Separation of Powers – Checks and Balances

The most important facet of any society is the Separation of Powers in the functionality of their Administrative System, to ensure proper Checks and Balances, to prevent corruption and tyranny from taking root.

The United States is generally heralded as having the best system for Separation of Powers and Checks and Balances, and yet you can still clearly see how they are, and have been, failing to prevent corruption throughout their entire history, and they are now failing miserably to prevent tyranny from growing out of their governmental system.

Obviously therefore, the United States does not actually have the best Administrative System with the proper Separation of Powers for Checks and Balances. I will not argue here that the Metatocracy is the best system, but I will certainly argue that it is a much better system that retains the ability to improve over time.

If you are not yet familiar with what the Metatocracy is, then first you will need to read the following articles:

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And now that you more fully understand the Administrative System that is the Metatocracy, we can discuss how it automatically includes its own form of Separation of Powers, for Checks and Balances, for the International Association of Metagaiaes.

First and foremost, the Metatocracy makes everyone Sovereign, and so it requires all its Members to participate in the Administration of Society, as such: People not only vote on who becomes the elected Ambassadors of their Unified Fractal Organism, or UFO, but they also vote on all issues that directly affect them. Furthermore, the elected Ambassadors are not allowed to make decisions for the People, but can only enact the decisions made by the People. However, everyone, including the Ambassadors, can make proposals for the People to debate and vote upon.

Some people might try to call this “Mob Rule.” This is actually the opposite of mob rule. Mob rule is when people protest violently against a tyrannical government in the hope of restoring some semblance of humanity to their government. What is described above is actually the original definition of a Democracy. However, since no nation in history ever implemented a proper Democracy, most people think that a Democracy is what we have in the United States, and so a new term was invented to cause people to better understand our system.

Many people think a Republic is a system which is ruled by the people for the people. That is actually a Democracy. Plato so hated the idea of the Democracy that he invented the idea of the Republic as a system of Elite Rule by so-called “Intellectuals.” He didn’t like idiots being in government anymore than having society ruled by the will of the masses. He wanted to create an Elite Class of Philosophers to rule over the people. That is the true essence of a Republic, and today, you can call it Communism. The various Secret Societies have been aiming for just a Global Republic ever since, called the New World Order.

This is why we do not call ourselves a Republic either, and instead use the term “Association.” We are a Free Association of Sovereign People working together in a spirit of harmony to maintain each others Freedom, Equality and Sovereignty while working to produce an abundance for each other in harmony with Mother Nature and in alignment with the Natural Laws of Creation.

This is an automatic Separation of Powers right there with the ultimate system for Checks and Balances. No elected official has the power to make decisions that affect the masses, neither does any individual member. Decisions that affect the masses can only be made by the masses passing a vote of Overwhelming Majority, which is defined as a majority of 68.1% or greater.

The reason for this percentage is simple, it is the proportion Phi, which is found all throughout nature. It is the fundamental basis for the fractal organization of all matter/energy/information throughout nature. In order for coherence to be achieved, a minimum of 68.1% of a given system must be in agreement. Decisions made for the masses outside of a state of coherence will only breed chaos and destruction and eventually work to corrupt our system. Only with an Overwhelming Majority vote can we effectively say it is the “Will of the People.” Only in a state of Coherence is the decision not likely to change, or be regretted in the short term.

In this way, all individuals are equal unto each other, and the collective is equal unto each individual. This is neither the opposite of Collectivism nor Individualism. It is the proper balancing of both in unity and harmony.

Furthermore, we have the Separation of Powers by fractalizing our Council Members into 7 different roles across 13 different Sectors. Compare this to the 3+1 different sectors of our government which consist of the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial System, plus the Intelligence Agencies.

The 7 different roles are the same as the roles of the Metatocracy you learned about in the article on the Mastermind. The 13 different Sectors are based on the 11 different physiological systems of the organic body plus the mental Chakra system and the spiritual Nadi system. Just as the number 7 was chosen for the roles based on there being 7 whole circles in the Flower of Life, the number 13 was chosen for the Sectors based on there being 13 circles in the Fruit of Life.

Each UFO in Metagaiaes will belong to the Sector that most closely relates to the type of service they provide, and each Sector will manage itself according to the Roles of the Holographic Mastermind of the Metatocracy. Furthermore, the entirety of the 13 Sectors, as the Councils, which will eventually exist in 3 different layers from the Local to the International, will also manage themselves according to the roles of the Holographic Mastermind. Decisions only need to be made at the layer upon which they directly affect, allowing each Council, Sector and UFO, to retain their uniqueness while maintaining harmony and unity with the wholeness of the society.

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