The Administrative Councils

There are three layers of Councils to the Administration in our Alternative Society – Metagaiaes:

  1. The Multiverse Council
  2. The Cosmological Council
  3. The Holoverse Council, aka The Council of Light

In our Alternative Society, Businesses, Churches, Non-Profit Organizations and other Organizations make up the Local layer of Administration, rather than towns, cities and counties.  Each Organization is organized via the Metatocracy, and thus depending on their size, each Organization can range anywhere from a Solar System to a Universe.  This is why the Councils begin at the Multiverse Layer – A collection of organized Universes.  The next layer up is the Cosmological Council – a collection of organized Multiverses.  Finally, the Holoverse Council, or the Council of Light, represents the entire infinite Realm of the Cosmos – or in this case, the whole Human Race.

The Multiverse Council is the State/Provincial layer of Administration.  This layer will consist of Business Managers that operate solely, or mostly, within a single State or Province, such as Solar System and Galaxy sized businesses, along with Lone Stars (the Independent Contractors).  The one elected to be the Multiverse Core (MC) shall act as the Administrator on the Cosmological Council.

The Cosmological Council is the National layer of Administration.  This layer will consist of Business Managers that operate Solely, or mostly, within a single Nation, such as Galaxy and Galactic Cluster sized businesses as well as all MC’s.  The one elected to be the Cosmological Core (CC) shall act as the Administrator on the Council of Light.

The Council of Light is the International layer of Administration.  This layer will consist of business managers of Universe size organizations that operate Internationally, in more than one Nation, as well as all CC’s.  The one elected to be the Realm Core (RC) will be the “Heart of Hearts” of the Global Society, maintaining coherence at the international layer.

Now, be it noted, that this is arbitrarily organized in this manner because we are already familiar with it, and as I’ve learned from Joe Vitale’s book “Hypnotic Writing,” psychologically, the best way to get people to accept something novel is by mixing it with something familiar.

However, that is not the only way.  Remember, our Society is based on Networks of People, not Borders and Boundaries.  We could just as easily organize our society based on Cultural, Religious and Philosophical differences.  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if that is exactly how it ends up evolving over time.

What is most amazing about the Metatocracy and about Metagaiaes, is that it is a Social Administration that even allows people across all different spectrums of beliefs to work together in a spirit of harmony.

In order to help organize the various responsibilities among all the various Councils, I have taken the selfsame Chakra System designed as the Holographic Mastermind of the Metatocracy to organize and manage the various responsibilities of the Council Members.  The key concepts that require our attention in the administration of society are:

  1. Information Processing
  2. Resource Management
  3. Due Process of Law
  4. Strategy and Planning
  5. Research and Development
  6. Transcendental Meditation
  7. Implementation

These 7 key concepts have been assigned to certain Chakras, and the various Chakras make up the various Departments or Holospheres of administration.

Information Processing goes to the Operator Chakra.  Not only is this Chakra concerned with managing and tracking all public communications (not private) throughout the administration, but is also concerned with managing and tracking all information pertaining to meetings, elections and voting.  In the Councils, the Operator Chakras also manage the operations enacted by the administration.

Resource Management goes to the Treasury Chakra.  Not only is this Chakra concerned with managing and tracking all resources required and used by the administration, but is also concerned with managing and tracking all resources around the world to ensure the holographic distribution of resources as required.  Throughout the transition to a moneyless economy, this Chakra is also needed to manage the Global Central Banking System insomuch that it works to provide people with freedom, rather than slavery until the masses are capable of agreeing that money no longer needs to exist.  When Holobank no longer needs to exist, this Chakra may operate like the “Resource Based Economy” as envisioned by Jacque Fresco of The Venus Project.

Due Process of Law goes to the Mediator Chakra.  Not only is this Chakra concerned with managing disputes between members of its Holospheres, but is also concerned with the Due Process of Law.  This remains the same for the Councils as it does for each Business.  Disputes are to be handled at the layers upon which they take place.  An appeal can only bring it one layer outward.

Strategy and Planning goes to the Strategist Chakra.  This Chakra is concerned with planning strategies pertaining to how to expand Metagaiaes throughout the world, how to grow the number of Private People, how to implement decisions made by the People, and how to accomplish any other goals that any other Chakra needs to accomplish, such as how to organize and enact Resource Management for our Service Based Free-Access Economy, or how to make the shift into the Resource Based Free-Access Economy.

Transcendental Meditation goes to the Angel Chakra.  This Chakra creates an entire Department of Peacekeepers.  The primary responsibility of this Chakra is to practice Transcendental Meditation for the betterment of oneself and the betterment of the collective of humanity.  By all means, this is, perhaps, the highest service anyone can provide to Society, albeit the minimum service necessary to earn Free-Access in our Economy once we have our Central Banking System to implement it with.

Implementation essentially goes to the Heart Chakra, but really requires all Chakras to function accordingly.  The Heart Chakra, as the central administrator of each Holosphere, is responsible for implementing the decisions made by their orbiting members.

Councils of Metagaiaes

Notice that each Department contains multiple members of each Chakra.  In the Councils, we primarily work within our Department, but each Chakra from each Department is considered a binary member also existing as a member to the department related to their Chakra.  This enables Holographic Organization and Holistic Management, allowing every Department to always know what is going on in every other Department to ensure that we are cooperating effectively.  This is Holographic Information Processing.  This is how we achieve super-intelligence throughout the Collective.

Compare this to the Cell Matrix of the Hierarchy, where everyone only knows what they are supposed to do, but no one knows how everything fits together except the few at the top of the pyramid.  To be honest, it’s absolutely amazing that we can accomplish anything at all under such a system.  It is literally the least efficient possible solution to Organization and Management.  When everyone is on the same page, when everyone knows what everyone else in the administration is doing and why, it makes it that much easier for each individual to know what they need to be doing and why.

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