Agents of The Matrix

The Matrix Trilogy, at least in my opinion, was downright the BEST analogy for the current state of the world in any movie for the past 20 years.  The Wizard of Oz did a really good job, as well, for its time.  But in our modern world of advanced technology and Machine-like Monopoly Businesses, The Matrix probably speaks to the modern generations a bit more directly, albeit a hell of a lot more metaphorically.

A quick low down is that the Machines represent the “artificial persons” that are corporations which are running out of control in today’s world, and all Governments today are corporations.  Zion represents the growing population of legally redeemed Sovereigns in this world, mostly in the United States, and Neo represents “The One” that is inside of everyone, that is to say, everyone’s ability and right to legally redeem their Sovereignty and save their own world.  It also refers to the Law of One.  Neo sacrificing himself at the end is reminiscent of how everyone must sacrifice their legal person, their Corporate Debtor Tradename, in order to regain their Sovereignty.

Last, but not least, the Agents of the Matrix represent the Lawyers and Judges and Politicians, etc. (as well as anyone that just really believes in the system) that use and abuse the law and our rights as Sovereigns to keep us trapped inside the Matrix.

Now, Judges and Politicians aside, un-enlightened Lawyers represent the most dangerous people on this planet, more so than any other career path.  The sole purpose of the Lawyer, whether they are aware of it or not, is to keep people enslaved to a war machine.  That said, there are a growing number of Enlightened Lawyers in this world today which are actually serving the greater good and helping within the Sovereignty Movement.  However, these numbers are still in far smaller proportion to those that unwittingly serve the “Beast.”

According to “Cracking the Code” – 3rd Edition, published by Better Book and Cassette of America, all Lawyers and Attorneys who are not already a Citizen of England have to expatriate themselves from their Nation of origin, or residence and repatriate themselves to the Commonwealth of England.  They must then swear an Oath of Loyalty to the Royal Crown, and pay fees to the BAR Association of, guess who? – London, England.  BAR stands for British Accreditation Regency.  A Lawyers job is first, to serve to Crown, second, to serve the Court, and third, if at all, to serve the victim they allegedly represent.

Now, I don’t know how true that may or may not be, but I do know what James McBride and Ed Rychkun have to say about it in their book The Divine Province:


  1. “Those holding Federal or State public office, and/or county or municipal office, under the Legislative, Executive or Judicial branch, including Court Officials, Judges, Prosecutors, Law Enforcement Department employees, Officers of the Court, etc., before entering into these public offices, are required by the U.S. Constitution and statutory law to comply with Title 5 USC, Sec. §3331, ―Oath of office. State Officials are also required to meet this same obligation, according to State Constitutions and State statutory law.
  2. “All oaths of office come under 22 CFR, Foreign Relations, Sections §§92.12 – 92.30, and all who hold public office come under Title 8 USC, Section §1481 “Loss of nationality by native-born or naturalized citizen; voluntary action; burden of proof; presumptions.”
  3. “Under Title 22 USC, Foreign Relations and Intercourse, Section §611, a Public Official is considered a foreign agent. In order to hold public office, the candidate must file a true and complete registration statement with the State Attorney General as a foreign principle.
  4. “The Oath of Office requires the public official in his / her foreign state capacity to uphold the constitutional form of government or face consequences.”

A Lawyer need not care if they win or lose a case for any of their clients because they get paid either way, because the Court and the Crown make money either way.  Well, not all Lawyers (for example, Divorce Lawyers), but, for example, any Lawyer provided by the court to a defendant, as well as any International Business Class Lawyer representing a Corporation.

Real crimes aside, most people find themselves in Court due to laws that have nothing to do with morals or even real crimes, but mere financial crimes; laws that exist for the sole purpose of generating revenue, such as traffic laws, taxes and corporate regulations (these are the things a Lawyer will get paid for even if they lose).  A Lawyers job is not to save their client from having to pay such fines, but to get their clients to pay as much money as possible while not letting them feel betrayed, and they are very good at it.

If a Lawyer wins a case, they get paid by their client.  If a Lawyer loses a case, they get paid by the Court.  Either way, the person being represented by a Lawyer loses.  But Money is not the only thing they lose, they also lose their Sovereignty and Dignity in the process.

Fact:  Any person who has a Lawyer represent them in the court of law is automatically considered a “Ward of the State,” which is defined in Blacks Law Dictionary as “Infantile; of unsound mind; incapable of making their own decisions.”

Before you go thinking to yourself, “yeah, but I need a Lawyer because I don’t know the law,” well guess what, you just agreed that you are of unsound mind and are incapable of making your own decisions.  If you use a Lawyer in the Court of Law, whatever can be held against you, will be held against you; everything you say is potentially self-incriminating; and you have already lost, even if you win.

Remember the Ancient Maxims of Law.  The only rights you have are the rights you know you have.  Ignorance of the Law is no excuse, and that goes for Private Equity Law and the Ancient Maxims of Law, as well.  It is your responsibility to study the law for yourself so that you can represent yourself and assert your rights properly.  Failure to do that makes you a Ward of the State.

You should at least study enough about the language of the law to know that there is a vast difference, so that you can say upfront in a court proceeding that “everything I say will be construed to mean the COMMON definition.”

One mistake I see good people making all the time as they create new and innovative business models, communities and networks based on Freedom and Sovereignty for all (Self-Management), or those that create off the grid communities for the same reason, is that they all go and have a Lawyer represent them.


It is one thing if you manage to find an Enlightened Lawyer to act as a “Legal Advisor,” but if the Lawyer you have is un-enlightened, they will inform you and advise you, correctly or incorrectly, in order to keep you, and your business, community or network within the system of the Kingdom of Earth.  Remember, they are trained to get you to pay as much as they can to the government without breaking your trust.

They will force you to pay taxes you don’t owe, and to comply with laws that are not applicable to you UNTIL YOU VOLUNTEER to subject yourself to them.  And when the time comes for a lawsuit, and you have the Lawyer represent you, or your Business/community/network in the court, you have just handed your rights as a Flesh-and-Blood Human Being over to the court and now every single law that can be held against your Corporate Debtor Trade-Name will be.

You give up everything by having a Lawyer represent you.  This is all part of the spider web of booby traps that have been laid throughout the vast complex of laws and legal language (color of law) that has been pulled over our eyes to veil us from the truth – from the Kingdom of Heaven.

I know how excruciating it can be to study the law for yourself.  I’ve been studying it for the past five years, myself.  I liken it to swimming across an ocean.  It can be a liberating experience once you finally begin to understand the law, but it’s an arduous journey that, quite frankly, no one should have to go through.  So, I totally get the sentiment from the feedback I get from others about not wanting to study the law.  That is yet another reason I have engineered this Alternative Society.

By becoming a Member of this Alternative Society, you are no longer in ANY jurisdiction of the Kingdom of Earth.  You don’t need to go to THEIR courts (unless you cause harm to one of their people).  You don’t need to pay THEIR taxes.  You don’t need to use THEIR banks.  And you don’t need to study THEIR laws.

Although, as a Sovereign, you should still make sure to continue studying laws that do apply, as well as the history of law.  Studying the history of law is one of the most enlightening experiences I’ve ever had.  It teaches you the absolute most there is to know about the origins of humanity, civilization, religion, money, commerce, government and other important things.

Throughout all of history, our history books have been altered to fit the story the conqueror wants the people to believe.  But all throughout history, due the importance of the accuracy of these documents throughout time, all documents that have to do with law and contracts have never been altered, removed, or hidden.

The truth is there for everyone to see for themselves, but the path is quite hidden from view, occulted to be precise.  But once one is introduced to the path and learns how to research the history of law, one can finally begin to study the real true history of our world.

Law, the history of law and Natural Law are three things that every member of any truly civilized society need to understand.  As we are all part of Society, and we all have our part to play, we would all be better at playing our part if we understood how it worked in the first place.  We can’t expect people to behave as Sovereign Members of Society if they don’t learn the central subjects of knowledge that pertain to Sovereignty and Society.

Our currently existing Societies may not wish for all their people to be Sovereign and participate in the important decisions of their governments, but this is a fundamental nature of the Alternative Society being presented in The Solution Blog.  Everyone is Sovereign, but that also means that everyone must participate in the Social Administration, otherwise the real voice of the people will never be heard.

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