I’ve mentioned many times throughout this blog now, that Metagaiaes is intended to be a Free and Equal Society in the Kingdom of Heaven that forms a mutually beneficial relationship with the Kingdom of Earth.  This is important because the only way to obtain our Freedom and Equality is to wage peace, not war.

Remember back to The Philosophy Blog and recall that all is Trinity, everything that exists has a Polar opposite and a Unifying Factor which is the relationship between opposites.  Electricity is one of the primordial examples of this: The 3 and the 6 always relate to each other through the 9 in Vortex Mathematics.

In the case of our world, we have been very out of balance for a very long time.  We have only ever had one type of society on this planet (the Narcissistic Society), we’ve never known its opposite (the Compassionate Society), but we have been striving for it since the very beginning.  The Alternative Society presented here and the Metatocracy Structure that guides it is the Polar opposite of the Vatican’s Kingdom of Earth Slave Society, and Commerce is the Unifying factor that provides relationship between the two.

That is why Metagaiaes is based on a Network of Businesses rather than territories – Businesses are the operation of Commerce in Society, and Commerce is the operation of Society itself.

I understand that the Kingdom of Earth is corrupt, and evil and selfish and that most people, especially those just starting to wake up, are very emotional about this and wish the worst for the leaders of the Kingdom of Earth, but that will accomplish nothing.  All throughout history humankind has been making the same mistake over and over again.  We keep trying to fight against the system.

In fighting the system, we make it stronger, not weaker.  For every enemy we overcome, 2 more rise up in their place, like the Hydra of Greek mythology.  Every revolution has brought us closer and closer to Freedom, but every time, it only accomplished an evolution of Slavery.

We are not going to create a Free and Equal Society by using the same methods used throughout history to establish Slave Nations.  There’s a word for that, it’s called “Insane.”  Insane is defined as “doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results.”  There is another word for that, too.  It’s called Stupid.  No offense, but that’s just the reality.

We keep fighting the current system, waging revolution after revolution, and all we end up doing is perpetuating the current system, and yet we continue to wage more revolutions, and continue fighting the current system, without stopping to think about the results we’ve been achieving.

As Einstein once said, “You can’t solve a problem with the same line of thinking that caused it in the first place.”  It’s time to put to rest the solution we’ve been trying to use for thousands of years which is how the problem started in the first place.  It’s time for a different approach.

As evil and corrupt and selfish as the leaders of the Kingdom of Earth may be, they are still leaders of vastly complex systems that masses of people have been brainwashed into believing which makes them more than a formidable opponent against which we would lose by sheer numbers if we were to wage war.

Besides this, those that we consider evil actually have a right to be that way.  In truth, they are not evil.  In truth, there is no opposite to good.  Everything that exists is good.  They are Narcissists, which is one form of Love, as covered in Two Philosophies on Love.  So long as they obtain consent from the people they rule over, they are not violating the Natural Law of Free Will.  There will always be both Narcissists and Compassionates throughout the universe.

The proper balance throughout the universe is related to the PHI ratio where there is always 1.618 times more Compassion in the universe than Narcissism.  However, that balance has never existed for us humans here on earth.  We’ve always existed in at least 95% slavery, until more recently, despite Narcissists accounting for no more than 5% of the total population.  At least 95% of all the people on this planet are inherently Compassionate, although many of them are wildly confused due to the cognitive dissonance of being forced to survive in a primarily Narcissistic Social Model.

Only recently, and mostly thanks to the internet, has the world become far too complicated for the leaders of the Kingdom of Earth to completely control, and this has aided greatly in the ideas and discoveries that have led to the creation of this here Alternative Society and its accompanied philosophies, so inspired by all the Communities and Networks rising up today in opposition to the system.

We will achieve the proper balance again one day on a Social as well as Individual level, and this Alternative Society is the positive offset to the current system’s negative net worth.  We may not be able to defeat the Kingdom of Earth in war, but we can create a symbiotic relationship wherein they can continue to do what they do, and we can continue to do what we do, side by side, knowing we need each other to thrive.

This positive and negative electrical relationship can be seen right within our Central Banking Systems.  While theirs continues to create a Negative Net Balance, ours continues to create a Positive Net Balance which will eventually not only offset their Balance but overtake it.  Without this Alternative Society and its Central Banking System, their Society will collapse into oblivion and the dark side of disorder and violence will overtake their Society and crush it from the inside out.  But we can actually help them using our Free Access Economy to give them more money, eventually allowing their Nations to pay off their National Debts, Interest included.

This Alternative Society may only begin as a small handful of organizations within a few Nations, but as it grows, the distinctions between the two societies will become strikingly clear.  Our Alternative Society will literally grow from inside other Nations like a symbiotic organism that the Kingdom of Earth will become incapable of living without.  Eventually, they will rely on us to maintain their infrastructure and to pay off their National Debts.  They will also rely on us to help fund many of their own Government Services.

However, eventually, our society will grow so large and will have assimilated so many Organizations, People and Property that anyone left wishing to live Kingdom of Earth style will eventually be forced into their own Region of the World, leaving the rest of the world to us.  This will be a peaceful takeover as it will happen by the free will choices of the people themselves, slowly, but surely.

Even the Narcissistic Royal Elite know they can’t mess with the will of the people.  This is when we will be able to dissolve our Central Banking System.  It is then that we won’t need Money for Commerce anymore, and we will be able to simplify Society all the more so, providing a higher degree of Freedom and Equality to all people in a world of luxurious abundance that harmonizes with Nature.

Once started, there is nothing that can stop our Society from growing and eventually overtaking the majority of the world.  There will always be that strange minority that chooses to live in fear and control instead of faith and love.  For now, we can get along with them by balancing their economy.  Later, we can each have our own Regions of the world.  And perhaps even later, we will be the only ones left here.

If that seems contradictory to the whole ideology of achieving balance, it is.  I’m sorry for the confusion, but this has been the best way to explain it thus far.  In order for us to gain strength in the polarity of Service-to-Others, we must first achieve balance with the Service-to-Selfers.  But balance between these two extremes isn’t actually what we want as 3rd Octave beings of Consciousness evolving to the 4th Octave.

Recall back to The Evolution of Consciousness where we learned about the various Octaves of Consciousness and our evolution through them.  Throughout the 4th and 5th Octaves we are actually polarizing more towards one side of the spectrum than the other only to finally balance back out in the 6th and 7th Octaves when we regroup with our Dark counterparts throughout the Universe.

Currently, our Global Civilization is polarized more towards Narcissism, but the majority of the people are polarized towards Compassion.  In order to fully evolve to the 4th Octave in the polarity of Compassion, we need a Society that is based upon the principles of Compassion.

Right now, the Narcissistic Principles of our Narcissistic Societies are destroying the world, destroying humanity.  We can’t stop them from doing what they do, but we can create an Alternative Society that does things Compassionately.  In doing so, we will give the people of the world a choice.  Since most people are Compassionate, once they become aware of the choice, they will make it and join the Alternative Society.  Narcissism will slowly die out as Compassion continues to grow.

But I can’t stress enough the importance of creating Beneficial Relationships with currently existing Nations.  First of all, until we grow large enough, we have no choice but to do business with them.  But that is our first opportunity to create a Mutually Beneficial relationship with them.  At first, we will depend more on having to do business with them, but as we grow, they will begin to depend more on doing business with us.

As long as a nation allows for the creation of Natural Law Trusts and Private Property, we do not need their permission to exist within their borders.  But that doesn’t mean we should not be contributing to the communities within their borders.  After all, we are still intrinsically a part of those communities, even if we aren’t part of the Nation.  Communities are made of people, not borders.

This is a Social Experiment unlike any other.  This is a Social Experiment on a whole new level.  The hypothesis being that if we mimic Nature as much as possible, we will naturally bring ourselves more into harmony with Nature and each other.

It won’t start as a very large Experiment, but the initial small experiments will undoubtedly (though it is unscientific of me to say that) prove true, because they are based on Natural Law and the Organization of Nature.

As the experiments prove true, more and more people will want to give it a try.  It will have no choice but to continue growing after the first experiments prove successful.  And the power of the people is nothing to be contended with.

It is only natural that many Nations will be apprehensive and fearful of our Alternative Society, especially as it becomes more successful, because it clearly spells out the end of the old Civilization; slowly, but surely.  But they will fail to notice this fact until it is too late, until they have become so hopelessly dependent upon us that they couldn’t stop us even if they wanted to.

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