Private Equity – The Real Law

So, we’ve come to learn that Natural Law is the original jurisdiction.  After that comes Religious jurisdictions with the invention Religion over 6000 years ago starting with the Sumerian and Akkadian empires.  Religion was the first tool used to turn Natural Law upside down and inside out in order to indoctrinate the people into a control system that is rightfully symbolized by the “Matrix” today.

Religious Law eventually came to be what is today called Canon Law.  Under Canon Law are the Public Jurisdictions of Admiralty/Maritime Law and Common Law.  Admiralty/Maritime Law is not only the jurisdiction of the Military Industrial Complex but also the jurisdiction of Corporate Commerce.

But behind and beyond all of these jurisdictions is a little something that almost never gets talked about – Private Equity Law.

Private Equity Law has always existed before and beyond all other jurisdictions because it is the direct extension of Natural Law in human affairs.  Private Equity is also know as Contract Law because it deals solely in contracts between private consenting individuals.  It is also known as Merchant Law and is covered by the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).

The Uniform Commercial Code is the opposite side of the coin, if you will, to Admiralty/Maritime Law.  Whereas AM Law deals with Corporate Commerce, the UCC deals with Private Commerce.

The UCC has become the international standard for ensuring fair and equitable contracts, hence the reason it is called Private “Equity” Law.

As the ancient Maxim goes, “Contract makes the law.”  The UCC defines the parameters of such contracts in global commerce, defining such things as what constitutes fraud, coercion, duress, torture, an “unconscionable” agreement, etc., as well as such things as what constitutes lawful “consideration” to make a contract a fair and equitable exchange.

Whether or not we actually need to conform to the Uniform Commercial Code in our Alternative Society remains a question.  After all, Natural Law, in its exquisite simplicity, covers all its bases with but one Principle called the Golden Rule: Do no harm; harm being defined as “any violation of Free-Will.”  That said, the UCC does do an excellent job of detailing all the various ways in which free will can be violated in terms of a contract.

Furthermore, it remains yet to be known whether or not adhering to the UCC brings us back under the Jurisdiction of the Kingdom of Earth, which, of course, is exactly what we need to avoid.  The question is, do we really need any multi-thousand page set of legal codes to define morality and ethics for us?  Is the Law of God not written upon our hearts?

That said, it is still advantageous for us to study the UCC to gain an idea of the currently existing international standard of “Fair and Equitable Exchange.”  We cannot improve upon these standards without first understanding them.

The UCC is certainly long and drawn out, but hey, if that’s the only thing we have to study, besides the few short documents for our own Alternative Society to maintain our individual and collective Sovereignty, as well as peaceful relations with the Kingdom of Earth, that’s not a bad trade-off.  It is but a minor sacrifice on the path to a truly Free and Equal Society.

Eventually, when money is no longer necessary at all in our Alternative Society, we will also no longer need to know the UCC regulations for business transactions and contracts.  We will be free to follow only our own simplified codifications of Natural Law.

Until then, and as long as we are doing business with Secular Nations, they will wish to use the UCC in regard to their contracts with us.  So, we have little choice.  Fortunately, the UCC is the only Jurisdiction that the Royal Sovereigns of the world obey, and the only one we may be even remotely subject to.

But let’s not forget, the reason the Royal Sovereigns of the world obey the UCC is because it is the direct extension of Natural Law.  Which brings us to our next important point.

The most important contract we must acquaint ourselves with is the Natural Law Trust.  As our Alternative Global Society will be existing solely within the Jurisdiction of Private Equity Law, we will be using Natural Law Trusts to hold all of our Property and Businesses in the realm of Natural Law using Private Equity Law.

This gives us several advantages over the more commonly known and understood Registered Companies (S-Corp, C-Corp, LLC, etc.).  First of all, it allows us to remain entirely outside of the realm of Income Taxes.  Even though we still need to obtain EIN numbers from the IRS to open a bank account for our Natural Law Trust business ventures and property investments (until we create our own banking system to use), Natural Law Trusts are Tax Exempt Entities, and not the type where you have to apply for such Tax Exempt Status.  It is automatic, because neither the IRS, nor any Government has jurisdiction in Natural Law.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, Natural Law Trusts help make our property Private Property.  You know, the kind where we get to put up signs that say “Private Property.  No Trespassing.  Will Prosecute.”  As Private Property, neither the Federal, State nor local governments have any jurisdiction on that property.  They cannot enforce their laws, codes, ordinances, statutes, etc.  We do not need permits to build, we do not need to heed local zoning policies.  Nothing of the sort.

This is what will allow us to hold personal and business properties on any soil without being domiciled in the jurisdiction of the Nation or State/Province.  This is what will allow us to domicile our properties in our own Alternative Society without consequence and without stepping on the toes of any Government.  This is what will allow us to establish businesses that do not need to follow the silly mask mandates or any vaccine mandates that their Governments may request.

Then, rather than creating a Society based on borders or territories, we can simply network our various businesses and their properties together to form our Global Alternative Society.  Private Equity Law is the only Real Law, and therefore the only law we will ever require to function.

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