and change their mind. The amended Proposal must then be resubmitted in written form to all Members involved, and the voting process repeated.  A Proposal may only be amended twice after the initial Proposal is made for a total of 3 rounds of voting.  If the Proposal is still Undecided after 3 rounds of voting, the Proposal and any Proposals that are considered too similar will be considered Invalid for five (5) years from the date of the last Vote.  If the Proposal is Rejected, the Proposal and any Proposals that are considered too similar will be considered Invalid for ten (10) years from the date of the vote.  A Proposal is only accepted if it receives a vote of Overwhelming Majority in favor of acceptance.
  7. Election Meetings:  Election Meetings are held to elect Elder’s eligible for Harvest into Logos positions, or positions of Eldership where they gain a position on one of the Councils, and thus become a Trustee/Administrator of Metagaiaes.  As these decisions affect everyone within the Holospheres influenced by these positions, everyone within all of the affected Holospheres votes, rather than just the Members of the Mastermind/Holosphere in question.  Discussion, Debates and Votes for Election Meetings also take place on the MetaNet – an online Social Media network that is a mirror image of the Holographic Organization of our Holoverse.
    1. Election Process:
      1. Nominations: Nominations are decided by Notices of Recommendation for Harvest Letters received by a Core Mastermind.  Each Nominee shall make a 5-10 minute video recorded speech and/or a written essay regarding why they are qualified to be elected to the position for every Member within the affected Holosphere’s to be able to review and base their discussions and votes on.  The Members shall be given 10 days to review the videos/essays before the vote scheduled.
      2. Voting: If there are more than two (2) Nominees, then the one with the least amount of votes will be disqualified and a new vote taken on the remaining Nominees until a vote of Overwhelming Majority can be reached on a single person.  Any people with the same number of the least amount of votes shall tie for disqualification until no more than (2) people are left.  Any Undecided vote between two (2) remaining people shall be considered a Tie, thereby creating Twins.
  8. Heart to Heart Meetings:  Heart to Heart Meetings are informal Meetings between Members of a Mastermind, or between Members of different Masterminds and may be held for any reason.  Short Heart to Heart Meetings may take place immediately if the Member being asked consents to an immediate Heart to Heart Meeting, otherwise a Heart to Heart Meeting must be scheduled.  For example, personal meetings between a Member of a Mastermind and their Advisor Chakra for help innerstanding their Roles and Accountabilities is considered a Heart to Heart Meeting.

Article 8:


  1. Changing Policies:  Any Member may make a Proposal to initiate a Administrative Meeting under the terms of Section 7.6 to add to, delete from, or amend the Policies of their Organization, or Councils, as well as this Trust Agreement.  Only Members may participate in Administrative Meetings.  These policies are the same for Administrative Meetings as they are for Mastermind Meetings.
  2. Criteria for Proposals:  Some Proposals are invalid, and any Heart Chakra may discard such Proposals before they are fully processed.  To be valid, a Proposal must either increase efficiency, overcome an Obstacle, improve the clarity of Policies, or improve the capacity of the Policies to express the Purpose of the Mastermind Organization, Council, or this Trust Agreement.  Also, any Proposal previously deemed Invalid pursuant to Section 7.6(a)(iii) shall be discarded without processing.  The following are the Criteria for discarding Proposals:
    1. If the Proposal were addressed, the capacity of the Policies to enact their Purpose would degrade, thus devolving the Organization, Council or Society. For example, decreasing the clarity of the Policies shall be deemed as devolving capacity, although merely failing to improve the clarity of the Policies shall not, as long as there is an improvement in efficiency, in overcoming an Obstacle or in evolving the Mastermind, Organization, Council or this Trust Agreement’s capacity to fulfill its Purpose.
    2. The Obstacle in which the Proposal is attempting to overcome has yet to exist. Thus, the Obstacle would be created specifically by adopting the Proposal and would not exist were the Proposal withdrawn or discarded.
    3. The Proposal is triggered only by presently known facts or events without regard to the history or a prediction of what might happen in the future. However, relying on present data and predictions, alone, is allowed when no opportunity to depend on history and future analysis exists in a time sensitive situation.  Towards this end, it is important to continually educate oneself in the history of one’s Mastermind, Organization, and Councils.
    4. The Proposal limits the Peoples capacity to express their Purpose or their Accountabilities, Actions and Projects.
    5. The Proposal creates a change in the Policies that conflicts with any other Policies of the Mastermind, Organization, Council or this Trust Agreement.
  3. Processing Proposals: 
    1. Proposals must be processed before any they may be scheduled for vote. Mastermind Meeting may take place in person, or on MetaNet, but Administrative Meetings may only take place on MetaNet.
    2. Proposals may be tested by any Heart Chakra that will be involved in the voting process via a Heart to Heart Meeting with the Heart Chakra. If only one Heart Chakra is affected by the Proposal, that Heart Chakra has sole Jurisdiction over whether or not the Proposal is discarded.  If more than one Heart Chakra is affected by a Proposal, all Heart Chakra’s will participate in a Pre-Administrative Meeting to take a vote on whether or not the Proposal should be discarded or processed.  A Proposal shall only be discarded if there is a vote of Overwhelming Majority to discard it.  If the vote is Undecided, it must be processed.  MetaNet will automatically know who the Heart Chakra’s are in a given network and will give them the option to “Test” any Proposal prior to Vote.
    3. For a Proposal to survive the test, the Proposer must be able to describe the Obstacle, or the increase in efficiency, and give an example of an actual past or present situation in which the Proposal would have overcome that Obstacle or increased efficiency, or otherwise describe how the Proposal clarifies a Policy.
    4. When assessing the validity of a Proposal, the Heart Chakra’s shall only judge whether the Proposer presented the required example and explanations, and whether they were presented with logical reasoning, and thus are reasonable. The Heart Chakra’s shall not make any judgment on the basis of their accuracy, nor on whether the Proposal would adequately address the Obstacle.  After all, that is the job of the Administrative Meeting, not the Test.  The Test is merely to address validity.  If the Heart Chakra’s have an undecided vote on the validity of the Proposal, the Proposal shall remain valid.
  4. Criteria for Objections:  Some Objections are invalid and may be dismissed in similar fashion to a Proposal.
    1. After all Administrative Meetings have concluded for either the first or second round, if the Proposer feels any Objection is invalid, they may petition for an Interim Administrative Meeting with the Heart Chakra’s to determine the validity of an Objection.
    2. To be valid, the Objector must be able to present a reasonable argument for their Objection in response to questions and counter-arguments from the Proposer in front of the Heart Chakra’s.  When an Objection claims the Proposal conflicts with other Policies of the Mastermind, Organization, Council or this Trust Agreement, the Objector must give at least one example.
    3. After a reasonable amount of time debating, the Heart Chakra’s may take a vote as to whether or not the Objection is valid. If an Objection is deemed invalid by a vote of Overwhelming Majority, the Objection must be discarded and the Objector may not vote against the Proposal in the next set of Administrative Meetings.  If the Objector chooses not to vote in favor of the Proposal, but does not wish to lose their count in the vote, they may choose to vote as Undecided.  If the Heart Chakra’s have an Undecided vote on the validity of the Objection, the Objection shall remain valid.
    4. Once all Objections are processed, and the Proposal is amended, the Administrative Meetings may repeat pursuant to Section 7.6(a)(iii).

Article 9:


  1. Processing Purpose and Accountabilities:  Each Member is responsible for regularly considering how to fulfill their Actions, Projects and Accountabilities by defining:
    1. Accountabilities, which are the regularly expected duties and responsibilities of a Member as defined by their Position and Chakra, which are defined in detail by their Mastermind and Organization Policies. Accountabilities take precedence as the first Priority for any Member.
    2. Actions, which are actions one can enact immediately and that would be useful to enact immediately, at least in the absence of competing priorities. If a Member of an Outer Holosphere needs to request a specific Action to be taken, they must Communicate the request with an Action Request Form via the Communication Procedures outlined in Section 9.4.  Actions requested via Action Request Forms take precedence over self-enacted Actions unless otherwise noted in the Action Request Form.
    3. Projects, which are specific outcomes that require multiple sequential actions to achieve and that would be useful to work towards, at least in the absence of competing priorities. If a Member of an Outer Holosphere needs to request a specific Project to be undertaken, they must Communicate the request with a Project Request Form via the Communication Procedures outline in Section 9.4.  Projects requested via Project Request Forms take precedence over self-enacted Projects unless otherwise noted in the Project Request Form.
    4. Action Plans, which are Strategic Plans for achieving certain long-term Goals that may consist of sequences of Milestones, Projects, and Actions. Each Mastermind may draw up their own Actions Plans based upon the Goals, Actions and Projects requested of them from their Outer Mastermind, as well as their Accountabilities thereto.
  2. Responsibility:  Each Member is responsible for regularly considering how best to complete each Accountability, Action, Project or Action Plan they are actively working towards within their Position and Chakra Role, including by defining any Actions useful to move a Project or Action Plan forward.  They are also responsible for deciding how best to proceed upon an Action or Project requested of them, as well for how to proceed upon their own Accountabilities and their part of the current Action Plan for their Mastermind.
  3. Progress Reports and Accountability:  Each Member is responsible for capturing and tracking all Accountabilities, Actions and Projects for their Position and Role using a Progress Report, the form of which to be determined by each Organization, and by each Council, for the purpose of regularly reviewing and tracking the progress of each Member and their Projects/Actions for Quality Assurance and Accountability purposes.  Progress Reports shall also include any Obstacles that occur or are incurred during the enactment of any Accountabilities, Actions and Projects.  It is the responsibility of the Member enacting such Accountabilities, Actions and Projects to attempt to resolve any Obstacles that occur or are incurred, if possible, and to submit Proposals, if necessary, towards the resolution thereof.
  4. Communication Procedures:  With MetaNet, all inter and intra-communications will be simplified, instantaneous, and automatically recorded for public record.
  5. Heart Chakra’s: Communications sent to any Holosphere are always received by the Heart Chakra unless they are sent to a specific recipient.  It is the Heart Chakra’s responsibility to distribute these communications as needed, either to the Operator Chakra or the Treasury Chakra, who then distribute those communications as needed.  The same is done in reverse order when responding.  This way, communications get recorded several times to ensure redundancy for accuracy.
    1. Operator Chakra’s: All Communications between Members of a Mastermind regarding Actions, Projects and Accountabilities, as well as all minutes of every Meeting of the Mastermind flow through the Operator Chakra.
    2. Treasury Chakra’s: All Communications regarding resources within a Mastermind, including, but not limited to Inventory Logs, Asset Request Forms, Accounting Books, Recommendations for Harvest, Transplant Request Forms, Vacation Request Forms and the like flow through the Treasury Chakra’s.
    3. Mediator Chakra’s: All Communications between Plaintiff and Defendant regarding crimes of High Treason in the proceedings of the Mediator’s Court flow through the Mediator Chakra.
    4. Strategist Chakra’s: All Communications regarding the progress and future of Actions and Projects for the Mastermind, such as Action Request Forms, Project Request Forms, Action Plans and Progress Reports must be collected and recorded by the Strategist Chakra.
    5. Angels: All Angels are responsible for completing Progress Reports weekly for their typical Accountabilities, upon the occurrence of any Obstacles, upon the completion of any Action or Project including self-enacted Actions or Projects, upon the commencement of any new Actions or Projects including self-enacted Actions or Projects and shall pass them through the Operator Chakra who must supply them to the Strategist Chakra and the Heart Chakra.  Again, the more redundancy in the records of communication, the higher the accuracy.  It’s like blockchain for everyday information.  It also allows you see the big picture from any Holosphere, without having to look around too much.
    6. All Progress Reports shall make their way to the Strategist Chakra of their Mastermind who shall record the total results each week into a single form to be passed outward through the Masterminds so that each Layer’s Treasurer may record the total results each week in order to record all results at every Layer, the results of which to be logged and filed with each Mastermind at every Layer for research and reference to help evolve and improve the performance of every Mastermind.
    7. Progress Reports for Accountabilities: Responsibilities that are typical and frequent for the Angel in their Position or for other Chakra’s are called “Accountabilities” and need not have an Action Request Form filled, logged and filed, but shall be included in weekly Progress Reports.  For example, Sales related Angels are expected to make Cold Calls, Warm Calls, Sales Appointments, etc., and need no Action Request forms for such Accountabilities, but a Sales related Angel must accurately describe the number of Cold calls, Warms Calls, Sales Appointments made/attended, Sales made, Revenue Sold, etc., each week in their Progress Reports.
    8. Communication Format: All these Public Communications can be handled, filed, and logged using MetaNet, a Social Media platform designed specifically for the Administration of Metagaiaes and its Councils and Organizations.
    9. Duty of Processing Communications: All Members have the responsibility to promptly process Communications from other Members, as follows:
      1. Requests for Progress Reports: Other Members may request that you Process any Progress Reports for any Accountabilities, Actions or Projects within your Position or Chakra’s.  If you have no current Actions or Projects or other Accountabilities under way, you must immediately process such Progress Reports.  If there is no Progress Report to process, you must identify and capture any Actions that you may reasonably take within the scope of your Position and Chakra’s.  If there are none, you must instead describe what Obstacles are standing in your way, and what potential solutions you have taken or will take to resolve such Obstacles.  If neither of these apply, you must share what other Actions, Projects or Accountabilities you can work towards completing, or otherwise describe your reasons for having none and your willingness to be shared with another Mastermind that is overburdened.
      2. Requests for Actions and Projects: Other Members may ask you to take on a specific Action or Project in your Position or Chakra.  If you deem it a reasonable Action or Project to take on, you must accept it and track it with Progress Reports.  If not, you must explain your reasoning, or determine and Communicate a different Action or Project that you believe will meet the requester’s objective.
      3. Member Invitation Requests: An overburdened Mastermind may occasionally send Invitations to other Masterminds for Members of an under-burdened Mastermind to share the workload.  So long as a Mastermind is under-burdened, they must have a good reason to decline an invitation.
    10. Duty of Prioritization: You have the duty of prioritizing where to focus your attention and resources in alignment with the following constraints:
      1. Processing before Enactment: You must generally prioritize processing inbound Communications from other Members over everything else.  However, you may temporarily defer processing in order to batch process Communications in a single time block or at a more convenient time, so long as each Communication is processed by the next business day.  Processing means engaging in the duties described in Section 9.4(a)-(f), including considering the Communication, defining and capturing Actions or Projects when appropriate, and, upon request, responding with acceptance or rejection.  Processing does not mean enacting an accepted Action or Project.
      2. Requested Meetings over Enactment: On request of another Member, you must prioritize attending any Meeting required by your Mastermind, Organization or Council over enacting Actions, Projects and Accountabilities.
      3. Mastermind Needs over Individual Goals: You must integrate and align with any official prioritizations or Strategic Action Plans of the Mastermind, such as those specified by the Masterminds Heart Chakra or Strategist Chakra, when assessing how to deploy your time, attention and other resources to your service within the Mastermind.
      4. Enacting Requests before SelfEnactment: Generally, requested Actions and Projects take priority over self-enacted Actions and Projects.  However, sometimes Actions and Projects must be self-enacted in order to complete or fulfill requested Actions and Projects.
    11. Implicit Expectations Hold No Weight: All your responsibilities and constraints as a Member of an Organization and/or Council are defined in this Trust Agreement, and in the Trust Agreement of the Organization and Council.  No former or implicit expectations or constraints carry any weight or authority, unless an Organization’s or Council’s Policies explicitly empower them, or they come from a basic obligation or contractual agreement you personally have to, or with the Organization or Council.  To put this simply, all expectations for Actions, Projects and Accountabilities must be clearly spelled out in writing to carry any weight.

Article 10:


  1. Membership to Metagaiaes: Membership is not required to work at any Organization in Metagaiaes, but it is required to establish and run an Organization in Metagaiaes, as well as to be in any position of Eldership.  It is also required to receive a HoloCheck book and Holocard in exchange for your service.  To become a Member of Metagaiaes:
    1. One must sign a copy of this Trust Agreement to be held on record in the Council of Light on a public online database like MetaNet. One will receive a Photo ID Passport upon obtaining your Internationally Protected Person Status through One Global Estate which can be used for everything travel and ID related.
  2. Accountability to Trust Agreements: Each Organization and Council is a Sovereign Trust within and under the administration of this Divine Trust.  As such, each Member is responsible for reading and innerstanding all Trust Agreements they are accountable to.
  3. Non-Member Employee’s: There are no Employee’s in Metagaiaes.  However, not all Members of an Organization are Members of Metagaiaes.  Members of an Organization that are not Members of Metagaiaes shall be referred to as Non-Member Employee’s.  Non-Member Employee’s may participate in Heart to Heart and Mastermind Meetings, but only Members of Metagaiaes may participate in Administrative or Election Meetings.
  4. Establishing an Organization: An Organization is established through the creation of an Expressed Irrevocable Natural Law Private Sovereign Trust (Private Business Trust or Natural Law Trust for short) which serves the purpose of providing products and/or services.  This requires:
    1. A Trust Agreement is formed and signed by at least one (1) Trustor, at least one (1) Trustee, and at least one (1) Beneficiary, unless one decides to become a Lone Star, in which case they sign as the Trustor and the Beneficiary of the Trust while having a friend sign as Trustee. The Trust must be established in a small local bank until Holobank is established.  This unfortunately means you will have to get an EIN number from the IRS for your Trust to open a bank account for it.  But don’t worry, do it right with https://brillianceincommerce.com/go/1129/ and you won’t have to file for income taxes or report income to the IRS anyway.  The Bank just needs a number and you can’t use your SSN for a Trust.
    2. The Trust Agreement must be published as public record on the Council of Light’s online database, and a Holosphere Hub must be created on MetaNet within the Multiverse and/or Cosmos it is domiciled within, and a Holosphere created for each Member of the Organization in the Hub on MetaNet.
    3. The Organization must be active full-time towards the fulfillment of the products/services it intends to provide.
  5. Redomiciling a Business: To redomicile your business in Metagaiaes:
    1. Your entire “Elder” staff must become a Member
    2. You must reorganize your business into the Metatocracy, including re-creating all your paperwork and policies to match the standards of Metagaiaes and not contradict this Trust Agreement.
    3. You must update all official address information for your Principle Place of Business to reflect the new “Country” or “Nation” in which you domicile. For example, if you are currently domiciled at 13 Newpark Ave. in NYC, NY, USA, then you are now domiciled at 13 Newpark Ave. NYC, NY, Metagaiaes.
    4. You must list your business on MetaNet including all Holosphere’s for each position.
  6. Establishing a Multiverse or Cosmological Council: As Metagaiaes continues to grow and expand, new Multiverse and Cosmological Councils will need to be established.  When first expanding into a new Region, first the Cosmological Council will be established.  As Metagaiaes continues to grow within the Region, Multiverse Councils may be established within the Districts therein.  Different Regions and Districts may have varying philosophies, cultures and languages, and may establish their policies based on such so long as they do not conflict with the policies of this Divine Trust.  To establish a Multiverse or Cosmological Council:
    1. A Region must have at least seven (7) different Logos Members from at least three (3) different Organizations to Administrate the Cosmological Council who qualify pursuant to Article 13. They must write up a Trust Agreement for the Council and have it ratified by vote of Overwhelming Majority in accordance with the procedures in Section 7.6.
    2. A District must have at least seven (7) different Logos Members from at least three (3) different Organizations to Administrate the Multiverse Council who qualify pursuant to Article 13. They must write up a Trust Agreement for the Multiverse Council and have it ratified by vote of Overwhelming Majority in accordance with the procedures in Section 7.6.
  7. Duty of the Trustees: All Logos are Trustors and Trustees of Metagaiaes.  The Trustors and Trustees Duty is to all Trusts for which they are accountable, and all their acts must be governed by strict Honor to the Trusts and the interests of the Beneficiaries; and any act which is not in the interest of the Beneficiaries is a breach of Trust.  Any such breach of this Trust by a Trustee or Trustor of this Trust Agreement and any Trust Agreement under the administration of this Trust Agreement shall be treated as a Crime of High Treason.  Any Sovereign Member of this Trust Agreement may petition to Charge any Trustee or Trustor with Breach of Trust if they can provide evidence for it.  If they cannot provide evidence for it, but still feel there is a Breach of Trust, they may petition for the Forced Uprooting of the Trustee or Trustor by proposing an early Election Meeting.
  8. Minimum Service before Evolution: Once Planted, Transplanted, or Harvested as a Sub-Logos, a Member must serve the position/role for a minimum of one year before they can Transplant, or Harvest again.  Once Harvested to a Logos position, one must serve for a minimum of four (4) years before they can be Transplanted or Harvested again.
  9. Restrictions on Service: A Member of any one Organization may not be restricted by any Organizations Policies from subscribing to and serving other Organizations, as long as their services neither conflict with, nor take away from one’s ability to serve, the other Organization, so long as those Organizations are not in competition with each other.  However, in the case of a conflict, or the infringement of one’s ability to serve, a Member must choose to Gracefully Uproot from one or more of the other Organization(s), or potentially face being Forcefully Uprooted.

Article 11:


  1. General:  Holobank shall be the Official Central Banking System of Metagaiaes and shall act as the Treasury Department of the Councils once it is established and until it is abolished.
  2. Currency:  The currency of Holobank shall be known as “Holocoin.”  It shall operate in like kind to Cryptocurrency and shall exist in only digital form, but can be converted to any other currency and can be liquidated as cash in any currency.  Its value shall be backed by the Time and Energy of people in Service to Society within Metagaiaes, with its initial value set at 1 Holocoin = 1 grain of Gold.  The value of this currency will never decrease when the value of Gold decreases but may increase as the value of Gold increases.  In other words, the latest highest value of Gold is considered, by this Trust Agreement, to be the current value of the Time and Energy of the People in Service to Metagaiaes.
  3. No Debt, Only Credit:  There are no such things as “interest bearing accounts” at Holobank, nor is there a such thing as “Debt” in Holobank.  All Holocoins created shall be considered Credit.  Any Money converted into Holocoin from a different currency shall be considered Credit.
  4. Natural Law/Private Business Trust Funds:  All accounts in Holobank shall be Natural Law or Private Business Trust Funds.  The Trust Fund for Metagaiaes shall be an Expressed Irrevocable Natural Law Divine Private Trust Estate managed by the Council of Light via this Trust Agreement.  Each Organization, Multiverse and Cosmological Council shall have an Expressed Irrevocable Natural Law Sovereign Private Trust Estate.  Each Member may have Expressed Irrecovable Natural Law Family Trust Estates to hold any and all personal assets and properties.
  5. Jurisdiction: Holobank is outside the Jurisdiction of the Kingdom of Earth and therefore, no account within Holobank is subject to taxation by any entity within the Kingdom of Earth, including but not limited to the IRS/IMF.
  6. Issuance of Holocard and HoloChecks:
    1. All Members of Metagaiaes that serve in any Organization shall receive HoloCheck books and Holocards for Business and Personal use from the Organizations Trust.
    2. Holocards and HoloCheck books create money when used to purchase products and services rather than using existing money.
    3. All money is first created as Holocoins in Holobank and exchanged for the currency in question upon deposit.
    4. Non-Member Employees shall not be entitled to receive a HoloCheck book or Holocard. Family Estates do not receive HoloCheck books or Holocards.
    5. Personal Private Business Trusts are eligible for HoloCheck books and Holocards upon Retirement.
  7. Deactivation of Holocards and HoloChecks:  The following shall constitute immediate deactivation of Holocards and HoloChecks:
    1.  The Forced Uprooting of a Member.
    2.  Breach of Trust.
    3.  Found guilty of Crime of High Treason.
  8.  Holocard and HoloCheck Benefits:  The following are benefits granted to all Members of Metagaiaes regarding the Holocard and HoloCheck books:
    1.  Unemployment Insurance Alternative: If a Member loses their job at no fault of their own, or Gracefully Uproots from an Organization the Member’s Holocard and HoloChecks shall remain activated for up to six (6) months to give them time to find further Membership at another Organization, or to start up their own Organization.
    2.  Worker’s Compensation Alternative: If a Member is injured on or off the job and becomes unable to work in their position, their Holocard and HoloChecks shall remain activated for up to six (6) months to allow for the Member to recover.  If more time is needed, the Member may apply for an extension at their Organization.  Each extension may last up to three (3) months, and a Member may only apply for up to two (2) extensions.  If a Member does not recover, they may apply for Disability to permanently keep their Holocard and HoloChecks active.  An Organization must give an injured Member the exact position and role they had before the injury took place when they return.
    3.  Paternal/Maternal Leave: When a family has a newborn child, the parents are eligible for Maternal and Paternal Leave without recourse from their Organization.  Mothers may be granted Maternal Leave first for up to one (1) year.  After the mother finishes their Maternal Leave, the father may be granted Paternal Leave for up to one (1) year.  Holocards and HoloChecks shall remain active during this time.  An Organization must give a mother and father the exact position and role they had before their Leave began when they return.
    4.  Student Service: Participating as a Student in an adult education Organization, such as a University in Metagaiaes, is considered a Service.  As such, all Students actively participating in continued education shall receive Holocards and HoloCheck books upon Subscription to any such continued education Organization domiciled in Metagaiaes.  If a student quits their education early, their Holocard and HoloChecks shall be deactivated immediately.  However, if a Student graduates, their Holocard and HoloChecks shall remain active for up to one (1) year while they look for Membership to an Organization or begin working on starting their own Organization.
  9. Regarding Account Types at Holobank:  The Trust Estates mentioned in Section 11.4 above shall be the Central Trust Account for all Organizations and Councils.  Members may have as many Family Trust Estates as needed to protect their personal property and assets.  Furthermore, each Organization and Council may also have as many Property Trust Estates as needed to protect their property and assets.  Only the Central Sovereign Trust Accounts may issue Holocards and HoloCheck books to their Subscribed Members, and only the Divine Trust Account may issue Holocards and HoloCheck books to Retired/Disabled Members.
  10. Profit Sharing:  Once Holobank is established and there is no longer a need to concern ourselves with how to pay Members as they will have free access to money via their HoloCheck books and Holocards, Non-Member Employee’s shall have the right to an equal share in the profits generated by their Organization.

Article 12:


  1. Basics:  There are fundamentally two different jurisdictions of law that Members of Metagaiaes must observe in order for our society to experience an abundance of peace and prosperity.  Namely, Natural Law and Private Equity Law, i.e. the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).   This Trust Agreement defines the applicable extensions of both for the purposes of Metagaiaes.
  2. Private Equity Law:  The 10 Maxims of the UCC regarding Private Equity Law are, essentially, the extension of the Natural Law in Commerce and should be used by each Member of Metagaiaes in any and all of their commercial transactions and legal proceedings before any other format is initiated.  It is the responsibility of each Member to study the UCC Regulations.  The 10 Maxims are as follows:
    1. A workman is worthy of his hire.
    2. All are equal under the law.
    3. In commerce truth is sovereign.
    4. Truth is expressed by means of an affidavit.
    5. An unrebutted affidavit stands as the truth in commerce.
    6. An unrebutted affidavit becomes the judgement in commerce.
    7. A matter must be expressed to be resolved.
    8. He who leaves the field of battle first loses by default.
    9. Sacrifice is the measure of credibility (if one has neither been damaged nor incurred a risk, and is unwilling to swear an affidavit – i.e. “true, correct and complete,” the commercial equivalent of, “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” – on his unlimited commercial liability for the veracity of his statements and the legitimacy of his actions, he has no credibility, and therefore no basis for asserting claims/charges or claiming authority).
    10. A lien of claim can be satisfied only through rebuttal by counter affidavit point-for-point, resolution by jury, or payment.
  3. Natural Law:  Natural Law begins with the Law of One which emphatically designates all people as Equal Sovereigns as it states, “The Creator creates Itself.  All People are the Creator creating Itself. Therefore, all People retain the Infinite Sovereignty of the Creator.”  The following are the 7 Distortions of the Law of One as defined in detail within Article 3 of this Trust.
    1. The Principle of Free-Will;
    2. The Principle of Love;
    3. The Principle of Light;
    4. The Principle of Karma;
    5. The Principle of Grace;
    6. The Principle of Harmony
    7. The Principle of Anarchism.
  4. Types of Violations:  There are two types of violations a Member of Metagaiaes may incur: (1) Petty Violations; and (2) Crimes of High Treason.  See Article 1 for definitions.
  5. Types of Remedies: There are also two methods of Natural Law by which remedy may be found: (1) The Principle of Grace; and (2) The Principle of Karma.  The Principle of Grace is the simple act of forgiveness.  The Principle of Karma is the Due Process of Law.
  6. Due Process of Law:  There are two Processes by which the Principle of Karma may be used in Metagaiaes, (1) Private Equity Law; and (2) the Mediator’s Court, which is Public Common Law.  Private Equity Law, as described in Section 12.2 should always be attempted before the Mediator’s Court.
  7. Mediator’s Court:
    1. To initiate a proceeding in the Mediator’s Court, the alleged Violated Party must file an Affidavit with the appropriate Mediator Chakra pursuant to Section 12.10 to initiate the proceedings of the Mediator’s Court. The Violated Party must then Notify the Defendant of the Affidavit with a Summons Form with the Affidavit attached thereto.
    2. The Defendant must then answer the Summons within thirty (30) days by filing a rebuttal Affidavit with the same Mediator. Failure to reply within thirty (30) days shall constitute a default loss for the Defendant and waive of right to Appeal.
    3. Once both Affidavits have been received, the Arbitrator shall schedule the Initial Hearing within thirty (30) days of receipt of the Rebuttal Affidavit, to take place within sixty (60) days of receipt of the Rebuttal Affidavit.
    4. If mediated negotiations at the initial Hearing fail, the Mediator shall adjourn the Hearing and initiate the procedures for the Trial by sending Jury Duty notice to all nearby Organizations within the same District, or Masterminds within the same Organization to obtain an impartial and unbiased Jury of at least seven (7) Members and no more than twelve (12) Members, and after determining the date of the Trial shall notify the Jurors, the Defendant and the Plaintiff of the Date and Time of the Trial. The Trial date must be scheduled no more than thirty (30) days after the Initial Hearing to take place within ninety (90) days after the Initial Hearing.
    5. Any evidence to be used in the Trial must be submitted before or during the Trial and shall not be accepted after the Trial’s Judgment has been passed.
    6. If the case cannot be resolved during the time frame of the first Trial date, it may be rescheduled for a total of up to three (3) Trial dates. Each successive Trial Date must take place not less than thirty (30) days after the previous Trial Date, and not more than sixty (60) days after the previous Trial Date.
    7. The Jury must make a final decision upon the closing of the third (3rd) Trial. Judgments must be made by vote of Overwhelming Majority.
    8. If a Vote of Overwhelming Majority cannot not be reached for either “guilty” or “innocent” status amongst the Jurors after the last Trial date, the verdict shall remain “undecided” and the Principle of Grace must be enacted by the allegedly Violated Party.
    9. Either party may appeal the case one (1) time each by Submitting an Application to Appeal to the Mediator Chakra outside of the previous Mediator. Appeals may be accepted or rejected after the new Mediator reviews the previous Trial. Any Appeal accepted will go directly to Trial without Hearing.  Any Appeal rejected marks the previous decision as final.  Any case seen by the Mediator’s Court of the Council of Light may not be appealed because there are no further Courts to appeal to.
  8. Remedies for Petty Violations:  Petty Violations may be satisfied quid pro quo.  For example, the stolen property is returned, something of equal value is received in exchange, the violator volunteers X amount of hours in service to the violated, etc.
  9. Remedies for Crimes of High Treason:  A crime of High Treason has only one (1) satisfaction: The Forced Uprooting of the violating Member and Banishment from Metagaiaes with seizure of the violating Member’s Trust Accounts, the assets thereof to be given to the violated Member, and ineligibility to rejoin Metagaiaes for a minimum of 10 years.
  10. Determination of the Mediator:  The Mediator shall be the Mediator Chakra. If a dispute involves a Mediator Chakra, then the Mediator Chakra of the Outer Holosphere shall be the Mediator.  If a dispute involves Members of the same Holosphere, that Holosphere’s Mediator Chakra shall preside as Mediator.  If a dispute involves Members from two different Holospheres within the same Organization, the Mediator Chakra of the Holosphere that both Holospheres orbit within shall be the Mediator.  If a dispute involves Members from two different Organizations within the same District, the Mediator Chakra of the Multiverse Council for that District shall preside as Mediator.  If a dispute involves Members from two different Districts within the same Region, a Mediator Chakra from the Cosmological Council for that Region shall preside as Mediator.  If a dispute involves Members from two different Regions, a Mediator Chakra from the Council of Light shall preside as Mediator.
  11. Determination of the Jurors:  Jurors are to be randomly selected with the exception that Members of the same Mastermind as the Parties in dispute, as well as friends and family members may not be selected in order to ensure an impartial and unbiased Jury.  There must be a minimum of 7 Jurors, and a maximum of 12 Jurors.
  12. Determination of Jurisdiction:  The Jurisdiction of Metagaiaes is currently only applicable to any disputes between current Members of Metagaiaes and any non-Member Employee’s an Organization may employ.  If any other Persons are involved in a dispute with a Member of Metagaiaes, the Jurisdiction falls to the Jurisdiction of the Violated Party.  It is suggested that all such disputes are handled via Private Equity Law and/or Arbitration if Private Equity Law does not settle the dispute.  To ensure this, a clause should be added to any and all contracts/agreements between an Organization and its Customers, Clients or Patients that waives the rights of both parties to settle in court, instead opting for Private Equity Jurisdiction and Arbitration.

Article 13:


  1. General:  Every Member of Metagaiaes is also a functional Member of the Social Administration.  The Councils are created in respect to the Organization of an otherwise Anarchistic System, in which all Members are Self-Representing Sovereigns.  There are three (3) layers of Councils for the general society, the Multiverse Council which administrates the District, the Cosmological Council which administrates the Region, and the Council of Light which administrates the Realm – the whole Global Society.
  2. Council Qualifications:  The various Councils consist of various Members, as follows:
  3. Multiverse Councils consist of:
    1. Lone Stars who must serve the Multiverse Council of the District they primarily operate within and are domiciled within.
    2. Stars of small Organizations, who may only participate in the Multiverse Council of the District they primarily operate within and are domiciled within.
    3. GC Trustors of District to Regional size Organizations, who may participate in the District they are domiciled in, as well as GC’s of Universe sized Organizations who serve the Multiverse Council of their choice within the Region they operate.
  4. Cosmological Councils:
    1. GCC Trustors of Regional sized Organizations, who must participate in the Regions they operate within, as well as GCC’s of Universe sized Organizations who serve the Cosmological Council of the Region they operate within.
    2. MC’s of the Multiverse Councils within the Region.
  5. Council of Light:
    1. UC’s of International Universes.
    2. CC’s of the Cosmological Councils.
  6. Organization of the Councils:  As Metagaiaes continues to grow the Councils will also continue to grow.  As such, the Councils shall be organized as a Holographic Mastermind whereby each Primary Chakra becomes a Heart to an Administrative Department within the Councils, and each Member that is not one of the Primary Chakra’s on the Council shall function as a Member in one of these Departments.  Each Member newly Harvested to a Council must begin at the innermost Holosphere Layer of the Council.  The Departments will be organized such that each Chakra Member will be a shared Member.  For example, the Strategist Chakras of the Advisor Department shall also be Angels in the Strategist Mastermind, and the Advisor Chakras of the Strategist Department shall also be Angels in the Advisor Department, and the Heart Chakra’s of each Department make up the Primary Chakra’s of the Heart Mastermind.  Angel Chakra’s are the only Chakra’s that are not shared between Departments.  In this way, every Department of the Councils will be interlinked such that all the Departments will always be aware of the activities of the other Departments and will have liaisons between each other.  A Chakra Role may not be given to more than one Member for each Council, Department and Mastermind.  All other Members must be Angels.
    1. Advisor Department: The Heart Chakra of the Advisor Department is the Primary Advisor Chakra of the Council.  The purpose of the Advisor Mastermind is to act as Advisors to all other Masterminds.
    2. Strategist Mastermind: The Heart Chakra of the Strategist Department is the Primary Strategist Chakra of the Council.  The purpose of the Strategist Department is to keep track of progress and to create Action Plans and Strategies for the expansion of Metagaiaes, as well as to help create Action Plans and Strategies for all other Departments within the Council.
    3. The Operator Department: The Heart Chakra of the Operator Department is the Primary Operator Chakra of the Council.  The purpose of the Operator Mastermind is to manage and keep track of all important communications throughout the Council, as well as to make any necessary amendments to policies that have been changed via the processes outlined in Articles 6 and 7.  They will also be responsible for keeping the public information available on the Councils Public Website up to date.  Furthermore, the Operator Department is responsible for managing all operations enacted by the Council, such as Contracting Construction Companies for the construction of Public Property.
    4. The Heart Mastermind: The Heart Chakra of the Heart Mastermind is the Core Member of the Council and represents the Council on their Outer Council.  The purpose of the Heart Mastermind is to maintain coherency amongst all the Departments, to finalize all decisions that end at their Holosphere, and to manage and record all their communications between the Councils.
    5. The Mediator Department: The Heart Chakra of the Mediator Department is the Primary Mediator Chakra of the Council.  The purpose of the Mediator Department is to act as the District, Regional and International Courts of Metagaiaes.  All Angels that serve on the Mediator Mastermind shall be Mediators and other various Administrators in the Mediators Courts of the Councils.
    6. The Treasury Mastermind: Holobank, as the Central Banking System of Metagaiaes shall be the Treasury Department of the Councils.  Holobank shall be organized the same as a Universe size Organization.  There shall be one District Office for each District, led by a GC who shall be the Primary Treasury Chakra on their Multiverse Council.  There shall be one Regional Office for each Region, leg by a GCC who shall be the Primary Treasury Chakra on their Cosmological Council.  The UC of Holobank shall be the Primary Treasury Chakra on the Council of Light.  Stars shall be the Local Branch Office Administrators, with Planets as Shift Supervisors and Account Managers, and Satellites as Tellers and Customer Service Representatives.  The purpose of the Treasury Department is to track the distributions of all resources amongst all Districts and Regions throughout the Realm, to manage all transactions made through Holobank, to manage the resources and inventory of their Council, and to complete any payments to any third party contractors or organizations fulfilling a service to the council, as well as any other duties and responsibilities that may be or may become relevant.
    7. The Angel Department: The Angel Department is the Department of Peace.  The Angel Department acts as Peace Keepers throughout the various Districts and Regions of the Realm.  All Peace Keepers shall be thoroughly trained in Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhi Programme, as well as the art of Self-Defense.  The Peace Keepers primary responsibility is to practice the TM-Sidhi Programme daily to maintain coherency throughout the Collective Consciousness of the Districts, Regions and the Realm.  The Peace Keepers secondary responsibility is to patrol the streets and guard Organizations, and to mediate disputes before they become crimes.  Peace Keepers are not authorized to use force unless violence is committed first.  Most importantly, they are charged with keeping the peace between Metagaiaes and our Host Nations.  The Angel Department shall be organized the same as a Universe size Organization.  Each Planet shall lead a group of six (6) Satellites.  There shall be at least one (1) Planet for every Organization (not including Lone Stars) within a District maintaining an absolute minimum of 1% of the population of the District (total population between the State/Province and Metagaiaes in the District).  There shall be one GC for each District, who shall be the Primary Angel Chakra on the Multiverse Council.  There shall be 6 Stars to assist the GC in the administrative affairs on their Multiverse Council, each Star being assigned a set of Planets to administrate.  There shall be one GCC for each Region, who shall be the Primary Angel Chakra on the Cosmological Council.  The UC shall be the Primary Angel Chakra on the Council of Light.

Article 14:


  1. Our Mother Earth has a rich abundance of resources for all of humankind to share if we are not abusing them.  It’s also an abundantly healthy place to live so long as we aren’t polluting her soil, water and atmosphere.  All Organizations and Members of Metagaiaes hereby vow to Responsibly Manage the Resources of our Mother Earth and to Honor and Respect our Mother Earth in our use thereof, by recycling our own products or parts, managing our waste, and maintaining production with supply vs. demand.
  2. We hereby vow to reduce all outputs of pollution and to find ways to cease output of pollution, or even reverse the effects of pollution.
  3. We hereby vow to use our Resources as efficiently as possible and to recycle as many of them as possible for as long as possible.
  4. We hereby vow to transition from the Service Based Free-Access Economy of Holobank to the Resource Based Free-Access Economy of The Venus Project as quickly as possible once we no longer need to do business with other Nations to support ourselves.
  5. We hereby vow to research and establish clean, pollution-free energy throughout Metagaiaes, and to use such technologies in our Organizations to help create a cleaner, healthier world as soon as fiscally possible.

Article 15:


  1. The Establishment of the at least seven (7) Organizations in Metagaiaes shall be sufficient for the Ratification of this Trust Agreement and Metagaiaes.
  2. Done in Convention by the Unanimous Consent of the Organizations and Members present on this _______ Day of this ________ Month in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand ________.
  3. In Witness hereof, we have hereunto subscribed our Name:

Print: ____________________________________ Signature: _______________________________________ Date: _________

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