Abundance Throughout The World

Most people in this world live in poverty.  I know it’s not a fun thing to think about, but it’s the truth.  And that’s a problem, because this world is full abundance.

Look around you.  There are tree’s everywhere.  All of which produce edible seeds.  The forests proliferate with food.  And if started using industrial hemp and bamboo instead of trees for our paper products, they would be even more abundant.

Our farms produce enough food for 10 billion people, and we only have a population of 7.8 billion.  We throw away half of the food we produce every day just because most people can’t afford to pay for it.  Furthermore, with todays technology, we could easily produce enough food for up to 25 billion people.

How many cars do you see at dealerships?  How many of them do you think get sold?  Have you ever heard of vehicle graveyards?  That’s where more than half of the vehicles produced each year end up… just because most people can’t afford to buy them.

Take a walk through any clothing store.  We produce far more clothes than there are people’s wardrobes.  Do you think every single one of those clothing items sells before it goes out of fashion?  Do you think they all get donated?  No, more than half of the clothing and accessories we produce every year end up in the garbage… because most people can’t afford them.

The truth is constantly staring us in the face, but we are constantly being told that resources are scarce and that is why we need to trade money to buy things.  We are taught that trading money for things allows us to regulate the supply in order to meet the demand.  But that couldn’t be further from the truth.  We are constantly over-producing and therefore having to artificially increase prices in order to make up for the loss of profit on all the things we have to throw away.

In reality, the only thing that is actually scarce in this world, is money.  There will never be enough money to pay for everything, and that is by design.  Because if there was enough money, then the money itself would have no value, and we wouldn’t be able to buy anything.

Money, or rather, the concept of “trade” itself, is what is disabling everyone from being able to share in the abundance of everything this planet produces, and everything we humans produce.

For more than 6000 years, we have subscribed to a system of trade, requiring Direct and Immediate Exchange of goods and/or money in order to acquire the things we need or want.  If you wish to know why, you will have to go back and read the articles The Origin of Law and Money, and What Is Money???.

Humanity is slowly beginning to reach the point where we are finally becoming capable of making these realizations and coming up with better solutions.  But no solution can be properly implemented until the vast majority of people are in agreement with how to operate Commerce.

One such solution is The Venus Projects Resource Based Economy.  Another is Michael Tellinger’s Ubuntu Philosophy and One Small Town Movement.  My personal solution is Holobank, our very own Central Banking System for our very own Global Alternative Society that does things differently, allowing us to simulate a Free-Access Economy while still being able to do business with the rest of the world.

The idea is that, once our Alternative Society, Metagaiaes, grows large enough that we no longer need to do business with the rest of the world, we will end up uselessly piling up worthless money that we never use, because we only need it to transact business outside of our Society. That the people will finally be able to choose to stop using the formality altogether, allowing us to transition to the quintessential Free-Access Economy.

It is then, and only then, that poverty will never again exist in our world, and abundance for all will be the normal way of life.

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