Non-Hierarchy – Holographic Organization

For eons we have been obsessed with slavery because we have been brainwashed with Religious Ideologies of hierarchy.  And if it’s not Religion, it’s the Atheist Ideology of “Survival of the fittest,” based upon immature observations of nature.  But in reality, there is no hierarchy, there is only Holographic Organization.  The Galactic Core does not have more authority than the Star, or the Planet.  The Lion does not have more authority than the hyena.  The Tree does not have more authority than the flower.  It is simply ridiculous to make these assumptions.

Everything is the Creator creating Itself.  Everything is the Creator.  The Creator in one form is not more important than the Creator in another form.  The Creator in one form does not wield authority over the Creator in another form.  It is simply ridiculous to assume such a thing.

However, in everyone’s defense, we are not used to thinking in this way.  We are used to thinking upside down and backwards.  Of course, that is what makes it ridiculous.  We all are so used to thinking upside down and backwards about reality, that when faced with the truth, it will seem ridiculous the first 6 times we hear it.  Many people never overcome the cognitive dissonance of the lies their reality has been weaved out of.

The large disconnect concerning this has always been the Religious and dogmatic disconnect between the Self and the Creator – the idea that the Creator is separate from Its creation.

However, as we have seen in “The Philosophy” blog, the Creator cannot be separate from its creation because the Creator is Infinite and Infinity cannot be separate from itself, nor is there an outside to infinity, there is only an inside.  The container contains the contained, there is nothing but the container because the container is infinite, and there is no outside of the container.  Everything that exists, exists within the container that is the Creator, and thus everything that exists is made of the Creator that is the container – the contained is the same as the container; the container contains itself.

The large disconnect for the non-religious amongst us is disconnection between the fundamental make-up of matter, or reality, and Consciousness.  Consciousness is the only thing that exists, and there is only one Consciousness, also known as the Ether.  But this Consciousness fractalizes over and over again through Fractal Spirals an infinite number of times within its infinite self, so that it can experience itself from the inside out from infinitely different perspectives.

Part of Consciousness becomes the fundamental make up of matter, space and time, part of it becomes sentient and non-sentient lifeforms, some of it becomes planets, stars and black holes, and some of it contains entire galaxies, clusters and universes.  Consciousness is on a constant journey of evolution/creation within itself as it wanes and waxes from Universal Awareness (Unconsciousness) to Self-Awareness (Consciousness), through fractalization and then reunification.

It is easy to see why the Metatocracy of nature might be perceived as a hierarchy.  There are layers of Holospheres, and the larger the Holospheres the more responsibility the Heart Chakra has to administrate the Holosphere and adhere to the will of its Members.  But hierarchy does not denote responsibility, it denotes authority.  The system of Holographic Organization does not mean that some people have more authority than others, it only means that some people have more responsibility than others.  Those with significantly more responsibility in Nature are called Logos.  Those with significantly more responsibility in Society are called Elders.

The Black Hole at the center of our Universe contains within it all the Natural Laws that govern the Universe as a Whole, and the Black Hole at the center of our Galaxy contains within it all the Natural Laws that govern the Galaxy as a Whole.  However, the Stars and Planets are not forced to follow these Natural Laws.  They do so because Natural Laws are immutable, the consequences of violating Natural Laws are inescapable.  In other words, there is no sense in violating Natural Laws.

However, the Stars and Planets are free to respond to these Natural Laws as they each see fit.  This is why there is Chaos throughout Nature.  This is why nothing in Nature is perfectly predictable.  Even the Stars and Planets are beings with Free-Will.  Even Galaxies can create Natural Laws not established by the Universe, so long as those Natural Laws do not conflict with the Natural Laws of the Universe.  Even the Planets can create their own ecosystems and creatures as long as they are created within the scope of the Natural Laws they are subject to within their Spheres of Influence.

So, I’d like to reinforce here, the idea that the Metatocracy is not a hierarchy, it is a Holographic Organizational Structure.  Some people might have more responsibility than others, but no one has more authority than another.  We are all the Creator creating Itself, and we are all Equal, Free and Sovereign Co-Creators of Society.

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