So, we have covered Equality and Sovereignty.  Last, but certainly not least, we need to cover Freedom.  Like the others, Freedom is also a vastly misunderstood concept.  Many people seem to think that Freedom for me means that others have to comply with my ways.  Today’s mask wearing Covidiots are a prime example of this.

In reality, if one expects to have their Freedom recognized and respected, then one must also recognize and respect the Freedom of others.  Remember, we are all the Creator creating Itself.  We are all entitled to Freedom and Sovereignty, and we are all responsible for respecting the Freedom and Sovereignty of others.

Mask wearer’s believe that everyone should be using their free will to wear a mask, that doing so makes you compassionate, that it means you care about your fellow human beings.  They believe that if you do not wear the human muzzle that you are a sociopath and murderer.

They believe that we are violating the free will of others by not wearing a mask.  But since when is the health of everyone else the responsibility of each individual?  These mask wearers eat processed junk food, drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, lazily lounge around watching television, poison themselves with fluoride, chloride, food coloring, fake food, and take pharmaceutical drugs to alleviate the symptoms of their dying bodies, and then they turn around and believe, not only that they must wear a mask to protect other peoples health, but that you must wear a mask to protect their health.

Talk about a huge disconnect.

Then they turn around and believe that they have the right to verbally and physically attack others for not wearing a mask, saying they are discourteous, uncompassionate, sociopaths.  I think they need to get a dictionary and look up the words “courtesy,” “compassion,” and “sociopath.”  Then they need to look in a mirror to realize who the real culprit is.

It should be relatively obvious that Freedom requires Respect, but we have grown up in a world dominated by those who impose their idea’s onto others as a matter of fact.  Some people jokingly say that “if you believe you are free then go into any McDonalds and shit on their food and see what happens.”  People that spout nonsense like this obviously have the wrong idea about Freedom.  Nowhere in this statement is the Freedom of McDonalds or their customers being respected.

Nowadays, you can replace that with, “If you believe you’re free then try walking into The Home Depot without wearing a mask.”  Except in this example, the person not wearing a mask is actually not violating anyone else’s free will.  But their free will is being violated every time they are being harassed or discriminated against for not wearing one.

Freedom means that we ought to be able to do anything we want to do so long as it does not violate the same rights of others.  When an action we take violates the rights of others, then we are abusing our Freedom.  Andrew Carnegie defined success as “the ability to get what you want without violating the rights of others.”  This definition of Success is perhaps the best definition of Freedom I have ever seen.

Freedom is the ultimate success any person can achieve.  But Freedom should not be something that is difficult to obtain.  It is a natural birth-right, and ought to be treated as such.  However, I have yet to come across any Society that treats Freedom, as described here, as a natural birth-right.  If anything, it is treated as a privilege which comes with restrictions.  There should only be one restriction upon Freedom, and that is the respect of other people’s Freedom.

To draw upon the previous McDonalds example, if one person likes to shit on their own food, that is all well and fine, as long as they aren’t shitting on other people’s food.

Anarchism denotes Freedom for all people as much as it denotes Sovereignty and Equality for all people.  There can be no such Society that incorporates Sovereignty, Equality and Freedom for all that does not incorporate Anarchism into the Society.  After all, Anarchism is Equality, Freedom and Sovereignty for all.  As long as there are Rulers, Sovereignty, Freedom and Equality will be restricted to only a handful of people, while everyone else has Privileges that come with restrictions.

If Freedom, Equality and Sovereignty are what you are looking for in life, then you are in the right place and you are heading in the right direction.

But let’s divulge into a specific type of Freedom.  Let’s talk about the differences between Freedom on Private Property, and Freedom on Public Property.

Historically speaking, Public Property is Government Property and Private Property is privately owned by an individual.  But this legal definition will be meaningless in the future.

In the future, Public Property will be any property that the general public has access to, and Private Property will be any property that only certain individuals have access to.

So far, I have discussed Freedom on Public Property.  The Public Domain is everyone’s territory.  In this realm, all must respect the Free-Will of others.  If someone is bothering you, you have the right to walk away, but not the right to kick them out.  On the other hand, in your own Private Domain, all guests must respect your Free-Will, and if they don’t, you can kick them out.

Why am I bringing this up?  Because it seems that the difference between Private and Public Property has been attached to the idea of Freedom, Equality and Sovereignty for a very long time.  There are those who believe there should be no such thing as Private Property, and those who believe there should be no such thing as Public Property, but both of these arguments are based on the insufficiencies of the current system.

In reality, especially in the future, both Private and Public Property will always remain important aspects of society, just as the Individual and the Collective will always remain important aspects of Society.  But understanding the differences in your Rights based on Time and Place is extremely important.  You can’t go around behaving in public the same way you do in your own private space.  The Public Domain is for EVERYONE, not just you, and we ALL have to Respect that.

On the other hand, our own Private Property is our own Kingdom, our own Domain.  We write the rules for that Kingdom, and anyone we invite into it must follow those rules or face the consequences.  Unlike with Public Property, if you don’t like the rules, you do not have the right to propose a change to them.  You only have the right to leave.  Although that doesn’t mean you can’t make a suggestion.  Just don’t be surprised if that suggestion isn’t taken lightly with a grain of salt.

Here’s another important difference: If someone is trespassing on your Private Property, you have the right attack or kill them in the name of Self-Defense.  On the other hand, you cannot attack or kill someone just for approaching you in the Public Domain.  The Public Domain has it’s own rules and regulations for conduct, first and foremost the Natural Law of Free-Will and the Violation thereof.  No one is violating your free-will by approaching you in the Public Domain.  You have made yourself freely available just by being there.  But a stranger approaching you on your own Private Property can be construed to be violating your free will, especially if they are carrying a weapon.  In the Public Domain, however, even if they are carrying a weapon, they must first actually attack you before you can “defend” yourself.

In our Alternative Society, any business property that is open to public access must be considered Public Property, and public access includes their own employee’s.  It is purely unconscionable to open your property to the public and yet claim it to be Private Property.

The only thing that may qualify as your Private Property is your Family Home or Estate, your personal vehicles or other personal properties that are not available for public use.  For example, if you have a large yacht that you like to throw parties on, but those parties are by Private Invitation ONLY, that yacht is your Private Property.  On the other hand, if you decide to run your business out of your own personal Family Estate, and have your employees and customers come into your estate, you must now consider your Family Estate Public Property.

Just because property is held in Trust in our Alternative Society doesn’t make it all Private Property.  This determination is made based on whether or not the property is open to public access.  The reason is quite simple:

In our society, every Member must participate, at least minimally, in our Social Administration.  That’s a large part of what it means to be Sovereign.  That means that any property open to public access is used for public Social Administration.

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