Equality, it seems, is just as tricky as Sovereignty.  Despite its ultimate simplicity, it seems to be largely misunderstood by most people.

First of all, when I say “Freedom, Equality and Sovereignty for All,” the equality I am speaking of is not a financial equality, it is equality in terms of Power, Authority and Rights.  Financial equality is a fallacy.  Equality has nothing to do with finances, Equity does.  We will get to that in a minute.

You cannot have Sovereignty for all if you don’t have Equality for All.  Sovereignty for all implies Equality for all in terms of power, authority and rights.  The two go hand in hand.

Furthermore, you cannot have Freedom for all if you don’t have Sovereignty for all.  Freedom is a equal right for all, as is Sovereignty.  These three Rights are a Trinity.  If one does not exist, neither do the other two.  They only all exist if they exist together in unison.

But now let’s talk about Equity.  Too many people confuse Equity with Equality.  They are not at all the same thing.  But this confusion, unfortunately, is what leads to such things as Socialism and Communism.

Many people think that everyone should make the same amount of pay, or that everyone should be given at least the same minimum amount of pay in the form of Universal Basic Income.  Communist Governments push the lie that everyone should be given the same amount of the same stuff.  That’s ridiculous!

Financial Equality is NOT financially equitable.  Read that again.

If all money in the world were suddenly equally distributed between all people in the world, none of that money would have any value.

Furthermore, no one in the world needs the same amount of the same stuff.  Everyone has different needs.  Everyone has different desires.

When Socialists or Communists speak of Equality, they are really speaking of Government Control at the expense of human liberty and happiness.  It can be no other way.

So, I’ll say it again, Equality is NOT the same as Equity.

Equity means fairness, not equalness.  The meme at the beginning of this chapter sums it up perfectly.

The Metatocracy as explained in The Solution Blog gives everyone their rights to Equality, Freedom and Sovereignty.  But what is the best way to achieve Equity in Society?

Is it the Socialist/Communist approach?  I think we already determined it’s not.

Is it the Capitalist approach?  Let’s analyze that for a bit.

First of all, I would say that Capitalism is FAR more equitable than Socialism, but I wouldn’t say it is the MOST equitable economic model.

Capitalism gives everyone an equal opportunity to earn a more equitable lifestyle.  But that opportunity is often squandered by minimum wage jobs vs. the high affordability of survival, coupled with debts, and taxes are the feather that drops the camel to the ground.

Despite the fact that Capitalism gives everyone an equal opportunity to rise above poverty, poverty presents a plethora of catch 22’s that are near impossible for most people to overcome.  Especially when you couple the fact that most people are not properly educated in how best to use their minds to overcome their problems.

If you really look at the statistics side by side, however, both Capitalism and Socialism produce the same amount of poverty, destitution, homelessness and starvation.  So, is Capitalism really better than Socialism?

So, what is the MOST equitable economic model?  Quite simply the Free Access Economy.  No one needs to control who gets how much of what and when.  We don’t need a system of wages to determine how much people can afford and how often.  All we need is to give everyone Free Access to all the products and services in society in exchange for their service to society.  And eventually, we don’t even need it to be in exchange for providing a service.

The only problem we really need to overcome in order to transition to such a world is our indoctrination with the Trade Based Economy.  We are so indoctrinated that we need to give something of value directly and immediately in exchange for something else that most people have extreme difficulty believing that a Free Access Economy could work.

However, I figured out a way to show the world that a Free Access can work and how we can successfully make the transition.  I call it Holobank, the Central Banking System of the Alternative Society being introduced in The Solution Blog.

Right now, our banking systems allow us to create money indefinitely by taking out loans, which is literally us creating money out of thin air.  But then those banks turn around and demand that we not only pay back to them what we created, but they also demand that we pay it back with interest.  Talk about adding salt to the wound.

Now, imagine if we just allowed everyone to create money-on-demand for every transaction they needed to complete.  Imagine that by swiping a Credit Card, instead of money being transferred that you need to replenish, money is simply created and deposited into their bank account for your purchase.  And now, imagine that you don’t have to pay that back in any way, shape or form.

That is the basic idea of how we can simulate a Free Access Economy for ourselves while allowing us to continue doing business with the rest of the world.

Now imagine, 100 years from now, when our society is so large that we no longer need to do business with the rest of the world.  Do we really need to continue the formality of creating useless money?  While the rest of the world was actually using the money we gave to them, it just uselessly piles up in our Society.

I think it is then that the people themselves will opt to discontinue the formality and implement a Resource Based Free Access Economy like the one proposed by The Venus Project.

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