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Metatocracy Defined

There are multiple definitions for this word:

(1) Etymologically it means “Beyond Bureaucracy.”

(2) It also derives from the word “Metatron’s Cube” meaning it refers to the “Holographic Organization of Nature.”

(3) For use in a human society, it can be defined as “A Holographic System of Organization that allows us to manage people, resources, productivity and information without violating anyone’s rights to Freedom, Equality and Sovereignty.”

That is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life.  It means there is actually a way in which we can organize and administrate our organizations and society without violating anyone’s Freedom, Equality or Sovereignty.  It means we can all experience true Freedom, Equality and Sovereignty without creating mass chaos and destruction.  It means we can actually use our Freedom, Equality and Sovereignty to create a mass abundance of all that is good in the world.  It means we actually have a viable solution to end 95% of all the suffering in the world.

More importantly, it means no individual needs to suffer at the hands of the Collective and the Collective doesn’t need to suffer at the hands of any individual.

But how exactly does it work?  If it’s not Collectivist or Individualist; if it’s not Communist or Democratic; if it’s not Socialist or Capitalist; then what is it?

It is Holographic.  It is Holistic.  It is not a Government, but an Administration.  It is not Politics, but Administration.  It is not Representation, but Administration.  It is Holographically Organized Anarchism.

Previously, I thought this was the correct interpretation of what we call a Republic.  I have since learned otherwise.  Plato originally invented the Republic because he disagreed with Democracy, and for a very good reason.  Unfortunately, however, what he ended up creating was the very first form of what we, today, call Communism.

So, I no longer refer to Metagaiaes as a Republic, but as Holographically Organized Anarchism.

Anarchism is not the same as Anarchy, which is defined as a Government-less Society that exists in complete chaos.  Anarchism is Social Administration without a Government.  There is still administration, there is still organization, there is just no centralized Government that all must obey, or else.  Anarchism is when the people vote, not only for who takes on what positions in the Administration, but also on every decision that needs to be made, and the Administrators can only implement the decisions made by the people.

There isn’t much difference between a Democracy and Communism.  In fact, the only difference is that in a Democracy, the people get to vote for who their Oppressors are.  In a Communist Nation, the people don’t.  Either way, the people don’t get to make any decisions under either of these systems.  The only reason Democracy has an upper hand is because it gives the people the “illusion” of choice.

The Metatocracy is neither Democratic, nor Communist, but Anarchistic.  There are no Rulers in Metagaiaes, only Administrators.  The people rule themselves.  As such, the Metatocracy is both Individualist and Collectivist.  It does not see the Individual as more important than the Collective, and it does not see the Collective as more important than the Individual.  It sees both as equal, and rightly so.  The Collective is made of Individuals; therefore you cannot have a Collective without having Individuals.  Furthermore, the Individual cannot Thrive without the Collective, and the Collective cannot Thrive without the Individual.  As such, it is imperative that we consider the importance of both as equal in value.

This means that we can be neither Capitalist, nor Socialist.  Capitalism sees the Individual as more important than the Collective and leads to mass poverty, homelessness and slavery.  Socialism sees the Collective as more important than the individual and leads to mass poverty, homelessness and slavery, though by a different route.

The Metatocracy sees the Individual and the Collective as equal in value.  As such, it requires a brand-new system of economics.  For ages we have been warring over whether to be Capitalist or Socialist, both of which are opposite ideas of the concept of “ownership.”  And ownership is nothing more or less than the concept of slavery, as we learned in Part 02.

In Capitalism, the idea is that all property should be Privately Owned.  In Socialism, the idea is that all property should be Publicly Owned.  Both of these ideas depend on the existence of money, or more specifically, an economic system based on Direct and Immediate Exchange.  Under such a system, the concept of “ownership” is a must.  However, without such a system, the concept of “ownership” disappears entirely.

In a Metatocracy, we do not require a system based on Direct and Immediate Exchange, therefore, we do not require the concept of “ownership.”  There is already a better system in place that has been in place for hundreds, if not, thousands of years.  It is called the Trust.  A Trust is a Private Contract between Individuals for the “management” of property or assets, and completely avoids the concept of “ownership” altogether.

We human beings were never meant to “own” anything.  We are guests on this planet.  We are caretakers.  We are here to properly “manage” the Global Estate that is Planet Earth.  We are not here to own it.  It is not ours to deplete and destroy or to treat as we see fit.  It is ours to care for and manage for the benefit of all.

What I suggest as an Alternative model for economics as we transition to a world of pure Freedom without money in which most people don’t have to work most of the time, is what I call a Service Based Economy.  Essentially, it says that “Society serves those that serve society.”  Which means that everyone that serves society in any capacity is entitled to freely partake of society.  So, you can say that it is a “Service Based Free Access Economy.”  As long as one serves, no matter how small, they have Free Access to all the abundant wealth of society in the form of its products and services.

This is a concept derived directly from Nature.  In Nature, every individual thing contributes to the success of the whole, and as such, each individual thing gets to partake in that of the whole.  There are no Direct and Immediate Exchanges in Nature.  In Nature, there is only Indirect and Transient Exchange.  Everything gives of itself freely, fulfilling its intended purpose, and everything partakes freely, fulfilling the intended purpose of all others.  In the end, everything always balances out insomuch that everything creates an ongoing abundance of everything everyone needs.

This is the solution we have been looking for, for so long.  This is the solution Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Buckminster Fuller were ultimately striving for.  This is the model for Society in the New Age of Enlightenment.  Every evolution for the past 6000 years has led us to this point.  We have been playing around with two opposite ideas for the longest time, debating and experimenting and warring with each other over which idea is better.

We have existed in a state of confusion for millennia as we entered into the Dark Ages of the Yuga Cycle, but we are now exiting the Dark Ages and returning to the Light of Consciousness.  As such, our confusion is beginning to come to an end.  The time has come that we stop playing with opposite sides of the same coin and begin utilizing the entire coin.

The missing link we have been in need of when conceptualizing these ideas is the sheer difference between the Service-to-Self and Service-to-Others philosophies and the innerstanding thereof, as explained in Part 01.  As the Pyramid Structure assumes the inherent inequality of people, it therefore is automatically a Service-to-Self ideology but has been largely successful in our world due to the fact that we have never experienced life outside of the Service-to-Self model.  It’s all we have ever known.  But the Service-to-Self ideology is always one of division, as opposed to unity.  In our confusion we have always been trying to fight this division with the opposite side of the coin, which only further serves to divide.  What we’ve really been needing to do for so long is to use the whole coin.

The Service-to-Self model divides and conquers the people by putting them on one side of the coin or the other.  The Service-to-Others model helps people cooperate together by utilizing the whole coin.

One thing is certainly very clear, you can only divide things so many times before they cannot be divided anymore.  Once everything has been divided the maximum amount of times (7), there is only one thing left to do, and that is to reunify them.  That is what the Metatocracy does.

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