What is Valuable in a Moneyless World?

I originally came to the conclusion that money doesn’t need to exist at about 12 years old.  I had already started shoveling driveways and mowing lawns to earn my own income to buy myself all the things I wanted that my parents couldn’t afford for me.  So, I had plenty of time to observe the world of work and money making before drawing this conclusion.  This wasn’t the fantasy of a young child who just wanted to have an easy life.  This was the philosophical passion of an old soul who saw a world devastating itself with systems we never needed that only cause problems that they can’t, themselves, solve.

24 years later, we are now 2 years into the COVID-19 Plandemic, and the economy is getting so bad that not only are regular everyday people beginning to realize the fallbacks of a monetary based and profit based economic system, but even wealthy tech guru’s are beginning to see the irreconcilable problems we face with such a system.  As a result, people are now beginning to ask the questions, “What is real value?,” “What should we really be accounting for?,” “What is the true meaning of value?,” and “How can we thrive with different values than money?”

This is a breath of fresh air for me, because for the past two decades, every time I told someone that money didn’t need to exist, their first question was, “Well, then how do we pay for things?”  Of course, the whole point of not having money is that you don’t pay for things.  So, the next question everyone would ask is, “Well, then how do we get paid?”  Again, no money.  So, you don’t get paid.  Instead, you just work, and because you work, because you provide to society, you can take from society.  It’s that simple.

This is the quintessential function of a Free Access Economy.  Everyone freely provides goods and services, and everyone freely partakes of those goods and services as they see fit.  No control, no price, no paying, no getting paid, no tracking hours or productivity, no “earning.”  Just fulfilling at least a minimum requirement of work to be done in order freely partake of everything society has to offer.

But, apparently that is not good enough for most people.  I keep reading articles and talking to my own friends who I’m working on co-creating alternative solutions with, and they all keep circling back to the same thing.  “If we are not accounting for money as a system for value, then what are we accounting for as a system for value?”  They say that our values should be happiness, love, care, health, abundance of food, clothing, fresh water, clean environment and air, work/life balance, work/rest balance, work/entertainment balance, etc. etc. etc. Apparently, this is the next mass psychological obstacle we need to overcome.  The indoctrinated idea that we need to account for value at all.

What if we had a Free Access Economy instead of a cryptocurrency that pretends to be a store of value based on Love or Happiness or Honor? What if we completely and totally got rid of the need to have an accounting of any kind of value whatsoever? What is value, anyway? What is valuable? What is the most valuable thing? I think most of us could probably agree that life, itself, is the most valuable thing. That is, all things that exist now, especially biological lifeforms, especially our fellow human beings, are the most valuable thing. Okay, so what is the most valuable thing to human beings?

Personally, I believe these would be our top 3 Natural Birthrights as given by Natural Law: Freedom, Sovereignty, and Equality with all others. Also, there is the mirror reflection to these three Birthrights: Responsibility, Respect, and Discipline. Put together, they balance each other other, although everyone’s balance is a little different. But Freedom needs to be balanced with Discipline. Sovereignty needs to be balanced with Responsibility. Equality needs to be balanced with Respect. I believe these would be the highest values of humanity as a foundation to Society. Without these to build upon, we cannot hope to sustain any other values.

The beauty of it is, when we build upon these values, we accomplish two things: 1. The ability for everyone to determine their own values for themselves and to build upon those values for themselves, either by themselves or in groups with others of like mind; and 2. The ability to go beyond the need to account for our values knowing they will always be provided for because our foundational values are accounted for, so that we can save time and energy only needing to account for resources and product distribution (which is part of what provides for our Freedom).

Is it perfect? No.  Of course not.  It never can be, because there will always be more than one person.  Nothing will ever be perfect, but that doesn’t mean we need to be stressed out all the time about when we’re going to be able to pay the bills and put food on the table.

It could be argued, and quite effectively, that our top values should be the availability of quality food, clothing, water and shelter, followed by the need for a clean environment and air to breath, followed by proper work/life balance to ensure good health and happiness all around.  However, what people often seem to be confused about is that ALL of these things are actually the personal responsibility of the individual, NOT the collective.  It is up to each individual to provide their own food, water, clothing, shelter, work/life balance, and do so while ensuring they maintain a clean environment.  By extension, is the responsibility of each individual business to provide these things for themselves as well.

The ONLY thing the Collective is supposed to be providing to itself (the masses) is to ensure the protection of every individuals Birthright to Freedom, Equality and Sovereignty, as well the education to help them balance these Birthrights with their opposing functions of Discipline, Respect and Responsibility.  Beyond this, the Collective has no responsibility to the Individual.  It is, in turn, the Individual who then has a responsibility to the Collective – to ensure they are doing their part to provide at least the minimum necessary service to society in some form or another, so that goods and services remain always available to everyone.

If we move forward replacing the Monetary based Economy with some other type of Value based Economy, we will not only be perpetuating slavery, we will actually be making it worse, because we will be forcing people to be compensated by and spend stores of value that are based on human interaction and relationship rather than cold machinations.  What this means is we will be forcing everyone into a state of Herd Mentality compliance, because if they do not participate in the same value based system, then they must not “care” about those values, and must inherently be a bad person.  We are inventing crimes that do not yet exist – thought crimes associated with a person merely choosing a different set of values than the group.

The fact of the matter is, aside from our Primary Birthrights, everyone has different values, and attributes different level of importance to different values.  The only values that everyone can equally agree upon are Freedom, Equality and Sovereignty – the very things that make us human and give us the ability to interact in complex social arrangements with Respect, so long as we honor these Birthrights. That last thing we want is to co-create yet another society based on conformity, and creating another and different value based economy, we will perpetuate just that.  The only way to move forward is to transcend the idea for accounting for value altogether.

I implore everyone to stop looking to replace Money as a store of value with any other tangible or intangible store of value that we need to consistently account for.  We need to transcend the idea of accounting for value altogether.  If we simply create systems that automatically ensure our Natural Birthrights are accounted for and protected, all other values will account for themselves, and we will all thrive abundantly.  The only things we need to account for are products, resources and waste distribution, to ensure supply and demand are always efficiently met and to ensure that we never run out of resources.

If you would like to know how we can transition from where we are now to just such a world, see the article on Holobank.


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