Emotion – Root Function of the Law of Attraction

Most people think that thought is the root function of the mind.  Of course, most people also think that that the mind is a product of the brain.  This thinking is rooted in the materialistic perspective, also incorrectly coined “Objective Reality.”  But this is only half of the equation.  The energetic perspective, also incorrectly known as “Subjective Reality,” is the other half of the equation.

Firstly, the Materialistic perspective is not objective, but subjective.  Yes, what we perceive when we look outward to the materialistic world are objects.  But that does not make it “objective.”  What is happening when we look outward is we are subjecting ourselves to a world of experience that is beyond our control.  Thus, this is called “Subjective Experience.”  On the other hand, when we look inward towards our own energetic nature, there are subjects, not objects.  But this does not make it subjective.  What is happening when we look inward is we are objectifying a world of experience that is within our control to ourselves.  Thus, this is called “Objective Experience.”

So, not only are most people confused between what subjective and objective experience are, but most people actually believe, wholeheartedly, that one or the other is superior.  This is called “dualistic” thinking – a thinking in which one or the other opposite must be truer or superior to the other.  Dualistic thinking will always lead to failure because it never includes the entire truth.

Polarized thinking is wholistic thinking.  Polarized thinking assumes that both opposites need to exist in a relationship of balance for life to thrive.  Polarized thinking sees all pairs of opposites as equals, and understands that both are necessary for the existence of either.  One opposite cannot exist without its other half, and experience of their nature cannot happen if both opposite halves do not exist.  All experience is fundamentally based upon the polarization of opposite expressions of the same thing.  This is known as the Law of Polarity.

It is really the Law of Trinity, however, as the Polarity is the opposite expressions of a Singularity and the polarity plus the singularity equals 3, the Trinity.  However, when it comes to the mind, the energetic nature of the physical body, there are thoughts and emotions.  Thoughts and emotions are not opposites of each other, but rather, singularities unto themselves, both of which contain opposites in the form of positive and negative thoughts and emotions.  You can think of thoughts and emotions much like we think of light and sound.  Ultimately, they are both just different types of waveforms, each having different causes and effects, and each having their own opposite natures.

Thoughts and emotions are related to each other, they affect each other, but they are not the same thing.  Every researcher of the Law of Attraction that I have ever studied has all said the same thing, that thought is the most important function of the Law of Attraction.  I will not downplay its importance, but it is not the MOST important.  The most important function of the Law of Attraction is the very first root function of the Law of Attraction.  Most people assume it to be thought, but it is, in fact, emotion.

While it is true that you can make yourself feel a certain way by thinking a certain thought, it is far truer, and much more natural, that feeling an emotion makes you think certain thoughts.  Emotions are generally the first cause of thoughts.  Emotions are a force of charge that must find a way to discharge.  The very first way in which an emotion may discharge is in the form of thought.  Though, sometimes, the discharge automatically also triggers direct physical action, such as laughter, or wincing from pain. 

The relationship between thought and emotion is very much the same as the relationship between Electricity and Magnetism within an Electromagnetic field.  Electricity charges towards the nucleus of the field, and then discharges around the field as magnetism, where it then cycles back around to charge back into the nucleus as electricity once again. In other words, emotions charge towards the center of our field (our heart), where they then discharge as thoughts around our field, until they cycle back around and begin charging back to our heart as emotion again.

That said, it is much more difficult to make a thought cause you to feel emotion than it is for an emotion to make you think a thought.  This is because, while they do create a closed loop system where one may affect the other, the energy always generally flows in one direction to complete the cycle.  It does not flow in the opposite direction.

So, emotions are actually the root function of our mind.  Our thoughts are secondary.  What this means is that, when people are going around trying to control their thoughts in order to better use the Law of Attraction, they keep failing and getting frustrated and stop believing in the Law of Attraction simply because they are doing it backwards.  They are trying to make themselves feel a certain way with thoughts, rather than trying to think certain thoughts by controlling how they feel.

You think a minimum of 60,000 different thoughts a day.  If you think you have the ability to pay attention to even a small minority of them, think again.  You have control over some of the thoughts you have, but 99% of thoughts are happening beyond your control as the direct discharge of your emotions.  You are not even aware of most of the thoughts you are thinking.  But you are aware of every emotion you feel.

You cannot hope to control your emotions using your thoughts, but you can hope to control your thoughts using your emotions.  But how do you control your emotions without suppressing them?  After all, our goal is to master our lives, not makes ourselves mentally unstable.

This, here, is the ultimate trick of the trade to using the Law of Attraction properly.  We need to learn how to separate ourselves from the emotion, to detach ourselves from our experience.  Suppressing an emotion is when you start to feel it, and then you say, “Oh no.  I’m not allowing myself to feel this way.”  And so, you push it down to a deeper part of your soul.  You suppress it. 

However, when you realize that you do not have to identify as the experience you are having, as the emotion you are feeling, when you realize that you are the Consciousness that is aware of the experience and the emotion, you can  detach yourself from both and allow yourself to choose whether or not you embody the emotion and engage with the experience or not.

It is important to realize that the first step in the Law of Attraction is embodying the emotions that are triggered by your experiences in the present moment and thus engaging with those experiences.  When you do this, you communicate to the totality of Consciousness that you not only wish to have this experience now, but you wish to initiate a cycle that brings a similar experience back around to you again, so you can feel this emotion again.

Consciousness can only assume that everything you do is what you want to do, and that you wish to keep repeating whatever it is you have done before.  This is how Consciousness is “programmed” to work, for lack of a better word.  This is why you cannot succeed in using the Law of Attraction by trying to control your thoughts.  The only thing you have any control over is your emotions, and you have 100% control over your emotions should you choose to hone the skill.

Is it easy?  Absolutely not.  I’ve been working on this for almost 10 years myself.  I have certainly come a long way.  I have finally reached the point where I can willingly choose whether or not to engage with an emotion that is triggered by a present experience.  The next step for me is to learn how to make myself feel an emotion on command.  That is the ultimate mastery of the Law of Attraction.  When you can make yourself feel any emotion on command, you have full control over the reality you create for your own experience.

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