The Process of Creation

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Now that we understand the Holy Trinity, we can now dive into the Natural Laws that govern Creation for our current temporary Fields of Experience within Consciousness.

The Process of Creation is a 7-step process, much like every Religion depicts the Creation of Mankind as being a 7-day process.  Except this isn’t about the Creation of mankind, it’s about Creation itself, which is cyclical process that repeats every 7 steps.

In the next Article, we will cover the Law of Attraction, which is a 5-step process that is holographically embedded into the Process of Creation.  That is, all 5 steps of the Law of Attraction exist within each of the 7 steps of the Process of Creation, and all 7 steps of the Process of Creation exist within each of the 5 steps of the Law of Attraction.

Here are the 7 steps to the Process of Creation:

  1. Realization
  2. Reflection
  3. Imagination
  4. Affirmation
  5. Reinforcement
  6. Action
  7. Rest

These 7 steps exist within 3 stages of development.

  1. Conception
  2. Gestation
  3. Birth

The Conception Phase consists of the first 3 steps: Realization, Reflection, Imagination.

Realization is when an idea from Consciousness first enters into the Mind as Thought.  Either you decide to entertain the idea or decide to let it go.

Reflection is achieved should you decide to entertain an idea.  This means you automatically begin to think about the idea, brooding over different possibilities.

Should the process of Reflection further motivate you towards the manifestation of the idea, step 3 is to begin using your imagination to begin putting the idea into concrete form, albeit only in the Mind.

Should you thus become passionate about the idea, having well-conceived the idea in the Conception Phase, you will need to move on to the Gestation Phase.

The Gestation Phase consists of the two steps Affirmation and Reinforcement.  Both are repetitions of the Conception Phase, but with intended purposes in mind.

Affirmation is the repetition of the Conception Phase in order to program your Subconscious Mind to know exactly what you want.  The more detailed and the clearer your own visualizations and desires, the more exactly it can be made manifest in your reality.

The Subconscious Mind is merely that part of the Mind that we do not Consciously use.  It is the part of the Mind that controls all the autonomic activities we have to perform, such as heart rate, breathing, sweating, etc.  It is also where ideas are programmed into beliefs that regulate our habitual behaviors, and 95% of our behaviors are habitual, drawing upon our Subconscious Mental programs to make their decisions.  The Affirmation Phase is meant to help us program good habits and beliefs that support the manifestation of our vision, or goals.

Reinforcement is the repetition of the Conception Phase in order to weed out all the negative thoughts of fear, doubt and worry that creep up along the way.  These thoughts will Distort the image you are trying to calcify for Consciousness to Create.  They will work to negate your creation.

The Subconscious Mind can only be programmed with repeated thoughts that are not negated.  You can program your Subconscious Mind to work in your favor just as easily as a Satanic Narcissist can brainwash a person into Sexual Slavery.  The process is exactly the same.  But only when you take this power upon yourself do you become capable of creating your own reality for yourself.  Reinforcement is meant to deprogram bad habits or beliefs that do not support your vision or goals.

The final Phase of the Process of Creation is the Birth Phase.  Prior to now, everything in the Process of Creation has been a mental procedure.  Nothing physical had yet to be done.  First and foremost, we must understand what it is we wish to create, or we will not be able to create it.

The Birth Phase consists of the last two steps, which are Action and Rest.  These should be rather self-explanatory.  Once you have repeated the previous steps enough, you will gain an awareness of opportunities as they arise, and you will begin to take action as a natural result of following the previous steps.

Perhaps the most important step of this entire process is the final step, Rest.  This step may be used at any time throughout the process.  And it must be used, for without proper rest, you will not have the energy or motivation necessary to complete the process and achieve your goals.

It should be noted with great care that the concept of planning has been entirely ignored in this explanation.  If you are planning at all, you are planning to fail.

In order to achieve your desires, there are an infinite number of variables that have to be considered in order to come up with a sound plan.  Furthermore, you are not the only one with desires to be accounted for in those plans.

Consciousness can account for all the infinite variables involved with coming up with a sound plan, and furthermore, it can come up with a plan that includes the desires of all other Minds.

When we try to plan things our ourselves and take action based upon those plans, we are enforcing our will upon Consciousness instead of Surrendering our will to Consciousness.

We have to remember that we ARE Consciousness, and Consciousness is us.  As such, Consciousness wants to fulfill everyone’s needs and desires.  It will always fulfill our needs, but whether or not it fulfills our desires is entirely up to us.

Consciousness, as the Infinite Singularity, is the Absolute Sovereign of existence.  As such, it can only make a choice in Free-Will.  If you are enforcing the will of your mind upon Consciousness, Consciousness cannot choose to freely participate in your will.  It therefore must choose to ignore or negate your will.

On the other hand, when you surrender your will to Consciousness, now it can choose to freely participate in the Creation of your desires.  Consciousness will come up with the plan for you, and all you need to do is continuously clarify the vision of your continuously surrendered will and remain aware of the opportunities that arise to take action.

Follow this process, surrender your will to Consciousness, and you will create everything you wish to create.

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