Consciousness Creates Reality

Now that we have the basic understanding that Consciousness creates reality, or that Consciousness creates itself, we can now begin to go beyond the processes of how this happens and examine, in finer detail, the nuances of this process.

Science today largely takes on the Monistic approach of “materialism,” positing that only “objectively verifiable” information can be “real.”  As a result, despite our innerstanding of energy, we still teach that reality is made of material called “particles.”  This is entirely hypocritical of our scientific community because we are taught in high school basic science that matter is a “form of energy,” or a “state of energy,” and yet, we are still led to believe that “particles” are the fundamental basis of reality, rather than Fields, which are the fundamental basis of energy.  What we think of as particles are really just the Nuclei of Electromagnetic Fields.

In truth, the field is the singularity while dielectricity and magnetism (or charge/discharge) is the polarity, and together these make up the Triune nature of the Ether – the Unified Whole.

If we monistically focus on Objectivism, we will never see the full truth.  The same is true if we monistically focus on Subjectivism.  If we wish to discern the truth, we must take on both approaches so that we can relate them to one another.  The Objective approach is scientific experimentation, the Subjective approach is meditation and spiritual inquisition.

Science teaches that God is not necessary for creation, and that Consciousness is a byproduct of evolution.  Religion teaches that God is the Creator, but that the Creator is separate from creation.  However, if the Creator is Consciousness, and Consciousness is a byproduct of creation, then Consciousness is creating Consciousness – the Creator is creating Itself.  The Creator is creation, and creation is the Creator.

As we go about our daily lives, little are we aware that every little decision we make is shaping our future.  Many scientists posit that Cause and Effect, the Natural Law that is Karma, started a long time ago and that now, all chains of Cause and Effect are entirely predetermined based on the initial cause, whether it be the Big Bang or some other hypothesis.  But Consciousness Itself is the Original Cause, and the beginning is always now.  There was no true beginning to time, and there is no true end to time.  Chaos Theory dictates that the complex Organizational System of Nature can only calculate in “approximations,” thereby allowing each individual Field of Consciousness to deviate from these approximations through Free-Will.

This is Objectivity within Subjectivity.  The Truth cannot be concluded based on one or the other, but only upon both.  Objectivity is the outer experience of that which has already happened.  Objectivity deals with accepting the facts as they are presented.  Subjectivity is the inner experience of that which has already happened.  Subjectivity deals with the process of forming beliefs based on our Experiences.

It is simply not possible to have Objectivity without Subjectivity, and vice versa.  In fact, Objectivity is a Subjective experience, and Subjectivity is an Objective experience.  We experience the world around us Objectively, but interpret the world around us Subjectively.

It is not possible to remove our Subjective presumptions from our Objective conclusions.  This is why Science and Religion both fail.  Science only focuses on the Objective, claiming to deny Subjectivity which is utterly impossible.  For a scientist to deny Subjectivity is to deny their very own ability to think for themselves.  On the other hand, Religions focus only on the Subjective, claiming to deny Objectivity which is also utterly impossible.  For a Religious person to deny Objectivity is to deny that they have the ability to perceive the world around them.  As you can clearly see, both of these viewpoints are ridiculous.  Only accepting and using both can one come ever closer to understanding the real truth.

The Creator creates Itself, and in doing so it sets, administers and obeys Natural Law.  As we go about creating our reality, if we are not obeying the Laws of Nature, we are only harming ourselves.  The most successful people all throughout our history have always understood this little secret.  Whether they operated from a sense of Narcissism or Compassion, the most successful people throughout our history have always made it a point to meditate, study and research Nature and Natural Law, and apply these principles to their lives knowing that Natural Law is immutable; that if they operate in alignment with Natural Law they cannot fail, they can only succeed.

If you wish to succeed in every endeavor, first you must realize that you are the Creator creating Itself, second you must respect all others as the Creator creating Itself, third you must study, experiment, and meditate in order to continually improve your innerstanding of Natural Law.  When you operate within Natural Law, everything is effortless, as one of Nature’s Laws is the Law of Least Action – the First Law of Thermodynamics – Nature will never expend more energy than necessary to accomplish any action, it will always take the “path of least resistance.”

If you have a big idea or goal you would like to succeed in that requires more people than yourself to accomplish, then you need to utilize the Law of Squares as explained in the next article which involves the use of the Mastermind Principle.  The Law of Squares is an enhanced version of the Law of Doubling from which the relationships of the Digital Roots, and the Fundamental Principles of Numeronomy are determined.

All is God and God is All; There is only One.  The Creator creates Itself.  As such, all Sentient, Living Beings are co-creators of this universe, and we human beings are all co-creators of this world.  How we create our reality is not just with practical, physical actions, although that is very important.  Everything starts with our Emotions and works through our Imaginations.

When it comes to the imagination, there are, essentially, two opposite ways of manifesting our reality into existence:  Fear, and Faith.

Also recall from the Article “Polarity – The Parallel Realities” that there is the Plane of Causes and the Plane of Effects.  Everything begins in the Plane of Causes, the plane of the mind, the plane that is Time.  What we do here, and how we do it, manifests our reality in the Plane of Effects, the plane of physical reality, the plane of Space.  Also recall that this is a process, not a state.  As such, there is always a lag time between what happens in the mind and what happens in physical reality.  This lag time is especially important in our current phase of evolution.

Imagine for a moment that our thoughts instantly manifested into reality.  Sometimes this would be a rather good thing.  We would manifest millions of dollars when we wanted it.  We would manifest the perfect girlfriend or boyfriend at the exact moment we wanted it.  We would manifest the perfect career at the moment we wanted it.  But we would also manifest our deepest fears the moment we thought about them.  As soon as we thought we were losing the girl or boyfriend, they would be lost.  As soon as we thought we were going to get fired, we would.  As soon as we thought of our imminent death, we would die.  So, as you can see, the lag time is especially important for us at our current level of evolution.

This lag time gives us the opportunity to hone our imaginations, prayers, or meditations to focus our intentions on what we truly wish to manifest.  Rather than instantly manifesting every thought that comes to mind, we have to work a little at maintaining our focus on what we really want while allowing the rest of the thoughts to come and go.

Just because we allow a fear to creep up into our imagination doesn’t mean we are going to manifest it at some point in future.  We can always let the thought go and replace it with another when we are done entertaining it.  Only the imaginations we focus on the most gain enough critical mass to manifest into our reality.

They say that “Energy flows where attention goes.”  What this really means is that Ether flows where Attention goes (i.e. Dielectricity is the act of Attention).  Your Attention creates a Vibrational Complex within your Ether field which discharges as Intention (Magnetism) which generates a Complex Vibrational Signature throughout your Electromagnetic Field (like a song).  Over time, this Complex Vibrational Signature works towards the manifestation of your dominant Thoughtforms (Attention/Intention) by the process already described.

However, that is only if your thoughts and imaginations are in harmony with your feelings.  Some people try to shortcut this process by trying to think forced thoughts that are not yet backed by emotion.  If you are using forced, emotionless thoughts and imaginations telling yourself “I can, I will, I am,” but your feelings are still saying, “I can’t, I won’t, I’m not,” your feelings will always win in the end.

A thought cannot program a belief without the backing of the proper emotion.

Emotions are the primordial language of Consciousness, and the only language that Consciousness innerstands.  Your thoughts and imaginations are for your understanding, not for Consciousness.  If you skip the first step of choosing your Emotions, then you will end up using forced, emotionless thoughts and imaginations, which are fundamentally inert – void of any energy capable of creating anything.

You must first conjure up the right Emotion, and then use your thoughts and imaginations to guide that Emotion towards what you wish to create.  If conjuring up an emotion is difficult, as it most likely will be at first, imagination can be used to help conjure the emotion.

Since it is known that our circumstances will cause us to feel emotions associated to them, whether or not we like them, our imaginations will cause the same effect.  The nervous system cannot recognize the difference between reality and imagination.

When you combine this power with the power of other minds, the Unified Field of Consciousness of the One Infinite Creator works that much harder towards the manifestation of your goals, because the more minds that get involved, the more exponentially compounded the energy becomes due to the Law of Squares, and the louder, so to speak, the will power of the group becomes.

However, it never ends up turning out exactly the way you imagine it because (1), you give more power to some aspects of your imagination than others with your divided attention and lack of definiteness of decision due to instabilities caused by the unknown factors involved and (2), when other people get involved, their imaginations also participate in the manifestation of the end result.

This is why the Secret Societies of the Royal Elite are secret.  They don’t want every mind in the world participating in the creation of their goals of world domination because it wouldn’t work, because most people don’t want the world to be dominated by a single organization consisting of a handful of people.

It is easier to overcome the ignorance of the masses than it is to overcome the resistance of the masses.  They’re out of luck, however, because the cat is out of the bag, people are awake and aware and are consciously resisting their desire for world domination.  It is only a matter of time now before their whole Narcissistic regime is long gone, replaced by a Compassionate system in harmony with the Laws of Nature.

This fact – that it is easier to overcome the ignorance of the masses than it is to overcome their resistance – automatically grants a lot more power to the masses of people to create a more equal and freer world based on Sovereignty for all because that is what most people in this world want.  The only thing they have to do is actually focus on co-creating that kind of world – that is, as opposed to focusing their attention on fighting the current system.

Together, it is easier for the masses to co-create a world of freedom and equality than it is for the few Royal Elites to perpetuate their world of slavery and elitism, because there are much more of us than there are of them.  However, we still need to organize ourselves, our thoughts, our intentions, our energy towards the creation of such a world at least as effectively as the Royal Elites are before anything of substance will be able to manifest.

On the other hand, by fighting their system, we are actually giving it more power over us.  By fighting, we are literally saying, in the Emotional language of Consciousness, that we acknowledge their existence, and we acknowledge them as a threat.  By doing that, we only give more credence and power to their existence, and more potential to their threat.

The Narcissistic Royal Elite only account for 1% of the world’s population.  They’ve been living on a razor’s edge for the past 6000 years to keep control of this planet, as 1% just so happens to be the exact minimum requirement to overcome the ignorance of the masses.

But today, nearly 10%, if not more, has awakened to the reality of what is really going on.  The only problem is that most of our 10% are still focused more on fighting the Narcissistic System than they are on creating a Compassionate system.  We literally only need 1% of the Global Population to begin focusing on creating Metagaiaes in order for it to become just as strong and formidable as the New World Order.

The reason the masses haven’t been able to create such a world yet is because the knowledge and power to do so has been occulted from them by the Secret Societies of the Royal Elite, hence the reason the Mystery School Teachings have, over time, come to be known as the Occult practices of Magic.  They are nothing of the sort, however, as far as our modern-day interpretation of these words is concerned.  The Mystery School Teachings are, in fact, simply the history of Mankind’s understanding of the Natural Laws of Creation.

The problem lies in our ignorance of these Natural Laws.  When we are ignorant of the Natural Laws (e.g. the Process of Creation/Law of Attraction)  we often obsess over our fears and end up putting an excessive amount of energy into what we don’t want to create.

The Process of Creation and the Law of Attraction are always in use.  The problem is that we are usually unaware of it and are therefore misusing it or using it to our own misfortune.

There are essentially two ways in which we can go about manifesting our reality.  We can use the Process of Creation/Law of Attraction with fear and continually manifest what we do not want, or we can use it with faith and continually manifest what we do want.

In ignorance, most people default to fear.  This is quite innerstandable.  After all, it’s difficult not to focus on our fears.  Fear is a powerful emotion.  The only emotion more powerful than fear is faith, but faith takes a significant amount of practice to hone.

The reason it takes so much practice is because of the lag time between imagination and manifestation.  We often think to ourselves that because it is not being manifested quickly enough that it is not working.  We end up losing faith and giving in to fear, choosing our preprogrammed beliefs over reprogramming our beliefs.  I see people do this all the time.  But that is why it is called faith, because it requires us to believe despite the apparent evidence to the contrary.  We need to keep in mind that after a lifetime of building beliefs based on fear, it is going to take time to reprogram our mind to operate based on the feeling of faith.

Let us examine Faith a bit more closely.  Napoleon Hill, the first Author to make these Laws of Success public information (long before the coining of the term Law of Attraction), marks Faith as one of the most important prerequisites to success, along with Mental Discipline and Definiteness of Purpose and Decision, the use of the positive emotions over negative emotions, Patience and Persistence, the importance of Love and Harmony in relationships, as well as the Mastermind Principle, among others.

Only the emotions of Faith or Fear can act as the Cornerstone of your Mind.  The Cornerstone is the first stone that is laid when building the foundation of any large structure.  All the weight of the entire structure comes down on that Cornerstone.  If that Cornerstone is weak, or is laid improperly, off by even 1/100th of a degree, it will crack and crumble under the pressure of the structure as it is being built.

Fear is like a soft stone that crumbles under the slightest pressure.  But Faith is like a Diamond, which only gets stronger the more pressure you put on it.

If Fear is your Cornerstone, you will never be able to build a strong mind, capable of accomplishing anything.  You will forever have an untethered mind that crumbles under the slightest pressure, easily manipulated by your surroundings and circumstances.  You will never have control over yourself, let alone your life.

With Faith as your Cornerstone, you will be able to support the weight of the heaviest structures with ease and grace.  You will develop an unbreakable mind.  You will become a powerful creator.

But what is Faith?  What does it mean to have faith?  We are all familiar with fear, but we are not all familiar with faith.  Faith has always seemed to be more esoteric, ethereal and fleeting.  Why is it so difficult to hold on to Faith, but so easy to give in to Fear?  Quite simply, it is due to a grave misinnerstanding of what Faith is.

Today, Faith is mostly understood only in a Religious sense.  To have Faith in one’s God.  To have Faith that one’s Religious Book is the only one telling the Truth.  To have Faith that one’s Religious Leaders are leading them down the Right Path.

These are all improper uses, or misuses, of Faith.  We are led to believe that Faith means to “believe in something despite the lack of evidence or the presence of evidence against it.”  This isn’t Faith – this is a control mechanism that can only be used against ignorant people.

Faith can only be obtained through the innerstanding of Natural Law.  When one knows how Natural Law operates and that Natural Law is entirely immutable, then one can easily have Faith knowing that their Energy will not be wasted, that everything they do in harmony with the Laws of Nature will work towards the fulfillment of their goals and desires.

Faith is not believing in a certain God just because that is what is written in a certain book despite the lack of evidence or even logic.  Faith is innerstanding the Natural Laws established by the One Infinite Creator, and knowing that they will always work as the Creator intended.

You see, Consciousness (or God, Allah, Brahma, the Universe, whatever) wants to fulfill everyone’s desires.  It will ALWAYS fulfill everyone needs, but whether or not it fulfills our desires is entirely dependent upon us.

If we are always trying to plan out how our goals and desires are achieved, then we are always trying to enforce our will upon Consciousness, which disenables Consciousness (the One Infinite Creator) from freely participating in the creation of our desires and goals.

Remember, we are the Creator creating Itself.  Our desires and goals are the desires and goals of the Creator.  But in our limited perspective with our limited awareness, we are not capable of calculating the infinite variabilities involved with fulfilling our goals and achieving our desires.  Nor are we capable of accounting for everyone else’s desires in our plans.

But Consciousness is.  Consciousness CAN account for all the infinite variabilities and come with a plan for us that takes into account the desires of all others.

Faith is knowing this and thereby allowing Consciousness to come up with the plans for you.  Then all you have to do is sit back, relax and maintain your awareness for the signs and opportunities to take action towards your goals and desires.

After Faith comes Discipline.  If Faith is the Cornerstone of the Mind, then Discipline is the Foundation built upon that Cornerstone.  Without a strong foundation, the structure built atop it will quickly fall.  Without a strong sense of Discipline, your Mind will forever remain weak.

You cannot build a strong Foundation with a strong Cornerstone.  And you cannot build a strong Architecture without a strong Foundation.  The Cornerstone holds up the Foundation and the Foundation holds up the rest of the Structure.  If you wish to develop a strong mind, then you will need to develop a strong sense of Discipline.

Finally, Definiteness of Decision in your Purpose and Desires is the Architectural Structure of your Mind.  If the Architecture is built weakly with sticks and rope it will surely fall quickly under the slightest wind.  If the Architecture is built according to International Building Codes, then it will be able to weather any storm, any hurricane, any earthquake, any flood, etc.

If your Desires and Goals are not Definite, then you will not be able to work towards them.  You will not be able to build a strong enough Architecture in your mind to achieve them.

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