Metagaiaes Presentation 01


Who are We? What is Metagaiaes? What is the Metatocracy?

In this presentation we begin to explain the Core Principles and the Foundations of what Metagaiaes is, what the Metatocracy is, and why they are so important right now at this moment in history. Humanity is at a precipice. We are at the end of a timeline. We have three choices to make at this moment.

1. Do nothing, and do not evolve.

2. Evolve down the path of Service to Self, or Narcissism, joining one of the ET races that participates in the Shadow Government of this world.

3. Evolve down the path of Service to Others, or Compassion, thus inheriting this world and co-create a new and evolved society that can support this evolution in Consciousness.

Metagaiaes is an evolved society for an evolved Consciousness of an evolved people. You could say it is society for the New Golden Age of Enlightenment. This first presentation only introduces us into the background of why it is necessary, how it helps us resolve all the problems associated with the current systems, and begins to introduce the Metatocracy.

The next presentation will dive deeper in the Holographic Mastermind aspects of the Metatocracy and how we can use this system to expand into a Global Society, as well as some parts regarding how that Society would operate.

For more information, check out my book series “The New Age Order” available on Amazon.

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