A Government Made of Businesses?

Won’t creating a Government made of Businesses cause absolute corruption amongst the Business Owners?


The only reason we would think that is because our Governments are currently being run by Lobbyists, who are giant corporations that make unbelievable profits and can afford to pay off politicians to further their agenda.  By using the Government as a front, hiding behind their Lobbying Systems, they can get away with this form of corruption, through the illusion of having so called separation of powers.

Furthermore, the International Corporations, as we can currently see, are conspiring together to trap the entire world in a Global Fascist Regime in alignment with the UN’s Agenda 21/2030 “Sustainability” Acts, which are anything but sustainable.  But these are small handfuls of people with near unlimited power in this world, who are only able to maintain that power because everyone else is giving it away.

Conversely, when the entire Social Administration is made up of not just the most profitable business owners, but ALL of the business owners, their higher managers, and employees as well, you are no longer left with a small handful of people at the top of a Pyramid making decisions that billions of other people have to follow.  You now have a large group of people that have to cooperate and make decisions together.  There is no room for corruption.

It is no wonder Businesses mirror Society and vice versa.  Businesses are the very function of Society.  If Society is like an Organism, then we Human Beings are like cells in that organism, Businesses are like the Organs, and the Economy is the Circulatory and Respiratory Systems.

Perhaps this is why every Business functions as its own little Community, with its own Culture and Policies, enforced by its own Organizational Structure and By Laws.  Every Business has its own Politics, just as each Town, State and Nation does.  Some of them even have their own Security Department, and HR typically functions as their Judiciary Committee.

Currently, throughout the vast majority of the world, most towns/cities, states/provinces, nations and businesses operate under the same Organizational Structure – the Pyramid Power Structure – a hierarchical structure designed to divide and conquer the masses by organizing everyone into a system based on the automatic inequality of power and authority.

This is the Primary Reason for the vast majority of problems this world has been facing for the past 6 millennia.  With the implementation of the Metatocracy, the Organizational System of the Network becomes the overall Administration of the entire Society.  Each Business uses the Metatocracy within itself to Administrate itself, but also functions along with other Businesses in the Network to Administrate the whole of Society as the Councils.

In this way, our Social Administration is embedded right into the fabric of Society itself.  Today’s societies have a Government that Administrates the Society for the People as a completely separate entity from the Society itself.  It is no wonder it doesn’t work.

An anarchistic society cannot operate under a system based on Automatic Inequality.  A anarchistic society can only operate properly within a system that is based on the Automatic Equality of all its People.  The Metatocracy is an Organizational System that not only expects the Automatic Equality of all People but demands it by virtue of its operation.

For anyone still weary of the idea of everyone participating in the Administration of Society, allow me to remind you that those who do not govern themselves from within must be governed from without.  The Metatocracy creates a Social Administration that allows everyone to Administrate Society through government from within rather than government from without.

Sovereignty requires Freedom, but it expects and demands Service for the Greater Good of All.  We cannot expect to create a society in which all people are Sovereign unless everyone within the society accepts their responsibility to Rule Themselves as Sovereigns and to help in the Collective Rule of Society.

If you are still too uncomfortable with this idea, then perhaps you are just not ready yet.  There are only two ways to operate Society, and we’ve only ever known one of them.  The one we know is the Master/Slave paradigm, in which only certain people are allowed to participate in the “Government.”  The one we must come to innerstand and embody if we wish to evolve to the 4th Octave on this planet is the Holographic Administration of a Collective Consciousness, which requires that all people participate in the “Administration.”

If you do not wish to participate in the Administration of your Society, then you have a Slave Mentality.  That’s all it boils down to.  However, if you are reading this book, that most likely isn’t the case with your mentality.

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