The Absolute Administration of Nature

I have alluded to the Administration of Nature many times throughout this series.  In another article, I gave an interpretation of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s “Absolute Theory of Government.”  Maharishi knows there is an Administration to Nature and even cites what he calls the “Constitution of the Universe.”

Nature does, indeed, have a Government – or rather, a type of Administration – to it, but we have been largely unaware of it since the beginning.  We have tried many times throughout our history to understand this Administration from a Religious perspective, but here, we will try to innerstand the Administration of Nature from a more Scientific and Philosophical perspective.

Throughout the Universe there are what are called Logos and Sub-Logos.  These simply refer to certain layers of Consciousness within the Universe, each Universe being a Whole and Complete system with 7 Layers of Consciousness.  These 7 layers are as follows:

  1. The Universe – The Black Hole at the Center of the Universe as the Nucleus of the Universe and its entire Ether Field that surrounds the whole Universe.
  2. Galaxy Clusters – The Black Hole at the center of Galaxy Clusters as the Nucleus of the Galaxy Cluster and its entire Ether Field that surrounds the whole Galaxy Cluster.
  3. Galaxies – The Black Hole at the center of the Galaxy as the Nucleus of the Galaxy and its entire Ether Field that surrounds the whole Galaxy.
  4. Solar Systems – The Sun as the Nucleus and its entire Ether Field that surrounds the whole Solar System.
  5. Planetary Systems – The Planet as the Nucleus and its entire Ether Field that surrounds the whole Planetary System.
  6. Ecosystems/Species – The Ecosystem/Species as the Nucleus and its entire Ether Field that surrounds the whole Ecosystem/Species.
  7. Organisms – The Organism as the Nucleus and its entire Ether Field which surrounds the whole Organism.

These 7 layers then repeat, where the Organism is once again a whole Universe, in which you see the following 7 layers repeated:

  1. Organism – A repetition of the Universe within the Universe.
  2. Organs/Tissues – A repetition of Galaxy Clusters.
  3. Cells – A repetition of Galaxies.
  4. Atoms – A repetition of Solar Systems.
  5. Protons/Electrons – A repetition of Planetary Systems.
  6. Quarks – A repetition of Ecosystems/Species.
  7. Superstrings – A repetition of Organisms within an Organism, or Universes within a Universe.

So, we have the Universe around us, the Universe within us, and the Universe that is us.  This is the Holographic Organizational Structure of Nature – Consciousness.  The whole exists in every part.  This is the Holographic Structure of the Creator/Creation.

Every Universe is a Multiverse and every Multiverse is a Universe.  The infinite totality of it all is the Holoverse.

There are only these 3 scales in that everything in Consciousness operates as a Trinity, for that is the simplest complex for generating infinite variability.  However, these 3 scales repeat ad infinitum.  In other words, each of these 3 scales represent 3 different scales of reality, in which every Superstring/Organism/Universe represents a different timeline, and these 3 scales simply repeat in both directions forever and ever, like a closed loop chain.

To put it another way, the Universe around us is also one of the Superstrings within us, just as we are one of the Superstrings within the Universe around us.  Each Organism within each Universe, or each Superstring within each Organism, represents a different Timeline the Universe could have taken.  Which Timeline we end up experiencing as the Universe around us depends on which Timeline we are harmonizing with within ourselves, which depends on which Timelines we are harmonizing with in our relationships to others around us.

What we experience in the Universe around us is directly dependent upon how we are relating to others around us, and thus to how we are relating to ourselves within us.  The whole Human Race exists as a Cluster of possible Timelines that are all very similar to each other.  Hence the reason we all seem to exist in the same Universe, despite existing in completely separate timelines, which are constantly interacting with each other.  Hence the Mandela Effect.  This is nothing new, it’s just new in the awareness of mankind.

If we want to change something in the reality around us, the easiest way is to change the reality within us.  By creating a change within ourselves, we create a very powerful force that changes the Superstrings within us, which, as stated, are also the Universe around us.  When the change happens to the Universe within yourself, it automatically happens to the Universe around yourself, because, all three layers are the same layers repeating in a closed loop fashion.  There is really only one layer being experienced Holographically as 3 simultaneous layers from 3 different perspectives.

So, the Universe, as the first Logos, sets and administers the Natural Laws of the Whole Universe.  Or rather, they are preset as the Primordial Natural Laws of Creation – all Universes must follow the same Natural Laws of Creation as these are the only Laws that allow for the continued Creation of infinite variability within the simplest possible parameters.

The Galaxy Cluster, as the second Logos, sets and administers the Natural Laws of the Galaxy Cluster.  Every Organ, or Tissue in the Universe serves a different function and requires a different set of Natural Laws to serve that function.

The Galaxy, as the third Logos, sets and administers the Natural Laws of the Galaxy.  All Organs and Tissues require different kinds of Cells that have to work together in different ways to maintain the functionality of the Organ or Tissue.

The Sun, as the fourth Logos, sets and administers the Natural Laws of the Solar System.  As you know, there are many different Atomic Structures that we know of.  These different Atomic Structures are like different sets of properties on top of what is already there, which remains the same for all Atoms.

Then, we have the Planet, as a Sub-Logos.  Unlike a Logos, a Sub-Logos doesn’t write the initial Natural Laws that affect reality in their Sphere of Influence.  The Planet then creates realities within itself as Ecosystems and Species within the framework of the Natural Laws it exists within.  This is the same as the Ions of the Atomic Structure generating quarks within themselves.  This is why some quarks are strange.

The Ecosystems and the Species, as a Collective Consciousness do the same for their respective Spheres of Influence, creating Organisms.  This is the same as the Quarks creating Superstrings.

So, we have the Organism once again, the final Sub-Logos, which both creates and experiences its own reality within the Spheres of Influence it resides within by utilizing the Natural Laws within its Spheres of Influence.  This final Sub-Logos is the next First Logos of the next Scale of Universe.  Every Organism is an entire Universe, and every Universe an entire Organism.

Atma is perfectly reconciled with Brahma.  The Son is perfectly reconciled with the Father.  The individual is perfectly reconciled with the whole.  Creation is perfectly reconciled with Creator.  We are the Creator Creating Itself.

This is why we are capable of creating reality within this universe.  Because we are the Universe creating the Universe from within the Universe.  Another way of saying that is, we are Reality creating Reality from within Reality.

Chances are likely, that we are living inside of our very own body, experiencing our very own Timeline in the infinite eternality of Consciousness.  When we come into contact with other people here, our Universes/Timelines are coming into contact with each other at the larger scale outside of us, which is the same as the smaller scale within us.  This then creates changes, or shifts, in our Timelines around us, as well as changes, or shifts within us, directly affecting our frequency nature.

Take a good hard look at what is happening here.  There is, indeed, a governance that is happening.  The Logos set and administer the Laws of Nature, and the Sub-Logos use those Laws to create within their Spheres of Influence.  The Sub-Logos are perfectly and entirely equal unto the Logos as the Logos via the infinite repetition of scales.  This is Holographic Administration in Self-Sovereignty to the absolute extreme.

The Logos cannot and do not tell the Sub-Logos what to create, they can only tell them what rules to follow in order to succeed in their creations.  The Sub-Logos cannot and do not write the Natural Laws, but we are capable of creating infinite diversity of experience through the utilization of these Laws.  This is a process of Self-Discovery and Self-Improvement.  A process that works its way from the outside-in.  It starts within us working towards our center, and then comes down on us from around us because the Universe around us is the same as the Universe in our Center.  When we change ourselves from within, we change the whole universe from without.

This is how Consciousness Administrates itself.  It is the Absolute Self-Government of Nature.  The only Laws that can’t be changed are the Primordial Natural Laws of Creation that apply to every Universe, or rather, the entire Holoverse of Consciousness.  This is because these are the Laws that govern how to create.  There is only one process, but it can create infinite variety.

But it also works the other way around too.  If we wish to change something throughout the entirety of the Universe, we must first make that change within ourselves.  If we wish to make a change in the smaller world around us called Society, we must also get others involved, because Society is the Collective Consciousness of all the Individuals involved.

The outside-in approach of the Administration of a Collective Consciousness works in exactly the same way an Anarchistic Society would work that operates using the Metatocracy.  This is because the Metatocracy is exactly the same as the Organizational Structure of Nature that governs how the Administration of Nature operates.

In this way, it involves the Law of Squares and a Voting system with the principle of the Proportion PHI for determining what counts as an Overwhelming Majority large enough to achieve a stable Harmonic Coherence.

If we were to follow this same system of Administration, then we would have the Global Council (the Council of Light) which sets and administers the International Laws of Society as the first Logos.  Then we would have Regional/National Councils (Cosmological Councils), as the second Logos, which set and administer the Regional/National Laws of their immediate Society insomuch that they do not contradict any of the Global Laws.  Then you have Local/District Councils (Multiverse Councils), as the third Logos, which set and administer the Local/District Laws of their immediate Community without contradicting either their Regional/National Laws, or the Global Laws.  Then you have each individual Private Business Trust, where the Trustor, as the fourth Logos, sets and administers the Policies and Processes of their Business, which cannot contradict the policies of any of the other Holospheres it exists within.

These represent the 4 Logos of our Universe, Galaxy Cluster, Galaxy and Solar System.  Then, within each business you have the Sub-Logos who operate within the scope of these Laws and Policies/Processes in order to create products and services for the benefit of others in Society.

While the original Laws, Policies and Processes are set by the Logos, over time, they can be edited by the Sub-Logos through a voting and debate system that everyone may be involved in, which is true Anarchism – like a Collective Consciousness.  In this way, everyone can operate in Society the same way everything in Nature operates.

So, you see, there is an Administration to Nature, and it has the most beautiful way of functioning in order to maintain the Freedom, Equality and Sovereignty of everyone and everything.  All we need to do to claim these Birthrights for ourselves is to create an Alternative Society utilizing this Natural System for ourselves.

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