Reconciling Science and Spirituality

Science and Spirituality are meant to be one in the same.

Heretofore, science, relying heavily upon the senses, and thus glorifying only “objectively verifiable” evidence, has only been able to perceive some of the Physical Laws of Nature.  They are absolutely in the dark about the Mental and Spiritual Laws of Nature.

In only looking at one third of reality, they have barely been able to reach any amount of significant understanding, even of only that one third, because each third may only be fully understood by understanding the other thirds.

At the same time, Religion does the exact opposite, looking only at the Spiritual Laws of Nature, and thus achieves the same result as Science, barely understanding even the one third they focus on.

While science posits that only Objectively Verifiable Data is real, religion would posit that only Subjectively Verifiable Data is real.

The problem with both of these stances is that Objective Perception is a Subjective Experience and Subjective Perception is an Objective Experience.  Each are only one third of the whole picture.  The whole picture is triune.  It is the Infinite Unity of the Polarity of the Singularity.

The Physical world is the world of Objective Experience and the Spiritual world is the world of Subjective Experience.  The Mental world is where these two perspectives may come into balance, if allowed.

The way these two perspectives play in the playground of the mind is what determines both the physical and spiritual realities the mind may experience.

The Objective Experience of reality may not be understood without the Subjective Experience of reality and vice versa.

In order to reconcile Science and Spirituality, the first step is for those that subscribe to one side or the other to recognize this fact and adjust.

The only Truth is Natural Law.  All else is potential creation, potential experience.

The second step is twofold:

1) Science must recognize that God exists – as Consciousness, as Ether.  Ether is the substance of Consciousness.  Consciousness is the Spirit of the Mind/Body/Spirit Complex.  It is where the Soul resides.  As such, Ether is a Spiritual Substance, not of a physical or mental nature.

2) Religion must recognize that the Creator is not separate from Creation.  Creation is the Creator Creating Itself.  The most difficult thing for any Religious person will be to accept that fact that “I am God.”

This is, of course, silly.  God is Consciousness.  No one has a problem saying, “I am Consciousness.”  But the Religious amongst us have extreme difficulty saying, “I am God.”  God and Consciousness are the same thing.

As such, I do not recommend to anyone that they say, “I am God.”  For one thing, the word God is not the best vibratory match for what it is supposed to represent.  It just happens to be the most popular term.  Everyone knows what you’re talking about when you say “God.”  But not everyone has been able to reconcile God with the Self.  We must realize that God is the only thing that exists, that Sentient Beings like us are Gods called Universes, Organisms and Superstrings, repeating over and over at infinite different scales.  We are the Creator Creating Itself.

Literally speaking, the words Consciousness and Creator are the absolute best vibrational matches for what we like to call “God.”  So, I advise that everyone make the habit of saying, “I am Consciousness,” and, “I am a Creator.”  This should be a lot easier than saying, “I am God,” and will produce the same, if not a better result.

Scientists will also have extreme difficulty in accepting the existence of the Ether, and in particular, accepting the Ether as Consciousness.

Thanks to the Michelson/Morley Experiment, Science now claims definitively that the Ether does not and cannot exist.

The Michelson/Morley Experiment takes on the presumption that Ether is a fluid, and therefore hypothesizes that Light traveling through the Ether should act the same as sound traveling through an atmosphere – where sound travels slower against the wind than with the wind.

Therefore, it is said that two beams of light traveling at a right angle from each other should travel at different speeds if the Ether exists.  So, they set up a beam of light to shine on a particular mirror that allows half the light to go through and reflects the other half of the light at a right angle.  They then set up sensors at exactly the same distance from the mirror in both directions.

Every single time they ran the experiment, light reached both sensors at exactly the same moment.  Therefore it is said that this experiment definitively proves that Ether does not exist.

Except that it actually proves the Ether does exist.

There are 2 flaws with the hypothesis of this experiment.

1) Ether is not a fluid, it is a “perfect fluid.”  As a perfect fluid it does not resist itself, it does not cause friction upon itself.  It does not create an Ether Wind.

Remember, Ether is not a “physical” substance.  It is, literally and definitively, a “Spiritual” substance.  As such, it does not and cannot exhibit any of the qualities or properties of the physical nature.

2) Light does not “travel.”  It Reproduces.  All waves of all natures reproduce themselves through propagation which dissipates over time and distance.  This is because waves are based on Pressures.  Pressures in a fluid like the Atmosphere create a wind.

The physical nature of the wind may slow sound waves moving against it and accelerate sound waves moving with it, but pressures in a perfect fluid like the Ether merely propagate – they can make the Ether vibrate as propagations of their pulsations, but they cannot “move” the Ether in response to such pulsations because Ether is not a physical substance that can be so “moved.”

Ether is Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient, which is precisely how it makes itself a Perfect Fluid.  It is not “made of” anything.  It is, itself, One Infinite Whole Unified and Continuous Thing.  It is, itself, that which exists within and throughout all other things and the space that surrounds them.  Everything exists within the One Thing, everything is made of the One Thing and everything functions through the One Thing.

Omnipresence means the Ether exerts an Infinite amount of Pressure upon itself.  That is what Omnipotence is.  This infinite pressure is therefore infinite potential vibrations.  That is what Omniscience is.  Only Ether may be the One Cause – Consciousness.

As the Ether cannot resist itself, even waves crossing paths from two opposing centers of pressure will not slow each other down.  They move through each other, affect each other, create a wave interference pattern, but they will not slow each other down.

Throw two stones in a still pond and watch the waves ripple outward.  When the waves propagating from the two sources meet in the middle, do they slow each other down?

Light propagates in the same way through the Ether.  The water example breaks down when you bring it to the ocean, because water is not a perfect fluid, and so the ocean is constantly moving in relation to various pressures.  But Ether does not move as such.  It propagates waves while remaining static, still, like the pond.

When you run this experiment under the correct hypothesis, that Ether is a Perfect Fluid and that therefore light should travel at the same speed in any direction, then this experiment clearly proves that the Ether exists.

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