What is Money???

Money is a very interesting topic.  If you’ve never studied the history of money or how banks really work, you will probably be surprised by a lot of the content in this article.

When money was first created by the Sumerians, as you just learned in “The Origin of Law and Money,” it was created to account for human labor – the time and energy of the people in service within Society – as a tool for Trade.

This is the most obvious and logical commodity to back the value of your otherwise fake Monopoly Money.  Why?  Because the value of a product or service being offered is the value of the human time and energy that goes into producing it.  Especially during a time when there was no technology to take over the labor of humans.

Everything in the value of a product or service hinges on the value of the time and energy of the people producing it.  Why do think people say, “Time is money?”  When you buy a product, you are paying for the cost of checking out at the register, stocking the shelf with the product, the cost of distributing the product to the store, manufacturing the product, the cost of manufacturing the materials used by the manufacturers and the cost of shipping those materials, the cost of mining or obtaining the raw materials and distributing those to the material mills and factories.  Oh, and let’s not forget the value of the time spent marketing the products or services, or the time spent engineering the product, or the time that HR has to put in managing employees within the business, etc. etc. etc.  EVERYTHING concerning the value of our products and services boils down to time spent in labor.  Why do you think everything was so much cheaper when indentured servitude was legal?

Every step of the process involves the time and energy of people, which, in the end, is the whole reason for paying for it – so those people can be paid for their service and go spend that money on goods and services elsewhere in society.

It sounds all good in theory, but like I mentioned in the previous article, it takes away our freedom by forcing us to find ways and means of first procuring upstart costs before we can begin working on our passions.  It also creates Artificial Scarcity, which we’ll get into in a little bit.

This forces everyone into a form of slavery known today as Employment.  It would be wise for you to know at this point that the invention of Money did not and does not take slavery out of the equation.  In fact, money was invented to perpetuate slavery.  After all, only in a system of “Trade” does one have the ability to claim “Ownership,” including ownership over other human beings.  Without a system of trade, without money, there is no foundation for the concept of Ownership, which is another topic we will be diving into in a future article.

Most of the history of money is pretty slow and boring, with most of the important changes happening within the past 100 years.  Money evolved from Clay Tablet Bills of Exchange backed by Human Labor to Barter and Trade to Gold, Silver and other precious metals, back to the Bills of Exchange but backed by Gold, and then forward beyond anything we’ve ever known into Fiat Currency – having no intrinsic value.

That’s not an entirely accurate summary, however.  Fiat Currency has existed throughout the entire history of money.  Fiat Currency is what happens when a Government decides to start printing more Clay Tablets, more Marks, more Paper Notes, or other forms of Glorified IOU’s than are backed by something of intrinsic value.  And historically, every time a Civilization ended the backing of intrinsic value, the system collapsed and the Civilization ended.  Even the Sumerians backed the value of their money by Human Labor – not even trying to hide the fact of what money represents.

Egypt did it.  Rome did it.  And now the whole Global Civilization of the Central Banking System is doing it.  The only difference between then and now is that this time the whole world is involved.  Meaning this time will be the largest collapse of the largest Civilization in the history of mankind.  Simultaneously, however, that is also what makes it our greatest opportunity.

Most people believe that money has intrinsic value or is at least backed by intrinsic value.  But today, that is simply not the case, and the reason for that is because, as the history of money makes evidently clear, it doesn’t even need to exist, let alone have value.  Money itself is the problem.  It is the one thing that stands between us and prosperity for the sole reason of Artificial Scarcity.

– – –

Money can only have value if it has a limitation of existence.  That is one of the reasons Gold and Silver have been the corner stone anchor of the value of money throughout history.  Gold and Silver do not corrupt or corrode over time, so their value remains stable for a long time.  In pure form, they can be weighed and divided into different amounts, making them fungible.  And best of all, there is a natural limitation to their existence giving them intrinsic value.

Value, itself, is always directly related to supply vs. demand.  Anything that has a higher demand and a lower supply automatically is seen as having a higher “value,” while the opposite is true for things of low value.

But here is the problem with economics.  Money only has value if it is scarce.  Meaning, when it comes to fiat currency, some people have to hoard away the vast majority of it in order for the scraps of the people to have any purchasing power.  If everyone was given an equal amount of all the money in the world, prices would inevitably have to go so high that no one could afford anything… until the distribution of the wealth once again settled back into certain people hoarding it, and the rest living in scarcity.  The more money that floats around the ecosystem of society, the less value each dollar has.  It doesn’t matter how much money exists in total, what matters is how much of it is “currently flowing,” hence “currency”.

So, as you can see, it’s an inherently flawed system.  And that is the sole reason that every government in history has eventually left the gold standard into fiat currency, and that is exactly why every Civilization eventually goes extinct.

It’s all because of Money!  It’s all because the Sumerian Priests got together and decided to make people Trade their Time and Energy for Products and Services in order to keep them enslaved to a system of Employment.  It’s all because our Leaders do not have any faith in humanity.  It’s all because our Leaders are more obsessed with Control than Freedom.

Get rid of Money, get rid of Control, and Freedom can Reign.  Naturally, however, one cannot simply make the world stop using money overnight.  Such would breed confusion and destructive chaos, because no one would know how to operate or what to do.  Such would have to happen as a slow transition, such as the one proposed in the article, “Holobank – Service Based Free Access Economy.”

– – –

There is nothing wrong with the concept of value, which, by right, has many other definitions as well.  The problem begins with the concept of Trade, or Direct and Immediate Exchange.  Value can exist without money.  Value does not require the existence of money like money requires the existence of value.

But it is not just “money” that need not exist, it is the very idea of Trade, or Direct and Immediate Exchange.  These concepts are completely unnecessary to society, to life, to commerce.

We are not separate from Nature.  We are part of Nature.  Society is supposed to be the “Natural Ecosystem of Human Beings.”  It is meant to mimic natural ecosystems.  The Economy is meant to represent the ecology of nature, yet it does the exact opposite.

In Nature there is only Indirect and Transient Exchange.  This is a difficult concept, it seems, for most people to grasp, but this is how the whole of nature operates, no matter where you look.  All creatures, animals, insects, plants, planets, stars, black holes, atoms, molecules, bacteria, viruses, quarks, etc. give of themselves freely, serving their purpose as they see fit, and consuming resources from the environment around them as they see fit.  Everyone is always producing something that someone else needs abundantly knowing that most of it will go to waste and just be recycled back into base resources to become something else eventually.  But this enables anyone else that might need it the ability to take it whenever needed, like the birds eating the seeds dropped abundantly by the tree.  They will never eat all the seeds.  Some of them will spawn new trees.  Many of them will decompose and return their nutrients to the soil to become something else eventually.

But in our human societies we do not allow for this.  We do the exact opposite of Nature, and we wonder why we are so destructive?

Change the system, change the behavior.  Change the program, change the behavior.  Change the belief, change the behavior.

Human behavior is dictated by our beliefs, our mental programs, our societal programs, the systems we operate within.  Human beings are eternally mutable.  We are capable of conforming to any system, and proof of that is the fact that we have been conforming to an unnatural system of slavery since the very beginning.  We can just as easily conform to a system of freedom and sovereignty for all simply by subscribing to a new social system.

– – –

Money today, essentially comes in two forms:  Debt, and Credit.  These are two very interesting topics, especially in how they relate to Religion.  Originally, the whole idea of Debt and Credit comes from Religion – the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, as I call it.

Credit is Good.  Debt is Evil.  To be Faithful is Good.  To Sin is Evil.  Therefore:  Credit is Faith.  Debt is Sin.  Religion is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  Money is the Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  Money is the Fruit of Religion, and partaking of Religion is the Original Sin.  All the bible leads us to believe is that Original Sin is some mystery associated with the symbology of eating a fruit.  It doesn’t tell us what the fruit is, other than that is associated with the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  What is the the Knowledge of Good and Evil if not Religion?

Nonetheless, the book of Genesis would have us believe that all People are born into Sin, or Debt, via the Original Sin, and the Bible happens to be the Umbrella Jurisdiction of law under which all other National and Local Jurisdictions of law fall.  This is why every person is held as collateral to the National Debt via their Birth Certificate.  This is why every baby is born with over $80,000 of Debt before they even take their first breath.

The not-so-religious but real process of how this works is the Birth Certificate.  The Birth Certificate, today, is the first Financial Instrument of Debt a person uses (called Chattel Paper), marking the newborn as a “Citizen,” and thus holding that person as Collateral against the Government Debt (same for any other nation).  The word “Citizen” is legally defined as a “Subject.”  The word “Subject” is legally defined as a “Slave.”  To incur a Debt is to Sin.  Therefore, Original Sin is the so-called Right of the Government to turn you into Surety for their Debt.  Beautiful, isn’t it?  Your very own religion is being used against you to turn you into a Debt Slave for your government, and ultimately, for the Vatican Church.

Now, Faith and Sin are two very Spiritual principles.  Surely, they have nothing to do with Money!  Ah.  Not so.  In fact, they have everything to do with Money.  Money is the physical manifestation of these very ideas.  Recall, from the previous Chapter that Money was originally invented by the Priests of the Sumerian Empire around 6000 years ago.  Money is a religious invention based on the Religious ideas of Good and Evil – Faith and Sin.

According to Religion, Faith is Good, Sin is Evil.  Religion is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  Faith is Credit.  Sin is Debt.  Money is the Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  In truth, to partake of this Fruit is the Original Sin, and is why it incurs a Debt.  Money itself is debt.  It can only exist as debt.  Therefore, money is Evil by nature, at least, the way in which it is currently being used.

Also in truth, Good and Evil are purely Religious ideas, they have no foundation in reality.  In reality, there is only Love-of-Self or Love-for-Others – Compassion, or Narcissism.  But they are both based on Love.  Good and Evil are simply opposite perspectives of Truth these two paths of evolution hold, but both are of equal value to the whole of Consciousness.  Both are good.  In reality, there is no opposite to good.  Everything that exists is good.  If it wasn’t good, it wouldn’t exist.

Credit, itself, is not Money, it is the power to spend based upon the means to create (Creditor = Creator).  Money that has been created, or Credit that is spent, thus becomes Debt.  How the Royal Elite sneak by this is by having everyone else create money using the system they developed.  Thereby, they become God, or the gods, and all Debts are owed back to them, allowing them to freely use all the money that everyone else creates, and must pay back with interest.

– – –

I believe a short explanation is called for here.  Banks do not create money, people do, using their own Credit based on their own signature upon the Promissory Note of any loan or Credit Application.  That money then has to be paid back to the banks with interest, thus creating a negative net balance that must eventually spiral out of control (because the interest was never created), as has been seen in every Society that no longer exists.  The ancient Roman Empire is a perfect example of what happens when a Fiat Currency System gets out of control.

As Money represents the Time and Energy of the People, Money itself is a form of Energy in Commerce.  As a form of Energy, Debt can be thought of as a “charge,” which, in seeking balance, as all natural things do, must in turn be “discharged,” much like the charging of the battery for use in your Cell Phone.  In this way, the Credit/Debt system very much resembles the Natural Law of Karma.

This, in and of itself, is perfectly fine. However, our banks require “discharge” with “interest,” i.e. they require more discharge than they originally charged you with in the first place.  This now throws the whole system out of balance as the “interest” can never be paid because it was never created in the first place.  The only way to discharge the extra interest is to steal from other people’s charge, dis-enabling them from being able to pay even so much as their own original charge, let alone their interest on that charge.  AKA, one must steal from Peter to pay Paul, albeit, indirectly.  And in the end, if all debts are called in, the whole system collapses because they can’t all be paid because the money to pay the interest doesn’t exist.

If you merely take the “interest” out of the equation, everything balances out, and more people win in the end, but with “interest” no one wins.  However, even without interest, this is still an imperfect system that creates Artificial Scarcity.  Furthermore, those who control the most money have control over how the Time and Energy of other People is spent.  And usually the ones who control the most Wealth are the one’s creating the Money.  They become the gods of the Society.  They dictate the ultimate direction of society.  And with today’s Mass Media Indoctrination System, it is but child’s play for them to get the masses to sing to their tune.  COVID-19 has proven that emphatically.

– – –

Money causes Slavery, and Debt is the formal representation of Sin in the economy.  There are only two types of people according to the banks: Creditors, who are Sovereign and can therefore create money via loans and other means which creates Debt; and Debtors, who are slaves and become Surety for their debts.  To put that another way, Creditors are seen as Creators, and Debtors are seen as Sinners by the gods that are the Banks.

Most people, after hearing that would think that Creditors and Debtors are two completely different people.  The real truth is, EVERYONE is BOTH a DEBTOR and their own CREDITOR.  You have two identities, your Real Identity, and your Corporate DEBTOR Tradename.  Your Real Identity is your name spelled properly (e.g. John Doe) which refers to your flesh and blood human body.  Your Corporate DEBTOR Tradename is the identity created by your Birth Certificate which is what is used as surety for all your debts and is liable to pay income taxes.  This name is always the same as your Real Identity, but spelled in all caps (e.g. JOHN DOE).  All Corporate names are spelled in all caps because all deceased people are spelled in all caps.  The root word of Corporation is “corpse.”

In other words, your Real Identity is the Sovereign Creator/Creditor and your Corporate DEBTOR Tradename is the Sinner.  Only the Sinner can be subject to the laws of man, to the laws of the religion.  The Sovereign Creator/Creditor is subject only to Natural Law.

As such, your Real Identity as a Creditor has the right and ability to create money (based on your intrinsic right to create products and/or services) using the Fractional Reserve Credit System.  Your Corporate DEBTOR Tradename has the obligation to pay back those debts.  But who are you actually supposed to pay those debts back to?  The Creditor, right?  And who is the Creditor?  You are, right?  So why then do we owe money to the banks?

Simple, the Trading With the Enemy Act was amended in 1933 in FDR’s New Deal to include all US Citizens as “Enemies of the State,” thus disabling us from legally accessing the Credit (Sovereign) side of the monetary system and using it to obtain Freedom, thus forcing us into debt slavery.  We are legally disabled from paying our loans back to ourselves, and must “repay” it to the banks instead.  The word “repay” is legally defined as “to pay over and over again.”

However, going through the legal process known as Christ’s New Covenant removes you from the Trading With the Enemy Act by marking you as a “non-combatant.”  Don’t get too excited, however, Peter is still trying to figure out how to get us all to access it.  To learn more about this, read the article, “The Veil.”

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