Manifestation is a Co-Creative Effort

Manifestation is a co-creative effort.  Remember the Law of Doubling?  An enhanced version of this, called the Law of Squares applies to us human beings.  In fact, it applies to all systems of Energy Generation, a.k.a. Creation.  The Law of Squares is how systems of Creation generate a constant profit of Energy enabling them to continue creating and evolving through what Napoleon Hill calls, The Mastermind Principle.

As you know, the Law of Doubling is a simple and straight forward doubling of the previous number.  However, the Law of Square’s achieves the same result in a different way.  Rather than doubling the previous digit, each next number after the introduction of a second unit, creates Synergy, thereby exponentially compounding the second unit in sequence.

In other words, a system of only one unit of input has only one unit of output.  A system of 2 units of input has 2 units of output.  But once you introduce a 3rd input to the system, you now have 22=4 units of output.  When you add a 4th part to the system, you now have 23=8 units of output.  The sequence should remain obvious from there.  Different math, same result.

However, the Law of Squares works a bit differently than the Law of Doubling when it comes to energy production in a system.  Rather than simply calculating a single power of 2, all previous sequences are added to together to produce the next result.   In other words, if you have 7 input units, you don’t just get 26=64, you get 26+25+24+23+22+2+1=127.

However, rather than adding up all the previous units’ contributions, you can simply take 2 to the power of the number of units minus 1.  For example, to calculate the over-unity of a system of 7 units, you simply take 27 – 1 = 127.  That is exactly the same as calculating 26+25+ 24+23+22+2+1=127.

So, you actually get a higher result in the Law of Squares than you do in the Law of Doubling.  While the Law of Doubling guides the evolution of the physical Nature of reality, the Law of Squares guides the evolution of the mental Nature of reality.

A Mastermind is, quite literally, the beginning of a Collective Consciousness.  The Unified Whole of the Collective becomes a 3rd intangible Mind into which all units of the Individual Minds contribute, and from which all Individual Minds can draw power from, to create an exponentially greater amount of Intelligence and Creativity than any single Member of the group is capable of alone.  This is exactly the same principle as a Cloud Server, where various Computers network over the internet to share processing power and memory.

“No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind.” – Napoleon Hill

At the top of the Pyramid of EVERY Government, Religious Order and successful Business is a Mastermind group.  And this is the reason group prayer is more powerful at initiating miracles than a single person.

We are beings of Consciousness, our Electromagnetic Fields being the Mind we use.  When we come together in Prayer, or as a Mastermind working together in a spirit of harmony towards a shared goal, the interactions of these Electromagnetic Fields, via the principle of Quantum Entanglement ends up generating a Collective Consciousness Mind that everyone shares, which is far more powerful than any individual mind contributing into it.  The amount of power depends upon the amount of people, the harmony amongst them, and the strength of their concentration upon the work at hand.  However, even a Mastermind operating at half efficiency is still far more powerful than a single individual operating alone.

One person imagining something they wish to manifest into reality is hardly going to amass enough energy to create anything profound.  You can attract the perfect life partner this way.  You can attract certain small items to you, such as knowledge, information, books, websites, teachers, friends and so on.  But if you wish to manifest a large idea, such as a business, invention, or a whole Society like I am here, you will have to get the minds of other people involved, and you will have to expect that it will take a significant amount of time, and that you will meet with a certain amount of resistance at every turn, in which Faith will become your most trusted tool.

As you begin to get other minds involved with your idea to create a Master Mind, you will find those that are everywhere from enthusiastic about your idea to those who think you are insane.  Some of the resistance you meet with might even become passionate about preventing you from succeeding.

The Law of Square’s will become your best friend.  It only takes 1% of a population to agree with an idea for that idea to overcome the ignorance of the rest of the population.  However, when resistance gets involved, you might need more than 1%.  Let’s take a population of 1,000 people as an example:

When you first realize an idea, you are the only one holding that idea in the population.  That is only 1 unit within 1,000, not nearly enough critical mass for the idea to manifest.  If you manage to only get like-minded individuals involved, then it will require a minimum of 10 units to manifest your idea.  10 units can be accomplished with only 4 people considering the Law of Squares.  24 – 1 = 15 units.

But now, let’s say that along the way of trying to find these 4 people, you end up meeting with people that resist your idea to the point of becoming passionate about preventing your idea from happening.  If they merely don’t care, then they aren’t a problem, but if they become passionate about preventing your idea, then they will work towards your failure, and you will need to overcome their resistance.

So, let’s say you meet one person like this who gets 4 people involved, including their self, towards preventing your success.  They now have a total of 15 units of power working towards your failure.  You now need to overcome this by getting at least one more person involved with your success.  If you have 5 people, and they have 4 people, you now have 31 units to their 15, which both overcomes their resistance as well as provides enough left-over units to overcome the ignorance of the rest of the population.

Now, let’s say you met two people who resist your idea, and they both create a group of 4 people to prevent your success.  That’s now two groups with 15 units of power each, working towards your failure.  You will now need at least a group of 6 people to amass 63 units of power to overcome their 30 combined units and still have enough to overcome the ignorance of the masses.  But if you get 4 groups working against you with 6 people each, you now have a total aggregate of 252 units of power working against you.  In this case, you will need at least 9 people to overcome these other four groups.

However, if all four other groups combined and worked together, they now have 24 people, or a result of 224 – 1 = 16,777,215.  Now you will need a group of at least 25 people, well more than 1% of 1000 people, to overcome this combined group and still have enough left over units to overcome the ignorance of the rest of the population.  However, at this point you will also have 16,777,216 left over units, allowing you to affect a MUCH LARGER population than 1,000 people.

And this is only looking at the bare minimum necessary.  As time goes on and more people get involved, as long as your idea works to the benefit of the whole population, more people will get involved with your success than will get involved with your failure, and it is only a matter of time before your success becomes manifest on a much larger scale.

This is the power of the Master Mind Principle as introduced by Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich.

And now that we understand this, how is it that we actually connect with Consciousness to manifest reality?  Well, the simple answer is “Imagination,” but there are many ways to use one’s imagination.  The most popular and familiar methods are that of the daydream, that of prayer, and that of meditation.

Napoleon Hill speaks of the “Two forms of Imagination” being the “Synthetic” and the “Creative” imaginations.  The Synthetic Imagination takes various things from existing knowledge and reality and synthesizes them together into something new.  The Creative imagination works through “hunches,” “gut feelings,” “intuitions,” “inspirations,” and such, much like Archimedes “Eureka!” moment.  In other words, Creative Imagination comes from direct communication with the Infinite Intelligence of the Unified Field of Consciousness.

But quite literally, the thoughts we end up having the most are the winners because what it really boils down to are two fundamental factors wrapped up within one relationship: The focus of our attention upon a particular subject or object, and our intentions while doing so, as communications within the relationship between our present limited self and our Eternal Infinite Self.

You can think of every emotion backed thought you have as a communication to the One Infinite Creator telling the Creator what your Desires and Intentions are.  If you learn to quiet your mind, you will also be able to hear the Creator’s responses to your Desires and Intentions.

It is subtle, but there is a difference between a thought that you think, a thought you pick up on that someone else is thinking, and a thought that comes straight from the Infinite Intelligence of the One Infinite Creator.  When you begin to recognize that your brain is a Transceiver for electromagnetic radiation, and that the two forces of Electromagnetism are Emotion and Thought, you can begin to realize that not all thoughts that run through your mind are of your own cognition.

I can’t teach you how to feel the difference between each thought, but if you pay close attention, you will soon be able to tell the difference yourself.  Creation is an act of communication between our present limited selves and our Eternal Infinite Self, and emotion/thought is the function of that communication.

Basically, regardless of your favorite method, if you wish to manifest something you must use that method daily, at least once, if not twice per day, except of course, when you are taking a rest period.  This helps to build the faith that eventually gives the imagination energy and helps it manifest into reality through yours and others’ future actions.

The best type of prayer, or meditation for manifesting your reality, believe it or not, is the daydream.  We have them all the time, and we always get emotionally involved with them, which naturally makes them the most powerful form of focused attention with intention.  Daydreams, in themselves, can be a very rich dialogue between our present limited selves and our Eternal Infinite Self.

That said, if we are using this method daily attempting to attract success in something, say a business venture, but then all throughout the rest of the day we are doubting the possibility of that success, or daydreaming of negative circumstances, and this behavior never changes, you will constantly be negating your very own imaginations and will not attract that success into your life.

Remember, Affirmation goes hand in hand with Reinforcement.  Alongside watering the garden, it is important to also pull the weeds.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that having only positive thoughts will help you manifest your idea with no resistance.  Remember, the focusing of Attention with Intention is of key importance here.  You not only have to maintain the method of imagination every single day, but you also need to maintain your Faith.

Whenever a doubtful thought creeps into your mind, you need to recognize it immediately and replace it with something else.  It’s natural to have thoughts of doubt creep into our minds during the day, but to let it happen continuously without working towards changing it would be our greatest mistake.

That said, there is wisdom to be found in the difference between positive thinking and realistic thinking.  You are not the only creator in reality, which means not everything is always going to work out the way you want it to, or the way you expect it to.

It is important to remain realistic and save positive thinking for realizing that just because something didn’t work out the way you wanted it to, doesn’t mean that’s a bad thing.  Sometimes, things don’t work out the way you wanted them to because there is something better in store for you.  Sometimes it means you weren’t definite enough, sometimes it means you’re not ready yet, and other times it means the world isn’t ready yet.

So, take everything with a grain of salt and remember not to lose sight of realism in exchange for naïve positivism.

That said, keep an eye out for unnecessary negativity in your thoughts.  For example, if you have a business idea that requires a one million dollar investment and you have a rich uncle, whether or not your uncle agrees to invest that money has nothing do with your doubts, and everything to do with his own process of decision making.  On the other hand, if you remain positive, and keep negativity to a minimum, realistically speaking, assuming you have a good plan and have put enough effort into it, someone out there will invest in your idea, you just need to attract them into your life.

The one who wants to invest in your idea is looking for you as much as you are looking for them.  Stay true to your goals and you will find each other.

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