Are You Enlightened, Or Not?

There seems to be one common theme amongst nearly every article, book or author I’ve ever read concerning the subject of enlightenment.  Almost all of them talk about enlightenment as though it is an end goal to be achieved, a final state, upon which achieving, one has become perfected, and can never again commit a wrong, or lapse back into the frailty of the human condition.  This is, of course, purely motivational.

There isn’t a single yogi or guru on this planet, who is actually enlightened, who considers themselves to be perfect, and if they do, they are a false yogi or guru.  For a true yogi or guru understands that perfection is a process, not a state.  Enlightenment is spoken of as a state to be achieved to motivate people into taking action to go through the process.  By going through the process, one is meant to learn that it is not a state, but a process.  I can only presume that most yogi’s and guru’s take this approach because they believe it is more motivational to speak of it as a state.  After all, who wants to know that after decades of practicing various exercises to achieve “enlightenment” that one will never actually achieve a “state” of perfection, but rather, will only slowly improve over time?

But maybe that’s exactly what people need to know.  Maybe a lot of people honestly attempt to achieve enlightenment as a state for years, or even decades, and then give up because they are not achieving a so-called “state?”  Maybe if people knew that enlightenment was not a state, but a process, they would stick with it and keep at it to continually keep improving?  That’s my theory, anyways, and that’s why I’m writing this article.

Enlightenment comes with many qualities, among them are the absence of fear, judgement, guilt, shame, pride, greed, sloth, and other corruptions of unity.  It comes with an overall sense of unity with All That Is, a sense of unconditional love for all else as an extension of the Self.  It may even come with certain gifts, such as clairaudience, clairvision, clairsentience and clairgnosis, or heightened levels of intuition, the ability to channel beings of higher consciousness, or to prophesy the future.

However, it is not that one suddenly breaks past a certain barrier in consciousness and suddenly they are “enlightened.”  That is not how it works.  By practicing meditations, by disciplining yourself to see everything as one thing, to see yourself in everything, to see everything as yourself, to see love everywhere, to practice making loving decisions over emotional reaction decisions – this is all a process that slowly expands your awareness of frequencies from the lower spectrum you currently operate in to higher spectrums.  As you become more aware of higher frequencies you begin to slowly learn how to stop reacting to your lower frequency negative emotions, how to listen to your higher frequency intuitions, how to access your gifts.  It is a process of unfolding and blooming, and just like any flower, after it blooms it dies, and the process must completed again.

There are levels, or perhaps more correctly, cycles.  Once you achieve a certain state of enlightenment, that now becomes your new baseline from which to grow from again.  There is no end to the process of enlightenment.  You will reach certain times where you realize you have come so far and achieved a certain state far above where you previously were.  And this will cause you to fall backwards a bit as you react with pride and folly to these moments.  This is also part of the process.

Our mistakes will keep coming full circle time and time again as we slowly learn to stop making them.  But there are so many nuances to each mistake that we don’t even know how we keep making them over and over.  However, each time, if we are paying attention, we are learning a little bit more and getting a little bit better, and each time our mistakes come full circle, they should be easier and easier to deal with until we finally learn the final lesson from each mistake.

There is no state of perfection at which you will stop making mistakes.  Not so long as you are in your human form.  In fact, even beings of higher consciousness, such as RA, make mistakes, which is exactly why RA is now trying to correct that mistake through its channelings with some humans among us.  (The Law of One – The RA Material)

Our human forms are limited for a reason.  We are here to experience the difficulty of life on this planet, as the human species.  We are already far more enlightened in our spirit form beyond here.  We can spend our lives trying to become enlightened here, or we can spend our lives enjoying the experience for what it is, or we can do something in between the two.  The choice is ours.

What does this mean to you?  Do you wish to continue experiencing the separation of duality in the human experience? Or do you wish to up level to a new human experience, one in which we understand our unity with each other?

If you are not ready to make that evolutionary shift, that is perfectly fine.  There is nothing to worry about, that is a valid choice.  You can be ready to move out of separation and into unity whenever you want.  The process of enlightenment is for those who are ready to move beyond separation and into unity, to become a part of their greater self, and to begin working towards coming back into the full unity of All That Is.

This is a process that takes hundreds of trillions of years.  In the meantime, we can have temporary experiences of Samadhi (the ultimate “state” of enlightenment, or unity with All), but we cannot stay there because we are not actually there yet.  That is the end goal, but for the next few million years or so, we are working on coming back into unity as just the human species, and we have a long way to go from there.

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