I have mentioned Sovereignty countless times throughout this blog, but I have yet to really explain it.  Sovereignty is extremely simple, but it is also quite complex, and it’s wrapped in historical misunderstandings.

In essence, Sovereignty is your equality with the Creator, or whatever you choose to call God, or some form of Higher Power.  If you haven’t yet found it within yourself to recognize this equality, then you will likely still be plagued with the idea that you should be dominated by people of so-called Authority.

But Sovereignty comes in other forms, as well.  The above can be called Spiritual Sovereignty, and represents the foundational basis and reality for Sovereignty.  Aside from this, as far as our human societies are concerned, there is also Legal Sovereignty and Financial Sovereignty.

When most people think about Sovereignty, they are thinking about Legal Sovereignty.  This is the form of Sovereignty that has been shrouded in misunderstandings for 6000 years of history.

This type of Sovereignty was limited to a very small number of people, basically, the Monarch – a King or a Queen.  This Sovereignty was said to be “ordained” by God, or a god, via the Head Priest or equivalent.

Of course, the Sovereignty had to be ordained because Sovereignty belongs to the Creator alone.  What we didn’t understand for so long is that we are the Creator.  That we are all the Creator Creating Itself.

Over time, however, more and more of those at the upper echelons of Society began to demand their Sovereignty as well.  I can only assume that this is because those at the upper echelons of Society back then were the most educated, and thus, the most potentially capable of realizing their Spiritual Sovereignty.  It simply isn’t possible to realize your Spiritual Sovereignty and not demand your Legal or Financial Sovereignty as a result.

The first to demand their Legal Sovereignty were the Knights of England during the 15th Century, most notably, the Knights Templar.  In short, the knights would go off to war, leaving their property and castles behind, only to find that the King had taken possession of them when they returned from war.  If these Knights got back their property at all, it was only in the form of “usury” and all revenue from the property was thus taxed by the King.

As you can imagine, this didn’t sit well with the Knights who fought so hard for the King only for the King to turn around and steal from them simply because he is the Sovereign of the land.  So, the Knights Templar finally drew up the famous document, the Magna Charta – The Great Charter – and forced the King under threat of death to sign it.

The Magna Charta essentially allowed the Knights to hold their property in Trust, a relatively new idea developed by the Catholic Church, to prevent the King from laying claim to their property while they were gone.

Unfortunately, the King had the Magna Charta voided by the Pope a few years later because the existence of a former contract voids any subsequent contracts.  The former contract being the Holy Alliance of 1213, as covered earlier, which declared all land and everything on the land to be the property of the church via the King of England, and unfortunately, no one ever rebutted this claim within the Statute of Limitations.

But this didn’t stop others from trying the same thing in different ways.  To be honest, it’s been a while since I did the research on this topic, so unfortunately, the great remainder of the details after this are evading me.  But today, anyone can create a Trust Agreement with anyone in order to protect their property and assets.

This is what, today, is called Financial Sovereignty.  Using these trusts keeps your property and assets out of Government and IRS hands, meaning you cannot be taxed on anything held in trust.  The reason is quite simple.  It is because you do not actually own the property or asset, but rather that you only manage it.  According to today’s laws, Ownership is the same as Usury.  You are led to believe that you are the Owner, but in reality, the Government owns it, you use it, and that’s why you pay taxes on it.  But with the Trust Fund, you no longer own/use it, you manage it, and thus you do not owe taxes to the real owner, because there is no longer any real owner.  And that is what makes it “Private Property,” outside the jurisdiction of any Government.

Legal Sovereignty regards the acceptance of your birth certificate and social security number as “gifts” through a small legal process that marks you as the “Holder in due course” of these instruments.  Currently, they are held in trust by the State (of affairs), which marks you as a “beneficiary,” aka a “Citizen,” aka a “slave.”  Accepting these instruments means you have “perfected title” to the gifts, putting them under your control, thereby upgrading you from a beneficiary to an heir.  This may be done in different ways in different parts of the world.  In the US, it is as simple as becoming a Sovereign State Citizen, as all people born in the US are born Sovereigns.  However, when they fail to perfect title to their birth certificate and SSN by the age of 18, their name gets written in the Book of the Dead and they are deemed “lost at sea.”  But as soon as you redeem the gift, your name will once again be written in the Book of Life as an Heir to the Vatican’s Divine Global Estate – The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  Don’t be fooled by the fact that it’s under the Vatican’s control.  Once you complete this process, you are no longer a “subject” of the system, but a Sovereign.

More information will provided later in another article.

Financial Sovereignty just means that you don’t owe anyone taxes on your income or private property.  There are a few ways this can be legally done, but one of them is the simplest and the most powerful and that is the Natural Law Trust.  This is what the super-rich elite’s and royals of the world use, so they will never make it illegal.  If you would like to begin using these Trusts to protect your own income, assets and property, then head over to

Spiritual Sovereignty is what needs to be discussed the most in this Chapter, because it is probably the least understood of all, and is by far the most important.  As mentioned earlier, all it means is that you have realized your inherent equality with the Creator, as the Creator.  But there is so much more that goes into this.

First of all, most people, upon first making this realization, end up a bit too puffed up with pride.  This is a necessary part of the process, for we need to experience this pride of having realized the power of God within us, and this pride must necessarily lead to a series of humbling experiences that help us to mature into our Sovereignty.

Everyone is different, so the experiences and length of time necessary to mature into Sovereignty is going to be different for everyone.  But the process, itself, will remain relatively the same.

The ultimate trap that some people fall into with their pride is that you begin to see yourself as better than most others, and begin to see yourself as the one that provides opportunity for others – opportunity in the form of service to yourself.

Now, I can’t help you if you are already a Narcissist.  But if you are Compassionate, then you will likely not have to worry about this as much, because you will already be more inclined to serve others than yourself.  But you will still feel a sense of pride as though you are better than those who have yet to realize their Sovereignty.

This won’t last forever as a Compassionate, but there are a few things you can do help speed along the process of maturity.  First and foremost, practice Meditation.  That cannot be stressed enough.  Meditation is the only path of self-discovery.  In fact, Spiritual Sovereignty itself cannot even be realized without practicing Meditation.  Secondly, you must try to keep in mind at all times that every other thing is also the Creator Creating Itself, just like you are, and thus, while you may have realized your Sovereignty, just because others have not, doesn’t mean they are not actually Sovereign.  It just means they haven’t realized it yet.

We are all here to help each other.  Unless you are Narcissist.  But if you’re reading this blog, you’re probably not a Narcissist.  I can’t imagine you’ve come this website if you’re a Narcissist.  This blog is written specifically for the Compassionates, there isn’t really any information in here on how to succeed as a Narcissist.  There are ways and means, but not for much longer in this world.  So, I simply keep that info to a minimum.

The number one, most important aspect of being Sovereign is Service.  A Sovereign is not necessarily one who is served by others, although that happens.  A Sovereign, first and foremost, is one who serves others before themselves.  But a Sovereign doesn’t force help upon others, because a Sovereign would never violate the Law of Free-Will.  Even Narcissists do not violate this Law, that is why we must consent to paying income taxes in exchange for Government Benefits, for example.

You should be pretty familiar, by now, with the idea that Service is the beginning and the end of Society.  Society simply can’t exist without Service, because Commerce cannot operate without Service, and Society is the Organization of Commerce.

So, in any Society, those who are truly Sovereign are those who make the most effort to serve the needs of others in Society.  Service, itself, is an act of Love that brings Light to the world.

Our world has been very dark for a long time because most people are concerned about how Society should be serving them, but they are not concerned about how they should be serving Society.  What many people have forgotten in our world of employment and wage slavery, is that Society is made of people.  When Society serves us, it is people that are serving us, and Society requires our service too so that others may benefit from it.  Society is a system of people serving people for the greater good.  Without service, Society ceases to exist.  If we truly believe that it is not important for us to serve, then we inherently believe that Society doesn’t need to exist, or conversely, that we do not need to exist.

The primary problem with our world today is that most people are not in a position where they can choose how they would like to serve society.  They are forced to serve in a way in which they could care less about because they are constantly faced with the short-term need for survival – the most difficult of all Selfish needs to overcome.  They get on by convincing themselves that one day they will have a choice, but that time never comes because they don’t have the time to create that opportunity when they are always too busy trying to survive.

The way of our world with our Trade Based Economy creates a constant Catch 22 near impossible hurdle to overcome for every poor person on this planet.  With a Service Based Economy or a Free Access Economy, everyone would always have the opportunity to study, figure out, and do what they are passionate about without having to worry about the bills, or food, or debt.

Unfortunately, what the concept of trade does, is it replaces the concept of Compassionate Service with Narcissistic Service.  What do I mean by that?  I mean, that when we go to work for a pay check, we are no longer going to work to serve others, but to serve ourselves.  This breeds an awful lot of confusion within a lot of Compassionates.  It took me the greater part of 15 years to unwind all this confusion.

In a Free Access Economy, anyone who serves, even in the smallest capacity, has free access to all the wealth of society.  This is the ultimate version of Equity.  You see, equity doesn’t mean that everyone should have the same amount of everything.  It means that everyone should have equal access to everything.

But that isn’t the way it works.  Now, as you’ll recall, Sovereignty is directly related to our equality with God.  Well, if we are all equal with God, then are we not all equal with each other?  Should others have to fight for survival while others lounge in luxury?  That doesn’t seem very fair, or equal, at all, now does it?

And yet, that is the way it works in our world.  Our world works based upon Narcissistic Principles, rather than Compassionate principles, and THAT is why so many people are so confused.  Because Compassion makes us realize that things should work a certain way, but reality shows us a very different story.

Money/Trade, the Pyramid Power Structure, Authoritarian control – these are all Narcissistic Principles that dominate the way our world works.  But also, this is the very reason we simply cannot just reform the currently existing Governments.  They are far too entrenched in their ways and histories to make these kinds of changes.

The only solution is to create an Alternative Society that does things right from the very beginning, and then offer others a choice – join us and live under the Principles of Compassion, or don’t and continue to live under the Principles of Narcissism.

Even the Founding Fathers who wrote the Declaration of Independence understood this fact – that Governments cannot be reformed due to their long history.  So, the Declaration of Independence was written to give reason and power behind the idea that, as Sovereigns, we could create our own Nation with our own Government; and thanks to that historical event, now everyone around the world can do the same if they so wish.

That is, you can choose to create your own Alternative Society and Social Compact to sign, or you can join one that you like.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, —That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes…”

Buckminster Fuller was also quoted as having said, “You cannot change the reality by fighting the existing system.  If you wish to change reality, you have to create a new system that renders the old one obsolete.”

History has proven time and again that Revolutions do not solve the problem.  Every revolution throughout history has simply been the slaves rising up against their masters to become the new masters.  A few words change, but the system remains the same, corruption settles in again, and another new Revolution becomes necessary.

As Einstein said, “You cannot solve a problem with the same line of thinking that caused it in the first place.”  It is time we stop Revolving and begin Evolving.  The problem with Revolutions is right in the word – it keeps us going round and round in circles.  Evolution brings us spiraling upwards to new and better things.

The solution, the new system, is the Metatocracy, first and foremost.  It is a way for us to come back into harmony with nature and each other, to build businesses that operate based on the Principles of Compassion.  And then, to use that same system to create an Alternative Society by networking all these different businesses together under a New Social Compact, that all other governments will be forced to see as Sovereign, because it is the same Principle by which they founded their Nation.

However, as a big part of this Alternative Society is “Sovereignty for All,” it is extremely important that people understand their Spiritual Sovereignty, and how to properly behave as a Sovereign in a world of Sovereigns.

Sovereignty requires Honor on the part of the person to never violate the Free-Will of another being.  Sovereignty demands that one not only have their Free-Will respected by divine, natural birth right, but that we also respect the Divine Free-Will of all other beings.

This has undoubtedly proven to be the most difficult obstacle we face as human beings and has long been the crux upon which all Law has been based.  Aside from rules for Commerce, it has always been thought that a Society must also establish rules of conduct and the consequences for bad behavior.  But this is actually a backwards approach that assumes that people are not Sovereign.

Rather than establish rules and consequences, we should be teaching Sovereignty Consciousness.  Rules, Laws and consequences are the idea behind the metaphor that is “The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil,” or Religion, which until recently, has always been the Heart of any Society.  People don’t need laws to be good people.  Most people are inherently good.  What laws do is not punish bad people, but prevent good people from doing otherwise good things.

You see, laws don’t stop bad people from doing things, they only prevent good people from doing things.  More laws are not what we need.  What we need is to simply educate people on Sovereignty, Compassion, Free-Will and all the different ways it can be violated – on purpose or accidentally.  When people have a greater understanding of themselves and the boundaries between our relationships with each other, we become more capable of benefiting others without accidentally violating these rights.

Does that mean we don’t need laws at all?  Absolutely not!  But what we do need as laws are only those which are backed up by Natural Law.  So, we need to better understand Natural Law.

Many people typically come back with the argument, “what about rape, theft, or physical violence?”  My response is always, “What do you think it means to violate free-will?”  Violation of free-will is the ONLY crime, in all its forms.  That can even be something as innocent as lying.  We don’t need to codify every detail.  In fact, the more broad the law, the more powerful and wide sweeping it is.

Creating such extra laws is a fear-based response rooted in the Narcissistic Principle of Control.  But this fear is irrational, as all fears are and can be avoided simply by learning Natural Law.

Unfortunately, the education systems of today do not teach such things, and intentionally so.  They are only teaching in a way that indoctrinates children, from a very young age, into an Authoritarian Structure.  They are taught not to question the answers given.  They are not given the freedom to use their imaginations.  They are punished for curiosity.  What they are actually being taught in school these days is of secondary importance to how they are being taught.

The way our education systems work today is outright stealing the Sovereignty of people before they ever even have a chance to realize it.  Well, if you are going to create a society of indoctrinated idiots, then you are going to have to create a lot of laws to protect them.  But if they were educated properly in the first place, Society would be a much simpler engine to maintain.

There is only one form of education and that is self-education.  Our children should not be taken to schools where they will be indoctrinated in any way, shape or form.  Whether they go to a school, or are home educated, they need to be educated in a way that is self-guiding and mastery-oriented.  They need to be shown how to find the answers, rather than be taught what the answers are.  They need to learn how to learn, and how to figure things out for themselves.  They need to learn how to use their own damn minds.

As we learned in The Philosophy Blog, Free-Will is Chaos, and Chaos is Coherence.  Chaos is the Order of the whole Universe. Chaos has its own underlying order that creates Coherence throughout the whole system.  Coherence is Order.  We really shouldn’t be calling it “Chaos Theory,” but rather the “Coherence Principle.”

Freedom creates randomness at the local level, but throughout the whole system it creates an evolving order called Coherence.  What the Royals really don’t like about this idea, is that it allows Society to evolve outside of their control.  It isn’t really that they are afraid of chaos, but rather that they are obsessed with Control.

Think about it, in the animal kingdoms, there are no rulers.  But they thrive abundantly nonetheless, at least so long as we Humans aren’t destroying their habitat.  Also, it doesn’t make sense that initiating anarchism would reduce us to the level of the animal Kingdom.  We are still humans with technological intelligence, and we all wish to improve the world.  The one and only thing that prevents us from being able to do so is the system of Archonism that controls our Time and Energy with a Trade Based Economy.

Archonism is the opposite of Anarchism.  The word “Archon” is Greek for “Ruler.”  The prefix “An” denotes “Without” and thus, Anarchism means “Without Ruler.”  In fact, specifically, it refers to a society based on the “voluntary cooperation of people.”

Wow.  What a novel concept.  You mean to tell me that you can have voluntary cooperation without rulership?  Well, yes.  That’s exactly what I am telling you.  But you didn’t really need to be told that, did you?

In any society there must some form of Administration.  Some Anarchists believe that Government in any form is the enemy of Freedom, but this represents a grave misunderstanding of the word Anarchism.

In their defense, the word “Anarchy” is defined by such principles as “without government,” or “without organization,” or “lawlessness.”  Many people tend to confuse the word Anarchism with Anarchy.  Anarchism is actually one of the definitions of Anarchy, but it’s like the square/rectangle theorem.  One is the other, but the other is not the one.

As we now know, from The Philosophy Blog, Nature does indeed have Laws, and an Organizational System.  It also has a Administration that we are largely unaware of.  Nature is Holographically Organized Anarchism, and our societies should be the same.

This Natural Government of Nature refers to the Logos.  The Hindu might understand the word Ram better.  Logos is the Greek word that means, essentially, the same thing, but more people are familiar with it, so I use this word more often.

This Natural Government of Nature was discussed in The Philosophy Blog under the article, Logos, and is re-examined again in The Solution Blog under The Absolute Administration of Nature.

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