New World Order or New Age Order?

With the advent of COVID-19 we can clearly see now that the New World Order Global Slave Society and their Tyrannical One World Government under the UN is right around the corner.  It’s no longer a possibility, it’s a clear trajectory.  However, at the same time that is happening, there is a massive paradigm shift taking place in the minds of millions of people around the world getting us ready for an Social Order unlike anything we have ever experienced before.  A Social Order based on the Laws of Nature, a Social Order that considers all people to Free, Equal and Sovereign as Divine Fractals of the One Infinite Creator.  A Social Order based on Compassion.  The New Age Order, or The Order of the New Age of Enlightenment.

The Human Race is at the precipice of an evolution in Consciousness unlike anything that has ever happened in our history before.  We have had shifts from one precessional age to another that has helped to develop human Consciousness to it’s current status.  But the evolution that we face now offers us two opposing decisions: become enslaved to the New World Order, or enter into a whole new state of absolute Freedom in the New Age Order.

We are being forced to make a choice, and the New World Order is the one forcing us to choose at this very moment in history.  One choice will lead to your ultimate destruction, the other choice will lead to your ultimate liberation.  The question is, which one will you choose?

New World Order

If you know your history well and you include the Sumerian Clay tablets in your resource database of historical knowledge, then you understand that the Human Race was created to be slaves from the very beginning.  Created by we called the Anunnaki to mine gold for their home planet, Nibiru – what NASA calls Planet X.  Ever since the last deluge, the Anunnaki have been using Religions, Governments, and now Corporations in order to have the human race act in the capacity of being their own slave masters.  Whereas they once enslaved us with chains and whips, and then later through debts and taxation, they are now trying to enslave our very minds using Propaganda and the Main Stream Media.

The word COVID is an acronym that stands for “Certificate of Vaccination I.D.”  There never was a virus.  The virus is a lie in order to get everyone to take a Vaccination that uses nanotechnology to hard wire their bioneuronetwork to the 5G AI network, giving them 100% control over your mind.  The mandates for wearing face masks is just a test run to see who will comply and, more importantly, who will not comply.COVID-19 is a False Flag Event, a Red Flag Event, a Red Herring, pick whatever term you want.  It’s purpose is to act as the scapegoat of the collapse of the Fiat Currency Central Banking System, as well as to act as the catalyst for instilling the fear needed to get the majority of people in the world to comply with laws and orders that make absolutely no sense.

Unfortunately, the Powers that Be in the New World Order have the stronghold grip on all the Government Administrations and Corporations in the world, who have to follow all the UN, CDC and WHO “suggestions.”  Also, unfortunately, these people are still going to be here for a while.  Transitions, even evolutionary one’s such as this do not happen overnight.  Our only solution is create an Alternative Society based on the principles of the New Age Order in order to give the people of the world a proper choice in which evolutionary path to take.  The two societies will co-exist alongside each other around the world until the evolutionary transition is complete.  That could take 100 years, it could take 1000 years.  That all depends on how well we co-create our own Global Society Alternative.

New Age Order

If we comply with the New World Order, we give them power over us.  If we fight against the New World Order, we give them power over us.  There is only one thing we can do to keep what freedoms we do have and begin to grow more freedom.  We need to create our own Alternative Society using the principles of the Order of the “New Age of Enlightenment,” as Maharishi Mahesh Yogi coined it.

If you want to change something, you cannot fight the existing reality.  To change something, you must create a new system that renders the old one obsolete. – Buckminster Fuller

There are multiple options to choose from when it comes to creating our own Alternative Society.  Michael Tellinger founded the Ubuntu Movement and One Small Town structure.  A group of 6 people founded The Infinite World Game based on Buckminster Fullers philosophies.  Kamiron Freeman, being a Philosopher himself, is working towards founding Metagaiaes.

All three of these Alternative Societies and their philosophies are very similar, if not the same.  The difference is primarily in the terminologies of our descriptions and key words used in our organizational systems and administrative processes.  Essentially, they all achieve the same goal: Freedom, Equality and Sovereignty for all members of the society in harmony with Nature and Natural Law.  Other than that, they all support any belief system or spirituality.  They just all explain things a bit differently and do things a bit differently that harmonize with different people.

Metagaiaes was specifically chosen by Kamiron Freeman with the help of Kristen Terras for its very specific meaning and numerological intent.  Meta = After, before, or beyond.  Gaia = Earth.  Es = pluralized.  Metagaiaes = Beyond the Earth’s.  Beyond Earth = Heaven.  Metagaiaes = The Heaven’s.  Numerologically it adds up to 36.  3 + 6 = 9.  3, 6 and 9 are the Holy Trinity relating directly to the 3 Primordial Laws of Creation.  36 stands for “Humanitarianism, Philanthropy, Creative self-expression, Family, Idealism, and Optimism.”

In Metagaiaes, everyone being Free, Equal and Sovereign means that everyone must participate in the Social Administration.  Rather than having “Representatives” to speak for the people, we only have “Administrators” who do the paperwork and ensure the decisions made by the People are actually implemented.  Not everyone needs to be an Administrator, but everyone must participate in debates and votes on all issues that directly affect them.  For this, we plan to have our own Social Media site for Metagaiaes, called MetaNet, that is used exclusively for such public debates and votes.  It will use a blockchain type ledger to ensure the integrity of the history of all debates and votes.  We currently need volunteers to help work on creating such a Social Media website/app.

Flag of Metagaiaes

In Metagaiaes, we use what we call the Metatocracy to organize the people and the operations of our Social Administration. The Metatocracy is the Holographic Organizational System of Nature that can most easily be recognized for its simplicity in the Macro Universe as systems of Orbitals.  The Pyramid Power structure is Hierarchical giving everyone varying amounts of power and authority with the one person at the top wielding the most.  The Metatocracy is Holographic giving everyone equal power and authority making them responsible to their Sphere’s of Influence, called Holospheres, rather than to a hierarchy of people.

Unlike One Small Town and the Infinite World Game, Metagaiaes isn’t based on borders and territorial boundaries, but rather on “networks of people.”  The Metatocracy is our Network, and the Network is our Nation, no soil required.  Using age old legal principles called Trusts, our property will all become “Private Property,” meaning it is not owned by the government of the territory, but by a “Private Person.”  This helps us maintain our legal distance from our host territorial nations in a way that does not interfere with them; a way which is already in use by Sovereign people throughout the world.

As a Nation based on Networks, the Business, or Organization, or even Church, is considered our Small Community after the Family.  Businesses are Networks of people, each serving different purposes in order to further the goals of the whole Organization.  Our Social Administration, therefore, is based on the Networks of these Businesses, Organizations and Churches, where the top management from each must also act in the capacity of a Social Administrator in the 3 tier system of Councils.

As the Metatocracy is described as Orbitals of celestial objects such as planets and stars throughout the Universe, the three tiers of Councils follow suit.  The Multiverse Council is the 1st tier at the State/Province level of locality.  The Cosmological Council is the 2nd tier at the Country level of locality.  The Holoverse Council, also known as the Council of Light, is the 3rd tier at the International level.

Just like Michael Tellinger and those at the Infinite World Game, Kamiron Freeman believes that money should not exist, that life is meant to be free, it is not meant to be earned.  As such, with the intention of becoming a Global Society very quickly after launching, Kamiron has devised a strategy by which we can simulate a Free-Access economy for ourselves while allowing us to do business with the rest of the world in a way that benefits the rest of the world.  We simply create our own Central Banking System, called Holobank, which uses a digital currency, just like the world is heading into, which gives us the ability to create money-on-demand in our own currency, which can then be used to pay for goods and services either after converting the currency or using a system that automatically converts currencies upon purchase.  For integrity, we will base the value of our currency on human time and energy, a renewable resource, and likely the most valuable resource on the planet.  We also need volunteers to begin working on this project.

Want to learn more and become a part of the solution?  Then read my book, The New Age Order – Part 03 – The Solution.

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