The Truth About Ownership & The Alternative

Ownership is tricky concept.  Essentially, only God can own anything because only God created it.  All the resources on this planet were here long before we were created.  However, we are the Creator creating Itself, so technically we can own things as an extension of God in this world.  But then, everything that exists is an extension of God in this world because everything is the Creator creating Itself.  Therefore, technically, the only thing we can own is our self because everything owns itself.  But then, technically, everything is our self, because everything is the Creator.  In the end we have to choose between one of two courses of action: Either everyone owns everything, or no one owns anything except themselves.

As you can see, one of these idea’s is clearly Socialism.  However, the other is not even Capitalism.  While Socialism posits that all property should be owned by the Collective (and what they really mean is the the Government), Capitalism posits that property should be privately owned by the individual.  But as you can see, we only have two logical options on ownership, we either choose to let the entire Collective own everything as the Creator, or we choose not to involve ourselves with the concept of ownership at all.  But how do you that?

As usual, the answer is always more simple than we think, and that is why it has been so difficult and has taken so long for us to discover.  It’s been right under our noses from the beginning of time immemorial.  The Ruling Elite have been operating this way amongst themselves since the dawn of civilization.  It is only the people who have been left ignorant of these things, and intentionally so.

The answer to the problem that is “ownership” is quite simply “management.”  Nobody needs to own anything, but things do need to be managed.  The difference between the two?  Ownership is seen as a right.  Management is seen as a responsibility.  In reality, no one has the right to own anything except themselves, because everything is the Creator creating Itself.  To claim ownership of anything is to violate the First Law of Nature – Free Will.  But to manage things for the benefit of ourselves and others, now that is an important responsibility.

So, the next question is, how do we manage things without the concept of ownership?  Especially things like personal property, such as the house we live in?

Excellent question, of course.  And like I said earlier, the Ruling Elite have been doing this since the very beginning.  The funny thing is, you think you own things, like your house, your car, your cell phone, your clothes, etc.  The truth is, you don’t own anything.  The difference between you and the Ruling Elite is that the Ruling Elite know they don’t own anything, and they don’t allow themselves to commit to the sin of violating the First Law of Nature.

What the Ruling Elite do, what they have been doing since the very beginning, is using something called a Trust.  I’m sure you’ve heard the term “Trust Fund Baby” flying around there.  A Trust is nothing more and nothing less than a Private Contract between Private People for the “Management” of property/assets for the benefit of those involved.  Using Trust Funds, no one owns anything, but the right people manage everything and the right people gain the benefit of that management.

Historically, before they were called Trusts, they were called Feuds.  Before the Vatican Church rose to the central seat of power in the Middle Ages, all Kingdoms, Empires and City-States operated as Feuds.  In these Feuds, the King would allow certain other people, whom he trusted, to manage certain lands in his Kingdom.  The person given Feudal Management of a Territory was thus called a Lord, or a Landlord.  Other than being called a Feud, however, it was exactly the same as what we today call the Trust Estate.  What we then called Lords, we today call Trustees.

The first “Trust” ever made was that between King Henry IV and Pope Innocent III as the Holy Alliance Treaty of 1213.  This is what created the Global Divine Trust Estate of the Vatican holding all the land, the seas, the creatures and the people as their “Property.”  Later on, as Trusts became more popular, the Knights Templar would request the ability to use Trusts to protect their property.  Knights who went off to war would often come back to find that the King had taken possession of their property while they were away, leaving them with nothing to come back to.  If they were “given” their property back, it was only through usury, and not ownership, and the knights were expected to pay taxes on the profit generated from their property.

So, these Knights took the idea of Trusts that were invented by and used by the Vatican Church and forced the King of England at the time under threat and duress of death to sign the Great Charter – the Magna Charta – which, among other things, allowed the Knights to hold their property in Trust, at least for a little while.

The Magna Charta was later redacted due to the pre-existence of Holy Alliance Treaty of 1213, which declared all land and all human vessels to be the “property of the Church,” and no one ever refuted this claim within the Statute of Limitations.  But this did not stop the development of the Trust Fund into what it is today – the only viable way to protect all your personal and private assets from Taxes, Extortion, or Law Suits, and the only way to legally hold title to any property.  But more importantly, the only way for anyone, from anywhere, to be able manage property without claiming ownership of it, thus protecting them from violating the First Law of Nature – Free Will.

A Trust is a private contract between private parties where one person (the Trustor) has another person (the Trustee) hold and manage their property and assets for the benefit of another, third person (the Beneficiary) which can also be the Trustor itself.

As it was, in those days as it is now, the King, or government could only lay claim to, and tax that which was “owned,” which is what people are led to believe they are doing, when legally they are actually “using.”  To this day, many people think they own things, like their car, or their house, but their so-called “ownership” is actually mere “usury” by law and is granted only so long as the subject pays its dues for taxes and licensure.  Even a Mortgage Deed is actually a Certificate of Title, claiming that a true Title exists, but is not the actual Title.  The actual title is held by either the bank or the city, which is why you continue to pay property taxes even after the mortgage is paid off.  However, by creating these Trust Agreements, we are taking ownership (usury) out of the equation, and thus taking power away from the government to lay claim to our property or assets.

Today, there are many different types of Trusts, but this Article is only going to focus on one type of Trust – the Expressed Irrevocable Natural Law Divine Sovereign Trust. The focus here is on Natural Law, as opposed to any type of Statutory Law, Commercial Law, or even Common Law.  Common Law comes before Statutory Law in our history, but Natural Law comes before Common Law, or any other type of Law.  Natural Law is the only “original law.”

Again, a Trust is about management without ownership.  The Christian Bible defines how God granted mankind “dominion” over the Earth and all living things on it.  This led to Pope Innocent III to create the Holy Alliance Treaty of 1213 that declared the Vatican as having Dominion over all the Earth via conquest.  No one ever rebutted this claim, and so the Vatican, to this day, is literally defined as the Legal Owner of the Kingdom of Earth.  However, even the Vatican recognizes that God is the only valid “Owner,” and thus they use Jesus Christ as the Grantor of the Trust, making Him the “Landlord” of the whole planet.  Only the one who holds the Seal of St. Peter and thus the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven that were originally passed down to Peter from Jesus Christ, may speak for Jesus Christ in this world.

Normally, this privilege is reserved for the Pope of the Vatican Church.  However, the previous Pope passed the keys down to James McBride, recognizing him as the Return of St. Peter, thus making him an Emeritus Pope, which was supposed to have put an end to the Vatican Church and their Dominion by fulfillment of Vatican Prophecy.  However, instead, the Vatican fraudulently instituted a new Pope, Francis.  James McBride was recognized as the Return of St. Peter because he discovered that the Bible is the Trust Indenture Agreement of the Vatican Church’s Divine Global Trust Estate, which means that Christ’s New Covenant is a process in Trust Law, and not just a spiritual metaphor.  Having made this discovery, he went through the legal process himself and became the very first Heir to the Vatican’s Divine Global Estate.

That is why Pope Benedict XVI recognized James as the Return of St. Peter.  That is why he passed the Keys to the Kingdom down to him.  And that is why all this COVID crap is happening now.  The Vatican knows it has lost all its power because the Private People are returning to their inheritance in the Divine Estate.  So, now, they are trying to transfer all the power and authority to the UN as a One World Government as quickly as possible as a attempt to prevent the Private People from taking the Estate back.  For more information on this, see the article The Veil.

The Divine Trust Estate established by the Vatican and the Sovereign Trust Estate established by the Crown of England are what allows these Trusts to “create” money.  Only Divine and Sovereign Trusts can create money, no other Trust in the world can claim that power.  This isn’t based on any legal code or law, but rather on historical legal fact.  Divinity is the Power of God to Create, and Sovereignty is a person who recognizes their Divinity.  This is also why the Federal Reserve is an Unincorporated Business Organization (UBO) operating as a Sovereign Trust.  As the creation of Money is an integral part of the Alternative Society being presented here, it too, must be a Divine and/or Sovereign Trust Estate.

Mankind was created to be the steward of the Earth, and we have been neglecting that responsibility for far too long.  The Trustees of the Divine and Sovereign Estates of the Kingdom of Earth have been mismanaging the resources of this planet for quite some time, especially the so-called human resources.  They have not been doing their part to properly care for this planet and its inhabitants.  Instead, they have been using the Divine and Sovereign Trusts to enslave the people and line their own pockets.

We can’t make them stop because we cannot violate the Free Will of others, but by creating an Alternative Society as our own Divine and Sovereign Trust Estate, we can begin to properly manage this planet and its resources for the benefit of all its inhabitants.  And in order for us to be able to create money (from a legal perspective to the Kingdom of Earth in any case) a Divine and Sovereign Trust Estate is necessary.  There is no reason to use the currently existing system when we can create our own.  After all, the solution always lies in creating a new system that renders the old one obsolete.  Thank you, Bucky.

A Trust Estate requires a Bank to hold the assets in “trust” for the Beneficiaries.  I would like to say that, in our Alternative Society, the Trustor is God, but the reality is that God cannot sign a contract.  So, in reality, since we are the Representatives of God on Earth, the Realm Core (you’ll know what this means soon) of the Alternative Society will act as the Trustor. The Trustees, then are the Representatives of the various Councils, and the Beneficiaries are the People, the Members of the Alternative Society.  However, ALL are equal Sovereign Participants in the Social Administration.

This is, ultimately, no different than the Kingdom of Earth, but in our case, we actually plan on properly managing the resources for the benefit of all the inhabitants of this planet, and doing so without violating anyone’s rights to Freedom, Equality and Sovereignty.  Once and for all, we will get this right.  And our very own Central Banking System will be the one to hold the Divine and Sovereign Trust Estate that is the Alternative Society.  Until the creation of this Central Banking System, the Social Compact signed by all Members will mark the Alternative Society as a Sovereign Nation in its own Right.

The most important point to note about Trust’s is that there is no “ownership” in a Trust.  That is part of why it is called a Trust and why property of a Trust is said to be held in trust.  A Trust consists of three Parties, the Trustor, the Trustees and the Beneficiaries.  Trusts are “managed,” they are not “owned.”  The Trust owns itself as well as the assets it holds.

This will be a tough concept for many people to wrap their minds around.  We like to think we “own” things in this world, even our own Private Property, but in truth, no one actually “owns” anything in this world.  Even your Mortgage Deed on your house defines you as a mere “user” while your house is held in “trust” by the bank or town/city.  The same is true for your vehicle, and anything that you have ever purchased using a Fiat Currency.  You cannot own anything that you have purchased with a Fiat Currency because you never actually “bought and paid for” anything.  Fiat Currency is not real and lawful money, it is a mere “promise to pay” later, presumably in lawful money, such as Gold, or Silver.

But then, if you think about it, no can actually “own” Gold or Silver, either.  In order to “own” something, you have to “create” it.  While we are creator’s and co-creators, we did not create the Earth or anything in it, including the Gold and the Silver.  God created it, so technically speaking only God can “own” it.  And when even so-called lawful money amounts to mere “usership” is it not therefore God who ends up “owning” anything “bought and paid for” with Gold or Silver?

But then, in a world without Money, or with a Service Based Economy, there is no need for ownership.  Management of personal property will always be a right, but the only thing we can ever truly own, is our Self.  This is a big part of what it means to be Sovereign.

In the Divine Trust Estate of our Alternative Society, we have to recognize the fact that, just like the Divine Trust Estate of the Earth managed by the Vatican, no one actually “owns” anything.  However, as the stewards and caretakers of this planet, it is our duty, responsibility and our Honor to “manage” the Divine Trust Estate.  This is why every account within our Central Banking System will be considered a Natural Law Trust rather than just a simple Checking Account.

This is also what will grant each and every Member of the Alternative Society the Right and ability to create their own money based on their own Credit and Faith as a Divine and Sovereign Child of God in the Kingdom of Heaven via their inheritance backed by their own Time and Energy in Service to Society.  Because, again, only a Divine and/or Sovereign Trust Estate can create money.  This is why each and every Government in this world that creates their own money is a Sovereign Trust Estate.  This is why the Vatican is a Divine Trust Estate.  This is why the Federal Reserve is a Sovereign Trust Estate and not an Incorporated Business.  Due to the history of Law in this world, only Sovereign and Divine Trust Estates are able to do this.

Now, just because no one actually “owns” anything does not mean there is no such thing as Private Property in the Alternative Society.  There is both Public AND Private Property in our Alternative Society, but rather than such properties being “owned” they are simply “managed” as it is recognized throughout our Alternative Society that only the God of all Creation can “own” anything as the Creator of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and everything within it.

As the stewards and caretakers of the Earth, we are the “managers” and the Beneficiaries of the Divine Trust, and we collectively manage Public Property while we individually manage Private Property.  This is not such a revolutionary idea.  In fact, many tribal communities, like the Native Americans always understood that we cannot “own” the land, if anything the land “owns” us, and that it is our responsibility to properly manage it.

Before I move on, I wish to be perfectly clear about the inherent importance of both Private and Public Property.  Ideally, these two things are the overarching argument between Capitalism and Socialism.

Capitalists believe that all property should be private, that no property should be public.  Socialists believe that all property should be public, that no property should be private.

Both of these beliefs are extremes.  If we learned anything from Buddhism, it is that the extremes of Hedonism and Asceticism do not lead to enlightenment.  Only by finding the balance between these two can one hope to evolve to higher states of enlightenment.

If we wish to evolve to a more enlightened society, we need to stop choosing one or the other of the extremes, and find the balance between the two.  Private and Public property are both equally important.  We all need our own private space to be ourselves in, and we all need public space to operate Commerce in.

What would be good for everyone to know is that these two extremes have always been relatively balanced naturally despite our attempts to become one extreme or the other.  The Capitalist U.S. probably has the most amount of Private Property of all the Nations of the world, and yet, it still has a good deal of Public Property.

On the other hand, China probably has the largest amount of Public Property, but even they still have Private Property.  No matter how hard we try to escape the balance, it always wins in the end, because that is Nature.  Instead of fighting this reality, I think its time we begin to embrace it.

How it works for our Alternative Society is like this:  The Alternative Society, itself, is a Divine Natural Law Trust Estate wherein the Central Heart is the Trustor, the Administrators are the Trustees, and the Members are the Beneficiaries.  Also, each and every Business in the Alternative Society is a Sovereign Natural Law Trust Estate within the Divine Trust, wherein the Central Heart of the Business is the Trustor, while the Managers are the Board of Trustees, and the rest of the Members of the Business are the Beneficiaries.  Also, each individual Member can also create a Private Natural Law Trust to hold their Private Property, such as Houses and vehicles.

By doing it this way, we are completely and entirely removed from all currently existing systems, but we maintain the ability to continue transacting business with those who are under the current systems.  We can continue to do business with other nations just the same as all other nations continue to do business with each other, despite being their own nation with their own central bank and their own currency.

In other words, we don’t lose anything by doing this.  In fact, we only have more to gain by doing this, and so do all the other nations under the current systems.

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