3 Layers of Sovereign Protection

What makes Metagaiaes stand out from other Alternative Societies?  We offer 3 layers of Sovereign Protection against any and all other jurisdictions of law.

If you are familiar with the Sovereign Movement that has been happening over the past several decades, then you are familiar that for every new success there has been a new failure.

There are myriads of laws throughout myriads of jurisdictions and every new solution worked for a time, until the lawmakers made some changes allowing them to put some of those people in prison.  For the past few hundred years, at least, many men have sacrificed their lives to studying all these laws and jurisdictions to figure out exactly how we can obtain true Sovereignty and live according to the God-given inalienable rights we are born with.

Here are the 3 most powerful methods available today that are employed by Metagaiaes to protect itself and all of its Members.

  1. Internationally Protected Person Status.

It just so happens that every existing jurisdiction of man-made law can trace itself back to the Vatican Church’s Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction.  It also just so happens that the Bible is the Trust Indenture Agreement of the Vatican’s Divine Global Estate, which was created by the Holy Alliance Treaty of 1213, continued with the Papal Bulls of 1415, finalized with the Treaty of Paris, and finally ultimately succeeded with FDR’s New Deal.  The current crisis is trying to usher in the next step of the plan which is to establish a public one world government (the United Nations) to enforce the ultimate form of slavery – Mental Slavery – by combining you with nanomachine technology as part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  All of this to be ushered in by Agenda 2030, ID2020 and the Great Reset.

Fortunately, the Bible, when interpreted according to Private Equity Law as it is supposed to be, provides a solution for the slaves.  It is called Christ’s New Covenant.  And while it is very much a Spiritual Process, the proper process is understood as a Legal Process.  Going through this Legal Process undoes every single adhesion contract you have with every single man-made jurisdiction, including the Vatican Church, and makes you an Heir to the Divine Global Estate.  The Divine Global Estate is not the Vatican Dominion, but the Private People’s Dominion as the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  The Vatican and all of man-made jurisdictions of law are The Veil that keep us from accessing it.  Only by going through Christ’s New Covenant can we get through the veil into the Kingdom of Heaven as a Sovereign Fractal of God.

Going through this process forces them to give you Internationally Protected Person Status, which is afforded all the same Diplomatic Immunity as any Ambassador with Diplomatic Immunity.  It is covered by the War Powers Act under the Geneva Convention, Article 4.  To violate this protection is War Crime.

2. Diplomatic Sovereignty as a Member of Metagaiaes.

It is a known fact that the Declaration of Independence gives all people the power to create their own society with their own social contract.  It is a known fact that all Societies must be considered Sovereign Entities in their own right.  And it is a known fact that all Sovereign Societies have Sovereign Diplomats that therefore retain Diplomatic Immunity as a Sovereign in foreign nations.  This Diplomatic Immunity is inviolable.

Not only will the Members of Metagaiaes have Internationally Protected Person Status, but they will also have Diplomatic Immunity as Diplomatic Sovereigns of Metagaiaes.  All Members of Metagaiaes retain the same highest level of Sovereignty.

3. Natural Law Trusts

Before Christ’s New Covenant was discovered to be the legal process by which we can redeem our natural sovereignty, Natural Law Trusts became the way in which we could operate in Sovereignty without actually obtaining our legal sovereignty.  To this day, they still operate the same way.  They were invented by the wealthy elite to serve the needs of the wealthy elite, and that is why they work for us too.  Because the wealthy elite would never make illegal their very own way of protecting and managing their own assets and property.

Any and all property that is held in Trust becomes Private Property.  Natural Law Trusts operate solely in the jurisdiction of Natural Law avoiding all man-made jurisdictions and thus remaining untouchable by all of them.  With your property being held in a Natural Law Trust, you do not need to follow Zoning Regulations, you do not need to pull Permits, you do not need to pay for inspections, you do not need to pay property taxes, etc.

When you choose to join Metagaiaes, you are choosing to access the highest levels of Sovereignty available to you, and you are choosing to protect yourself and your family from the terrors and injustices of all Secular Nations forever.

If you liked what you read here, learn more in my new book The New Age Order – Part 03 – The Solution.

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