Management vs. Control

The motto of the 33rd Degree of Free Masonry is “Ordo ab Chao,” which is Latin for “Order out of Chaos.”  The rulers of this world honestly believe that Chaos is meant to be conquered and controlled; that the only way to create Order is to control the Chaos.

This is a fallacy of the first degree.  If you remember from The Philosophy Blog, Chaos is the Order of the Universe.  Chaos is Organized Anarchism.  Chaos is Freedom.  Chaos is the only way to achieve Harmony and Coherence in Nature.

It is only by giving up control that we can hope to have order.  But that does not mean there is nothing to “manage.”  There is a HUGE difference between “management,” and “control.”

To control is to force things to go the way you want them to.  To manage is to work within the parameters of what is in order to achieve the best possible result.  You cannot stop a boulder from rolling down a hill without destroying something, but you can guide it without destroying anything.

The rulers of this world are constantly trying to stop the boulder with force – the boulder being the freedom of the people.  They honestly believe that if they do not, there will be complete and total disorder, that the world would fall into constant war and violence.

Well, look around.  All we have is war and violence around the world, but that is not because of our freedom.  It is because of their attempt to control it.

Freedom cannot be controlled without destroying something in the process.  But it can be managed to create a world that benefits everyone.  All it requires is the proper Social Administration.

In the The Solution Blog, you are going to learn about the Metatocracy – the Holographic Organizational System of Nature – and how it can be used manage a Global Civilization without violating anyone’s rights to Freedom, Equality or Sovereignty.

Currently, the entire world is locked into the Pyramid Power Structure – a Class System based on the Automatic Inequality of all people.  At the top of this pyramid are the gods of society, and at the bottom are the slaves.  Everywhere in between are some form of manager.  This system is based on the Narcissistic Principle of Control, and it causes nothing but selfishness, greed, and corruption.

At the bottom of this Pyramid, the slaves are always trying their hardest to just barely survive – the basest of all selfish desires.  You see, in a system of automatic inequality based on the Narcissistic Principle of Trade, everyone is forced to think about themselves first and foremost.  No one is capable of helping another until they have first been able to take care of themselves.

The problem is, most people are never even able to finish taking care of themselves, let alone begin to help other people.  On the other hand, in a world based on Holographic Organization with a Free Access Economy, only the Compassionate Principle of Responsibility is necessary, and that breeds nothing but selflessness and compassion.  No one needs to help themselves, so everyone is free to help each other, and in doing so, an abundance of everything is created for everyone.

Trade creates nothing but Artificial Scarcity.  Control creates nothing but Narcissism.  It is no wonder the world is so messed up today.

Take a look around you.  If you walk around without wearing a mask you are liable to be slandered if not physically attacked – and by the very same people who claim that they are being compassionate by wearing a mask!  They are so confused they don’t even know that they have been suckered into Narcissism.  They are so indoctrinated with control, they don’t even realize they have already lost their freedom – first and foremost, to think for themselves!

We can do better than this.  But it won’t be easy.  I never said it would.  It requires the co-creation of an Alternative Global Society – an Alternative to the New World Order – the New Age Order.  An Order of Compassion for the Age of Enlightenment.

It requires entirely new systems of Social Administration so we can properly “manage” resources, products, services, organizations, people, etc. without violating anyone’s rights to Freedom, Equality or Sovereignty.

And this requires the cooperation of all of us who wish for a better world.  This requires that we all get off our lazy ass’s and do what needs to be done, whether that be starting your own business to domicile in our Alternative Society or convincing your boss to domicile his business in our Alternative Society.

It requires that we educate ourselves on what this Alternative Society is, why it is necessary and how it works.  It requires that we read all three blogs of this series.  It requires that we all get together over the internet to talk about it, and to apply the finishing touches of the Trust Agreement.  And then it requires that we ratify the Trust Agreement into existence, thus ratifying the Alternative Society in existence.

Then it requires us – all of us – to continually participate in the Social Administration by participating in the debates and votes on every issue that directly affects us.  It requires us to make proposals for others to vote on, that may beneficially evolve our Social Administration, or Codes, or Policies to a higher degree of Compassion and Enlightenment.

It requires that some among us, who have the knowledge and skill, work on creating a Holographic Blockchain based cryptocurrency system for our Central Banking System so that we can implement a Free Access Economy for ourselves while still enabling ourselves to do business with the rest of the world.  It requires that others with similar skills create a Holographic Blockchain Social Media Network for our Social Administration, so we can keep track of all public communications and track all debates and votes without worrying about the corruptibility of the same.

It requires investors of all types and kinds to come together to help our businesses and organizations take root and take off within our society.  Businesses like Hospitals that do not follow the WHO or AMA or NHS guidelines, so we can actually help real people with real problems again.  Or inventors who can create radical technology that can revolutionize our world.

It requires Charities and Non-Profit Foundations to join our Alternative Society where they don’t need to be so bound by so many jurisdictions of law and bogged down with IRS paperwork, so they can focus on what matters – helping people.

It requires you.  People who can think for themselves, do their own research and draw their own conclusions.  Compassionate people.  People who care more about others than they do about themselves, because they understand that only in helping others do we truly help ourselves.

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