The 3 Primary Problems

There is a way to solve 95% of the problems we face in this world, and all it involves is solving the 3 Primary Problems.  It is these 3 problems that cause 95% of all other problems.  The other 5% is the simply the result of being human.

  1. Authoritarianism
  2. Direct and Immediate Exchange
  3. Indoctrination Systems

Let’s cover them in that order.  Authoritarianism can also be known as Archonism.  It is the use of the Pyramid Power Structure to determine who should have authority over what and who.

The entire world has been using the Pyramid Power Structure to organize everything from Governments to Business, and even our Family Structures for at least 6000 years.  Why this is a problem is because it steals our Equality.  It steals our Equality because it is based on the very principle of Automatic Inequality.

The Pyramid Power Structure is used, first and foremost, to separate people into various classes of Power and Authority.  It is secondly used to separate people into various classes of income.

While it will always remain true there will be Leaders and Followers in this world, it does not necessarily have to be true that Followers should be submitting to the Authority of the Leaders, nor that Leaders should be wielding any such authority over their Followers.  Followers ought to be following the Leaders they believe will guide them down the path that is most harmonious for them to affect happiness in their lives.  And should a follower ever discover that such leader is not leading them down a path they wish to follow, they should have the freedom to follow someone else, or become their own leader.

But that is not the way our world works.  Leaders, in our world, are people who demand that people bend to their will and do as their told or face the consequences.  In our businesses, for example, the people do not have the right or ability to vote for who ought to be managing them.  That decision is made by people even higher than their managers, and the employees are forced to live with the consequences or quit their job, and if they don’t follow the new leader, they will be fired.  As another example, the people of a Democratic Nation vote for who should be their leader, but then the losers are forced to follow the leader that was elected by the others.  Why can’t the elected leaders represent only those that voted for them?  Why can’t the people be represented by the people they voted for?  Why does there have to be one leader for all the people within a certain set of borders?

Perhaps the most important question we should be asking is, why do we only follow the Pyramid Power Structure?  Why haven’t their been any other organizational methodologies throughout the entire history of humanity?  The answer is really quite simple.

It all started 6000 years ago in the soils of Mesopotamia where the very first Religion was invented.  Religion was invented not to teach people the spiritual nature of reality, but rather to indoctrinate the people that there is a Hierarchy of gods, or a Hierarchy of God and other spiritual entities.  This therefore indoctrinates the people that Hierarchy is natural, that inequality is natural.  Religion had to be used to indoctrinate the people so, because there is no Hierarchy that can be found anywhere in nature.  In nature, equality abounds everywhere you look.

People have been so indoctrinated with this belief for so long that most people, even today, have difficulty believing that all people are equal, that no one should wield authority over another.  People believe that some people ought to be the Leaders of Nations because they are the most qualified, whether because of their supposed experience, or their supposed education, or their blood.  People believe that without legal authorities enforcing the law there would complete mayhem and disorder – that violence would erupt everywhere.  And if they are right, it is only because they have been indoctrinated with lies and never educated in the truth.

This brings us to our next point, Direct and Immediate Exchange.  Coupled together with the Pyramid Power Structure, the idea of a Trade based Economy forces the vast majority of people to exist at the very bottom, living in poverty and destitution.  Forcing people into a state of survival forces people into a state of Selfishness that would not otherwise abound.  This makes everyone desire more power, more money, more authority, thus perpetuating the system.

Money, like the Pyramid Power Structure, was invented by the first Priests of the first Religion back in Sumer, and it was invented for the sole purpose of controlling how the vast majority of people spent the vast majority of their time.  Evidence of this was that the very first money to ever be invented was backed by the value of “Human Labor.”  It was backed by human labor because that is what it was invented to control.

Money was never invented to organize and control the flow of goods and services within communities.  This is not something that needs to be controlled.  It was invented to keep the power and control in the hands of those who make the money and make the most amount of it.  Those who make the money control who gets to make the most amount of it, and those who make the most amount of money control what the all their employees spend the majority of their time doing.

Outside of a Trade Based Economy, in a Free Access Economy, everyone is free to do what they want, when they want.  The beauty of this, is that it always ends up producing an absolute abundance of everything for everyone.  For every problem that needs to be solved, there is always one or more people who want to and know how to solve that problem.  The only thing that does need to be managed is supply vs. demand, and the distribution of resources.  Believe it or not, it is much easier to manage both of these things absent of a Trade Based Economy.  For one thing, resources can easily be perpetuated through proper recycling practices when we don’t have to worry about how we will afford to make a profit doing it.

Like Authoritarianism steals our Equality, Direct and Immediate Exchange steals our Freedom.  These are two of 3 of our Natural Human Birthrights, stolen from us for the sake of making us slaves.  The third one is our Sovereignty, and that is stolen by our Indoctrination Systems.

There are two types of Indoctrination Systems: Schools, and Religions.

Back in the days of Sumer, Schools were founded not to educate the people, but to indoctrinate them with Religion.  Schools like this still exist, even today.  But most schools, masquerading as Educational Platforms, are designed not to indoctrinate the people into a Religion, but to indoctrinate them into the Authoritarian Structure of Society, to kill their creativity and imagination in order to turn out mechanistic slaves, just smart enough to do the work and never smart enough to question their managers.  Those with only a High School level education are only indoctrinated enough to fulfill minimum wage, bottom of the pyramid, jobs.  Those with a higher so-called “education” with a University Degree, can climb higher up the Corporate Ladder to make more money, but they are still fundamentally slaves.  They still have no freedom.  They still have to follow the rules or get fired.  They still aren’t allowed to think too far outside the box.  They still have to conform or be labelled some type of crazy.

And this goes for every career field.  Doctors are not trained to heal, but to keep people sick.  Psychiatrists are not trained to help their patients overcome their trauma’s, but only to medicate their symptoms.  Lawyers are not trained to help defend their customers, but to get their customers to pay as much as possible without them feeling betrayed.  Engineers are trained to build internal combustion engines when Nikola Tesla invented Anti-gravity flying cars over 100 years ago.  Electricians are trained to run wires when Free Wireless Piezoelectricity is all around us.  School teachers are not taught to teach, but to indoctrinate children with lies.  Scientists are not taught to discover the truth, but to perpetuate lies.  Politicians are not taught to manage society but to rule over people.

There is only one valid form of education that leads to the understanding and realization of ones Natural Birthright to Sovereignty, and that is Self-Education.  It is the only way to think for oneself and draw ones own conclusions to live according to ones own beliefs.

These are the 3 Primary Problems that plague our world today, that have plagued our world since the beginning of human civilization.  Only by solving these 3 problems can we hope to live in a future world of Freedom, Equality and Sovereignty for all.  Metagaiaes is the Alternative Global Society that aims to solve these 3 Primary Problems.  To learn more, read the book The New Age Order – Part 03 – The Solution.

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